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Ethereum pumps after Ark Invest and 21Shares’ spot Ethereum ETF application amendment

ETH price surged post-Ark Invest, 21Shares ETF amendment.
Amendment aligns spot ETH ETF with cash creation and redemption model akin to spot Bitcoin ETFs.
The introduction of ETH staking in amended filing remains uncertain pending regulatory approval.

Ethereum’s native token, ether (ETH), experienced a surge in price, reaching $2,457 before retracing to the current price of $2,424, after news of amendments to the joint spot Ethereum exchange-traded fund (ETF) application by Ark Invest and 21Shares.

Ethereum (ETH) price chart


The news was another positive development for the Ethereum ecosystem after the Dencun upgrade was successfully deployed on the Holesky testnet.

Amendment to spot Ethereum ETF application

Ark Invest and 21Shares filed an amendment to their joint application for a spot Ethereum ETF, signalling significant updates in their approach.

The amended S-1 filing introduces a cash creation and redemption policy, mirroring the structure of recently approved spot Bitcoin ETFs. This adjustment aims to streamline the creation process, with authorized participants restricted to cash creations and redemptions, excluding in-kind transactions involving ETH.

The move aligns with regulatory expectations and operational efficiency, reflecting the SEC’s preference for cash-based methods seen in spot Bitcoin ETF approvals.

Additionally, the amended filing introduces the possibility of Ethereum staking, with plans to stake ether tokens from the Trust’s Cold Vault Balance. Staking could potentially generate rewards, treated as income, although it carries a risk of loss. However, uncertainty looms over the inclusion of staking in the final proposal, as indicated by bracketed sections in the filing. Bloomberg ETF analyst James Seyffart remains sceptical, suggesting that the SEC might not permit staking in spot Ethereum ETFs.

Market reaction and expectations

The news of Ark Invest and 21Shares amending their spot Ethereum ETF application has stirred mixed reactions among investors and industry observers. While it marks a positive development for spot Ethereum ETFs, expectations regarding approval vary.

With the SEC’s deadline looming on May 23 for a decision on a spot Ethereum ETF, analysts differ in their predictions. Polymarket reports 43% odds of a May approval, while Seyffart suggests a 60% chance. Standard Chartered Bank is very positive of an approval in May, contrasting with TD Cowen’s expectation of no approval in 2024.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding regulatory approval, Ethereum’s price surge indicates investor optimism and interest in the potential launch of a spot Ethereum ETF. Stakeholders eagerly await further developments in the ETH ETF space, closely monitoring regulatory decisions and industry dynamics.

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Montenegro Court of Appeal revokes Do Kwon’s extradition again

Montenegro Court revokes Do Kwon’s extradition, citing procedural violations.
Former Terra CFO Han Chang-joon extradited to South Korea after Montenegro sentence.
US SEC trial postponed, hinting at legal manoeuvres amidst extradition proceedings.

In a significant turn of events, the Court of Appeals in Montenegro has revoked the decision to extradite Do Kwon, the co-founder of Terra, to South Korea and the United States. This decision follows a series of legal battles and extradition attempts stemming from charges related to the collapse of Terra’s stablecoin. It follows a similar decision by the Appellate Court of Montenegro in November 2023 before the Montenegrin High Court upheld Do Kown’s extradition request for a second time in December.

Meanwhile, Kwon’s former CFO, Han Chang-joon, has been extradited to South Korea, facing potential life imprisonment.

Extraditing Do Kwon incomprehensible

In granting Do Kwon’s second appeal against extradition the Court of Appeal cited significant violations of criminal procedure provisions. The appellate court ruled that the decision to extradite Kwon was incomprehensible and failed to properly handle extradition requests from South Korea and the United States.

The appellate court clarified that extradition decisions should be made by the courts, not the Minister of Justice, as per the Law on International Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters. This decision marks a crucial development in Kwon’s fight against extradition, providing hope for a fair trial and due process.

The case has now been returned to the court of first instance for retrial, indicating a potential reprieve for Kwon in his legal battle.

Former Terra CFO extradited to South Korea

While Kwon’s extradition battle continues, his former CFO, Han Chang-joon, has been extradited to South Korea after serving a prison sentence in Montenegro. 

