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Twitter analyst sees bullish signs On Bitcoin (BTC) as Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) presale exhibits exciting price action

Bitcoin surges above $46,000.
Bitcoin (BTC) is surging ahead of the much anticipated Bitcoin halving event.
Rebel Satoshi gains investor confidence as it nears delivering a 150% presale ROI.

The crypto market has witnessed notable outflows over the past week as bears loom. As a result, top crypto coins are trading in the red. However, Ali Martinez, a renowned Twitter analyst, believes Bitcoin (BTC) will surge soon. Meanwhile, Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ), an upcoming meme coin, is primed for massive gains before the end of the month.

Between Bitcoin and Rebel Satoshi, which cryptocurrency will deliver the best returns in February? Let’s find out!

Bitcoin: has the Bull Run began?

Bitcoin performed poorly over the past seven days. On January 30, BTC was changing hands at around $43,611.27. After holding this level for a day, BTC slumped on January 31 ahead of the US Treasury’s decision on interest rates. The resulting downtrend saw BTC trade as low as $41,931.21 on February 1.

However, BTC recovered partially after Ali Martinez pointed out that investors had transacted 912,626 BTC within the $42,560 price range, forming a significant support level. By February 6, BTC had stabilized at around $42,885.24. The price has since taken to the moon soaring past $46,500 at the time of writing on February 9.

So, is Bitcoin a good crypto to buy now? According to analysts, despite the current bullish trend, BTC may face further headwinds due to the liquidation of Grayscale’s GBTC fund. To this end, experts set the end-of-February BTC prediction at between $35,807 and $50,000.

Rebel Satoshi basks in the success of its presale

Rebel Satoshi, a burgeoning meme coin that aims to challenge the status quo in the crypto industry, has caught investor interest with its audacious mission of fighting centralization. Additionally, Rebel Satoshi has left investors buzzing about its potential after securing close to $1.8 million thus far during its ongoing public presale.

It is worth noting that $RBLZ, Rebel Satoshi’s governance and membership token, has also played a vital role in wooing investors. Specifically, $RBLZ offers investors access to the Rebel Satoshi ecosystem, which will feature the Rebel NFT Vault, an NFT marketplace, a P2E game, and a stake-to-earn program.

By January, Rebel Satoshi had commenced Monarchs Round 4 of its presale, and $RBLZ’s price was $0.022. This price represents a 120% surge from the Early Bird Round $RBLZ price of $0.010. Notably, Early Bird Round investors will realize a 150% ROI when $RBLZ reaches its listing price of $0.025.

On the other hand, Monarchs Round 4 investors will realize a 13.64% ROI when $RBLZ surges to $0.025. Interestingly, Rebel Satoshi has set February 29 as the closing date for its presale. More importantly, analysts believe $RBLZ will surge further when it gets listed on top DEXs after Rebel Satoshi concludes its presale.  

For more information on Rebel Satoshi, visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram.

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tea protocol launches 250k Grant for Open-Source Developers

San Juan, Puerto Rico, February 9th, 2024, Chainwire

tea is shaking up the digital world by addressing the long-standing issue of inadequate compensation for open-source developers. Solving this issue is more urgent than ever, which is why we have decided to deploy $250K in grants ahead of the launch of the protocol. This initial stage aims to support maintainers of open-source projects that have a material impact on the open-source software ecosystem and a teaRank greater than 30 ahead of the tea Protocol Incentivized Testnet.

Don’t know what teaRank is and unsure if your project qualifies? You can check your project’s teaRank here and learn more about what this represents on the protocol here.

The unsung heroes

Despite forming the backbone of the internet and modern technology, open-source developers like Max Howell, the creator of Homebrew, have historically received little to no compensation. This discrepancy is particularly stark when compared to the massive profits generated by corporations built on open-source software.

The urgent need for change

The lack of proper incentives has led to decreased motivation and potential abandonment of projects, posing a threat to the very infrastructure of our digital lives.

The tea Protocol: Empowering developers

The tea protocol strives to establish an environment where open-source contributions are not only acknowledged but also appropriately rewarded, ensuring a sustainable future for the unsung heroes of the digital world. Central to the tea protocol is its vibrant community of project supporters and vulnerability reporters, who are incentivized to actively participate in identifying and addressing software vulnerabilities.

tea’s $250K grant is a step towards a future where open-source developers are celebrated and rewarded, marking the beginning of a new, more equitable era in open-source.

If your open-source project meets the requirements mentioned earlier such as it having an impact on the OSS ecosystem and having a teaRank greater than 30, then we would love to have you apply for the grant.



