Day: January 18, 2024

SEI, SUI, RUNE slump as Bitcoin drops amid Grayscale dump

Sei (SEI) Sui (SUI) and THORChain (RUNE) were among biggest decliners on Thursday as Bitcoin and Ethereum struggled.
Declines for BTC came amid ongoing sell-off from Grayscale, which had deposited over $1.7 billion in BTC to Coinbase Prime since January 12.

The crypto market flipped red on Thursday afternoon as Bitcoin price fell below $41,500 again. Altcoins were also struggling, with Ethereum below $2,500 as the global crypto market cap shrunk by about 2.4% to $1.71 trillion.

Among the biggest losers on the day were Sei (SEI), down 15%; Sui (SUI) down 10%; and THORChain (RUNE), down 13% at the time of writing.

Grayscale dumping BTC amid ETF redemptions

The crypto downturn came as Grayscale transferred another 9,840 BTC worth $418 million to Coinbase Prime, with the total amount of BTC moved from the GBTC ETF issuer reaching 41,478 BTC. In total, Grayscale has moved over $1.7 billion in BTC to Coinbase Prime since January 12, with these sold as the company handles redemptions.

On Thursday, Grayscale saw $450 million in outflows. Alex Thorn, head of research at Galaxy noted this outlook on X.

grayscale transferred 9,839 BTC ($417m) onchain to coinbase prime this morning to settle yesterday’s redemptions (T+1 settlement).

notably less than the day before when they moved 18k BTC ($770m) to coinbase prime to settle tuesday’s redemptions

— Alex Thorn (@intangiblecoins) January 18, 2024

Both BTC and ETH were trading 3% down in the past 24 hours, while in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap, Solana had shed more than 5% as it dipped below $100, while Avalanche was trading nearly 6% in the red at $33.49.

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Introducing .box – The World’s First Blockchain Native, DNS Routable Domain

Toronto, Ontario, January 18th, 2024, Chainwire


.box is bridging Web3 and Web2

Breaking new ground in the domain name industry, Inc. announces the upcoming launch of its Public Beta on January 18th, 2024 at 12:00 PM ET. This kicks off public availability of the first ever domain name system supported natively by browsers, email, and wallets.

The future of digital identity

.box domains offer secure and seamless identity on Web3 and Web2. The holder of ‘’ is empowered with decentralized ownership and access to DNS record management, ENS integration, payments, Web3 authentication, Web3 messaging, websites, and email.

Founder of .box, Josh Brandley states,

“There are many great things happening at the intersection of Web3, decentralized identity, and domain names – we are the first to tie it all together with a powerful, easy to use product”.

.box solves the major problem with blockchain domains

.box sets a new standard in the world of blockchain-based top-level domains. While other new blockchain domain systems generate excitement, they ultimately fall short because they do not work with traditional browsers and email services. In contrast, .box is ICANN-accredited, recognized by the global Domain Name System (DNS), and supported by the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). Both DNS and ENS have established substantial network effects, solidifying their positions as core infrastructure. .box is pioneering an approach that natively integrates the features of both systems, thus delivering a better experience for users.

The team behind .box

The .box TLD is owned and operated by Intercap Registry, an ICANN Accredited Registry Operator. Intercap has dedicated over a decade to the development of .box. Core partners include 3DNS and ENS Labs, whose leaders share the vision of bringing the benefits of Web3 to the domain industry.

Nick Johnson, Founder of ENS, states:

“We have always had a deep respect for the DNS and are very excited to witness this unique .box implementation that supports seamless interoperability between the two systems”.

Paul Gauvreau, CEO of 3DNS adds,

“Bringing real world domain assets onchain improves almost every use case there is – we anticipate that this product will be widely adopted by Web3 enthusiasts and newcomers alike.”

Launch pricing

During launch, .box domains will run through a premium pricing phase, ensuring fair access for everyone. Prices start at $7,680 USDC and then decay exponentially for 6 days until stopping at a fixed rate of $120 USDC. All domains will renew at $120 USDC per year. Domains are minted and managed using the dApp hosted at Payment is made with ETH or USDC.

