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Heroes of Mavia Launches It’s Anticipated Game on iOS and Android with Exclusive Mavia Airdrop Program

Hanoi, Vietnam, January 31st, 2024, Chainwire

Heroes of Mavia, a groundbreaking Web3 AAA mobile base builder strategy game, is now available on iOS and Android app stores. This launch marks a new era in gaming, merging the thrill of strategy gameplay with the innovative aspects of Web3 technology.

After a successful private beta period of three months, which attracted over 350,000 waitlisted enthusiasts and showcased impressive engagement statistics such as 12k daily and 45k monthly active users, Heroes of Mavia is set to captivate the global gaming community. The game boasts a daily average playtime of 24 minutes and a remarkable 42% day 7 retention rate, indicating its compelling gameplay and engaging content.

Coinciding with this eagerly awaited launch, Heroes of Mavia introduces the “Mavia Pioneer Airdrop Program – Turbocharged.” This unique program offers early adopters, who download the game before the $MAVIA token launch on February 6th, an opportunity to participate in the $MAVIA airdrop, thereby immersing them in the world of Web3 gaming rewards.

The Heroes of Mavia community has experienced rapid growth, with its Twitter and Discord channels gaining 45,000 new followers and members in just two weeks, highlighting the game’s burgeoning popularity.

Heroes of Mavia is committed to bridging the gap between traditional gaming (Web2) and the new era of Web3 gaming. Each player is equipped with an in-built on-chain non-custodial wallet, facilitating the minting, purchasing, and trading of unique in-game items (NFTs). This feature not only enhances the gaming experience but also opens doors to the dynamic world of Web3.

The game’s recent partnership with solidifies Heroes of Mavia’s position in the Web2 streaming world, broadening its appeal and influence within the gaming community.

Distinctively, Heroes of Mavia’s innovative Web3 model is built for sustainable growth, steering clear of the hyperinflation issues common in many play-to-earn projects. This approach promises a balanced and enriching experience for all players, whether they are long-time Web3 enthusiasts or new entrants to this exciting domain.

About Heroes of Mavia

Heroes of Mavia is a AAA mobile Web3 strategy game available on iOS and Android app stores globally. The game is backed by prominent investors such as Binance Labs, Genblock Capital, Delphi Digital, Mechanism Capital, Bitkraft, Animoca Brands among others. The native Heroes of Mavia tokens $MAVIA is set to launch on February 6th 2024.

To download Heroes of Mavia please visit:

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Discord l Twitter



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BNB Chain to drive DeFi, gaming and AI adoption in 2024

BNB Chain plans to drive mass adoption of crypto in 2024, with focus on decentralised finance (DeFi), gaming, and artificial intelligence (AI).
Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN), Decentralised Society (DeSoc) and the Web3 economy are also key areas.

BNB Chain has outlined its plans for the coming year, with the blockchain ecosystem targeting further adoption of crypto via key innovations across various industry sectors.

In its 2024 outlook, BNB Chain says it will focus on driving mass adoption, taking a multichain approach to push innovation across decentralised finance (DeFi), gaming, and artificial intelligence (AI).

With hackathons and events tailored to spark greater innovation, BNB Chain will also push for a thriving crypto ecosystem via initiatives around Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN), Decentralised Society (DeSoc) and the Web3 economy.

Unified approach, with “One BNB”

The BNB Chain team aims at taking mass adoption of crypto via these ecosystems to the next level with fully on-chain dApps that leverage a fast, cost-effective, scalable and developer-friendly network. 

BNB is the native token in the BNB Chain ecosystem.

The BNB Chain’s unified approach involves “One BNB”, an interconnectivity strategy that taps into the multi-chain framework made possible by its layer-1 platform BNB Smart Chain (BSC), layer- 2 scaling solution opBNB and decentralised storage chain Greenfield.

The One BNB strategy integrates the BSC, opBNB, and Greenfield into a cohesive ecosystem, ensuring seamless interaction between decentralised computing and storage solutions,” BNB Chain said in a blog post.

