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Blackrock invests in meme tokens through BUIDL; GFOX presale nearly sold out

The world of meme coins, once a playground for internet jokes and viral trends, is transforming. While some may scoff at the idea of these lighthearted tokens, major institutions are starting to take notice. In a surprising move, Blackrock, the world’s largest asset manager, has dipped its toes into the meme coin pool through its BUIDL fund. This investment signifies a growing recognition of the potential within the meme coin space, paving the way for a new era of innovation and utility.

As the crypto community watches with bated breath, one token stands out for its potential to provide investors with exponential returns: Galaxy Fox. With its presale nearing completion, $GFOX could be poised to redefine the meme token market in 2024 with some analysts suggesting it could be one of the best ICOs right now.

BlackRock’s bold move into meme tokens

BlackRock’s selection of Coinbase as the infrastructure provider for its BlackRock USD Institutional Digital Liquidity Fund (BUIDL) marks a groundbreaking venture into blockchain-based investments. BUIDL aims to merge traditional financial stability with the innovative edge of blockchain, offering investors a stable value backed by cash, U.S. Treasury bills, and repurchase agreements, while also enabling yield accrual through blockchain technology.

The fund’s dive into meme tokens, highlighted by substantial donations from the crypto community, including notable assets like $PEPE and $GAINS, signifies BlackRock’s recognition of the untapped potential within the meme coin sector. This strategic investment not only diversifies BlackRock’s portfolio but also legitimizes the meme coin market segment, encouraging other institutional investors to explore this previously untapped reservoir of digital assets.

Galaxy Fox: is it a meme coin poised for takeoff?

While Blackrock’s investment sheds light on the evolving meme coin landscape, the real story lies with projects like Galaxy Fox. This upcoming token goes beyond the fleeting hype, offering a compelling combination of meme coin charm and innovative features designed for long-term sustainability. Here’s why Galaxy Fox could be poised to become the best cheap crypto to buy right now and a frontrunner in the meme coin race:

Play-to-Earn (P2E) with real rewards

This upcoming ICO injects excitement into the meme coin market by introducing a charming web3 endless runner game. Players can hone their skills and compete for real rewards convertible to $GFOX tokens. 

This ingenious P2E approach capitalizes on the meme coin craze and fosters a dedicated user base through engaging gameplay.

Unique NFT integration

Galaxy Fox elevates the meme coin experience by introducing a collection of 3,000 exclusive NFTs. Each of these coolest NFT assets boasts unique characteristics and in-game abilities, giving players an edge so they can top the leaderboard. 

Owning these coveted digital collectibles adds another layer of excitement and fosters a thriving marketplace within the Galaxy Fox ecosystem.

Deflationary tokenomics

Unlike many meme coins plagued by inflation, Galaxy Fox prioritizes long-term value. The project boasts a fixed token supply with a built-in burn mechanism. 

This means some tokens are eliminated with every transaction, ensuring that investors’ $GFOX holdings become increasingly valuable over time.

Staking rewards for loyal holders

Recognizing the importance of a strong community, Galaxy Fox incentivizes long-term investors with a staking program. $GFOX token holders can earn passive income, creating a win-win scenario for both investors and the project’s overall health.


The Galaxy Fox presale is in its final phase (Stage 10), with $GFOX priced at $0.00364. With over $5.4 million raised and more than 3.5 billion tokens already secured by early investors, the project is nearing its launch date.

Galaxy Fox represents a new generation of meme coins, one that merges lighthearted fun with utility and long-term vision. It’s well-positioned to become a major player and one of the best upcoming ICOs in the ever-evolving meme coin space by prioritizing a sustainable token economy, engaging gameplay, and thriving community.

To learn more about $GFOX, visit Galaxy Fox Presale or Join the Community.

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Algotech’s third presale round commences, with over $3.5m raised so far

Key takeaways

Algotech has concluded its second presale round, with more than $3.5 million raised so far. 

The project seeks to provide AI solutions to the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency trading.

The Algotecth presale has been moving smoothly and it recently set another important milestone. Investment in the project continues to grow as the broader cryptocurrency market looks to surge higher in the coming weeks. 

What is Algotech?

To understand why investors are buying into Algotech, you need to understand what the project is and the solution it offers to users. 