Head of Marketing
Dan Mulligan
tea inc.

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NEAR Protocol Partners With D3 To Apply For .Near Top-Level Domain

Las Vegas, Nevada, February 8th, 2024, Chainwire

The NEAR Foundation, the Swiss non-profit organization fostering the growth and decentralization of the NEAR Protocol and ecosystem, today announced it has exclusively partnered with D3 Global, a next-generation domain name company developing interoperable digital identities, to apply for and obtain the .near Top-Level Domain (TLD) during ICANN’s upcoming application window.

D3 is developing future-proof, interoperable digital identities with the Domain Name System (DNS) at the foundation, ensuring native resolution across all forms of the ‘web.’ The company will enable partner ecosystems to expand their reach beyond their existing communities and provide universal access to their services in a trusted manner. Bridging the gap between the Internet and Web3 will allow the NEAR ecosystem to provide seamless access to over 5.3 billion Internet users worldwide.

Through these interoperable digital identities, users will be able to use a single domain as a website, email or wallet address; cross-platform username, and serve verified credentials. Projects and developers will be able to develop dApps and services with enhanced utility, tapping into existing Internet infrastructure, while offering new identity and verification solutions catered to the NEAR ecosystem, which currently boasts over 88 million unique accounts.

“We’re excited to work with D3 to secure the .near top-level domain and extend the power of NEAR accounts across the entire internet. As the functionality of NEAR accounts expands with Chain Abstraction, combining Web3 identity with existing internet infrastructure will help drive mainstream adoption,” said Illia Polosukhin, Co-Founder of NEAR Protocol and Chief Executive Officer of the NEAR Foundation.

“In order for Web3 to accelerate its growth, it will require interoperability with existing Internet infrastructure. We’re pleased to welcome NEAR on our journey to redefine digital identity, while offering NEAR users and projects alike more utility by bringing the ‘web’ to Web3,” said Fred Hsu, Chief Executive Officer at D3.

D3’s patent-pending platform is set to integrate traditional Internet and Web3 ecosystems to deliver enhanced utility, security, and universal access for what the company calls ‘real Web3 domains.’ The D3 team boasts over three decades of combined industry experience across DNS and Web3 technologies.

About NEAR

NEAR Protocol is a fully sharded, proof-of-stake blockchain designed to scale Web3 to a billion users. Performant, hyper-scalable, and secure, NEAR is the gateway to the open web, achieving the highest number of active accounts in Web3 via easy user onboarding & retention and excellent developer experience with the lowest fees of any blockchain.

Learn more about NEAR at

About D3 Global

D3 Global is a digital infrastructure provider that delivers secure, decentralized, and interoperable identities on the root layer of the internet – the Domain Name System (DNS). D3’s patent-pending platform will be the first to deliver real domain names that seamlessly bridge the gap between traditional Internet infrastructure and Web3 ecosystems. D3 team consists of industry veterans with over three decades of collective experience, known for leading domain name monetization, internet protocols, and various TLD operations including .xyz, .inc, .tv, and .link.

Learn more about D3 at



Dan Edelstein

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Binance Coin (BNB) price prediction amid regulatory handles and emergence of Pullix Exchange

Binance Coin (BNB) price has soared by 7% in the last seven days recovering from its recent drop.
However, BNB price prediction suggests potential highs of $480 in 2024.
Pullix emerges as a hybrid DeFi protocol bridging decentralized and centralized exchanges.

From regulatory hurdles facing Binance to price movements of the Binance Chain’s native token Binance Coin (BNB) and the emergence of Pullix, the crypto community is witnessing a dynamic interplay of factors shaping the industry’s future.

In this news article, we delve into recent BNB price movements, future BNB price predictions, and explore the innovative features of Pullix and its native token, PLX.

BNB price surge and influencing factors

Binance Coin (BNB), the native cryptocurrency of the world’s largest exchange, Binance, has experienced a series of noteworthy price movements. In 2021, BNB soared from $40 to a high of $690, only to face a subsequent decline.

While the decline in BNB’s value can be partly attributed to Binance’s turmoil with the US regulatory authorities and other regulatory authorities around the world, the token has shown some resilience in the past few days registering a significant bullish trend. In the past 7 days, the token has gained 7% pointing to a possible long-term surge.

The most recent regulatory handle was the temporary halt in the Netherlands. However, Binance expressed its commitment to collaborating with Dutch regulators, signaling its dedication to compliance. The interplay between regulatory dynamics and Binance’s response will be a pivotal factor influencing BNB’s price trajectory in 2024.

BNB price prediction

Anton Kharitonov, an analyst at Traders Union, projects a potential high of $480 for BNB by the end of 2024.