While BSC gas limit will remain 140 million in 2024, opBNB will feature an increased gas limit of 200 million (from 100 million). Meanwhile, gas fees is set to fall as much as tenfold to $0.0001. opBNB targets achieving 10,000 transactions per second (TPS) in 2024.

BNB Chain also targets increased decentralisation, with new governance, MEV mechanism and staking integrated into BSC as the BNB Beacon Chain gets phased out. The year will also see upgrades that enhance the data storage and processing capabilities of Greenfield. Key features will include atomic update, paymaster and data availability layer.

Initiatives, including hackathons, are all targeted at bringing a diverse and vibrant blockchain ecosystem to the community in 2024, BNB Chain.

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Trader Makes $1.6M Trading Meme Coin $WEN. Could NUGX Traders See Similar Results After Launch?


Solana meme coin Wen delivers $1.6 million in profits to traders, showcasing the potential of investing early in these fast-rising assets.

NuggetRush, a play-to-earn gaming and NFTs platform, sees a 44% surge during its presale, indicating strong investor interest in its potential for exponential gains.

The intersection of gaming, NFTs, and DeFi drives NuggetRush’s appeal, with analysts predicting a similar post-launch rally to WEN.

Solana (SOL) meme coins are gaining widespread attention thanks to their explosive potential. Investing early in new meme coins has always provided investors with enormous profits and made many cryptocurrency investors millionaires. Myro (MYRO) did it, and now Wen (WEN) has followed suit, delivering over $1.6 million to an unnamed trader smart enough to seize the opportunity. 

Wen’s success has drawn the interest of many investors in fast-rising meme coins like NuggetRush (NUGX). The meme coin-run platform recently hit a new high of $0.018 during the fifth stage of its ongoing presale. This growth has strengthened confidence in the cryptocurrency, with its crypto ICO investors wondering if the NUGX meme coin could replicate WEN’s returns after it launches.

Let’s explore Wen’s success and NUGX’s potential to deliver similar gains to WEN.

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NuggetRush (NUGX) Displays Potential To Deliver Explosive Gains After Launch

NuggetRush is a DeFi cryptocurrency platform that uses the NUGX meme coin to run everything from its play-to-earn game to transactions on its marketplace. Although the project is still in its early stages of development, its integration of P2E gaming and NFTs has earned it recognition as the best crypto investment among crypto investors. This is why, shortly after the presale started, many investors started trooping in.

During the crypto ICO event, NuggetRush has raised over $2 million, showcasing high demand for it. The presence of investors with large equity rapidly pushed the value of NUGX from $0.010 to $0.018, as the platform has sold more than 166 million tokens so far. This price surge amounts to 44% gains to early investors who see the platform as potentially one of the best crypto projects to invest in today.

NuggetRush’s quick traction is due to its impact gaming experience, which promises life-changing profits through mining. Players can use their in-game characters to mine different locations for precious minerals that can be traded for real value. NuggetRush also introduces high-value NFTs by using gaming characters as tokenized collectables. Its rare RUSHGEMS collection can be exchanged for real gold, giving the platform’s offerings tangible value. 

These NFTs can also be staked for an annual percentage yield of 20% of the asset value, providing passive income to holders. This approach has increased NuggetRush’s investment base and NUGX’s bullish potential, with analysts predicting a hundredfold surge after launch. But it could go higher than that.

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Wen (WEN) Trader Bags Millions In Profits Showcasing Impressive Trading Skill

Since last year, Solana-based meme coins have recently gone mainstream, recording serious growth and demand. The release of Myro and Dogwifhat filled the crypto airways with bullish expectations, and now Wen has delivered even greater growth. A cryptocurrency trader who bought Wen at an early price successfully secured over $1.6 million in profits by investing a little over $125,000 into the meme coin.