Chang-joon, arrested alongside Kwon in March 2023 while attempting to leave the country, now faces potential life imprisonment in South Korea. His extradition underscores the severity of the legal consequences tied to the Terra-LUNA crisis, which rocked the crypto market with a staggering $60 billion collapse.

In parallel, the postponement of the civil trial brought by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against Terraform Labs and Kwon hints at ongoing legal manoeuvres. The delay is likely aimed at facilitating Kwon’s extradition from Montenegro, signalling the complex interplay between legal jurisdictions and regulatory actions.

As Do Kwon’s extradition battle unfolds, the outcome remains uncertain. However, these recent developments underscore the high stakes involved for Kwon, Terra and the broader cryptocurrency industry amidst heightened regulatory scrutiny and legal challenges.

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Ronin Outpaces Solana to Grab Top 3 Daily Active Users; This GameFi Token Will Dominate Industry

If you’re tuned into the crypto scene, you might have heard the buzz surrounding Ronin lately. Ronin has surged ahead, surpassing Solana to claim a spot in the top three for daily active users. Meanwhile, Galaxy Fox is emerging as a formidable contender in the GameFi space, poised to dominate the industry with its innovative approach. 

Let’s delve deeper into these exciting developments and explore why Galaxy Fox is considered one of the best ICO by many, presenting an unparalleled investment opportunity this year. 

Ronin Outpaces Solana to Grab Top 3 Position of Daily Active Users

Ronin is making waves in the cryptocurrency world, swiftly outpacing Solana to secure a coveted spot in the top three list for daily active users. Just recently, Binance announced the listing of $RON trading pairs, sending excitement rippling through the community. The surge in interest saw $RON hitting highs of around $3.51, nearing its previous peak of $4.29 back in January 2022.

The surge in activity of this good crypto to buy coincided with a significant uptick in daily active users on the Ethereum sidechain, specifically tailored for gaming purposes. However, the initial excitement was short-lived as profit-taking ensued, causing $RON’s price to retreat by nearly 20% within hours. Despite this, the Ronin Network remains a pivotal player in the blockchain gaming sphere and much of the lost ground has already been regained.

Designed by Sky Mavis, the creators of the immensely popular Axie Infinity, the Ronin Network was crafted to address the scalability issues plaguing gaming applications on traditional blockchains like Ethereum. Through a hybrid Proof-of-Authority and Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus model, Ronin ensures rapid validation of transactions while upholding decentralization principles.

What sets Ronin apart is its singular focus on meeting the demands of high-volume gaming applications. In 2021 alone, Ronin processed a staggering 15% of all NFT trading volume, showcasing its prowess in handling the needs of gaming ecosystems.

$GFOX: The GameFi Token That Will Dominate the Industry 

Galaxy Fox is a rising star in the world of cryptocurrencies, securing a spot in the best upcoming ICO list of many investors and analysts. Unlike traditional meme coins that offer little beyond hype, Galaxy Fox blends GameFi elements with a playful nod to meme culture, creating a unique and enticing investment opportunity.

Galaxy Fox breathes new life into the meme ecosystem by introducing innovative features that combine gaming with financial incentives. With a Web3 endless runner game backed by NFTs already in place, the project plans to expand its gaming offerings in the future, promising a diverse and engaging experience for users.

But Galaxy Fox isn’t just about fun and games—it’s also a sound investment. With a 6% buy-and-sell tax policy, revenues generated from transactions are used to fund staking rewards and maintain a marketplace for trading the coolest NFT assets and digital items. This ensures a steady flow of funds to support the project’s development and reward its community members.

As Galaxy Fox gears up for its next presale stage, now might be the perfect time to get involved, as the current stage offers $GFOX at a discounted rate of $0.00198. With over $3.2 million already raised and 98% of the tokens for Stage 7 already sold, things are heating up fast. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join a project poised for success in the burgeoning GameFi space.


Galaxy Fox stands as a beacon of innovation in the world of the best upcoming ICO, offering both entertainment and financial opportunities. With its unique blend of GameFi elements and meme culture, it’s primed to dominate the industry in the coming years. Visit Galaxy Fox’s website and join their community via Telegram to learn more and get involved in this exciting project.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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Kaspa price surges 20%, Bitbot unveils revolutionary Telegram trading bot

Kaspa (KAS) price surges 20%, eyeing a $3 target amid bullish momentum and fair launch.
Bitbot unveils the world’s first Telegram self-custodial trading bot, empowering users.
BITBOT token presale offers a strategic investment opportunity.