However, the outcome hinges on Binance’s ability to work with global regulators successfully. The ongoing case against the SEC and relationships with governments worldwide pose uncertainties. If regulatory agreements are reached, BNB may experience a recovery. Conversely, failure to secure agreements could lead to trading halts in multiple countries, potentially resulting in a minimum price of $250 and an average of $365.

Pullix Exchange: bridging decentralization and centralization

Amidst the challenges facing Binance, currently the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, a new hybrid exchange called Pullix has emerged. Pullix emerges as a new DeFi protocol aiming to bridge the gap between decentralized and centralized exchanges.

Pullix proposes a hybrid trading platform, combining the strengths of both worlds to address liquidity issues that have hindered the growth of decentralized exchanges.

The platform offers a user-friendly experience with features such as margin trading, institutional tools powered by openAI, perpetual futures, CFDs, and a secure vault for crypto storage. Notably, Pullix stands out with its unique approach to liquidity provision, incentivizing users to contribute liquidity and offering a comprehensive solution for various types of traders.

PLX token and ongoing presale

At the core of Pullix’s ecosystem is the PLX token, positioned as the first “Trade-to-Earn” cryptocurrency. PLX holders stand to benefit from a revenue-sharing mechanism, earning rewards for trading on the platform and completing trading challenges.

Currently in the seventh out of the eight planned presale stages, the presale has raised $5,077,235 a proof that investors are confident with the project. At the current stage, the PLX token is going for $0.1 having raised through the presale stages from the initial price of $0.04.

You can visit the official Pullix website if you are interested in purchasing the PL token before the next and the last presale stage where the token price is expected to rise.

The PLX token’s utility extends beyond trading credits, offering exclusive access, staking opportunities, and rewards.


In this unfolding narrative of Binance Coin’s tumultuous journey and the rise of Pullix, the crypto community remains on the edge of its seat. Regulatory dynamics, price predictions, and innovative platforms are shaping the future of the cryptocurrency industry.

As we navigate this ever-changing landscape, only time will reveal the true impact of these developments on BNB, Pullix, and the broader crypto ecosystem.

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THORChain (RUNE) price prediction amid a thriving memecoin presale phase

THORChain (RUNE) displays bullish momentum, aiming to test previous highs.
RUNE’s 2024 price predictions suggest potential for significant gains, with analysts predicting a stab at $7.1.
Memeinator (MMTR) presale, on the other hand, shows impressive fundraising progress

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, THORChain (RUNE) and the groundbreaking memecoin Memeinator (MMTR) have recently grabbed the spotlight with significant developments.

From bold proposals to price predictions, both projects are poised for attention-grabbing moves. Let’s delve into the recent price movements of THORChain (RUNE), its future predictions, and take a glance at the MMTR presale stages, exploring the potential impact on the market.

THORChain (RUNE) price movements

THORChain (RUNE) price has been a subject of substantial volatility since the beginning of the year, witnessing pronounced fluctuations in buying and selling pressures. Despite a correction of over 11% Year-to-Date (YTD), the coin is currently trading with a bullish influence, hinting at a positive trajectory in the days ahead.

RUNE price chart


THORChain (RUNE) price prediction

Looking forward to 2024, THORChain’s future seems promising, driven by the anticipation of the halving event and changing dynamics in the cryptocurrency market. The altcoin, currently sustaining above the 200-day EMA, showcases a resilient recovery path, fueling HODLers’ expectations of a potential price boom.

THORChain technical analysis


Technical indicators, including MACD and the Cross EMA 50/200-day, suggest a bullish momentum for RUNE/USDT. The MACD displays a constant green histogram with rising averages, while the Cross EMA 50/200-day acts as a reliable support level. These indicators hint at the potential for significant price action, with a likely attempt to test the December 2023 high of $7.0927.

However, the market remains sensitive, and if bears gain dominance, a trend reversal could see the price testing support around $4.147. RUNE’s quick reversals amidst market volatility make the chances of reaching higher levels astronomical.

The year 2024 holds significant potential, with successful updates and collaborations projecting a maximum price of $18.47. Conversely, failure to meet expectations might lead to liquidation, potentially dropping the price to $3.64, and settling at an average of $7.23.

Memeinator (MMTR) presale stages

Switching gears, let’s shift our focus to Memeinator (MMTR), a meme coin generating buzz with its unique approach. Currently, in the presale stage, MMTR is making waves with impressive fundraising progress of $4,448,561 out of $4,474,137 in Stage 14. Priced at $0.0208, the anticipation is high for a potential increase in the next stage, projecting an intriguing journey for MMTR.