Algotech is a cutting-edge decentralized algorithmic trading platform designed specifically for the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency trading. According to their whitepaper, Algotech’s platform comes with advanced algorithms and machine learning features, helping traders to navigate the complex crypto markets efficiently, precisely, and accurately.

The project is introducing AI to the cryptocurrency trading space. With Algotech, traders won’t deal with the limitations and challenges associated with manual trading as it has a robust infrastructure and sophisticated trading strategies.

Algotech’s algorithms are fast, smart, and accurate, ensuring that traders get to execute precise and consistent investment strategies.

Why should traders use Algotech?

The cryptocurrency market has been bullish since the start of the year, with the total market cap now approaching $3 trillion. As more retail and institutional investors enter the market, traders need to have an edge to enable them to take advantage of the growing capital. This is where Algotech comes in.

The Algotech platform’s advanced algorithms analyze assets across over 1000 unique data points to identify the next breakout opportunities. Its algorithms also ensure that traders can make split-second entry decisions for high-precision trading.

However, a major feature that sets Algotech apart from other trading platforms is the risk-taking measures it has in place. Algotech reduces risk for traders by monitoring market funding levels, availability, liquidity, and spread. The AI-based trailing stops also ensure that traders manage their risk better and protect their trading capital. 

Algotech leverages AI to enable traders to identify arbitrage opportunities in different asset pairs and take automated entries. In addition to that, Algoecth offers users access to several trading tools including trading strategies, community resources, and trading education. 

Why is Algotech attracting investors?

The Algotech presale is now in its third stage, with 2.5% of the tokens earmarked for this stage already sold. Overall, 89,483,947 ALGT tokens have been sold, amounting to $3,579,357.880.

The impressive numbers recorded by Algotech can be attributed to the project’s strong potential. The team revealed that there would be a total supply of 350 million ALGT tokens. 10% of the tokens have been allocated to R&D and funding for testing, durability and performance on the current and new algorithms. 

10% of the total token supply has been allocated for support in promotion and bounty to partners. The founders will hold on to only 7% of the total supply while the team gets a 3% allocation. Finally, 70% of the total token supply is available for public sale (including marketing).

ALGT is an ERC-20 token and is set to offer holders a reward system that incentivises long-term investment and engagement. Token holders will also have governance rights within the Algotech ecosystem. 

Should you buy the ALGT token now?

The Algotech third presale round has begun, which means that the token now goes for $0.08. So far, the project has raised more than $3.5 million in less than a month. 

Historically, presale is the best time to invest in a project as it gives investors access to the tokens at a discount price. With the right level of adoption, ALGT could become an excellent token in the medium to long term.

The Algotech platform presents traders with multiple arbitrage strategies that enable the platform to earn profits by exploiting price discrepancies across several exchanges.

As a token holder, you will be entitled to a certain percentage of platform trading fees. Token holders will also get to participate in governance votes, community proposals, and qualify for potential airdrops in the future. 

Read more about the Algotech presale here.

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Bitcoin wallet dormant for 12 years suddenly moves 500 BTC

According to on-chain data, a Satoshi era wallet has suddenly moved 500 BTC.
The Bitcoin wallet last transacted when the BTC price hovered near $8.

On-chain data shows a Bitcoin wallet that last transacted nearly 12 years ago has suddenly moved all 500 BTC it held.

According to data Lookonchain shared on March 30, the said wallet had been inactive since July 2012.

The last transaction that sent the 500 BTC to the wallet was at a time when Bitcoin price was a mere $8, Lookonchain noted.

A wallet that had been dormant for 11.7 years transferred all 500 $BTC($34.78M) to multiple new wallets.

This wallet received 500 $BTC($3,786 at the time) on Jul 14, 2012, when the price of $BTC was only $7.57.


— Lookonchain (@lookonchain) March 30, 2024

While the wallet owner’s identity is unknown, the transfer to new addresses comes as Bitcoin price hovers around $70k. The benchmark cryptocurrency reached a new all-time high this month when it raced above $73k.

At current prices, the transferred coins are worth about $35 million.

In April last year, another Satoshi-ear wallet woke up after a decade of dormancy. The wallet, held 1,128 BTC and had last been active in 2012, transferred 279 BTC. The last transaction from this wallet had been when Bitcoin price was around $12.

