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$INJ Unlocked $139M in Tokens Amidst Market Crash; Presale Buyers Eye $GFOX as Market Tumbles

Altcoins are showing great signs of life. Now that Bitcoin’s ($BTC) moment in the spotlight has ended and the Ethereum ($ETH) rally is taking shape (despite the current market retracement), it is only a matter of time before altcoins start to make those famous daily double-digit gains. But not all altcoins are created equal, and when searching for the best cryptocurrency to buy now investors have to pay attention to tokenomics and token unlocks.

There is a minefield of hidden sell pressure heading into 2024, with more and more major unlocks for leading tokens. Injective ($INJ) unlocked $139 million in tokens of January 21st, which could hamper chances of a strong recovery once the carnage has passed for the broader market. Presale investors are eyeing the Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) presale, betting on deflationary tokenomics this year.

Injective ($INJ) Last Round Of Token Unlocks: $139 Million Of Sell Pressure?

Injective has been among the strongest performers in the final quarters of 2023 and the early parts of this year. However, despite being a top crypto to buy, token unlocks have made investors jittery with a cliff unlock occurring on the 21st of January.

A total of 4.33% of the circulating supply was unlocked, with the bulk going to the team and a portion going to advisors – two of the most likely groups to sell the token. $139 million of sell pressure will be making its way to the Injective order books over the coming weeks, and retail will be the ones charged with absorbing it. That’s a tall order, given the devastation of the market over the past week from Grascale and FTX dumping their $BTC.

Unlocks are always a tough time for price action. The team deserves to enrich themselves after building this top-of-the-line blockchain. Built using the Cosmos SDK, Injective has been custom-built for financial applications, including basic primitives such as an on-chain order book and MEV resistance. Still, this doesn’t change the fact that retail bidders will be the ones buying the team’s bags and eating the loss. 

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Presale Crosses $2.9 Million

Galaxy Fox has been attracting increased attention and capital over recent weeks as investors begin to understand the upside of holding deflationary assets in the bull market. Funding recently crossed $2.8 million, and nothing will stop this new hybrid token from smashing the $5 million milestone in the coming weeks. Could it be the best cryptocurrency to buy now in a sea of token unlocks?

The token burn, and fair launch mechanism leveraged by Galaxy Fox have driven most of this engagement as investors wake up to the reality of looming unlocks for almost all of the top ten cryptocurrencies and major altcoins. At the TGE, the majority of $GFOX tokens will be live, and presale participants will own 70%. This distributed ownership ensures no large wallets dumping.

Another leading feature in this ecosystem is staking rewards. Galaxy Fox has implemented a unique taxation system that funds staking payouts, allowing all $GFOX holders to earn yield on a deflationary asset. Early stakers can enjoy passive income while relaxing. The burn ensures a constantly decreasing supply, and this powerful combo is something to watch headed into the bull market.

Deflationary tokens could easily become the breakout stars this year. As demand for tokens increases during the bull market, especially tokens with passive income like $GFOX, and the total supply decreases, it will naturally cause a price spike. More capital chasing fewer tokens is excellent for early holders. 

Closing Thoughts: Experts Overweight Deflationary Tokens In Bull Market

Experts always dive into tokenomics, which is, unfortunately, not something many crypto investors take the time to do. Tokenomics play a massive role in figuring out the best cryptocurrency to buy now, and investors who ignore them put themselves at a disadvantage.

Solid deflationary tokenomics models are already starting to attract a premium, as seen with the recent rise in interest for $GFOX ownership. Get an allocation while it is still undervalued by participating in the presale today!

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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OKX and HashKey Group eye partnership to promote crypto innovation in Hong Kong

OKX and Web3 technology company HashKey Group are eyeing a strategic alliance targeted at promoting virtual asset innovation and adoption in Hong Kong.
Elsewhere, the OKB token plummeted on Tuesday, dipping more than 25% to $39.

Crypto exchange OKX and Web3 technology firm HashKey Group, are looking to partner to promote virtual asset innovation and adoption in Hong Kong.