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, Kaspa (KAS) and Bitbot are making waves with significant developments.

Kaspa, after a recent surge of 20%, stands at the forefront of altcoins, while Bitbot introduces the world’s first Telegram self-custodial trading bot, revolutionizing the way users trade in 2024.

Kaspa (KAS): riding the waves of price volatility

The recent fluctuations in Kaspa’s price have caught the attention of crypto enthusiasts. After trading in a closed range for weeks, KAS displayed a jump of 20%, reaching $0.1249.

KAS price chart

KAS reached an all-time high (ATH) of $0.154 on Nov 20, 2023, while its all-time low was $0.0001699, recorded on Jun 01, 2022. At its current price, the token is 71982.3% higher from its lowest point and only a few cents away from its ATH.

Analysts predict a potential surge to $3, citing the coin’s fair launch and the absence from major exchanges like Binance and Coinbase. As Kaspa tests its resistance level of $0.1242, the market awaits the outcome that could propel the coin to new heights.

Bitbot: Telegram bot pioneering self-custodial trading

Bitbot enters the scene as the world’s first Telegram self-custodial trading bot, offering users institutional-grade tools directly on the popular messaging platform.

With a focus on empowering retail investors, Bitbot ensures full custody of assets while providing tools like automated sniping, limit orders, and copy trading, typically reserved for institutional traders.

Integrating with self-custodial wallets and backed by KnightSafe security, Bitbot is poised to reshape how users engage in crypto trading.

BITBOT token presale

Bitbot’s presale, which kicked off a few weeks ago, unfolds as an intriguing investment opportunity. With a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens, the presale consists of 15 stages, each with varying token prices and allocations. Currently in Stage 3, the token’s price is $0.011, with the next stage set at $0.0116.

The project has raised $459,291 out of the $630,000 target, highlighting growing interest. Investors can anticipate exclusive benefits like revenue sharing, presale access, and governance influence through the $BITBOT token.

Are Kaspa and Bitbot good investments?

Investors eyeing Kaspa and Bitbot might find compelling reasons for consideration. Kaspa’s fair launch and potential exchange listings could drive a significant surge, as demonstrated by its previous listing on Coinone.

On the other hand, Bitbot’s unique features and self-custodial approach cater to both large and small-scale investors, promising a new era in crypto trading.

As with any investment, thorough research and risk assessment are advised, considering the market dynamics and individual preferences.


The dynamic developments in the cryptocurrency space continue to captivate investors and enthusiasts alike. Kaspa’s surge and Bitbot’s innovative approach to trading underscore the ever-evolving nature of the industry.

Whether you are eyeing Kaspa’s potential for significant gains or exploring the revolutionary features of Bitbot, the crypto landscape remains full of opportunities for those willing to navigate its twists and turns.

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Bitget Wallet Enhances BTC Ecosystem Support with ARC-20 Inscription and Lightning Network Integration

Victoria, Seychelles, February 8th, 2024, Chainwire

The world-leading Web3 trading wallet, Bitget Wallet, has announced the support of ARC-20 inscriptions and integration of the Bitcoin Lightning Network in its latest version, further bolstering its support for the Bitcoin ecosystem.

ARC-20 Inscription

In its latest app version, Bitget Wallet now supports ARC-20 inscriptions, enabling users to inscribe ARC-20 inscriptions and check market trends. Bitget Wallet is committed to enhancing the mobile user experience and will continue to expand support for ARC-20 inscriptions. While most ARC-20 inscription products are primarily designed for PC use, Bitget Wallet prioritizes a seamless mobile experience, focusing on delivering products and services that allow users to easily inscribe anytime, anywhere.

Recognizing the value consensus and potential development of Bitcoin and its derivative assets, Bitget Wallet previously supported BRC-20 assets, offering features such as asset display, transfers, market trends for BRC-20, and launching GetScribe tools. Supporting ARC-20 inscriptions will help address challenges like infrastructure gaps, limited public understanding, and high entry barriers, fostering the development of the inscription’s ecosystem.