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Coinbase’s BASE hits $2B TVL milestone; memes market surges – is time to Invest in FLOKI and $MEDA?

BASE surges due to increased demand.
FLOKI experiences impressive growth and is poised for further gains in value.
Milei Moneda ($MEDA) gains investor attention with unique features and growth.

As Coinbase’s BASE achieves a remarkable $2 billion TVL milestone, the meme market experiences a surge in popularity, presenting exciting opportunities for investors. meme coins like FLOKI and Milei Moneda ($MEDA), with their distinctive branding and innovative approaches, have stood out as promising investments among a plethora of stock meme coins. 

Let’s delve into the potential of these meme-inspired tokens and why some analysts believe they might be the best altcoins to buy right now.

Coinbase’s BASE hits $2 billion TVL milestone 

BASE, Coinbase’s decentralized Layer-2 blockchain initiative aimed at reducing Ethereum transaction fees, is witnessing a surge in demand with increased network activity, challenging giants such as Solana. As a result, BASE experienced a 19.62% weekly growth. Consequently, its TVL has sharply risen, hitting the $2 billion milestone this week.

BASE’s success can largely be attributed to its parent company, Coinbase, currently the largest publicly traded U.S. crypto exchange and custodian for 90% of US spot Bitcoin ETFs. Another significant factor driving the surge in BASE activity was the activation of the Dencun upgrade, aiming to lower transaction fees on the numerous Layer 2 networks built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

While BASE currently lacks a native token, the excitement about new protocols launching on BASE and the potential for an ecosystem airdrop or two offers a promising opportunity for users and investors alike.

FLOKI navigates market volatility with notable resilience

FLOKI price is riding on the current meme coin mania this year and saw an impressive 1,032% price increase, creating a high on 11th March that’s only 8% below its November 2021 ATH. This is the highest it has done in two years. 

However, FLOKI did its necessary price retest and is currently trading 30% below its March peak. Regardless, it’s holding steady around a strong support level, rejecting lower prices, and seems poised for another round of significant gains that might even surpass its 2021 high.

The positive momentum of FLOKI is further supported by an 8% increase in trading volume over the last two days. Additionally, the active token-burning strategy of the FLOKI platform has eliminated over $404,800 worth of FLOKI tokens in the past week alone, showing a commitment to reducing supply, which could potentially increase its value.

Is it time to invest in Milei Moneda?

As the memes market experiences an unprecedented surge, many investors believe now might be the opportune moment to dive into the world of Milei Moneda ($MEDA). This innovative meme coin has successfully intertwined politics, humour, and blockchain technology, offering a fresh and distinctive proposition to the market.

Milei Moneda has captured the attention of investors due to its unique features, including a deflationary token structure, the absence of tax or team tokens, an impressive collection of coolest NFTs, enticing NFT staking rewards, and voting rights. These remarkable attributes are why some analysts believe $MEDA might be one of the best cryptos to buy for 2024.

The enthusiasm surrounding the Milei Moneda (MEDA) public presale continues to grow, particularly in light of the project’s target launch price of $0.020 on the renowned Uniswap platform come May 21. This launch price marks a remarkable 100% increase from Milei Moneda’s Stage 1 price of $0.010.

For more information on the Milei Moneda project, visit their official webpage or chat them on Telegram.

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Dogecoin rallies by 28% this week: Will other memecoins follow suit?

Key takeaways

Dogecoin is the best performer amongst the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap this week.

Bitcoin Dogs prepares to carry out the biggest NFT mint on Bitcoin following its presale.

DOGE tops $0.20 after this week’s rally

DOGE, the native coin of the Dogecoin ecosystem, is the best performer amongst the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap this week. The memecoin rallied by 28% over the last few days, outperforming other major cryptocurrencies/

At press time, the price of Dogecoin stands at $0.2093 as DOGE crosses this mark for the first time since December 2021. With Dogecoin rallying, other memecoins could follow suit. 

Shiba Inu and Pepe have all recorded decent gains in recent days and others could rally higher. 

What is Bitcoin Dogs?

Bitcoin Dogs is a project that is looking to leverage the growth of the Bitcoin blockchain in recent years. It will provide utility to users and is the first BRC-20 token ICO on the Bitcoin network.