The companies said in a press release on Tuesday that the partnership will focus on various crypto related programs, including blockchain infrastructure, product development and education initiatives around virtual asset investment. 

OKX and HashKey Group’s efforts will target initiatives that comply with the Hong Kong regulatory framework, according to the announcement.

Notably, OKX and HashKey Group will look to tap into their respective company’s strengths and resources to drive growth across Hong Kong, one of the fastest growing crypto hubs in the world. 

Today’s news comes days after OKX revealed it had secured a VASP license from Dubai’s market regulator VARA.

What is happening with the OKB token?

On Tuesday, the price of OKB, the native token of the OKX crypto exchange, nosedived from above $52 to hit lows of $39. The early morning flash crash pushed the OKB market valuation down by more than $700 million.

While the OKX token has recovered some of the losses, it remains below $50. At the time of writing, it’s trading near $45 and at risk of further declines amid the broader crypto market bleeding.

Regarding the flash crash, OKX CEO Star Xu said in an earlier post on X that the exchange was investigating the crash. He has promised to give an update to the crypto community.

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BIS unveils 2024 strategy: focus on CBDCs and tokenization

BIS’s 2024 Strategy Unveiled: CBDCs and Tokenization Key Focus.
Project Promissa to digitize Promissory Notes using blockchain tech.
Project Aurum advances CBDC privacy in retail payments with HKMA.

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is set to make significant strides in digital currency research, emphasizing central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and tokenization in its 2024 strategy.

The BIS Innovation Hub has outlined a comprehensive program, featuring six new projects, exploring cybersecurity, financial crime, CBDCs, and green finance. Among the key initiatives are the second phase of Project Aurum and the launch of a blockchain-based tokenization project, Project Promissa.

Project Promissa: revolutionizing financial instruments with tokenization

Project Promissa, a collaborative effort involving BIS, the Swiss National Bank, and the World Bank, aims to usher in a new era for financial instruments. Focusing on digitizing promissory notes, a traditional yet paper-based financial commitment, the project leverages blockchain technology to enhance transparency and simplify management.

This proof-of-concept platform is set to revolutionize the handling of promissory notes by digitizing them, aligning with the BIS’s commitment to exploring innovative solutions in the realm of tokenization. The initiative is anticipated to conclude its proof-of-concept phase by early 2025.

Project Aurum: advancing CBDC privacy in retail payments

Building on the success of its wholesale interbank system and retail CBDC prototype in 2022, Project Aurum, conducted jointly by BIS and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), progresses into its next phase.

The project explores the privacy aspects of retail payments using CBDCs. With the HKMA’s achievements in developing a robust foundation for Aurum, the research now delves deeper into understanding the intricacies of privacy in retail CBDC payments. This initiative aligns with the broader BIS strategy, highlighting the pivotal role of CBDCs in the evolving landscape of digital currencies.

BIS’ additional initiatives

Alongside tokenization and CBDC-focused projects, BIS introduces four other initiatives – Project Leap, Project Symbiosis, Project Hertha, and Project NGFS Data Directory 2.0 – addressing cybersecurity, green finance, and financial crime.

These projects underscore BIS’s commitment to a multifaceted approach to shaping the future of financial technology. Additionally, the continued focus on projects like Mandala, Pyxtrail, and Cambridge showcases BIS’s dedication to innovation, automation, and experimentation across diverse aspects of the financial industry.

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Bitget Unveils New Messi Film to Kick off Second Year of Messi Partnership

Victoria, Seychelles, January 23rd, 2024, Chainwire

Bitget, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web 3 company, today launches a new brand film about the internationally recognized footballer Lionel Messi to kick off their second-year partnership, with a continuation of the theme #MakeItCount. This campaign aims to inspire everyone to push beyond limits and seize opportunities, transforming challenges into stepping stones toward success.