ARC-20, much like the widely-discussed BRC-20 in the blockchain community, boasts unique technical advantages. However, it faces challenges such as incomplete infrastructure, limited public awareness, and a relatively high entry barrier. As a Web3 wallet with 15 million users, Bitget Wallet is committed to offering convenient and user-friendly products and services. The integration of ARC-20 support is expected to address these issues and contribute to the development of the inscription’s ecosystem.

In addition to Bitget Wallet, Bitget Exchange actively supports the inscription ecosystem, combining decentralized and centralized strategies to provide services for users. Users can engage in inscription, viewing, and transferring on Bitget Wallet, participate in new asset Launchpad, and then trade inscription assets on Bitget Exchange.

Embracing the Lightning Network, Recognizing Growth Potential

Bitget Wallet also maintains focus and support for Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions like the Lightning Network.

The latest version enables users to create Bitcoin Lightning Network accounts, generating email-style addresses as Lightning Network identities. Users can transfer and receive SATs on the Lightning Network via LNURL or invoice. The Lightning Network, a second-layer solution for Bitcoin, enables faster and lower-cost BTC transfers, ideal for micro-payments.

Alvin Kan, Chief Operating Officer of Bitget Wallet, emphasized the transformative potential of the Lightning Network, positioning it as a pivotal solution to scalability challenges and a catalyst for future growth and innovation within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Alvin envisions the Lightning Network enhancing Bitcoin’s practical utility, attracting a broader user base, and paving the way for the development of sophisticated decentralized applications (DApps), novel assets, and expanded features.

Bitget Wallet not only provides essential functionalities such as the display and management of BTC assets, swap trading, and seamless on-ramp options but also ensures compatibility with the Taproot protocol and seamless integration with the Lightning Network. The roadmap for the wallet includes streamlining asset transfers, enhancing operational efficiency, facilitating swaps between BTC mainnet and Lightning Network assets, and supporting cross-chain transactions between BTC and EVM assets.

Due to the surge in Bitcoin ecosystem assets like inscriptions, alongside the Lightning Network, the discussion around Bitcoin Layer 2 (L2) has been reignited. Numerous new L2 projects are emerging, aiming to enhance liquidity and foster innovation and prosperity within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Bitget Wallet is actively supporting and collaborating on Bitcoin L2, providing wallet infrastructure services for L2 and facilitating user access to Bitcoin L2 efficiently. Currently, many new Bitcoin L2 solutions leverage EVM chains as extension layers. Native Bitcoin ecosystem wallets may not support EVM chains. However, with a track record of successful expansion and deep involvement in the multi-chain domain, Bitget Wallet excels in compatibility and support for both EVM chains and BTC chains, effectively meeting the needs of projects and users.

Currently, Bitget Wallet excels in various product functionalities, including BTC asset management, Swap transactions, OTC, inscription asset market trends, inscription, Lightning Network integration, and support for Bitcoin Layer 2. In the realm of the Bitcoin ecosystem, Bitget Wallet has emerged as a leading player, offering well-rounded ecosystem support.

Furthermore, Bitget Wallet actively expands collaborations with 20+ Bitcoin ecosystem projects, fostering wallet connectivity. Additionally, through cooperative efforts with protocols and project teams, Bitget Wallet is actively contributing to the growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem, providing users with new assets and opportunities.

In the wake of the rising popularity of inscriptions, particularly within the Bitcoin ecosystem, Bitget Wallet foresees sustained empowerment. The anticipated growth in Bitcoin value and the introduction of innovative inscription assets are poised to contribute significantly to the dynamic development of the Bitcoin ecosystem and the inscription market throughout the upcoming year.

“The current state of the wallet market infrastructure is still evolving and lacks comprehensive coverage, presenting a clear opportunity that we recognize,” commented Alvin Kan, “The team places considerable emphasis on the Bitcoin ecosystem, with Bitget Wallet striving to bridge existing gaps in wallet support, positioning itself as a pivotal contributor to ecosystem development.”

About Bitget Wallet

Bitget Wallet stands as Asia’s largest and one of the world’s top non-custodial Web3 wallets, boasting over 15 million users globally. Featuring a comprehensive array of features including asset management, intelligent market data, swap functionality, launchpad, inscribing, DApp browsing, and more, Bitget Wallet promises users an unmatched multi-chain Web3 experience. Currently, Bitget Wallet supports over 100 blockchains, hundreds of EVM-compatible chains, and more than 250,000 cryptocurrencies. By aggregating liquidity across hundreds of leading DEXs and cross-chain bridges, Bitget Wallet is able to facilitate seamless and efficient trades on 40+ blockchains.

