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Flare (FLR) price jumps after Google Cloud integration

Flare (FLR) price surged on Monday to reach highs last seen in June 2023.
The gains after Flare announced Google Cloud had joined its network as an infrastructure provider.

The native token of EVM-based Layer 1 blockchain Flare (FLR) is surging after a major ecosystem development announced today, Monday January 15, 2024.

After trading at lows of $0.017 early in the day, FLR spiked double digits to hit highs of $0.023. The surge saw FLR reach prices last seen in early June, 2023. If the upside continues, buyers could target May 2023 resitance levels above $0.030.

The FLR token is a utility token used for payments, transaction fees and staking. The community can also delegate them to FTSO data providers as Wrapped FLR (WFLR). These can also be staked to allow for governance voting

Why is Flare price rising?

Today’s price increase for Flare (FLR) comes after the blockchain platform announced that cloud computing giant Google Cloud had joined its network as an infrastructure provider. Google Cloud is now among 100 Flare network infrastructure providers.

Per the announcement published on Monday, Google Cloud will act as a network validator as well as contributor to Flare’s native interoperability protocol – the Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO). The integration will see Google Cloud propose and validate new blocks on the Flare blockchain, with this helping to secure the proof of stake platform’s network.

Hugo Philion, co-founder and CEO of Flare, said:

As the blockchain for data, we are excited that Google Cloud is joining our existing decentralized network of infrastructure providers who contribute to Flare. Our work together will help deliver a more robust decentralized smart contract platform that places decentralized data at its core.”

As part of the collaboration, Flare has joined the Google for Startups Cloud Program, an initiative targeted at accelerating growth across the Web3 startups ecosystem. The program will offer financial and technical support to developers building on Flare.

FLR price was trading at $0.021 at the time of writing, about 24% up in the past 24 hours.

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HugeWin Announces New Crypto Casino

Curacao, Curacao, January 15th, 2024, Chainwire

In an exciting update, HugeWin, a leading online casino, has announced a new Crypto Casino. This development, combined with diverse activities, provides an enhanced experience for all casino enthusiasts.

Additionally, HugeWin is offering lucrative discount bonuses, aiming to provide unprecedented entertainment and rewards for its players. The possibility of instantly depositing and withdrawing money on the platform through crypto is a major plus.

Hugewin has set out with the vision of becoming the largest online casino in the world with its expert team

HugeWin’s website features a real-time Meta Jackpot counter on the homepage’s top left corner. The jackpot rapidly expands, offering four unique chances to win. To participate, one simply engages in the casino games on offer.

The platform presents a variety of activities under several categories. In ‘Slots,’ users will find categorizations such as favorites, new, popular, and tournament slots. The ‘Casino’ category introduces options like roulettes, poker, blackjack, baccarat, table games, and tournaments.

The ‘Games’ tab highlights popular and new activities. Users can also directly enjoy popular games such as Aviator, Zeppelin, or Spaceman on the site. The ‘Virtual’ category hosts games like basketball, football, and tennis, complemented by special tournaments. The ‘Races’ category houses the GoldenRace game.

It is possible to browse the project’s growing number of providers in the slot, casino, games, and virtual categories. Users can also see recent winners, high rates, and earnings, reflecting transparent operations.

The platform extends beyond the casino, offering sports betting on various sports like Football, Basketball, Tennis, Ice Hockey, and Baseball.

About HugeWin

HugeWin, a recent entrant in the online casino space, aims to become a global leader. Launched in January 2024, the platform is devoted to providing a fun and trustworthy gaming environment.

The platform prioritizes immediate disbursement of earnings, barring instances of suspected fraud. Clients can expect prompt payouts without tedious documentation.

A wide array of betting options is available, with round-the-clock access to any desired match. Live casino sections offer an interactive experience with real croupiers.

It is possible to learn more about HugeWin by visiting its website and exploring the activity offering. Furthermore, users can stay updated on news and promotional offers by visiting HugeWin’s Twitter and Telegram.


Disclaimer: HugeWin is the source of this content. This release is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. Information provided about HugeWin and its services, including online gambling and cryptocurrency betting, involves significant risks and may not be suitable for all individuals. Users should exercise caution and are encouraged to conduct their own research before participating in any gambling activities. Participation is at the user’s own risk and should be approached with financial prudence.



Jowi Scholtz

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Neon Foundation proposes deployment of Aave V3 on Neon EVM

A new proposal by Neon Foundation and Aave Chan Initiative outlines the deployment of Aave V3 on Neon EVM.
The proposal is at the initial stage of community consideration and will proceed to a governance vote if sentiment is positive.

