Day: February 14, 2024 seeks Hong Kong license amid regulatory crackdown applies for Hong Kong license amid regulatory crackdown.
Hong Kong SFC emphasizes swift closure for unlicensed exchanges, urging investor protection.
The outcome of’s application remains uncertain.

In a bid to establish a stronger foothold in Asia’s burgeoning crypto market, has applied for a license from the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC).

The move comes amidst a tightening regulatory environment in Hong Kong’s crypto sector, signalling the exchange’s commitment to compliance and expansion. Hong Kong license application’s application, filed on Friday, February 9th, aligns with the SFC’s efforts to enhance investor protection and regulate the growing crypto industry. joins a list of 17 contenders seeking regulatory approval, including prominent players like Bybit, Bullish, and OKX. With a firm deadline of February 29th set by the SFC, exchanges must apply for a virtual asset trading platform (VATP) license to avoid potential closure by May 31st.

Currently, according to the information on the official Securities and Futures Commission website, only two platforms, OSL and HashKey Exchange, hold SFC licenses to serve retail investors in Hong Kong. However, with 18 applications under review,’s strategic move underscores ongoing industry interest in tapping into the region’s crypto landscape.

Hong Kong SFC’s stance on crypto regulation

The SFC’s unwavering stance emphasizes that unlicensed exchanges operating within Hong Kong’s jurisdiction will face swift closure. To safeguard investors, the regulatory authority urges individuals to verify the licensing status of their chosen platforms and consider migrating accounts to licensed counterparts ahead of the looming deadline.

However, it’s essential to note that even submitting an application does not guarantee approval. The fate of’s bid, along with others in the pipeline, remains uncertain, casting anticipation over the regulatory landscape in Hong Kong’s crypto sphere.

The crypto industry awaits further developments as stakeholders monitor the outcome of’s application and its potential implications for the broader ecosystem in Asia and beyond.

By navigating the regulatory landscape and pursuing compliance, aims to secure its position in Hong Kong’s evolving crypto market. As the industry evolves and regulatory frameworks take shape, exchanges must adapt to meet evolving standards, ensuring the protection of investors and the stability of the crypto ecosystem.

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Citi Bank used Avalanche to explore private equity funds tokenization

Citi Bank, Wellington Management, and WisdomTree explore private equity tokenization on Avalanche.
The Proof of concept demonstrates the potential for enhanced automation, compliance, and control.
Collaboration with DTCC Digital Assets evaluates interoperability and seamless integration.

Citi Bank, in collaboration with Wellington Management and WisdomTree, has ventured into the exploration of private equity funds tokenization using the Avalanche blockchain platform.

This innovative initiative aims to revolutionize capital markets by leveraging blockchain technology to enhance operational efficiencies and explore new operating models.

Avalanche Spruce Subnet

The proof of concept conducted by Citi Bank, Wellington Management, and WisdomTree was facilitated through the Avalanche Spruce institutional test Subnet. This specialized network environment provided an ideal sandbox for testing the tokenization of private funds, offering scalability, efficiency, and regulatory compliance. The Spruce Subnet’s infrastructure enabled seamless experimentation with smart contract capabilities, paving the way for the development of novel functionalities and operational efficiencies not previously attainable with traditional assets.

Private markets, valued at approximately $10 trillion, have long grappled with complex infrastructure, lack of standardization, and transparency issues. The utilization of Avalanche’s Spruce Subnet offers a potential solution to these challenges, providing a secure and efficient platform for tokenizing private equity funds. By encoding underlying fund distribution rules into smart contracts and embedding them within tokens transferred to investors, issuers, and distributors, the proof of concept demonstrated the potential for greater automation, enhanced compliance, and improved control environments.

Enabling seamless integration and interoperability

The experimentation with tokenized private assets also involved collaboration with DTCC Digital Assets, formerly known as Securrency, to evaluate multiple transfer scenarios using smart contracts. This collaboration underscores the importance of seamless integration and interoperability between blockchain-based solutions and existing financial infrastructure. By leveraging simulated identity credentials issued by WisdomTree and utilizing private fund tokens as collateral in automated lending contracts, Citi Bank explored the technical, legal, and operational frameworks necessary for transitioning traditional assets to a digital platform.