Join the .box community

Secure your .box domain now at
Follow .box at 
Join the .box Discord server to:
Learn how to buy a .box and take control of your decentralized identity.
Qualify for your referral link to earn $18 for each successful referral.
Receive support, updates, and connect with the team.

For more information:

Visit our website at or contact Omar Hamed,



Community Manager

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Is Everlodge ($EGLD) a buy as Thailand boosts real estate-backed tokens?

Thailand lifts restrictions on real estate-backed tokens for retails: 
Should you buy Everlodge? This project aims at disrupting the vacation property space.
$EGLD’s presale continues to attract attention from traders.

In latest crypto news, Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has updated its regulatory restrictions on retail participation in real estate-backed tokens. The development could see more retail investors in the country join real estate investment trusts (REITs) and token-backed property projects.

As the industry digests this development, a new project that seeks to democratize the real estate investment space, is gearing up for market debut as its presale draws towards a close.

Here’s what Thai’s regulatory move means and how Everlodge ($EGLD) is positioned to transform the property industry via tokenization.

Retail investors can join real estate-backed ICOs

An update by the Thai SEC on January 18, 2024 says that the regulator has revised the criteria for retail investing in digital tokens whose underlying asset or revenue streams is real estate or infrastructure.

The regulator announced the lifting of its previous requirement that retail investment in real estate-backed or infrastructure-backed tokens could only invest up to 300,000 baht ($8,500).

With this update, retail investors have more opportunities to participate in the real estate market. This new approach to digital tokens took effect on January 16, the regulator noted.

Everlodge ($EGLD) brings fractional real estate ownership to retailers

If you ever wanted to invest in a luxury villas, hotels and vacation homes but couldn’t make the cut, now you can do it via fractional investing.

Everlodge ($EGLD), a crypto startup that wants to bring the real estate marketplace to the blockchain. Statista estimates that this core investment sector will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.41% from 2024-2028, projecting a market size of over $729 trillion by end of 2028.

As tokenization drives more interest amid adoption of real-world assets on the blockchain, retail investors can diversify with Everlodge, taking a stab at competing for investment opportunities in the vast real estate market.

As an example, a retail investor can take up an investment as an owner of a luxury home for as little as $100. Then, as the value of vacation property explodes, so will the fractional shares’ price, giving retailers a chance to be part of this market.

Everlodge aims at accelerating this, with its fractional trading marketplace, powered by the native $EGLD token. The token functions as the native currency in the Everlodge ecosystem and will offer staking opportunities as well as discounts on marketplace purchases.

With ownership and deed titles stored as NFTs, trading opens another layer of opportunities for the community.

$EGLD is currently available only via presale.

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Chainlink and Stellar: strong contenders, but here’s why Borroe Finance shouldn’t be overlooked

Chainlink (LINK) registered extended gains within a long-term range as Stellar (XLM) experienced a paltry upward nudge. Meanwhile, Borroe Finance ($ROE) has also delivered remarkable performance similar to these top altcoins.

Let’s compare Borroe Finance’s ($ROE) growth to that of these top crypto coins.

Chainlink price soars: what to expect

Chainlink (LINK) rose on January 8 while lingering within a 120-day horizontal range. Looking at Chainlink’s price path, LINK has been trading within this range since November 8. On December 28, Chainlink (LINK) swerved from this region, reaching $17.68, an annual high.

Subsequently, the price of LINK fell to $12.53 on January 8, bringing it back to the range. Notwithstanding, crypto analysts hold a bullish view of Chainlink (LINK) amid its zigzag price movement. In a tweet on January 8, LINKPULLER, a notable Chainlink (LINK) proponent, revealed that the Chainlink Grayscale Trust is trading at a premium, indicating a potential price surge.

The chart reflects that Chainlink (LINK) soared 15.50% from $13.00. Nu to $15.19 between January 8 and January 14. Considering LINK’s momentum, experts opined that Chainlink (LINK) could reach $20.00 in the coming days. This move will translate to a 31.6% increase in the price of LINK.