The Neon Foundation is seeking feedback from the Aave community over its proposal to deploy Aave V3 on Neon EVM mainnet. The proposal, also supported by Aave Chan Initiative (ACI), outlines the benefits of bringing Aave’s lending services to the EVM-compatible smart contract platform.

Neon EVM is built on Solana and allows for the scaling of Ethereum dApps on Solana.

“Temp check” for Aave V3 expansion to Neon EVM

According to Neon, the proposal is a “temperature check”. If a snapshot assessment shows supportive sentiment from the Aave community, this will proceed to the next step as an Aave Improvement Proposal (AIP). 

From here, a governance vote and potential adoption will see Aave V3 expand to the Solana-based platform as a minimal viable product (MVP).

This proposal suggests deploying Aave V3 on Neon EVM Mainnet with limited deployment of initial assets and conservative risk parameters. This approach will enable Aave to strategically establish a presence in the Solana ecosystem while minimizing risk exposure,” the co-authors wrote.

Aave’s expansion to Neon EVM will enable access to an “unaddressed” group of users, add to network liquidity, and tap into Solana’s community and ecosystem.

Neon Foundation also notes that the integration could allow for further growth for the platform, including through capturing of share of the Solana DeFi ecosystem. This does not only have the potential to grow the network’s community and user base, but also increase its total value locked (TVL) and protocol revenue.

Neon highlights three collaterals in SOL, mSOL, jitoSOL. USDC is envisioned as a borrowable asset.

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Cardano’s Challenge: Can Rebel Satoshi Surpass ADA’s Market Position with its Upcoming Presale?


The best cryptocurrency ICO analysts predict that Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) could witness a 150% surge by the end of its blockchain ICO.

Market analysts believe Cardano (ADA) could reach $1.240 in Q1 2024.

In recent weeks, top altcoins like Cardano’s ADA have dominated crypto challenges. While Cardano takes center stage, the real revelation comes from the story of Rebel Satoshi, a rising force in the crypto domain. Let’s take a look at what’s been going on with ADA, and $RBLZ recently.

Cardano Price Forecast: Can ADA Experience A Surge In The Coming Weeks?

Ergo, a smart contract platform, announced the activation of the user interface (UI) for Rosen Bridge on December 30, allowing for public cross-chain liquidity transfers between Ergo and Cardano. The initial asset subset consists of ADA, ERG, RSN, SigUSD, and SigRSV.

ADA was trading at $0.609 on December 29, but it had dropped to $0.567 by January 10, indicating a 17.15% drop. Nonetheless, market analysts believe Cardano has a bright future due to recent developments in its ecosystem system. As a result, they anticipate that ADA will reach $1.240 by the end of February 2024.

Cardano bears, on the other hand, predict a drop for Cardano as a result of technical indicator signals. As a result, they expect ADA to fall to $0.520 by the end of January 2024. Following this bearish forecast for Cardano price, market experts recommend that investors look to Rebel Satoshi.

Rebel Satoshi, An Emerging Meme Coin Project, Takes On The Financial Status Quo

Rebel Satoshi emerges as the leading meme token, inspired by the spirits of Guy Fawkes and Satoshi Nakamoto and driven by a mission to challenge the unjust monetary system. Rebel Satoshi, led by rebels, aims to reach a potential market cap of $100 million.

Simultaneously, Rebel Satoshi explores the lighter side of meme coins, cultivating a community through interactive quests and virtual gatherings. The Rebel Meme Hall of Fame is a unique feature that allows users to share laughter and gain recognition through their most popular community-voted memes.

To participate in this vibrant environment, prospective investors must possess $RBLZ. It is the necessary utility token for the rewarding aspects of Rebel Satoshi, beginning with the Rebel Artefacts Vault. Members can explore a treasure chest containing 9,999 trending NFTs in collectibles and digital art, all themed around rebellion. Furthermore, users can earn passive returns by staking their $RBLZ, increasing the network’s resilience.

Early investors in the $RBLZ presale are already looking at impressive returns as presale reaches Monarchs Round 4. 

$RBLZ is now worth $0.022 after increasing by 120% from the Early Bird Round and 10% from the previous Citizens Round 2. With $RBLZ expected to make its official trading debut at $0.025 per token, there’s potential for more gains amid bull cycle projections.

Potential $RBLZ investors can take advantage of a deposit bonus on the Rebel Satoshi website to potentially obtain more tokens. Rebel Satoshi anticipates exciting developments following the presale, such as the debut of the first NFT collection, a community rewards program, and more. 