The successful completion of the proof of concept marks a significant milestone in the journey towards mainstream adoption of blockchain technology within the financial industry. As Nisha Surendran, Emerging Solutions Lead for Citi Digital Assets, highlighted, smart contracts and blockchain technology have the potential to enable enhanced rule enforcement at an infrastructure level, facilitating seamless data and workflow management. This exploration of tokenized private assets represents a critical step towards unlocking new operating models and creating efficiencies for the broader market.

Mark Garabedian, Director of Digital Assets & Tokenization Strategy at Wellington Management, commended the technical sandbox environment provided by the Avalanche Spruce test network, emphasizing the collaborative efforts between partners to explore blockchain technology’s potential within the industry. Similarly, Maredith Hannon Sapp, Head of Business Development, Digital Assets, at WisdomTree, emphasized the future potential of blockchain-enabled finance and the proof of concept’s role in exploring tokenized fund transferability and compliance across different markets.

Citi Bank’s ongoing commitment to developing digital asset solutions underscores its dedication to innovation and enhancing its products and services across various financial domains. Through collaboration with industry partners and leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology, Citi continues to pave the way for the future of finance.

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Vechain adds programmable smart contract wallets, VET soars

VeChain (VET) price rose 10% as Bitcoin spiked to briefly sit above $52k.
The gains also came as the L1 smart contract platform announced Account Abstraction (AA) was now live.
AA brings seamless interoperability and unlocks programmable smart contract wallets.

VeChain (VET), the enterprise-grade L1 smart contract platform, has announced a major development in its blockchain ecosystem. Account Abstraction (AA) is live on VeChain, the platform said.

VeChain debuts Account Abstraction

By going live, AA brings programmable smart contract wallets to VeChain, putting the blockchain platform at the forefront of shaping the next step in global adoption of crypto.

Account Abstraction (AA) is now live, opening up a whole new world for #VeChain.

Not only does AA make interoperability seamless, but it also unlocks programmable smart contract wallets for a better user experience and improved security.

Here’s what it means for $VET 🧵👇🏼

— vechain (@vechainofficial) February 14, 2024

With account abstraction, VeChain is moving away from the traditional externally-owned accounts (EOAs) system. The new approach isn’t just flexible and programmable, it enhances accounts’ usability and security, the latter a key challenge in EOAs’ public-private key model.

By abstracting the transaction signing process, smart contract wallets improve user experience, making blockchain interactions smoother and more intuitive. There are security benefits, too – multisig authorization, account recovery methods, and transaction whitelists,” the VeChain team said in a thread on X.

According to the platform, this shift is a key step in the quest to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3. The launch of smart contract wallets on the mainnet underscores VeChain’s commitment towards global mass adoption of crypto and blockchain.

VET price soars

VeChain’s announcement came as the crypto community took note of Bitcoin’s sharp price surge on Wednesday. BTC rose to above $52,000 before paring some of the gains to hover above the $51k level. Meanwhile, VeChain’s news about the much anticipated Account Abstraction (AA) helped push the price of VET up by more than 10%.

VET traded to highs of $0.035, and crypto analyst Ali says the altcoin could spike to $0.054 in coming days.

“It feels like it will be a big week for #VeChain! If history repeats itself, $VET could be looking at a move to $0.054 this week, a brief correction until June, and then a bull run to $0.70 by November!” Ali noted in a post on X.

VET price last traded above $0.05 in April 2022 and its all-time high of $0.28 was reached in April 2021.