Bitget Wallet emerges as the premier choice for Web3 users seeking to discover new assets and opportunities. The platform’s intelligent data feature offers market-wide trend analyses and multi-dimensional market rankings together with smart money movements, providing users with an unbeatable trading experience. Features such as Launchpad, Fair LaunchPool, and omnichain inscribing also offer users various ways to participate in new projects and a head start in adding new assets into their portfolio. Additionally, Bitget Wallet’s incentivized interaction platform, Task2Get, grants exciting rewards to users who interact with various featured ecosystems, fostering a dynamic multi-chain experience for everyone.

To better safeguard user funds, Bitget Wallet has established a cutting-edge security matrix, employing multiple safeguards to protect user transactions and interactions. By integrating MPC and AA wallet technology, as well as hardware wallet compatibility, Bitget Wallet is able to offer strong asset management options for users. Further, the core codes of Bitget Swap and NFT market also undergo rigorous audits by external security audit firms to bolster the platform’s defenses against malicious threats. Bitget Wallet users are also eligible to share in a $300 million user protection fund with Bitget, providing yet another layer of added security.

For more information, visit:




Rachel Cheung

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Cardano’s ADA plots bullish patterns amid 25% Altsignals ASI staking rewards

28,989,117 out of 30,000 ASI tokens have been staked in the 25% staking reward program.
The ASI token grants holders Lifetime memberships, AI Members Club, and community-led governance within the AltSignals ecosystem.
Cardano (ADA) plots a descending triangle pattern.

 In a groundbreaking move, AltSignals, a prominent player in the trading signals arena since 2017, is revolutionizing its services with the ASI token and ActualizeAI. The ASI token’s presale success and the ongoing ASI staking program have garnered attention, promising exclusive access to cutting-edge AI-driven insights.

At the same time, Cardano’s ADA is catching the spotlight, forming bullish patterns that could lead to a 32% rally. Let’s delve into these developments shaping the future of trading.

AltSignals (ASI) token and the ActualizeAI Ecosystem

At the heart of AltSignals’ AI project is the ASI token, which beyond its role as a financial asset, unlocks a world of exclusive benefits within the AltSignals AI Ecosystem.

Investors holding 50,000 tokens or more gain lifetime membership, securing access to both ActualizeAI and the existing AltAlgo signals service.

For ASI token holders, the AI Members Club presents a unique opportunity. It serves as a forum where members contribute ideas, actively participating in the development of new products. This community-led governance ensures that AltSignals stays true to its ethos and continues delivering valuable products vetted by real traders.

AltSignals’s 2024 roadmap

The roadmap for 2024 outlines AltSignals’ strategic plan, emphasizing key milestones across each quarter.

The implementation of ActualizeAI introduces advanced features, leveraging machine learning, predictive modelling, NLP, sentiment analysis, and reinforcement learning. The goal is to enhance the accuracy of signals, with the initial algorithm using regressive pattern recognition to learn market dynamics.

ActualizeAI’s journey includes predictive modelling tests based on historical data, evolving from simple linear regression to more sophisticated models. Time series forecasting models are on the horizon, promising improved accuracy in predicting future asset prices.

AltSignals ASI staking program

AltSignals, with a proven track record and a thriving community of over 50,000 subscribers, has propelled itself into a new era of trading. The introduction of the ASI token and ActualizeAI signifies a strategic move towards enhanced accuracy and real-time analysis in trading signals.

The completion of AltSignals’ presale marked a significant milestone, raising an impressive $1.8 million.

Currently, AltSignals has opened an ASI staking pool with a 25% reward program with a 3-month staking period and 72-hour staking window. So far, 28,989,117 out of the 30,000,000 tokens have already been staked.  

The staking program is open for the next 78 days. To participate, visit the official AltSignals Website.

Cardano (ADA): a potential 32% rally beckons

Cardano’s ADA has recently caught the attention of market analysts, particularly Ali Martinez, who identified a Descending Triangle setup on its daily chart. This bullish pattern, if sustained and ADA closes above $0.53, could trigger a parabolic surge with a target of $0.68 – a 32% potential rally.