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram

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Poland to introduce crypto regulation bill in Q2: report

The new bill seeks to introduce a crypto regulatory framework that aligns with the EU’s MiCA.
Poland’s Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) will supervise cryptocurrencies and impose penalties where applicable.

Poland’s financial markets regulator plans to have a crypto regulatory framework in place by the end of the year, the Finance Magnates has reported.

According to the publication, which has cited details published in local media outlets, the Polish government is looking to introduce a crypto regulation bill that will facilitate this in Q2.

The move will see the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) empowered to surpervise the digital assets market in the country in line with European crypto regulatory guidelines. The EU adopte its Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) law in 2023 and is set to come into effect this year.

Poland’s pursuit of new crypto-related legislation is therefore down to the need to align local laws with the new EU rules. The new crypto bill is eyeing more clarity for KNF and the broader cryptocurrency industry, as well as proper investor protection.

If the new bill’s adopted into law, the Polish markets’ watchdog will have the authority to impose financial penalties against crypto companies.

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Bitcoin ETF euphoria fades: BTC expected to slide to $40,000

Bitcoin (BTC) is expected to drop to as low as $40,000 despite hitting $49,000 post-SEC approval.
Crypto Fear and Greed Index drops to neutral after hitting October 2023 lows.
Investors seek clarity as Google searches spike 1,100%, questioning BTC’s fall.

In a rollercoaster week for the cryptocurrency market, the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the US sent shockwaves through the industry. Bitcoin’s initial surge to $49,000 quickly turned into a decline, leaving market sentiment in a state of uncertainty.

As investors grapple with the aftermath, key indicators and market analyses offer insights into potential price movements and the impact of ETF approval on Bitcoin’s trajectory.

Bitcoin’s whirlwind

Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, experienced a momentous turn of events following the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs by the SEC. The announcement triggered a rapid price surge, with BTC’s price reaching $49,000 within 24 hours. This surge was met with excitement, as industry players celebrated a significant step toward mainstream adoption.

However, the bullish rally was short-lived, as profit-taking sentiments among traders led to a substantial correction. Bitcoin tumbled to $41,500, wiping out the gains and prompting a shift in market sentiment. This sudden decline raised questions about the sustainability of the bullish momentum and the immediate implications of ETF approval.

Crypto Fear and Greed Index reflects changing sentiment

In the aftermath of the price turbulence, the Crypto Fear and Greed Index, a reliable gauge of market sentiment, took a notable hit. Dropping to its lowest level since October 2023, the index on January 15 stood at 52 out of 100, marking a shift to “neutral” sentiment. The decline in sentiment contrasts starkly with the earlier peak of “extreme greed” at 76, recorded during the anticipation of SEC’s approval.

Good Morning Everyone 🌄

📊 Crypto Fear and Greed Index

🧭 Index Value : 52
😱 Sentiment : Neutral
💰 BTC Price : $41808

— Ajay Kashyap (@EverythingAjay) January 15, 2024

Analysts suggest that the index’s plunge reflects the market’s response to the ETF approval, with the initial excitement giving way to a more cautious stance. The $BTC community, eager for mainstream adoption, is now grappling with uncertainties surrounding the performance of spot Bitcoin ETFs.

Lingering uncertainties

Despite the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs being hailed as a groundbreaking development, the market response has been mixed. The surge in Google searches, with a 1,100% increase for “Why is Bitcoin falling?” underscores the growing need for clear and accurate information. Investors and enthusiasts alike are navigating uncertainties, with a lack of transparency about the assets underpinning these ETFs adding to the caution.

As Bitcoin hovers around $42,700, stability is sought amid conflicting data and speculative narratives.

However, the future of Bitcoin (BTC) remains uncertain, with market participants closely monitoring liquidity levels, ETF performance, and the broader impact on the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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Venezuela halting Petro crypto amid scandals and setbacks

Venezuela officially halts Petro crypto after six years, converting assets to bolivar.
Petro faced scepticism and limited adoption.
Corruption scandal and crackdown on Bitcoin mining contributed to Petro’s downfall.

Venezuela is officially discontinuing its controversial Petro cryptocurrency, a project initiated by President Nicolas Maduro six years ago to counter US sanctions. Despite initial ambitions, the Petro faced hurdles, scepticism, and a corruption scandal.

As crypto wallets on the Patria Platform, the sole trading platform for Petro shut down, the remaining assets will be converted to the bolivar. The demise of Petro comes amidst a crackdown on crypto mining and a challenging economic landscape in Venezuela.