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Weekly Analysis: The Surge in Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices & The Rise of a New Dogecoin Contender

The cryptocurrency market witnessed notable developments in the past week, marked by a surge in the prices of leading assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Alongside this bullish momentum, Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) emerged as a prominent player, garnering attention and investment interest. This article provides a comprehensive analysis of the recent price trends of Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as insights into the growing prominence of Rebel Satoshi in the crypto space.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Surge

Bitcoin and Ethereum, two of the top cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, experienced significant price surges over the past week. Bitcoin saw a remarkable increase of approximately 7%, while Ethereum witnessed a surge of over 6%. These price movements contributed to a positive sentiment in the market, reflecting growing investor confidence in these leading digital assets.

The Rise of Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ)

Amid the surge in Bitcoin and Ethereum prices, Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) emerged as a notable contender for the title of the best memecoin in cryptocurrency. With its innovative approach and strong community support, Rebel Satoshi has garnered attention as a promising investment opportunity. 

Rebel Satoshi Presale

The Rebel Satoshi presale has been a resounding success, with over 123 million RBLZ tokens sold and close it $1.8 million raised in funding. Investors are showing keen interest in this innovative project, with the presale nearing the $2 million mark. Built on the Ethereum network, Rebel Satoshi offers a secure investment opportunity, with smart contracts audited by a top auditing firm, Source Hat.

Upcoming Launch and Community Involvement

The launch of Rebel Satoshi is scheduled just a few days after the presale concludes on February 29, 2024. The project’s community is actively involved in developing the Rebel Satoshi ecosystem post-launch, with discussions underway for tier 1 centralized exchange (CEX) listings to increase accessibility and liquidity. The project’s decentralized exchange (DEX) launch is also on the horizon, further enhancing the ecosystem’s functionality and utility.

Investment Opportunity

With Rebel Satoshi poised for growth and innovation, it remains a compelling investment opportunity in the cryptocurrency market. The initial launch price for $RBLZ is set at 0.025 USDT, offering investors an attractive entry point. Previous rounds of token sales sold out quickly, underscoring the strong demand and investor interest in Rebel Satoshi. As the project progresses through the Recusants Round 5, with only 25 million tokens available, investors are encouraged to participate and secure their stake in this promising project. Its recent performance and growing ecosystem make it a contender for the title of best cryptocurrency to invest in.

Final Thoughts

The past week has seen a surge in the prices of leading cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, reflecting a bullish sentiment in the market. Alongside this upward momentum, Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) has emerged as one of the best memecoins in the crypto space, attracting significant attention and investment interest. With its innovative approach, strong community support, and upcoming launch, Rebel Satoshi presents a compelling investment opportunity for investors looking to capitalize on the evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram.

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Ali Charts Forecasts Cardano To $0.68, Justin Sun Burns $50M Worth of Huobi Tokens, NuggetRush Becomes Investor Safe Haven


Crypto analyst Ali Charts has predicted Cardano will hit $0.68.

Justin Sun has burnt $50 million worth of Huobi Tokens from circulation, effectively lowering the total supply to 110 million.

NuggetRush’s smart contracts have been audited by SOLIDProof to ensure user safety.

Top crypto market expert Ali Charts has forecasted that Cardano could rise to $0.68 if it crosses two major resistances. Meanwhile, Justin Sun has reduced the circulating supply of Huobi Tokens by burning $50 million worth. 

In other developments, NuggetRush has been tipped as one of the best DeFi projects as it is safe for investors. SOLIDProof has audited its smart contracts to ensure there are no bugs.

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NuggetRush (NUGX): A Safe Platform for Investors

NuggetRush (NUGX) is gearing up to roll out a play-to-earn (P2E) game, aiming to entertain players while also benefiting NUGX holders. The game will have trending NFTs, which players can trade on the platform’s marketplace. 

NUGX, the native token, will serve as the game’s currency. Players can exchange in-game assets for NUGX or other NFTs. Additionally, they can stake their NFTs to get up to 20% APY. Meanwhile, NUGX is not just a utility token for in-game transactions; it also gives holders governance rights. This aligns with NuggetRush’s commitment to decentralization. 

In terms of security, SolidProof has audited the platform’s smart contracts to ensure there are no bugs. With these features and wife utility, NuggetRush is poised to become one of the top crypto coins to buy.