Stellar rises amid an increase in trade volume

Market data recently revealed an exciting Stellar (XLM) blockchain development. On January 9, a report highlighted an increase in the trade volume of Stellar (XLM), which gained over 9% during the week. As a result, Stellar (XLM) now boasts $60.7 million in trade volume.

Although XLM’s performance was low compared to other altcoins, the Stellar coin has displayed potential for a future rally. On the technical front, the Relative Strength Index, a metric that indicates whether a coin is overbought or oversold, presented Stellar (XLM) in the oversold region. This outlook typically suggests an impending rally.

Stellar (XLM) rose 5.61% from $146.10 to $154.30 between January 8 and January 14. Experts noted in the Stellar price prediction that XLM could attain $160 in the coming days. This projection suggests an anticipated 3.6% increase in the price of Stellar (XLM).

Borroe investors set sight on a 5.2% surge

Borroe Finance ($ROE) has demonstrated valour and resilience even in the face of the bear market at the start of its presale. However, it scaled through unscathed with the unalloyed support of the community. As revealed by market data, Borroe Finance ($ROE) is one of the fastest-rising and highest-adopted new DeFi projects today. Let’s find out why!

This DeFi-based project serves the DeFi and Web3 communities equally as a marketplace where future earnings are traded for cash flow. Web3 users utilize Borroe Finance ($ROE), an AI-funding unique market, as a platform to exchange future earnings for instant cash. As a funding platform, businesses and entrepreneurs use Borroe Finance to raise funds by minting future earnings as NFTs and selling them on its marketplace.

As for its price trajectory, Borroe Finance ($ROE) investors have enjoyed remarkable returns from $ROE’s initial growth from the beta stage price to the fourth stage. $ROE increased 90% from $0.010 to $0.019 during this period. Currently, $ROE investors are focusing on an imminent 5.2% rally as Borroe Finance enters the fifth stage of its presale.

Experts believe that when $ROE hits the final presale stage, before its DEX listing, at $0.040, Borroe Finance investors will have realized an additional 110.5% ROI from the current price level.

To learn more about Borroe Finance ($ROE), visit Borroe Finance Presalejoin The Telegram Group or follow Borroe Finance on Twitter.

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Robinhood’s SHIB holdings hit 36.684T amidst burns and whales’ accumulation

36.684 trillion SHIB tokens were added to Robinhood in 24 hours, fueled by investor interest.
Notable SHIB whale moves and a 28,600% burn rate increase.
Shiba Inu strategic partnership with D3 Global collaboration, SHIB domain acquisition, and ICANN pursuit.

In a remarkable turn of events, Robinhood’s Shiba Inu (SHIB) wallets have witnessed a staggering surge, accumulating 231 billion tokens in just 24 hours. This unprecedented growth, revealed by Arkham Intelligence data, brings Robinhood’s SHIB holdings to an impressive 36.684 trillion tokens.

As the crypto community closely watches, this surge is a testament to growing investor interest. It aligns with broader trends, including significant whale activities and strategic partnerships within the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

SHIB accumulation on Robinhood

Robinhood, the commission-free trading platform, is making headlines with its substantial accumulation of Shiba Inu tokens. In a single day, the platform’s SHIB wallet saw an increase of 231 billion tokens.

Notably, these exchange wallets reflect user holdings, signifying a substantial surge in SHIB accumulation by investors on the Robinhood platform. Cryptocurrency whales have also played a pivotal role, with one whale moving a staggering 136.8 billion tokens to a newly created wallet on the exchange.

The accumulation of Shiba Inu on Robinhood coincides with a community-driven burn event that has incinerated 9.35 billion SHIB tokens, showcasing a remarkable 28,600% increase in the burn rate.

Last month, the community sent 8.6 billion SHIB tokens for permanent deletion, marking an astounding 160,598% increase from the previous day’s burn rate. This strategic combination of accumulation and burning underscores a dynamic market environment for Shiba Inu.