Metrics from a blockchain transaction platform, Lookonchain, showed that the trader bought over 20 billion WEN when it first appeared on exchanges. They raked in more than $682,000 in less than a day after he sold 12.5 billion WEN. On top of their impressive profits, the trader still has over 7.6 billion WEN, valued at over $941,000, according to reports. Together, their total profit from the single trade amounts to $1.6 million.


With NuggetRush blazing through its early stages, the NUGX token is set for a long, bullish run. By the time the platform launches, mainstream adoption and increased trading activity could slingshot the price of NUGX to record highs. This projection is very likely, especially considering that, like Wen, many new meme coins tend to see milestone rallies immediately after launching. The presale is still live, and interested investors can take advantage now.

Visit NuggetRush Presale Website

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Unlocking Bitcoin’s Potential: Introducing Merlin Chain, a Native L2 Solution

NewYork, United States, January 31st, 2024, Chainwire

This week, the much-anticipated Bitcoin L2 solution Merlin Chain went live on its testnet, while its mainnet is scheduled to be launching within a month as well.

Bitcoin’s Network Congestion Dilemma and Scaling Solutions

The evolution of Ordinals over the past year has brought the attention back to the Bitcoin ecosystem after a long period. While enhancing the excitement of the bitcoin ecosystem, it has also increased the exhaustion of network resources. The increasingly high cost of transactions, coupled with the rising price of Bitcoin itself, has added further congestion to the network and discouraged new users from becoming interested in Bitcoin.

(Bitcoin Daily Average Transaction Fee $: YCharts)

The idea of developing an EVM-compatible L2 network has been recognized as the one that would deliver the results first due to the simpleness of its implementation path.

Merlin Chain is also one of the EVM-compatible L2 chains, being developed by Bitmap Tech (formerly Recursiverse) , the team that built BRC-420 protocols and, and is highly valued by the community due to the team’s past successes.


The BRC-420 protocol supports the combination/recursion of any file format to form a more complex inscription. Whether it’s a character image, a game script, a virtual machine or an AI model, it can become an asset on Bitcoin.

Its core asset, the Blue Box, has risen from an inscription cost of $0.15 to an ATH floor price of $26,000, and other assets such as Mineral and This Song About NFTs are among the most actively traded assets on the OKX market. It now has 1000+ developers and 600+ collections, and has been an excellent performer even during the bear market, the price only going up and never falling.


Bitmap.Game is a fully on-chain, fully decentralized, fair-launch metaverse project. It is based on the Digital Matter Theory that underlies Bitcoin, and is open-sourced so that it can be run or verified by any client, reflecting the concept of “client agnosticism” in fully onchain games.

During this time, Bitmap’s market capitalization has risen from $3 million to a ATH of $290 million. With more than 30,000 holders, Bitmap has surpassed the Sandbox as the metaverse asset with the highest number of holders across all blockchains.

Unlocking Bitcoin’s Potential Through Innovative Magic

Merlin Chain believes that L2 of Bitcoin should not just be about transferring money inexpensively, or just about being able to have the DApps, but should be about further innovating to unlock the potential of Bitcoin through its native assets, users and protocols.

For example, as Bitmap is a completely decentralized asset, how to make games based on it, so that Bitmap users can enter various meta-universes at a low cost; or for the DeFi protocols based on BRC-420, how to give two-way empowerment to NFT and FT; and for minting inscriptions, how to mint L1 assets on L2 in a more cost-effective and flexible way. Only these “Bitcoin-native” innovations can continue to empower the ecosystem, rather than replicating the way Ethereum works.

So far, Merlin Chain has built a powerful DApp ecosystem, the liquidity concerns have been effectively addressed, and is planning for further expansion.

Leveraging ZK-Rollup for Efficient and Secure Scaling

The diverse ecosystem and assets also imply higher throughput requirements and some safety risks. To solve this problem, Merlin Chain has adopted ZK-Rollup which enables the compression of a large number of transaction proofs into a simple check-sum to improve transaction efficiency and scalability.