The Memeinator project distinguishes itself by not making false utility promises. Its AI layer specifically targets weak memes, with the end goal of incorporating them into an action game. The irreverent Tone of Voice (ToV) and strategic use of AI and blockchain technologies set Memeinator apart, making it more than just a meme coin.

As the MMTR presale progresses, price predictions become an area of keen interest. If the momentum sustains and the project team delivers vital updates and collaborations, MMTR’s price holds the potential to soar even after the presale ends, aligning with the bullish sentiment in the crypto space.

The MMTR presale, with its unique approach and the promise of tangible utility through an upcoming game, adds an exciting layer to the evolving cryptocurrency landscape.


The market dynamics of THORChain (RUNE) and the unfolding story of Memeinator (MMTR) present investors with a dynamic and potentially lucrative landscape. As crypto investors navigate through the market volatility, these projects offer intriguing opportunities.

For more information about the Memeinator MMTR, visit the official MMTR presale website.

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Bitcoin Dogs aims to take the lead with first ever BRC-20 ICO

Analysts foresee a possible Bitcoin surge to $50,000 amid the heightened Bitcoin halving hype.
Bitcoin Dogs unveils $0DOG token presale, the first BRC-20 ICO on the Bitcoin blockchain.
$0DOG offers access to Bitcoin Dogs’ NFT collection and immersive gaming ecosystem.

Bitcoin Dogs, a pioneering project leveraging the power of Bitcoin, is set to revolutionize the crypto world with the inaugural BRC-20 token ICO. This innovative venture combines elements of cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance (DeFi), and Web3 culture to create an immersive experience for investors and enthusiasts alike.

With Bitcoin’s recent price surge and the introduction of spot ETFs, the timing couldn’t be more auspicious for Bitcoin Dogs to make its mark.

Bitcoin Dogs: first-ever BRC-20 blockchain ICO

Unlike traditional presales conducted using ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, Bitcoin Dogs introduces $0DOG as a novel investment opportunity on the Bitcoin blockchain. This strategic move not only highlights the project’s commitment to innovation but also underscores the potential for growth and adoption within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

At the heart of the Bitcoin Dogs project lies $0DOG, the pioneering BRC-20 token poised to disrupt the crypto market. With 900 million tokens minted, $0DOG offers investors access to an exclusive NFT collection and an immersive gaming ecosystem reminiscent of popular titles like Axie Infinity and Tamagotchi. This unique blend of utility and entertainment positions $0DOG as a frontrunner in the burgeoning world of digital assets.

Bitcoin’s price surge and implications for Bitcoin Dogs

Amidst Bitcoin’s recent price surge, surpassing the $45,000 mark, industry experts predict further bullish momentum, potentially pushing the cryptocurrency towards the coveted $50,000 level as the highly anticipated Bitcoin halving event draws near.

Bitcoin price chart


This upward trajectory bodes well for Bitcoin Dogs and its $0DOG token, as heightened market sentiment and growing investor interest create a conducive environment for the project’s success. With the convergence of favourable market conditions and Bitcoin Dogs’ innovative approach, the future looks promising for crypto enthusiasts.

As Bitcoin Dogs embarks on its journey to redefine the crypto landscape, the roadmap ahead is filled with exciting milestones and opportunities.

From the debut of the NFT collection to the launch of the immersive gaming ecosystem, Bitcoin Dogs aims to captivate audiences and establish itself as a trailblazer in the realm of decentralized finance. With $0DOG serving as the cornerstone of this ambitious venture, investors and enthusiasts alike await eagerly to witness the project’s evolution and impact on the crypto industry.

To grab the $0DOG tokens for yourself, you can visit the official Bitcoin Dogs website and participate in the presale

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Bitget reports a 250% surge in custodial assets

Bitget’s report reveals a 250% surge in custodial assets, driven by BTC ETF anticipation.
Institutional adoption fuels growth, with rising interest in Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs.
Short-term storage dominates, with 77% of custodial accounts used for short-term purposes.

Bitget, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 company, has released a report uncovering a remarkable surge in assets under third-party custodial accounts.

The report reveals a staggering 250% surge in assets under custody within the past four months. This surge is intricately linked to the anticipation and eventual approval of the BTC ETF, signalling a pivotal moment in the cryptocurrency market. The research draws on data from Bitget’s third-party custodial accounts, initiated through collaborations with digital asset custody providers, including Copper and Cobo.

The surge in custodial accounts is not only a testament to the performance of the crypto market but also indicative of the growing integration of cryptocurrencies into everyday life. Macroeconomic factors such as geopolitical tensions and local conflicts are further pushing users towards seeking financial refuge in cryptocurrencies to safeguard their savings.