The new #MakeItCount 2024 film is a testament to the core values Bitget and Messi hold dear: Perseverance against all odds, any progress builds upon itself, and a positive mindset no matter what. The film showcases the determination of Messi from childhood, overcoming adversity to becoming the GOAT footballer with continued progress and a direct aim to achieving his goals. Bitget shares Messi’s commitment to making incremental improvements daily. From an unknown platform founded during the crypto winter, Bitget has emerged as one of the top 5 crypto exchanges.

Gracy Chen, Managing Director at Bitget stated: “Both the story of Messi and the growth of Bitget serve as a reminder that greatness is not achieved overnight, but through persistent determination to make it count. As we continue the #MakeItCount Campaign in 2024, we remain committed to inspiring individuals, whether they are in the football and crypto sector or beyond, to pursue greatness as no dream is too big to achieve. Together with Messi, we are delighted to bring crypto to a bigger global stage, and drive the mass adoption of crypto and blockchain technology.”

To celebrate the new Messi film, Bitget will host a platform-wise competition starting from Jan 23 to Jan 30 with a prize pool of US$20,000 worth of BGB, Bitget’s native token, as well as tickets to Inter Miami matches at the DRV PNK Stadium.

Following the new Messi film, Bitget also has plans to host on-ground Football Challenge events in emerging markets such as LATAM, SEA, and Turkey, where local communities are highly passionate about football and crypto adoption. In addition, the two parties will explore collaboration in the charity field under Bitget’s CSR initiative Blockchain4Youth, which is dedicated to empowering younger generations to embrace Web3 and blockchain while enhancing their knowledge of digital assets.

Bitget entered into a partnership with Lionel Messi in Oct 2022, becoming the only crypto exchange partner of the legendary Argentinean football player.

About Bitget

Established in 2018, Bitget is the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 company. Serving over 20 million users in 100+ countries and regions, the Bitget exchange is committed to helping users trade smarter with its pioneering copy trading feature and other trading solutions. Formerly known as BitKeep, Bitget Wallet is a world-class multi-chain crypto wallet that offers an array of comprehensive Web3 solutions and features including wallet functionality, swap, NFT Marketplace, DApp browser, and more. Bitget inspires individuals to embrace crypto through collaborations with credible partners, including legendary Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi and official eSports events organizer PGL.

For more information, visit:

Bitget Wallet


PR Team

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Bitcoin, Solana, Pullix price prediction as BTC dives below $40k

Bitcoin price has dipped below $40k, extending intraday losses to lows of $38,620.
Solana (SOL) is down 10% at the time of writing, trading near $79 as altcoins bleed.
Pullix (PLX), a new hybrid exchange in presale, has raised over $4.2 million as it attracts investors.

The cryptocurrency market is mainly red today, with most top altcoins posting price movements that mirror the 4% dive witnessed in the Bitcoin (BTC) market. Per details on CoinGecko, the global crypto market is down 5% to $1.59 trillion as BTC price slipped to lows of $38,620. Solana (SOL) was trading below $80 as bears threatened to pull it further into the woods.

As this happens, both the trading and presale market continue to prove attractive for buying opportunities. Pullix (PLX), a new hybrid exchange token in presale, is among those seeing huge investor interest.

This price prediction article looks at the outlook for Bitcoin and Solana and what that means for PLX.

Bitcoin (BTC) price under pressure below $40k

Amid the broader crypto weakness is the observable pressure that has hit Bitcoin price since the SEC approved spot Bitcoin ETFs and trading commenced on January 11, 2024. 

One of the biggest drivers of the sell-off has been the Grayscale dump that has seen the digital asset manager sell over $2.3 billion worth of BTC to handle GBTC share redemptions.

BTC price reached lows of $38,620 on Tuesday.

FTX, the bankrupt crypto exchange whose affiliate voluntarily dismissed a case against Grayscale, has led the GBTC outflows with over $1 billion. 

While BTC price held above the $40k mark in the wake of the spot ETF-driven pressure, Tuesday’s news that Mt.Gox creditors had confirmed their Bitcoin addresses ahead of a payout, catalysed fresh weakness.

BTC price could now retest lower levels, potentially $35k before establishing a new upside footing. Key to the bullish outlook for the flagship cryptocurrency is the upcoming BTC halving and falling pressure from GBTC dump.