The sequencer nodes on Merlin Chain are responsible for collecting and batching transactions, generating compressed transaction data, ZK state roots, and proofs via zkEVM. The compressed transaction data and ZK Proofs are then uploaded via the decentralized Oracle network to the taproot on Bitcoin L1, which is available to the entire network to ensure transparency and security.

The decentralized Oracle network nodes will be required to stake $BTC to prevent improper activities. Users can initiate challenges to the ZK-Rollup based on compressed data, ZK state roots, and ZK Proof. Successful challenges result in a rollback to the last verified state, and the forfeiture of the Oracle node’s locked $BTC, ensuring the system’s security and trustworthiness.

Through the integration of these technologies, Merlin Chain has shown its superior technical capabilities and is on track to build an efficient, secure, and native Bitcoin L2 solution.

Native Integration – Merlin Chain’s Bitcoin-Centric Approach

Compared to other Bitcoin L2s that are making attempts at the moment, one of the key features of Merlin Chain is that it is “Bitcoin Native”.

As a strong believer in Bitcoin for many years, Merlin Chain is extremely committed to the development of the Bitcoin ecosystem, and seeks to bring more users and assets to Bitcoin through their work, rather than serving other ecosystems in the name of Bitcoin. As such, Merlin Chain places a high value on the native bitcoin nature of its ecosystem’s projects and users.

Merlin Chain supports bitcoin-native wallets. Empowered by the Particle Network’s account abstraction, users can use their bitcoin wallets to seamlessly switch between L1 and L2 . Users can also experience $BTC swaps with other tokens, such as stablecoins, at any time without having to switch to an EVM wallet.

In addition, Merlin Chain will support most of the major protocols on Bitcoin L1, including, but not limited to, BRC-20, Bitmap, BRC-420, Atomicals, SRC20, and Pipe. All inscriptions on L1 will be automatically whitelisted by Merlin Chain, allowing users to safely and affordably trade on it.

In line with its pursuit of “Bitcoin Native”, Merlin Chain plans to adopt BRC-20 as its governance token. This makes a lot more sense than other Bitcoin L2s that are currently using Ethereum standard tokens as governance tokens. The token will be released through a fair launch, with the exception of a small portion that will be distributed to VCs and the team, which will be given a 48-month release period that will not start within two years, demonstrating the team’s and investors’ confidence in Merlin Chain.

Bridging the Gap – Simplifying Bitcoin Adoption and Fuel Growth

Another tricky issue for the builders in the Bitcoin ecosystem is the lack of new users and new money coming in. While the Ordinals things have continued to be on fire, the number of active address has not seen significant growth. It is just the same group of people involved in different projects. A very fundamental reason for this is the complexity of Bitcoin. As well as the need to download a Bitcoin wallet, inscribing is also not very easy to understand, and users will need to spend at least two blocks of their time inscribing, as well as three blocks of their time for confirmation, which is complicated and time-consuming.

(Daily Active Bitcoin Address: Glassnode)

Merlin Chain will solve this problem. Currently, Merlin Chain has been connected to 40 Ethereum chains, so for those users who are not familiar with Bitcoin, they can use their familiar wallets, such as MetaMask, and their familiar assets, such as stablecoins, $ETH, $BNB, etc. to interact on Merlin Chain. Users don’t need to know the principles behind Bitcoin, or even what BRC-20 and Atomicals are, before they can experience Bitcoin in its native manner in their familiar way.

For this purpose, Merlin Chain is going to integrate the first multi-chain inscription DApp, which will allow users to inscribe assets on other layers, including Bitcoin L1, on Merlin Chain. It will only take one block to wait for. At the same time, a launchpad will also be available on Merlin Chain, with a mechanism that allows every inscription launched on it to be valued at 100,000 FDV, allowing more users to easily purchase assets such as the BRC-20/ BRC-420/ Atomicals/ Runes at a very low price. Additionally, as part of its commitment to decentralization, Merlin Chain is going to release most of its governance tokens to the community.

Users can stay tuned for the upcoming mainnet launch – the future of Bitcoin is about to unfold with Merlin Chain at the helm.