Institutional adoption, rise in Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs fuels growth

Bitget’s study places institutional adoption at the forefront, emphasizing a rising interest in Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs. This institutional involvement has significantly contributed to the spike in custodial assets. As the market experiences fluctuations in Bitcoin prices, coupled with the ongoing integration of cryptocurrencies into various sectors, the adoption of custodial solutions has become increasingly paramount for both individual and institutional investors.

Market-wide statistics indicate a clear preference for short-term storage within custodial wallets. Users, particularly those with short-term interests, exhibit heightened activity levels, with a substantial 77% of all custodial accounts utilized for short-term purposes. The prevalence of short-term usage became evident in November 2023, aligning with a sharp increase in trading volumes and the opening of new accounts to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

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Bitcoin’s surge to $46.5k sees Stacks and Bitbot soar: What’s next?

Stacks (STX) price rose more than 20% to hit highs of $1.87 as Bitcoin hit $46.5k.
Bitbot presale surpassed $480k and was eyeing the $500k milestone.
Here’s what Bitcoin’s big move suggests for Bitbot, the world’s first non-custodial Telegram trading bot.

The total crypto market cap rose more than 4% to above $1.8 trillion as Bitcoin price spiked past the $46k resistance level on Friday. As the “OG crypto” hit the paces once more, Stacks edged higher amid a double digit surge. Meanwhile, a new wave continued to swell in the shape of the viral presale of crypto token Bitbot.

Stacks (STX) soars as BTC rallies to $46.5k

A new injection of volatility on Thursday saw Bitcoin’s price surge past the $45k level to reach highs of $46,500 across major crypto exchanges. As the flagship crypto pushed higher to target its fifth straight green candle on the daily time frame, Stacks price spiked more than 20% to reach highs of $1.87.

While the gains for STX came as BTC rallied amid upcoming halving sentiment, there’s also been growing adoption across the Bitcoin Layer 2 space. Stacks has seen this via Stacking DAO, which has hit a new TVL milestone of over $35 million.

In an X post, the Stacks team says this is equivalent to having more than 20 million STX tokens unlocked, “ready to fuel the Stacks DeFi ecosystem.”

Analysts have opined that the $800 billion Bitcoin ecosystem is ripe for investors to explore and Stacks could be one of the big players in this quest. As a Bitcoin L2, Stacks enables smart contracts and decentralised apps to come to Bitcoin, leveraging the benchmark blockchain platform’s security.

If Bitcoin sees the anticipated upside, STX price could benefit from its catalysts to target a new peak beyond the $3.39 reached in December 2021.

Bitbot: Bitcoin’s rally cements BITBOT presale momentum

Bitbot is the first non-custodial trading app on Telegram. It’s a huge deal in the sector given recent incidents involving Unibot and Banana Gun – two of the trading bots to see massive traction following their launch.

Other than its MPC custody technology, which is backed by Knightsafe, Bitbot offers access to several institutional-grade tools and feature. While trading, users will have assets in the cold wallets – removing that immediate risk that custodial platforms run by holding onto users’ assets.

Bitbot enhances this focus on security and user safety with its anti-MEV and anti-rug platform solutions. As a trader, you want to know that your trades are not open to MEV bots. You also want 24/7 monitoring against potential scams and rug pulls. Bitbot’s robust security approach provides for this and much more.

As for the trading tools, the gem scanner and sniping tool stand out for what a trader can achieve with them. For instance, one can quickly identify and snipe profitable trades or snap a real presale gem just in time to get the maximum alpha.

Bitbot’s utility token BITBOT offers access to these features as well as a revenue-sharing model that gives a share of all daily revenue to holders. Passive income doesn’t get better than this.

Should you buy Bitbot given the current crypto market outlook?

Crypto trading continues to evolve as the market adopts new technology features, and the use of trading bots is just one such development. Trading solutions on Telegram are also another of the key advances.

Unibot, Banana Gun and PAAL AI are some of the current top trading bots on Telegram. Early adopters of these tokens locked in massive gains. However, none offer the non-custodial feature or advanced, institutional-grade trading tools that have Bitbot standing out.

Also, from an investment point of view, traders may fancy the potential for BITBOT to explode amid its anticipated dominance and Bitcoin’s halving-driven bull rally.  Investors with this outlook are finding the presale potentially more appealing – the likely reason Bitbot presale has stormed to close to $500k in amount raised in just over three weeks.

If you are wondering where you can learn more about this project, join the presale and read their whitepaper.

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