Solana (SOL) price dips below $80

Solana (SOL) was one of the best performing altcoins as 2023 came to a bullish end, with SOL hitting highs above $123.

Meme coin hype and overall growth in the Solana ecosystem saw the token stand out. The altcoin is however back below the psychological $100, extending losses below $80 in the past 24 hours as its value dipped 6%.

While massive profit-taking has fueled the latest dive, repeated rejections at the key level mentioned above has SOL bulls staring at a potential breakdown towards $60. According to crypto analyst and investor Scott Melker (The Wolf of All Streets), SOL prices could revisit the $50 area if things got “ugly.”

Asset manager Franklin Templeton recently shared a bullish outlook for Solana, highlighting key metrics such as DeFi, meme coins and DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks). 

If Solana bounces and reclaims the psychological level amid the potential bull market, it could become one of the best altcoin performers.

Pullix (PLX) price outlook as presale hits $4.2 million

Pullix (PLX) is set to launch a new hybrid exchange for DeFi, bring a solution to the ecosystem’s liquidity problem as it combines the best of centralized and decentralized exchanges. 

The hybrid exchange model allows Pullix to offer a unified trading platform where traders can leverage institutional-grade liquidity and trading tools while retaining full control over their assets. Apart from being non-custodial, attractive user features include copy trading, 2FA security options and slippage-free trading.

The native utility token PLX will power Pullix’s “Trade-to-Earn” ecosystem, giving holders access to a unique revenue-sharing opportunity where traders can earn a share of the exchange’s daily revenues. For all daily revenue, Pullix will offer 30% to its customers – 50% will be shared via staking rewards and 50% in a token buy back and burn mechanism.

As the platform moves towards its launch after the presale, interest in PLX has skyrocketed. Currently in stage 6 and with PLX presale price at $0.08, investors see an opportunity. Only 19% of tokens available in the current stage remain.

With early adopters likely to see significant returns post-presale when Pullix launches on exchanges, now could be the time to buy PLX. You can get more details on how to go about it on the presale page.

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Masa raises $5.4M in seed round to build a personal data network on Avalanche

Masa raised $3.5 million in a pre-seed round in 2022, and the seed funding brings the total to $9.2 million.
Masa will use these funds to build its decentralised zk network for personal data on Avalanche.

Masa Network, a platform building a zero-knowledge (zk) data network and marketplace, has raised $5.4 million in its seed round, according to an announcement on Tuesday, January 23.

Anagram, a venture capital platform co-founded by Lily Liu (Solana Foundation President) and Joe Eagan (former Polychain President), led the seed round. Other participants include Digital Currency Group, Avalanche Blizzard Fund, GoldenTree, and OP Crypto among others.

The seed round adds to the $3.5 million Masa raised in a pre-seed funding round closed in 2022. With this funding, the platform has now raised a total of $9.2 million.

Masa plans to use the new capital injection to build its decentralized network for personal data, which it dubs a “decentralized Google.” Per details published today in a Medium post, Masa expects to launch the network as a subnet on Avalanche.

Masa lets you control and monetize your data on a decentralized marketplace. Own your data, control its use, get paid. The future is data sovereignty. The power is yours with Masa,” Calanthia Mei, co-founder of Masa Network, said.

Since its launch in August 2022, Masa’s zero-knowledge powered data network has been integrated by top crypto projects such as Avalanche, Injective, Celo and QuickSwap.

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Shiba Inu soars as token burning accelerates; Polkadot and Rebel Satoshi popularity rises

Shiba Inu, a notable memecoin, is making waves with a recent surge in popularity. The catalyst behind this uptick? A significant acceleration in token burning, marking a pivotal moment for the Shiba Inu community.

Shiba Inu rises with accelerated token burning

Shiba Inu’s burn tracker, Shibburn, has been buzzing with activity, revealing a whopping 395.43% uptick in the token burn rate on January 12. Over 18 million SHIB tokens were incinerated, a direct response to Shiba Inu’s impressive price rally that erased another zero from its value.