It is one of the top ICOs in the market right now and is priced at $0.018 with a 50x potential on the horizon. Investors have been excited about the project, and they have amassed over 177 million NUGX tokens.

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Cardano (ADA) To $0.68 – Ali Charts Forecasts

In a recent tweet, crypto analyst Ali Charts noted that Cardano (ADA) faces tough resistance between the $0.54 and $0.56 price levels. According to the analyst, this level has over 50,000 addresses which hodl about 2 billion ADA.

Ali stated that surpassing this price level could push the price of the Cardano coin to $0.68. At the moment, Cardano has seen a 6.3% price pump that has pushed it from a 7-day low of $0.4753 to a peak of $0.564.

Although the altcoin has seen a little price increase on the weekly chart, it is down 2.7% on the monthly chart. Nevertheless, investors are bullish on a potential rally to $0.60.

Moreover, Cardano’s technical indicators support this bullish movement. First, Cardano trades above the 50-day SMA ($0.525331) and 200-day SMA ($0.386974). Also, its RSI is above the 50 mark and is rising towards the overbought region.

Huobi Token (HT) To Begin Massive Token Burn

Justin Sun, a top figure in the crypto community, announced that he has burned $50 million worth of HT tokens, reducing the total to 110 million. He plans to further reduce this by burning an additional 10 to 15 million HT in the coming weeks.

According to him, the aim is to burn more tokens till the circulating supply drops to 95 million HT. This action is part of a larger initiative that burned 86.64 million HT tokens over the past month, including those held by teams and exchanged by users for HTX. 

Sun’s strategy to reduce Huobi Token‘s circulating supply is to induce scarcity. Consequently, this could boost the altcoin price in the long run. Meanwhile, Huobi Token is trading at the $1.80 – $2.90 price level after dropping 35.5% in the past week.

Final Words

With the latest resurgence in the crypto market, analysts are bullish that Cardano and NuggetRush will rise to new highs in the coming months. Also, NuggetRush’s upcoming platform will push the token to a new ATH.

Visit the NuggetRush Presale Website

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First-ever ICO on Bitcoin blockchain raises $618k in under 4 hours

Bitcoin Dogs conducts first-ever ICO on Bitcoin, raising $618k in under 4 hours.
Bitcoin Dogs introduces gaming, NFTs, and BRC-20 token standards to the Bitcoin community.
The 0DOG token unlocks an interactive gaming experience and a collection of 10K NFTs.

Bitcoin Dogs wasted no time in making more headlines hours after initiating its BRC-20 ICO today. The presale for the 0DOG token, the centrepiece of the project, has attracted substantial interest, with participants eagerly grabbing their share of the tokens.

The 0DOG presale, scheduled to last for 30 days until March 15th, has raised a staggering $618,475 in the first four hours alone pointing to the confidence investors have in the project.

The presale approach incorporates 10 stages, commencing with an initial price of $0.015 per token. As the presale progresses, the token price increases incrementally every three days. In the final stage, the 0DOG token will be going for $0.0404, showcasing a 169.33% price difference from the initial stage.

The Bitcoin Dogs immersive metaverse

At the core of Bitcoin Dogs is the revolutionary Ordinals protocol, introducing the BRC-20 token standard on the Bitcoin blockchain. This paradigm shift allows users to explore a Layer 2 environment, bringing new possibilities and dynamics to the Bitcoin community. Bitcoin Dogs aims to challenge the norm, bridging the gap between Bitcoin and the vibrant ecosystems found on platforms like Ethereum and Solana.

The 0DOG token serves as the key to unlocking an interactive gaming experience and a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs, each representing a virtual dog. With a play-to-earn (P2E) environment, users can raise, trade, and race their virtual pets, drawing inspiration from popular experiences like Tamagotchi and Axie Infinity. There will also be additional BARK tokens within the game to incentivize players to share their activities on social media, fostering community growth.