According to their whitepaper, Bitcoin Dogs is set to offer investors an exciting value proposition by combining the basic features of cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralised finance (DeFi), and Web3 culture.

Bitcoin Dogs has concluded its ICO and raised nearly $13.5 million. The team is now focused on rolling out its products and listing its token on cryptocurrency exchanges. 

The team announced earlier this week that it is preparing to launch the biggest NFT mint on the Bitcoin network. 

The project could also benefit from the upcoming Bitcoin halving event. The halving event could see BTC rally higher and could benefit projects on the Bitcoin network. With the right level of adoption, Bitcoin Dogs could set the trend that would allow the Bitcoin blockchain to compete with Ethereum and BNBChain in terms of ICOs.

Bitcoin Dogs prepares to list on crypto exchanges

The Bitcoin Dogs presale was concluded a few days ago and the project raised nearly $13.5 million. 

The team will only mint 900 million $0DOG tokens. Furthermore, investors would be granted access to an exclusive NFT collection and an immersive gaming ecosystem.

🚀 Brace yourselves, dawgs and degens! 🐾

Something BIG is brewing in the BitcoinDogs universe… 🌟

Get ready to witness history in the making with our upcoming NFT mint! 💎🔥

— BitcoinDogsClub (@BitcoinDogsClub) March 27, 2024

In this spirit, Bitcoin Dogs is currently preparing for the biggest NFT mint on the Bitcoin network. The next step will also see its $0DOG token get listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Click here to learn more about the recently concluded Bitcoin Dogs presale.

Should you buy the Bitcoin Dogs token once it is listed on exchanges?

The Bitcoin Dogs presale is now over, which means it is impossible to buy the $0DOG token from the official website. The team is preparing to list $0DOG on several crypto exchanges, allowing thousands of investors to have access to the project. 

The crypto market has been bullish since the start of the year and projects with utility like Bitcoin Dogs could record excellent gains in the medium to long term. With the right level of adoption, Bitcoin Dogs could be one of the tokens to soar higher. 

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What’s happening to Litecoin price today?

Litecoin price reached $110 on Friday, its highest level in over nine months.
A popular crypto analyst says the macro downtrend for LTC may be over.

Litecoin (LTC) currently trades around $104. But earlier in the day, LTC price hovered just above $110, its highest level since last July.

LTC price reached an all-time high of $410 in May 2021. While current prices remain way off that peak, Litecoin’s latest bounce sees analysts predict what could be next.

Litecoin touches $110: Is LTC set for vertical gains?

Before LTC soared more than 15% on Friday, bulls had found it hard to break the psychological $100 level.

Now with price hovering above the mark, a popular crypto analyst says Litecoin price could extend gains if bulls achieve a monthly close at $122.  

“$LTC needs to Monthly Close above the orange resistance ($122) & turn it into support like in 2020/2021 (green circle) to build on its recent Macro Downtrend breakout. Monthly Closing above $122 has historically been a recipe for success for #Litecoin uptrends,” Rekt Capital shared via X.

Before the breakout on Friday, Rekt Capital had noted that LTC could consolidate above $94 amid a new macro uptrend.

Litecoin has pumped in recent weeks amid an overall bullish outlook for crypto.

The news that Coinbase was looking to add Litecoin futures trading and CFTC’s reference for LTC as a commodity also added to the positive outlook.

LTC is likely one of the altcoins to watch. Notably, Bitcoin’s potential to explode in coming months amid the halving catalyst is adding to LTC sentiment.

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Kiyosaki questions Bitcoin’s legitimacy; this potential ‘Dogecoin Killer’ has ambitions to reach $500

Renowned investor Robert Kiyosaki, author of the mega-selling “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” has been a vocal advocate for Bitcoin for years. Recently, however, Kiyosaki’s stance seems to be wavering. While he still believes Bitcoin has potential as a hedge against inflation due to its finite supply, he’s questioning its legitimacy in a system he views as inherently corrupt.

This skepticism has investors wondering: is there a new “best cryptocurrency” on the horizon, perhaps a Dogecoin killer ready to take the top spot? 

Enter Rebel Satoshi, a project with a bold vision and a unique token structure that’s generating a lot of buzz in the world of top altcoins.

Kiyosaki’s Bitcoin blues: why the doubt?

Kiyosaki’s concerns stem from his belief that traditional financial systems are a house of cards. He sees fiat currencies as “fake money” constantly being inflated by central banks. 

