Investors buy Bitbot amid AI tokens surge

Investors buy Bitbot amid AI tokens surge

Investors in AI tokens have pushed Render, and AGIX prices higher.
This comes as the market sentiment holds bullish ahead of Nvidia’s upcoming GTC AI conference.
Bitbot, a new Telegram trading bot, is also seeing aggressive investor activity as its presale hits $845k.

After meme coins outperformed this week led by Shiba Inu, dogwifhat and Pepe, its artificial intelligence related tokens that are flying now. According to market experts, the AI token sector is likely getting impetus from the upcoming Nvidia GTC AI 2024 conference.

Notably, meme coins are also still hot as Bitcoin holds above $66k. Another hot trend in the market this week is Bitbot (BITBOT), the new Telegram trading bot that analysts have forecast could be a 100x token in 2024.

Bitbot proves attractive as AI tokens surge

AI tokens Render (RNDR), (FET) and SingularityNET (AGIX) are soaring, with RNDR seeing a 31% spike in the past 24 hours, FET +36%, and AGIX +28%. 

LookonChain shared the data, noting that these tokens have surged as the AI narrative gets fresh push ahead of the upcoming NVIDIA GTC AI conference.

But as these tokens shine as have meme coins in recent weeks, one project making all the underground waves as it looks to explode is Bitbot (BITBOT).

Crypto traders taking an early position with Bitbot have so far allocated over $845k into BITBOT, the native utility and governance token of the Bitbot ecosystem. This has Bitbot roaring in stage 4 of 15 stages.

There’s 300 million BITBOT tokens up for grabs during the presale. Currently, the pricing for each token is a mere $0.0116.

What is Bitbot?

Bitbot is a new project within the increasingly hot segment of Telegram trading bots. Although still in presale, the interest in the native token and upcoming app launch has Bitbot causing ripples across the market.

A big part of this has to do with the fact that this is the world’s first non-custodial trading bot on Telegram. The implication is immense, most notably for crypto traders who have in the last few months witnessed security incidents involving bots such as Unibot, Banana Gun and Maestro.

Bitbot recently provided a product update, outlining the architecture of its non-custodial trading solution. This update included a description of how the bot taps into the self-custody technology of KnightSafe to ensure a secure trading platform for users.

And it’s not just this non-custodial feature that elevates Bitbot above its would-be rival Telegram bots. There’s more for user safety with anti-MEV and anti-rug tools.

Is the presale a good time to invest in Bitbot?

As noted, Bitbot will offer more than just a premier institutional-grade trading bot on Telegram. BITBOT can be a great investment opportunity.

Compared to current Telegram trading bots, Bitbot offers an unparalled advantage to users – the chance to leverage a level playground in terms of access to tools while remaining in full control of their assets’ keys.

Anticipation is skyrocketing and BITBOT could be one of the tokens to explode in 2024 as tokens list on exchanges and the bot launches in the market. This outlook solidifies when for instance, one looks at the 9,500% surge that Unibot saw between May 2023 and August 2023. The project’s token rose from lows of $2.46 to $236.

But the incidents of October last year have contributed to its decline within the market. With a superior bot like Bitbot poised to take over, a 100x performance is possible. 

Find out more about Bitbot from their whitepaper here.

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