Additionally, there are staking opportunities to provide an additional layer of engagement, with presale stakers enjoying a lucrative 75% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) when locking up their tokens.

The retro gaming graphics bring the Bitcoin Dogs world to life, storing each virtual dog on the blockchain as individual NFTs with varying rarity levels. This not only creates a vibrant marketplace but also caters to multiple cohorts of investors, combining the appeal of NFTs with the security of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Bitcoin Dogs’ roadmap and prospects

As the presale continues to captivate the community, Bitcoin Dogs aims to sell 90% of the 900 million total supply. Any unsold tokens will be strategically “burned,” creating deflationary pressure.

Beyond the presale, 0DOG tokens will enter the secondary market for trading.

In the coming quarters, Bitcoin Dogs has ambitious plans, including the release of the Bitcoin Dogs NFT collection and the beta version of the game in Q2. The game’s evolution will be marked by new play-to-earn (P2E) partnerships, competitions, and events, contributing to the project’s marketing efforts. The cross-chain bridge, set to go live, promises to expand Bitcoin Dogs to its largest audience yet.

The timing for Bitcoin Dogs couldn’t be more opportune. Riding the wave of renewed interest in NFTs and buoyed by positive market indicators, the project aligns itself with Bitcoin’s prosperous start in 2024. With Bitcoin ETFs approved in January and the upcoming halving in April, Bitcoin Dogs positions itself as a significant leap forward in the crypto space, uniting NFTs, BRC-20 tokens, and cross-chain interoperability on the original Bitcoin blockchain.

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Sushi unveils new decentralized derivatives exchange on Layer N

Sushi, a multi-chain DEX platform, has announced Susa, a new perpetuals exchange that it says will redefine the derivatives exchange space.

The new platform is built with the technology of Ethereum scaling solution Layer N, Sushi said in an announcement.

Sushi’s new perpetuals exchange

Susa, the Sushi team says, is a “natural evolution of SushiSwap” as the DEX grows into a DeFi super ecosystem. It aims at delivering high-speed transactions, targeting 100,000 TPS with under 1 millisecond of latency. 

The perpetuals exchange will also feature deeper liquidity and greater on-chain capital efficiency.

Tapping into Layer N’s Nord Engine and achieving these features will see Susa rival centralized exchanges. Its goal is to bring the centralized finance (CeFi) experience to the decentralized finance (DeFi) perpetual trading market, Sushi noted in the blog post.

Launching our perpetual DEX aims to capture the largely untapped market of perpetual trading, consistent with our multi-chain exploration strategy for growth. With perpetual DEXs comprising a small share of the market, introducing Susa highlights our drive for innovation. We look forward to introducing Susa to Sushi users and the DeFi community,” Sushi’s Head Chef, Jared Grey, said.

SUSHI, the governance token on Sushi traded at $1.21 on Wednesday, with reaction to the news largely muted as Bitcoin stole the show with its spike above $51k.

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Starknet launches STRK Airdrop as OKX announces listing; Pullix Presale enters penultimate Stage

Starknet launches STRK token with 1.3M wallet Airdrop, OKX to list the token for trading.
The first STRK trading pair on OKX will be STRK/USDT.
Pullix (PLX) token price has increased from an initial price of $0.04 to $0.1 in its second-last presale stage.

In a dynamic week for the crypto space, Starknet’s STRK token has taken the spotlight with a massive Airdrop to 1.3 million wallets. Simultaneously, leading exchange OKX has announced the listing of STRK, creating a buzz in the community.

Adding to the fervour, Pullix’s PLX token enters its penultimate presale stage, promising unique features and a lucrative investment opportunity.

Let’s delve into the details of these groundbreaking developments.

Starknet’s STRK airdrop makes waves

Starknet, the Ethereum-based ZK-Rollup Layer 2 network, has unveiled its highly anticipated STRK token through an extensive Airdrop campaign. The Starknet Foundation, responsible for the token launch, is distributing STRK to approximately 1.3 million wallet addresses.