While intended to be a decentralized alternative, Bitcoin still relies on traditional exchanges and infrastructure, which Kiyosaki views with suspicion. 

This lack of complete autonomy makes him question whether Bitcoin can truly be the revolutionary force it was envisioned to be.

The rise of alternative tokens: can Rebel Satoshi disrupt the crypto landscape?

Kiyosaki’s doubts about Bitcoin have opened the door for alternative cryptocurrencies to gain traction. Rebel Satoshi stands out among these contenders with its mission to challenge the status quo and empower individuals. 

Built on the secure Ethereum blockchain, Rebel Satoshi boasts a two-token system: $RBLZ and the recently launched $RECQ.

$RBLZ: the OG token fueling the rebellion

$RBLZ, the governance and membership token, is the heart of the Rebel Satoshi ecosystem. It grants holders exclusive access to features like early access to NFTs, participation in community governance, and even free merchandise. 

Owning $RBLZ makes you a “Recusant,” an inner circle member with a say in the project’s future. This focus on community involvement sets Rebel Satoshi apart from many top altcoins, fostering a sense of shared ownership and purpose.

$RECQ: powering the everyday transactions of a rebellious economy

$RECQ, the utility token, is the fuel that keeps the Rebel Satoshi engine running. It’s used for everyday transactions within the ecosystem, including buying NFTs, in-game items, and merchandise. Unlike $RBLZ, $RECQ is designed to be the base currency for daily interactions, ensuring smooth operation and rewarding user engagement. 

The recent launch of $RECQ’s presale has fueled excitement, with over 268 million tokens already sold in the Early Bird stage – a significant milestone for this new project aiming to be a potential best memecoin.

Rebel Satoshi vs. Dogecoin: a battle for meme coin supremacy?

While Dogecoin, the Shiba Inu-themed meme coin, captured many’s hearts (and wallets) in   2021, its future remains uncertain. It lacks the robust ecosystem and utility that Rebel Satoshi brings to the table. $RBLZ offers real governance rights and a sense of community, while $RECQ facilitates everyday transactions within the Rebel Satoshi world. 

On the other hand, Dogecoin primarily relies on its meme status and celebrity endorsements, which can be fickle in the ever-evolving crypto landscape. 

Dogecoin may have enjoyed a meteoric rise as the hottest memecoin, but can it compete with a project that’s building a sustainable future?

Is $500 a realistic target for Rebel Satoshi?

Whether Rebel Satoshi can reach $500 per token is a question only time can answer. The cryptocurrency market is notoriously volatile, and success hinges on a combination of strong community support, real-world use cases, and a well-defined roadmap. 

However, Rebel Satoshi’s innovative token structure, focus on building a community, and its connection to the ever-popular meme coin trend position it well for potential growth. 

With its sights set on becoming a top altcoin, Rebel Satoshi could be a project to watch in the ever-changing landscape of the best cryptocurrencies.

The road ahead: the future of Rebel Satoshi and $RECQ

With the presale of $RECQ exceeding expectations, Rebel Satoshi has demonstrably captured investor interest. The coming months will be crucial as the project rolls out its features and expands its user base. The success of $RECQ will be a key indicator of Rebel Satoshi’s ability to establish a thriving internal economy, separate from the traditional financial system that Kiyosaki critiques.

While the top spot amongst cryptocurrencies may seem like a distant dream, Rebel Satoshi’s unique approach offers a compelling alternative to the status quo. With a passionate community and a well-defined purpose, Rebel Satoshi has the potential to become a major player in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency.

For the latest updates and more information, visit the official Rebel Satoshi Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram.

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BOOK OF MEME (BOME) and Pepe continue trending; what are experts predicting for Milei Moneda (MEDA)?

BOOK OF MEME (BOME) has experienced an impressive surge caused by its listing on Binance. PEPE has also been skyrocketing and whales are boosting confidence with massive investments. 

On the other hand, Milei Moneda (MEDA), a new cryptocurrency, is also making waves for offering exclusive NFTs, voting rights, 100% ROI potential, and much more.

BOOK OF MEME (BOME): price surge amid Binance listing

BOOK OF MEME (BOME) has been on an incredible run since its launch on March 14. This crypto has surged by an impressive 1,384%, reaching $0.013 on March 25.