Three notable burn transactions played a crucial role in the surge. The first transaction, emanating from wallet address 0x618ffd1cdabee36…3f21272bd7, witnessed the destruction of 7.77 million SHIB tokens. Subsequently, 0xab782bc7d4a2b30…f8f63ee1bc contributed by sending over 3.33 million SHIB to the burn wallet. Lastly, wallet address 0xa9d1e08c7793af6…7fb81d3e43 initiated a burn of about 5.46 million SHIB tokens.

This trend of heightened burn rates has been consistent over the past few days, creating a speculative frenzy within the crypto space. On January 9, Shibburn recorded an astronomical increase in burn rate, surpassing 28,000%. The surge was attributed to a burn transaction executed by the Shiba Inu team, who sent a staggering 9.35 billion SHIB tokens, valued at $92,553, to the burn address. This marked the highest burn initiated by the team since the inception of the SHIB token.

Supply and demand dynamics: the key to a 100M market cap

The surge in Shiba Inu’s popularity is intricately tied to the principles of supply and demand. Staking, a mechanism allowing community members to lock up tokens for a specified period, not only contributes to liquidity and stability but also rewards participants with impressive percentage returns. Engaging in staking not only supports the Rebel Satoshi ecosystem but also fortifies community involvement in the decentralized journey.

Members who partake in staking are not only rewarded financially but also have the opportunity to shine in the Rebel Meme Hall of Fame. The ecosystem offers unique assets, including Rebel Satoshi, Rac Catesby, Thomas ‘The Owl,’ BW Wintour, and Red Wintour, each endowed with distinct features and roles representing their individuality.

Rebel Satoshi: redefining meme coins with a vision

Amidst the vibrant crypto landscape, Rebel Satoshi emerges as a new player in the meme coin arena. What sets Rebel Satoshi apart is its vision to instigate change in the crypto space by fostering a community of rebels determined to challenge centralization.

Rebel Satoshi utilizes its native token, $RBLZ, to pave the way for decentralization. With 9,999 unique NFTs available, users can explore an exclusive digital art collection within a dynamic marketplace. The Rebel Satoshi community celebrates the rebellious spirit embodied in The Recusants, and investors can delve into the unique assets associated with each persona.

Polkadot and Rebel Satoshi: rising stars in the crypto sky

As Shiba Inu gains momentum, it’s worth turning attention to other rising stars in the crypto sky, notably Polkadot and Rebel Satoshi.

Polkadot, often hailed as one of the top crypto coins, is experiencing an upsurge in popularity. Its unique approach to interoperability between blockchains has garnered attention, making it a compelling option for investors exploring what crypto to buy. The platform’s innovative features and commitment to scalability contribute to its growing prominence in the crypto market.

Rebel Satoshi: a beacon of change

Rebel Satoshi, making a mark as one of the best memecoins, has captured the imagination of crypto enthusiasts. With a vision to challenge centralization and an array of unique assets, including Rac Catesby, Thomas ‘The Owl,’ BW Wintour, and Red Wintour, Rebel Satoshi offers investors an opportunity to explore the rebellious side of the crypto world.

Rebel Satoshi presale

Closing in on our crypto journey, a golden opportunity awaits with the Rebel Satoshi presale. Over 106 million $RBLZ tokens have already been sold, attesting to the community’s enthusiasm for this unique venture.

Built on the secure Ethereum network, Rebel Satoshi stands out as a promising crypto investment. As one of the best cryptocurrencies to consider at this moment, investing in Rebel Satoshi aligns with the vision of a decentralized future. Join the rebellion, explore the unique assets, and secure your spot in the Rebel Meme Hall of Fame. The crypto world is evolving, and Rebel Satoshi is at the forefront of this exciting revolution.

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram.

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US sanctions Bitcoin ETF, NuggetRush set to cross $1.8M in investment

Bitcoin ETF has become a reality with the SEC approving its listing on major exchanges in the United States.
NuggetRush is the latest crypto sensation that has raised more than $1.8 million from eager investors.
As 2024 progresses, both NuggetRush and Bitcoin are expected to perform well this year.