The STRK token is the native token of Starknet network and it plays a pivotal role in decentralization and governance within the network. Starknet enhances scalability for decentralized applications (dApps) using an Ethereum-based ZK-Rollup Layer 2 while ensuring the robust security of the Ethereum settlement layer.

OKX listing the STRK token

OKX Exchange, a major player in the cryptocurrency market, is set to provide its users with access to Starknet’s STRK token. The exchange’s decision to list STRK follows the highly anticipated Airdrop announcement, further fueling expectations for increased liquidity and trading opportunities.

The STRK token will be tradable on the OKX exchange from February 19th at 09:00 AM local time. Users can also withdraw their STRK tokens starting February 21st at 04:00 AM local time. The initial trading pair offered is STRK/USDT, with additional pairs possibly emerging based on user demand and market conditions.

The move by OKX to list STRK suggests that other prominent exchanges, including Binance, may soon follow suit. This potential expansion to other major exchanges could contribute to the broader adoption and recognition of Starknet’s innovative Layer 2 solution.

Pullix: seizing the future of DeFi

In the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi), Pullix is carving its niche with the PLX token, currently in its second-last presale stage. Offering a unique approach to trading, Pullix positions itself as a pioneer with a hybrid exchange, blending centralized and decentralized features for an enhanced user experience.

The PLX token sets a precedent as the first “Trade-to-Earn” cryptocurrency. Holders enjoy benefits such as passive income, trading discounts, and exclusive rewards from the platform’s daily revenues.

As Pullix advances through its presale stages, the PLX token is currently available at $0.1 up from the initial price of $0.04. The presale has raised $5,676,776 so far showing the high demand among investors.

To purchase the PLX token before the price makes its final presale increment, visit the official Pullix website.


Starknet’s STRK token, with its groundbreaking Airdrop and listing on OKX, showcases the continued innovation within the blockchain ecosystem. Simultaneously, Pullix’s PLX token disrupts the traditional DeFi landscape, offering a compelling blend of features that could redefine the future of cryptocurrency trading.

As these projects unfold, the crypto community eagerly anticipates the impact they will have on the broader digital asset landscape.

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Bitcoin hits $51k: Will BTC reach new ATH before halving?

Bitcoin hits $51k as bulls roar into life following Tuesday’s markets reaction to CPI data.
BTC price rose to highs of $51,708 on Coinbase, with its market cap back above $1 trillion.
Will BTC reach new ATH before halving?

Bitcoin (BTC) price skyrocketed past the $51,000 level on Wednesday morning, recouping all losses suffered as the benchmark crypto mirrored stocks on Tuesday.

The gains have seen the pioneer crypto reach a market capitalization of $1 trillion, a milestone last seen in December 2021. 

According to data from CoinGecko, the price of Bitcoin hovered around $51,500 early morning on February 14. The BTC/USD pair traded more than 2% up across major cryptocurrency exchanges, with prices on Coinbase having shot to an intraday high of $51,708 as of writing.

As BTC bulls eye a higher move, is Bitcoin poised for a march to a new all-time high pre-halving? With BTC showing fresh signs of an upside continuation, some analysts are saying the cryptocurrency could surge to higher levels in coming weeks. Crypto investor and analyst WhalePanda noted on X:

It’s very simple now. You sell your #Bitcoin , you get left behind. There are no dips to buy.
Those CPI numbers and the psychological $50k would’ve dumped us back to $44-45k pre-ETFs.
They tried, they failed, and now they have to rebuy higher. They aren’t going to try again.

— WhalePanda (@WhalePanda) February 14, 2024

The upcoming BTC halving and the massive demand witnessed within the spot Bitcoin ETF market are key catalysts. For the latter, there were nearly $631 million in inflows on Tuesday. 

Data shows BTC spot ETFs have recorded net inflows for thirteen consecutive trading days, with cumulative net inflows at $3.89 billion as of February 13.

Bitcoin’s halving is set for April this year. 