#Cardano shows signs of a descending triangle formation on its daily chart. A sustained daily close above $0.53 could lead to the start of a 32% rally, potentially pushing $ADA up to $0.68!

— Ali (@ali_charts) February 8, 2024

Cardano stands out among protocols due to its robust ecosystem fundamentals. Real-world applications, such as the Cardano Light Wallet Lace, showcase its commitment to providing practical solutions.

With a dedicated community of developers consistently upgrading the blockchain, Cardano’s current upward trend might herald a significant growth phase.

Are AltSignals (ASI) and Cardano (ADA) good investments?

Considering AltSignals’ proven success and its strategic shift towards AI-driven trading, the ASI token and ActualizeAI present a compelling investment opportunity. The presale success, ongoing staking program, and innovative roadmap allude to a promising future for AltSignals.

On the other hand, Cardano’s ADA, with its strong ecosystem and bullish patterns, raises interest among investors. The potential 32% rally adds to the appeal. 

Both AltSignals and Cardano offer unique propositions in their respective domains, attracting attention from traders seeking innovation and growth in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies.

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Memeinator’s presale moves swiftly, with 70% of allocated tokens now sold

Key takeaways

Memeinator has now sold more than 70% of the total tokens allocated for the presale.

The project has raised nearly $4.4 million over the last few weeks.

What is Memeinator?

Memeinator is a Web3 project that intends to launch as a meme token and provide utility to those that use memes. 

The whitepaper details the strategies the development team intends to make to turn Memeinator into one of the leading meme coins in the crypto space. What makes it an interesting project is the value proposition it offers to investors and content creators.

Memeinator launching as a meme coin is to take advantage of the recent growth in trading volume and popularity of meme coins. 

The team explained that Memeinator’s primary utility is to destroy worthless memes on the internet, allowing users to have access to only quality memes. This ensures that Memeinator provides utility to the users and incentives to the token holders. 

By leveraging AI, Memeinator can easily identify worthless memes, enabling content creators and other users to know them and steer clear of them. The development team have a $1 billion market cap target for Memeinator once it begins trading on crypto exchanges. 

Memeinator presale crosses the 70% mark

The Memeinator presale is currently in its 14th stage and has already crossed an important milestone. The team announced a few hours ago that 70% of the total tokens allocated for presale have been sold. 





— The Memeinator (@TheMemeinator__) February 7, 2024

This is an important benchmark as it implies that only 30% of the Memeinator presale tokens are available to investors during the remaining round. 

So far, its presale has been moving excellently, The native token, MMTR, was sold for $0.01 in the first presale stage and is now going for $0.022. The price will rise to $0.0485 by the end of the presale, giving early investors a massive 264% ROI at listing. 

Memeinator’s presale approaches $4.4 million

The Memeinator presale is roughly four months old and the team has raised nearly $4.4 million so far. Buying into this project is very easy as investors can purchase the Memeinator token (MMTR) using ETH, USDT and USDC stablecoins. 

According to the team, the MMTR token will only be available on the BNBChain and Ethereum networks once it starts trading on crypto exchanges. However, the token could launch on other blockchains as it seeks to reach a wider audience. 

At the moment, the MMTR token can be purchased by connecting any of the supported wallets to the Memeinator website. The MMTR token can be purchased using ETH, USDT and USDC coins. 

Click here to read more about the Memeinator presale.

Why is the Memeinator presale attracting more investors?

The Memeinator presale has grown massively over the past few weeks and has now raised more than $4.3 million. The presale is selling fast thanks to the unique value proposition the project offers to investors. 

With Memeinator, content creators would have an excellent tool for eliminating worthless memes. MMTR will power various activities within the ecosystem. 

Most of the funds raised from the presale would be channelled towards developing the Memeinator AI technology. This technology will see Memeinator leverage AI to analyze and evaluate memes on the internet. 

Furthermore, the MMTR token comes with some exciting features, including deflationary mechanisms and rewards for holders. According to their whitepaper, 20% of the tokens are allocated for marketing, CEX listing and liquidity. 

Is Memeinator a good investment? 

Memeinator offers a unique value proposition to users and could become one of the leading meme coins in the crypto space with the right level of adoption. The project’s use of AI and blockchain technology makes it one of the few meme coins that is leveraging two exciting technologies.

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