A brief history of the Petro cryptocurrency

Launched with much fanfare in February 2018, the Petro cryptocurrency was backed by Venezuela’s substantial petrol reserves and priced at $60 per unit. President Maduro aimed to utilize Petro for new international financing avenues, intending to circumvent economic sanctions imposed by the US. However, citizens struggled with its use, risk rating agencies labelled it a “scam,” and adoption remained limited.

Despite efforts in 2020 to mandate its use for state services, such as passport fees and airline fuel payments, Petro found practical application mainly in limited state operations, including tax payments and traffic fines.

On the Patria Platform, where Petro was traded, users could convert the cryptocurrency to bolivars through an auction system. However, Petro’s credibility continued to wane, and its use remained confined.

Downfall and demise: Petro’s final blow

The Petro faced its ultimate setback with a corruption scandal surrounding irregularities in oil operations conducted using crypto assets. The scandal led to the resignation of Petroleum Minister Tareck El Aissami and the detention of officials, including those from the Sunacrip crypto regulator.

This development triggered a crackdown on Bitcoin mining operations in Venezuela, where cryptocurrencies had been popular as a hedge against hyperinflation and bolivar devaluation. A temporary ban on crypto mining, linked to a corruption scheme investigation, resulted in the arrest of around 80 individuals and impacted the industry Maduro aimed to promote.

In its wake, Venezuela is left grappling with the challenges posed by the discontinuation of Petro and the broader implications for its crypto landscape amidst economic uncertainties and sanctions.

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$BTC ETF Approval Already Priced-In? This Presale Offers Double Digit Returns

After a decade-long wait, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission finally approved the trading spot Bitcoin ETFs. Although this event was initially expected to trigger a bull run, causing Bitcoin and other cryptos to skyrocket, some analysts suggest that the event is already priced in.

As a result, savvy investors are diversifying their portfolios with some of the best cryptocurrencies to buy now, including $GFOX. Let’s take a closer look at this project and figure out why it’s on so many lists of top coins to buy.


 The best ICO presale for maximum profits

One of the best ways to make passive income with crypto is to buy new crypto before listing. This way, you get the tokens for a fraction of a dollar, and stand the best chance of making the most profits when the coin skyrockets. This is what makes investing in $GFOX a great idea in the crypto world to see how the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs will affect the market.

$GFOX offers you a fast-growing coin that is poised to become a 100X coin in the coming months. Although it is a meme coin, the token stands head and shoulders above run-of-the-mill meme coins to offer utility-rich features designed to proliferate and transform your life. From a web -3 game to NFTS and physical merchandise, $GFOX has everything you need in a meme coin project and more.

The play-to-earn game gives you a chance to enjoy an exciting game while making some real money on the side. The goal is to be among the top 20% of players on the leaderboard by the end of the gaming season. To enhance your chances of getting there, you can buy some NFTs which give your avatar unique strengths. You can also buy some attribute boosters when you need to temporarily increase your speed, agility, and strength.

Another feature that makes $GFOX the best cryptocurrency to buy is its staking platform. This platform allows you to showcase your loyalty to the project and in return, you get some monetary rewards in the form of $GFOX.

You can also extend your love for $GFOX into your physical everyday life by adding some stunning collectibles to your collection or enhancing your wardrobe with some sleazy fashion items.

If you haven’t already done so, this is the best time to join the fast-selling $GFOX presale. The ICO is now in stage 7 with over 87% of the coins sold. The presale has raised over $2.6 million to date.


Are Bitcoin ETFs already priced in?

Cryptocurrency investors are excited about the approval of spot bitcoin ETFs that happened on Wednesday. Most expect that this development will pump billions of dollars into the crypto market by paving the way for more investors to get into the space.

According to anchorage CEO, Nathan McCauley, the introduction of spot bitcoin ETFs marks the end of crypto as a novel asset class. ETFs will make investing in the best cryptocurrency to buy a less intimidating task for beginners

The firms that got the approval are already household names in the finance industry. Their move into the digital space helps to make crypto more mainstream, and possibly increase the value of different cryptocurrencies.

However, some analysts are skeptical about the impact spot Bitcoin ETFS will have. Although we can already see some price increases, with $ETH surging by 17% and Bitcoin moving past $47,000, some analysts think the majority of gains for Bitcoin ETFs might already be priced into the market.


Final word

As we wait to see what will happen now that spot bitcoin ETFs are a reality, take this opportunity to diversify your portfolio with $GFOX, a fast-rising coin that’s primed for major gains, and one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in for 2024.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community.