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$BTC Soars, $BONK and $WIF Pump Double-Digits as $GFOX Prepares for Retail Launch

The cryptocurrency market is buzzing with excitement as Bitcoin ($BTC) reaches new heights, while altcoins like Bonk ($BONK) and dogwifhat ($WIF) experience significant gains. Amidst this flurry of activity, the best upcoming ICO, Galaxy Fox, is gearing up for its retail launch, promising potential investors the chance to ride the wave of the crypto revolution. Let’s delve into these developments and explore what they mean for investors.

$BTC Soars: Market Dynamics and Predictions

Bitcoin’s recent foray above $50k has injected fresh excitement into the cryptocurrency market. This didn’t just catch the attention of seasoned investors but has also sparked interest in alternative cryptocurrencies, suggesting a dynamic and potentially lucrative market landscape.

Bitcoin’s surge is accompanied by significant market activity, indicating a positive outlook for cryptocurrencies as a whole. Since mid-January, the market has seen a substantial net inflow of $2.8 billion, with a significant portion of $1.1 billion pouring in just recently. This influx of capital suggests growing confidence and interest in cryptocurrencies among investors.

Analysts like Rekt Capital view Bitcoin’s surge above $49,000 as anticipated, reflecting underlying market strength. However, with great opportunities come potential risks. 

The surge led to $152 million in liquidations, highlighting the importance of setting strategic sales targets to mitigate potential losses. Some analysts, like Keith Alan, foresee further movements towards $55,000, which could trigger additional liquidations.

$BONK and $WIF Pump Double-Digits: Altcoin Activity

Amidst Bitcoin’s surge, some of the best cheap crypto to buy right now, like Bonk ($BONK) and WIF ($WIF), have witnessed significant gains, demonstrating the dynamism of the cryptocurrency market beyond Bitcoin.

Bonk’s Integration and Potential Growth

Bonk’s integration with the Solana ecosystem positions it for performance and scalability advantages – factors crucial for sustained growth in the evolving cryptocurrency market. It has recently registered a growth of over 27% over a 7-day period, making it an attractive option for investors seeking exposure to memecoins with promising growth prospects for the year. Its low price offers an accessible entry point with the potential for substantial growth as Solana’s adoption expands.

dogwifhat’s Momentum and Future Outlook

$WIF has also experienced notable momentum, registering a 20% gain over the span of a month and an impressive 88% within a seven-day period. Despite these, its recent valuation still remains below its all-time high, presenting a potential opportunity for investors. With a market capitalization above $300 million, $WIF has room for significant gains, especially considering its relative value compared to other meme coins in the market.

$GFOX Prepares for Retail Launch: The Rise of Galaxy Fox

As Bitcoin and altcoins make headlines, Galaxy Fox emerges as a promising contender for the best upcoming ICO, set to deliver substantial returns in 2024 and beyond.

A Unique Hybrid Project

This good crypto to buy combines play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics with meme coin features, offering users a dynamic and rewarding experience. Its endless runner game, reminiscent of popular titles like Temple Run, allows players to earn rewards while enjoying gameplay. Additionally, its tokenomics model, featuring token burns and taxation mechanisms, aims to accrue value for holders, making $GFOX an attractive investment option.

Market Readiness and Visibility

Galaxy Fox is in Stage 8 of its presale, offering $GFOX at a discounted price of $0.002178 per token. The project has already raised over $3.3 million, demonstrating strong investor interest. As it gears up for retail launch, Galaxy Fox has secured a listing on CoinMarketCap, further enhancing its visibility and legitimacy in the market. This listing provides investors with essential information and signals Galaxy Fox’s readiness to capture a wider audience.

Conclusion: Join the Galaxy Fox Community

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, opportunities abound for investors seeking growth and innovation. With Bitcoin soaring, altcoins pumping, and the best upcoming ICO Galaxy Fox preparing for its retail launch, now is an exciting time to explore the diverse opportunities in the cryptocurrency space.

To learn more about Galaxy Fox and join its vibrant community, visit their website and connect with them on Telegram. Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of the next big thing in crypto.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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