About Merlin Chain

Merlin Chain is a Bitcoin Layer2 that integrates ZK-Rollup network, decentralized oracle network, and on-chain BTC fraud proof modules. Merlin Chain is committed to empowering Bitcoin’s native assets, protocols, and products on Layer1 through its Layer2 network, to Make Bitcoin Fun Again. Merlin Chainis a subsidiary product line of Bitmap Tech, a premier OG team boasting an overall market cap exceeding $500 million. The BRC-420 “Blue Box” collection under Bitmap Tech has become one of the hottest assets on Ordinals.

Users can start following Merlin Chain’s Twitter for more updates.



Merlin Chain

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Bitget Lists Jupiter (JUP) in DeFi and Solana Ecosystem Zone

Victoria, Seychelles, January 31st, 2024, Chainwire

Bitget, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 company, announced the listing of Jupiter (JUP) in the Innovation, DeFi and Solana Ecosystem Zone. Jupiter is the leading DeFi dApp on Solana, serving as Solana’s primary liquidity infrastructure and facilitating over 80% of the total retail liquidity movement. It seamlessly integrates with the majority of protocols within the Solana network.

As one of the industry’s most advanced swap aggregation engines, Jupiter excels in delivering essential liquidity infrastructure for the Solana ecosystem. In addition to its vital role, Jupiter actively expands its DeFi product offerings, providing users with a comprehensive suite that includes Limit Order, DCA/TWAP, Bridge Comparator, and Perpetuals Trading.

Gracy Chen, the Managing Director of Bitget, stated, “Bitget seeks a good way to support the development of different blockchains and ecosystems. The listing of Jupiter showcases the innovative potential and support for the crypto ecosystem and aligns with our commitment to offering our users access to cutting-edge projects. We aim to create a Spot Market with rich choices and excellent quality projects.”

With an unwavering focus on user satisfaction, Bitget has consistently expanded its market share in both spot and derivatives trading among centralized exchanges. By listing Jupiter, Bitget aims to provide its users with opportunities to invest in popular and valuable projects. The platform actively expands the variety of digital assets in its spot market, with over 350 new listings added in 2023.

Furthermore, Bitget Wallet supports over 100 mainnets and offers access to more than 250,000 tokens. Its on-chain trading function, Bitget Swap, enables seamless cross-chain trading between nearly 30 mainnets. By providing a comprehensive trading experience, Bitget ensures accessibility and convenience for traders.

For more information, please visit:

About Bitget

Established in 2018, Bitget is the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 company. Serving over 20 million users in 100+ countries and regions, the Bitget exchange is committed to helping users trade smarter with its pioneering copy trading feature and other trading solutions. Formerly known as BitKeep, Bitget Wallet is a world-class multi-chain crypto wallet that offers an array of comprehensive Web3 solutions and features including wallet functionality, swap, NFT Marketplace, DApp browser, and more. Bitget inspires individuals to embrace crypto through collaborations with credible partners, including legendary Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi and official eSports events organizer PGL.

For more information, visit:

Bitget Wallet



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QRDO Foundation and EQ LAB Announce Strategic Partnership to Launch the Warden Protocol

Cayman Islands, Cayman Islands, January 31st, 2024, Chainwire

The QRDO Foundation, dedicated to the growth and development of the QRDO ecosystem, has announced a strategic partnership with EQ LAB, a leading blockchain developer lab, to launch the Warden Protocol. This initiative accelerates the upcoming launch of the Warden Protocol, an intent-based interoperability protocol built on Cosmos and based on the Fusionchain primitive.

Introducing the Warden Protocol

The Warden Protocol is a modular intent-centric blockchain built on the Cosmos-SDK. At its most basic level, it enables users to create Spaces and Wallets on various blockchains and govern their activity through on-chain intents. Complex multi-leg transactions can be built, and cross-chain activity protected via complex intents, all enforced on-chain by the Warden Protocol.