This surge has been caused by the huge hype surrounding this new cryptocurrency. One particular factor that contributed to this price increase was Binance’s listing of BOME on its platform. 

What makes BOME so attractive is that it integrates memes into the blockchain, utilizing platforms such as IPFS and Arweave. Based on these factors, analysts expect BOME to reach $0.054 in April.

Pepe’s bullish momentum and price prediction

Similarly to BOME, PEPE has been performing well in the last month. PEPE’s price surged by 431%, reaching $0.000008 by the end of March.

Recently, two investors, known as “whales,” have purchased 560 billion coins, boosting the community’s confidence in this crypto. Furthermore, PEPE’s technical analysis shows that every technical indicator suggests a “Strong Buy.”

Analysts believe that PEPE will continue its bullish run. Their price prediction suggests that PEPE could reach $0.00001 in April.

Milei Moneda (MEDA): crypto revolution with unique benefits

Milei Moneda ($MEDA) is a humour, blockchain, and politics-based cryptocurrency that challenges the status quo and pays respect to the indomitable spirit of Javier Milei, an Argentinean revolutionary politician. 

Unique characteristics like NFT exclusiveness, deflationary mechanisms, and governance tokens of Milei Moneda distinguish it from others, which is why some analysts believe it could be one of the best cryptocurrency choices for investors

$MEDA is currently in Stage 1 of its public presale at $0.010 per token. $MEDA is expected to launch on May 21 on Uniswap when it reaches $0.020, promising investors a 100% ROI.

To invest in the Milei Moneda project, visit the official website or join their Telegram for more updates.

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Binance adds Ethena (ENA) as 50th Launchpool project

Binance has introduced Ethena (ENA), a synthetic dollar protocol, as the 50th Launchpool project.
Farming ENA by staking BNB and FDUSD is open for three days from March 30, 2024.
Binance will open trading for ENA on April 2, 2024.

Ethena (ENA) is the 50th project to hit the Binance Launchpool.

This is after Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume, announced the opportunity for users to farm ENA tokens ahead of trading support next week.

Ethena (ENA) to list on Binance

Binance said in the announcement on Friday that users can now stake BNB and FDUSD and farm ENA tokens for three days starting March 30, 2024 at 00:00 UTC. ENA farming is not available to users in Australia, Canada and the US among other jurisdictions, Binance noted.

Meanwhile, the exchange will be the first crypto exchange to open ENA trading on April 2, 2024 at 8:00 UTC.

Supported trading pairs for the new token will be ENA/BTC, ENA/USDT, ENA/BNB, ENA/FDUSD, and ENA/TRY.

Binance’s Launchpool farming announcement comes a day after Ethena Labs revealed a 750 million airdrop of ENA to its community on Thursday.

The airdrop will account for 5% of the total supply of ENA and will be open for trading as from April 2. According to the project, the airdrop will be open to participants in its “shard campaign.” This involved the staking of the synthetic dollar (USDe).

Some of the top projects to land on the Binance Launchpool include Portal, Maverick Protocol, Sui, Aevo, and ETHFI.

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Dogwifhat flips Pepe as WIF hits new ATH

Dogwifhat (WIF) strengthened its position as the top Solana-based meme coin.

With a 20% spike on Friday, the popular meme coin hit $4 to reach a new all-time high. This came after WIF price pushed past the previous all-time high reached in mid-March.

Chart showing dogwifhat price. Source: TradingView

The gains saw dogwifhat flip Pepe in market cap after it reached $4 billion. Pepe, which had weekly gains of just 6% compared to WIF’s 64%, had its market cap at around $3.3 billion at the time of writing.

At current prices of $3.63, WIF is way up on its all-time low of $0.001555 in mid-December 2023.

Dogecoin breaks above $0.2

Dogwifhat’s recent surge has it poised behind meme coin heavyweights Shiba Inu and Dogecoin.

DOGE has had a decent run of its own, with Dogecoin price hitting highs of $0.22. The original dog-meme coin has jumped more than 120% in the past 30 days.

This upside has come as bets on DOGE futures rose to a record $2.2 billion amid bullish sentiment around potential listing of Dogecoin futures trading on Coinbase.

The exchange recently revealed it would launch futures trading for Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.

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