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Pullix hybrid exchange enters market as Google and Apple pull major exchanges from stores in India

Binance, OKX apps removed from Google, Apple stores due to PMLA non-compliance.
Indian traders flock to compliant platforms like WazirX, CoinSwitch Kuber, post-app removals.
Pullix’s PLX presale gathers steam fueled by its innovative trade-to-earn model.

In a significant turn of events, Google and Apple have removed major cryptocurrency exchanges from their app stores in India. This move follows heightened regulatory scrutiny by the Financial Intelligence Unit of India (FIU-Ind).

Meanwhile, Pullix, an emerging trading exchange, is making waves with its ongoing PLX token presale, offering unique features and a game-changing revenue-sharing mechanism.

Pullix: hybrid crypto trading platform

Pullix, an innovative hybrid trading exchange currently conducting the presale of its native token, PLX, is making waves in the cryptocurrency space as popular exchanges face the wrath of regulatory authorities.

Ushering in a new era of trading experiences. The PLX token stands out as the market’s first “Trade-to-Earn” cryptocurrency, allowing users to earn instant rewards for trading on the platform and completing challenges.

The PLX presale is generating significant interest, with analysts predicting a 580% rise in the presale and a potential 100x increase on launch. The presale is in its sixth stage and the price has risen considerably from the initial price of $0.04 to its current price of $0.08.

As the presale progresses, investors and traders are drawn to the PLX token’s unique revenue-sharing mechanism. Holders have the opportunity to profit from the daily revenue of the exchange, earning a fixed passive income by providing liquidity to automated market makers once the exchange launched later in January. This approach sets Pullix apart, offering a reliable source of income in the volatile crypto landscape.

India’s crypto clampdown: Google and Apple remove exchanges

The crypto landscape in India is undergoing a seismic shift as major exchanges face removal from both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Binance, OKX, KuCoin, and others have been blocked following notices from the FIU-Ind, stating that these exchanges are operating illegally without registering as reporting entities under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA).

This regulatory action is part of a broader effort to bring offshore crypto exchanges into compliance with Indian regulations. The FIU-Ind’s notices, issued on December 28, 2023, highlighted concerns about money laundering activities on these platforms.

The Indian government has escalated its measures by urging the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to block the URLs of these exchanges, compelling them to register their services in India. The removal of these apps from app stores has impacted users’ access, marking a significant development in India’s stance on cryptocurrency trading.

Impact on Indian traders

India’s stringent regulatory environment, including a 30% capital gains tax and a 1% transaction levy, had prompted many Indian crypto traders to seek refuge on global platforms. However, the recent clampdown has resulted in a reverse trend.

With Google and Apple restricting access to major international exchanges, Indian traders are turning to domestic platforms like WazirX, CoinSwitch Kuber, and CoinDCX. These platforms, compliant with India’s anti-money laundering regulations, have witnessed a surge in registrations.

WazirX, for instance, reported a remarkable 250% surge in deposit inflows within four days of the FIU-Ind’s compliance notice to foreign exchanges. While this shift indicates a return to local platforms, it also leaves many Indian investors with assets stuck in the wallets of blocked foreign exchanges.


As India tightens its grip on cryptocurrency regulations, global exchanges are feeling the impact, leading to their removal from major app stores. The simultaneous rise of domestic platforms signals a shift in traders’ preferences, driven by regulatory compliance and the need for a secure trading environment.

Pullix’s PLX token presale adds an intriguing layer to the evolving crypto landscape, providing users with innovative opportunities for trading and earning in a market undergoing significant regulatory transformation.

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Dollarino (DOLS) – The First Anti ETF Crypto Coin Is On The Market

Vilnius, Lithuania, January 15th, 2024, Chainwire

The single-industry-focused ETFs limit diversification and Dollarino is here to do the exact opposite. Dollarino is the first major reaction that acts as an anti ETF coin, standing on behalf of those who want to generate their own negotiation on ETFs in order to be able to diversify their existing portfolio. Dollarino comes as an enclosing solution of all potential attempts to convert it into an ETF, and furthermore as a sign of the market’s protest against the regulation that has taken place through ETF., the Polish exchange, has officially announced that Dollarino (DOLS) will be listed on 17.01.2024. This listing marks a significant milestone for Dollarino, reflecting its growing acceptance and recognition in the financial market.

About Dollarino

Dollarino Token is a new and innovative project that emerged from a fundamental belief in educating the community about the impact of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) on the crypto market. With a team of tech enthusiasts skilled in crypto and gaming, Dollarino is driven by innovation and a commitment to the true spirit of cryptocurrency. The company distinguishes itself by integrating entertainment into its platform, collaborating with content creators and gaming platforms to offer its users a diverse and engaging experience.



Stephan Coda

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