For the builders in the space, Warden enables smart contracts to be deployed on Cosmos using Solidity and WebAssembly, and facilitates a modular marketplace of key management solutions, from HSM solutions to multi-party computation providers.

“The Warden Protocol is the next evolution in intent and interoperability primitives,” said a representative for the QRDO Foundation, “joining forces with the EQ LAB team enables us to achieve this ambitious vision and ensures that QRDO token holders see the realization of a truly decentralized and open, intent-centric interoperability and key management protocol.”

Various applications have pledged their support to deploy on Warden, including:, a liquid staking hub for Cosmos that puts existing liquid staking tokens to work;
WARDD, a USD-pegged decentralized stablecoin that provides Warden users with instant access to dollar liquidity;
Marginly, a pluggable protocol for decentralized funding pools that enable margin trading on any spot DEX; and
SpaceWard, a SAFE-like platform for wallet management and governance.

EQ LAB will form the core contributor team to the Warden Protocol and will bring an extensive team of 15 core developers to the Warden Protocol.

“We are very pleased to be helping to establish the Warden Protocol as Core Contributors”, said Alex Melikhov, founder of EQ LAB, “as an experienced team of qualified blockchain developers, we see a bright future in the Cosmos ecosystem, and we look forward to seeing incredible value unlocked for both the existing QRDO and Q token holder communities”.

WARD Token

The Warden Protocol plans to introduce the WARD token via a fair launch mechanism. This launch will take place without any pre-mine or investor allocations, with eligibility for both an airdrop and an incentivised WARD-swap extending first to existing QRDO holders. As a nod to the public goods done by various other Cosmos chains, TIA and ATOM stakers will also be eligible, as well as builders and users from other complimentary protocols and chains. Further details will be announced shortly.

The Alfama testnet will go live in the coming weeks, with details for an incentivised testnet to be published shortly.


About Warden Protocol

Warden Protocol is a new modular intent-based blockchain based on CosmosSDK that allows users and builders to explore and build cross-chain securely.

About EQ LAB

EQ LAB is an experienced software engineering house specializing in permissionless applications and protocols, acting as a technology partner in a plethora of projects on Cosmos, Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polkadot, and other blockchain platforms.

About QRDO Foundation

QRDO Foundation has been established to focus on accelerating the adoption of open custody, security and interoperability protocols and nurture the value of the QRDO ecosystem.



PR Team
QRDO Foundation

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German police reportedly seizes $2.1B worth of Bitcoin (BTC)

Police in German have seized 50,000 bitcoin (BTC) worth over $2.1 billion. 
The seizure relates to an investigation against two people who conducted a website piracy operation in 2013.

In latest crypto news from Germany, police are reportedly in possession of 50,000 Bitcoin (BTC) seized in mid-January as part of an investigation into a website piracy operation.

The value of the BTC is currently worth about $2.17 billion and the biggest ever crypto seizures in Germany, police said in a statement published on January 30. CoinDesk reported the story first.

Suspect “voluntarily transferred” BTC to police wallets

According to the police, the BTC seizure relates to an investigation around copyright infringements via a website established in 2013.  Law enforcement say an operation supported by the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), the FBI and a Munich forensic IT expert company, have been looking into the activities of the website that operated until May 2013.

Two individuals – a 40-year old German and 37-year old Pole – are suspected to have targeted a leading German company and commercially exploited copyrighted works. The unauthorised activities and the pirated works were in violation of the country’s Copyright Act, the police statement noted.

The suspects reportedly used proceeds of the piracy operation to purchase Bitcoin. In their announcement, the Dresden General Prosecutor’s Office, the Saxony State Criminal Police Office and the the Leipzig II Tax Office say the suspects “voluntarily transferred” the BTC to wallets provided by the BKA.

Police say an investigation into money laundering related to this case are ongoing. Authorities have also not reached a decision on what to do with the seized bitcoins.