Recent Shiba Inu partnerships

The surge in SHIB holdings is not isolated but ties into Shiba Inu’s strategic initiatives. A notable partnership with domain firm D3 Global has empowered users to acquire SHIB domain names.

This collaboration positions Shiba Inu as one of the first decentralized projects pursuing a top-level domain name through the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The partnership aligns with the rising burn rate trend within the Shiba Inu community.

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dYdX flips Uniswap as top DEX by volume; Pullix sees increased demand

Pullix (PLX) continues to attract trader attention as its presale surpasses $3.8 million.
Meanwhile, dYdX (DYDX), the native token of Cosmos-based decentralized exchange (DEX) platform dYdX Chain, has surged in the past week.
This comes as dYdX flips Uniswap (UNI) to become the largest DEX by daily trading volume.

As the market growth pushes the dYdX price higher, analysts say a new trading platform’s native token could be one of the best crypto to invest in today. This outlook comes as trader attention increasingly flips towards Pullix (PLX), a hybrid exchange project that’s currently in presale. 

Here’s a look at dYdX’s milestone. Also find out why Pullix could be one of the top investment opportunities in 2024.    

dYdX Chain: DYDX surges as volume flips Uniswap

dYdX (DYDX) currently sits top of the ranking as the largest decentralized exchange (DEX) by trading volume. This is after the Cosmos-based dYdX surpassed Uniswap with a massive 24-hour volume of $625 million compared to Uniswap’s $512 million.

According to CoinMarketCap data, the dYdX (v4) 24-hour volume accounted for nearly 12% of the market share, while Uniswap was seeing 9.7%. The milestone for dYdX (v4) comes after a remarkable year of growth for the trading platform.

Full trading on dYdX Chain launched in November 2023, and by the end of December, it had seen over $8 billion in volume. The dYdX Chain hit the $1 billion mark in 24-hour trading volume on January 12.

Pullix (PLX): The new hybrid exchange

Interest in Pullix (PLX) has increased as its presale accelerates towards the final stages. Early bird investors have seen the token sale raise over $3.8 million by stage 6 of the PLX offer.

The level of excitement around this project is likely to soar further as it nears its launch. However, as market experts have opined in recent months, new exchanges that combine and deliver the best of centralized and decentralized exchanges could be the future of DeFi.

Other than offering a non-custodial trading platform and incentivizing users to provide liquidity, Pullix provides for portfolio diversification perpetual futures, CFDs and crypto. With PLX, you can also earn from yield farming and staking, earning passive income as trade.

Users can also tap into the exchange’s hybrid model to leverage opportunities in the traditional markets, where FX alone accounts for a staggering $6.6 trillion in daily volume.

dYdX (DYDX) price outlook

The dYdX Chain uses the layer 1 token DYDX as its governance token. The protocol supports staking. As such, dXdY’s market share increase has coincided with a price surge for the DYDX token, which reached highs of $3.15 on Thursday.

In the past month, DYDX price has increased by nearly 15% and is up 32% since touching its all-time low of $2.30 on January 3, 2024. With the all-time high at $3.73, analysts say there’s room for DYDX to enter price discovery amid a broader market rally.

Can Pullix (PLX) be a good investment opportunity?

While dYdX could be one of the best DEX tokens to buy now, Pullix stands out as a hybrid exchange project, bringing the best of both centralized and decentralized exchanges to the trading community. The potential for PLX to gain amid market growth means the Pullix presale presents an opportunity.

Pullix’s native token will power its “Trade-to-Earn” ecosystem, giving holders an opportunity to earn passively from the exchange’s daily revenue.

Furthermore, the current PLX presale price in stage 6 is $0.08, up from $0.04 in the initial stage. With the interest in hybrid exchanges growing and Pullix targeting the revitalized DeFi ecosystem, post-launch prospects for PLX look great.

This, and the fact that the trading platform will burn 50% of the generated fees (in PLX), and offer 50% for staking rewards, makes for a tantalizing investment prospect.

Do you want to learn more about Pullix and its native token’s utility? Join the presale.

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