The United States on 10 Jan 2024 decided to include Bitcoin in major investment funds by approving 11 Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). By doing this, the SEC has allowed Bitcoin to be bought by a wide range of investors, from big pension funds to regular people.

Cryptocurrency fans are thrilled with this decision because Bitcoin is the best crypto investment to date. The US financial authority had previously turned down such requests, worried about the possibility of fraud and market manipulation. However, they have now given their nod and it’s finally going to be launched soon. Meanwhile, another development that has been the talk of the town is the massive presale success of an emerging altcoin called NuggetRush. It has crossed $1.8 million in investment till now and is considered a good cryptocurrency ICO for this year.

Let’s find out more about the Bitcoin ETF sanction and the hype around the NuggetRush presale.

Why is Bitcoin ETF news exciting for crypto fans?

ETFs are collections of investments that let people invest in various assets without actually owning them. They are sold on stock markets like regular shares, and their value changes based on the performance of the assets they include. An ETF might have different assets, like gold and silver, or shares from various sectors like technology and insurance. Some ETFs already include Bitcoin indirectly. However, a spot Bitcoin ETF will purchase Bitcoin directly at its current DeFi coin price.

Several investment firms, including big names like Blackrock and Fidelity, have been waiting for the SEC’s approval to include Bitcoin in their ETFs. After some discussion over the details, the first approvals have been granted. This has made it the best crypto for beginners who don’t have much knowledge about this industry. It means a new group of investors can now get into Bitcoin without the hassle of digital wallets or crypto exchanges. It’s expected that a lot of money will flow into the Bitcoin market as these financial firms begin to invest.

Some experts think this won’t greatly change Bitcoin’s price, as spot Bitcoin ETFs exist in other countries. However, with big US players entering the market, many believe Bitcoin’s value will go up due to increased demand.

Some people think this decision marks a significant moment, showing that Bitcoin is being taken seriously, at least as the top crypto to invest in.

NuggetRush looking strong as it crosses $1.8M in investment

NuggetRush is a popular play-to-earn gaming cryptocurrency which is considered the best crypto coin for investment. It has been showing impressive strength as it has gathered an investment of over $1.8 million. For those who might not be familiar, play-to-earn (P2E) games are a type of online game where players can earn real money by playing. NuggetRush is one such game that’s catching a lot of attention in the gaming communities.

The price of each NuggetRush token is currently set at $0.018. This is quite affordable and offers a good opportunity for those interested in how to get into cryptocurrency without a huge investment. NuggetRush’s pre-sale is divided into five rounds, and right now, it’s in the fifth round. This means there’s still an opportunity to get in before the presale ends.

One of the exciting aspects of NuggetRush is its expected launch price, which is projected to be $0.020 per token. This suggests that those who invest now during the presale could potentially see a profit when the token goes live. It’s always good to see a potential for profit in any investment, and NuggetRush seems to offer that. This makes it one of the best altcoins to watch out for this year.

In addition to the play-to-earn aspect, NuggetRush also offers something called NFT staking. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are a kind of digital asset that represents ownership of a unique item or piece of content. By staking NFTs in NuggetRush, players can earn an extra 20% return. This is an attractive feature for those who are into the trending NFT market and are looking for additional ways to increase their earnings.

Another notable feature of NuggetRush is that it has zero tax on buying and selling tokens. In the world of cryptocurrency, it’s common to see some taxes or fees associated with transactions. The fact that NuggetRush doesn’t impose any tax on transactions makes it one of the best NFT cryptos for youngsters. It means that players and investors can buy and sell tokens without worrying about additional costs eating into their profits.


As the SEC has approved Bitcoin ETF in the United States, a lot of people are now happy. Another milestone is also achieved by a notable crypto coin called NuggetRush in the world of gaming and cryptocurrency. With its entry price of $0.018 per token and the bonus of NFT staking, it’s easy to see why it’s drawing significant investment.

For more information on the NuggetRush presale, visit the NuggetRush Presale Website.