US government holds more than 216,000 BTC 

The German police’s announcement comes just days after the US government notified the public of its plans to sell over $130 million in BTC seized from individuals connected to the shut dark net marketplace Silk Road. US authorities revealed plans to sell another haul of forfeited BTC linked to Silk Road in early 2023.

Data from blockchain security and analytics firm Arkham shows US authorities currently hold crypto worth more than $9.3 billion. It includes 216,000 BTC currently worth over $9.1 billion. The crypto was seized from various individuals over the past few years.

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Mike Novogratz Sees a Promising Future for Bitcoin; Potential Spikes for Eos & InQubeta

In the ever-evolving realm of cryptocurrencies, Mike Novogratz, a seasoned figure in the crypto community, offers a bullish outlook for Bitcoin, contrasting with the bearish predictions by others following a positive SEC decision on Bitcoin ETF. Meanwhile, EOS and InQubeta are poised for potential growth, marking a time of diverse expectations and opportunities in the crypto landscape.

Novogratz Optimistic about Bitcoin’s Future

The recent move by Grayscale to keep a 1.5% fee on its Bitcoin Trust ETF has got the crypto world buzzing with different opinions. Chris J. Terry, a well-known analyst in the space, isn’t too optimistic about Bitcoin‘s immediate future. He’s expecting some selling pressure that could make things a bit rocky.

But then you have Mike Novogratz, who’s like a ray of hope in these uncertain times. He believes that even though there might be some initial sell-off in Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) holdings, it’s probably not going to last too long. He’s got this vision where investors start moving their money into other Bitcoin ETFs, like BTCO, because of how investing in BTC ETFs has now become easier. This is especially true for the older crowd who might find traditional crypto investment a bit daunting.

Novogratz isn’t stopping there. He’s seeing a future where investors could really ramp up their Bitcoin game, potentially leveraging their exposure by four to five times.

EOS: The Feeless Smart Contract Platform

EOS, the native cryptocurrency of the EOS blockchain and a part of the larger blockchain platform, presents a unique proposition. Known for its smart contract functionality, makes it easy for developers to launch decentralized apps (dApps). 

One of the most intriguing aspects of EOS is its feeless transaction structure. The network manages transaction costs through the inflation of EOS tokens, making it an attractive platform for users and developers. 

As a smart contract blockchain, it enables developers to create decentralized projects across its ecosystem, positioning EOS for potential growth and increased adoption.

InQubeta: Envisioning a Leap in AI Crypto Investments

InQubeta, an AI Investment platform, is making quite a noise in the crypto world. It’s not just another top ICO; it’s a story of ambition and big dreams. InQubeta is on a mission to shake up how we invest in AI startups, creating a space where pretty much anyone can get involved.

The platform is super user-friendly. With QUBE tokens, you can invest in AI startups in smaller, more manageable chunks. This is a game-changer. It’s breaking down the old walls that kept average investors out of the game. Now, anyone can be a part of these cutting-edge AI ventures.

At the heart of it all are the QUBE tokens. They’re not your average crypto to buy. They’re deflationary, which means they’re built for long-term investment. Plus, their unique tax setup really matches InQubeta’s goal of growing AI technologies in a sustainable, thoughtful way.

But InQubeta isn’t just stopping there. They’ve got big plans on the horizon – like rolling out an NFT marketplace, setting up InQubeta swap, launching a DAO, and even expanding across different blockchain networks, all by 2024. The ongoing presale has already amassed $8.5 million in funding and there are no signs of slowing down.

Closing Thoughts

The current state of the crypto market is a tapestry woven with varying predictions and potentials. While Mike Novogratz paints a bullish future for Bitcoin, top altcoins like EOS and QUBE are gearing up for their growth trajectories. InQubeta is on an exciting journey, one that’s all about transforming how we invest in AI. Imagine a future where technology and innovation come together, opening up a world of new possibilities. That’s what InQubeta is aiming for. It’s an exciting time in the world of digital assets, and these stories are redefining what we thought was possible.

Visit InQubeta Presale 

Join The InQubeta Communities

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