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Bitget unveils new Messi film as partnership extends to second year

Bitget has announced the unveiling of a new Messi film as it celebrates the second year of its partnership with the Argentina soccer star.
The exchange will run a $20,000 promotion for its users to mark the film’s launch and undertake football events in LATAM, SEA and Turkey.

Bitget has today unveiled a new film about Argentina football star Lionel Messi.

In a press release, Bitget said the new Messi film kicks off the exchange and the soccer legend’s second-year partnership. The campaign continues the #MakeItCount theme and aims at inspiring the global community towards pushing beyond limits and seizing on opportunities.

#MakeItCount 2024 showcases Messi’s determination and will to overcome adversity, tracing his rise from childhood to stardom as an FC Barcelona star. 

Bitget’s #MakeItCount Campaign 2024

Regarded as the GOAT in the football world, Messi won the World Cup with Argentina in 2022. He signed a partnership with Bitget in October that year.

Bitget, one of the top crypto exchanges in the world today, says it shares Messi’s commitment and determination.

Both the story of Messi and the growth of Bitget serve as a reminder that greatness is not achieved overnight, but through persistent determination to make it count,” said Gracy Chen, Managing Director at Bitget.

As we continue the #MakeItCount Campaign in 2024, we remain committed to inspiring individuals, whether they are in the football and crypto sector or beyond, to pursue greatness as no dream is too big to achieve. Together with Messi, we are delighted to bring crypto to a bigger global stage, and drive the mass adoption of crypto and blockchain technology,” Chen added.

Bitget has lined up a platform-wise competition and Football Challenge as it marks the film’s launch and continued partnership with Messi. 

From January 23 to January 30, 2024, Bitget users will have a chance to win a share of the $20,000 worth of BGB. The exchange will also offer tickets, giving customers a chance to watch Messi play for Inter Miami. The tickets will be for matches at the DRV PNK Stadium.

The other initiative will see Bitget host Football Challenge events across Latin America, Southeast Asia and Turkey. The on-ground events will target local communities.

That’s not all. Bitget says it will explore further collaboration with Messi with regard to charity. This will be under the Blockchain4Youth initiative, Bitget’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) program aimed at empowering youth in Web3 and blockchain.

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SEC confirms X account hack happened after a “SIM swap”

SEC says hacker that compromised its X account used a “SIM swap” attack.
The unauthorised access had seen the hacker publish a fake spot Bitcoin ETFs approval announcement.
Investigations into the breach are ongoing, but SEC says its 2FA feature had been disabled at the time of the compromise.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has confirmed that the hack on the agency’s X account, and the resulting “fake approval” of spot Bitcoin ETFs, happened after an apparent “SIM swap.”

According to the SEC, the attacker used a cell phone number linked to the agency’s X account. The unauthorised entity accessed the phone number via a telecom carrier the SEC uses, and not from the regulator’s system.

However, the SEC notes that at the time of the hack, two factor authentication (2FA) for the social media account was disabled. In a press release, the SEC said 2FA for its X account had been disabled since July 2023.

“While multi-factor authentication (MFA) had previously been enabled on the @SECGov X account, it was disabled by X Support, at the staff’s request, in July 2023 due to issues accessing the account. Once access was reestablished, MFA remained disabled until staff reenabled it after the account was compromised on January 9. MFA currently is enabled for all SEC social media accounts that offer it,” the SEC said in an update published on Monday.

Multi-agency investigation ongoing

The unauthorised access to SEC’s X account on January 9, 2024 drew widespread criticism and condemnation, with calls for investigation as observers pointed to potential market manipulation. The false approval saw Bitcoin’s price swing sharply – rising to highs of $49k before paring all gains within minutes.

While the SEC officially approved the spot Bitcoin ETFs on January 10 and trading commenced on January 11, an investigation involving various regulatory and law enforcement agencies is ongoing.

In its latest press update on the incident, the SEC and its staff continue to cooperate with the FBI, Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the Department of Justice (DoJ), and the SEC’s own Division of Enforcement.

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