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Bitcoin trades above $46k ahead of SEC ETF decision: Will it rally higher?

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Bitcoin is trading above $46k as market experts expect the US SEC to approve a spot Bitcoin ETF soon.

Bitbot’s presale is launching in a week and the project seeks to make trading easier for users. 

The cryptocurrency market has been performing well over the last few hours, with Bitcoin trading above $46k. With the SEC expected to approve a spot Bitcoin ETF soon, BTC’s price could soar higher soon.

Bitcoin could soar if the SEC approves a spot Bitcoin ETF

Bitcoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency by market cap, has been performing well over the last few hours. At press time, the price of Bitcoin stands at $46,239, up by more than 1% in the last 24 hours.

BTC’s price could soar higher over the coming hours if the US SEC approves the spot Bitcoin ETF applications. 

What is Bitbot? 

With the bear market now over, trading volume across centralised and decentralised exchanges has massively increased. However, the biggest challenge for many people is how to trade cryptocurrencies.

This is where Bitbot comes in. Bitbot is a self-custodial trading bot that enables users to trade via their cold wallets on Telegram. This is an innovative way of trading as Telegram remains one of the leading social media platforms for crypto users. 

Bitbot will offer users a wide range of powerful features to help them grow their trading portfolios through an ultra-intuitive interface built on top of institutional-grade technology. 

Bitbot’s development team have vast experience in various fields including traditional finance and blockchain. The team has a powerful mix essential to deliver a product that combines the innovation we’d expect for crypto traders with the approach to security seen in traditional asset trading.

With Bitcoin halving roughly three months away, Bitcoin’s price is expected to reach a new all-time high. When that happens, BTC’s trading volume will skyrocket and so will other altcoins.

Bitbot’s technological innovations

Bitbot could be an excellent tool for traders. If the tool gains massive adoption, its native token could become one of the biggest winners in the current bull run. 

What makes Bitbot an exciting project is that it prioritises security. The team has partnered with Knightsafe to offer a self-custody solution, hugely mitigating the typical risks associated with Telegram trading.


In addition, Bitbot will also use part of the funds raised from its presale to develop anti-MEV and anti-rug solutions for users to protect their assets. These solutions would help protect investors from bots artificially pumping transaction costs and block scam projects.

The Bitbot team is also working on a copy trading feature that would allow investors to copy the trades of the strongest performing wallets based on on-chain activities; predicted to be one of the most popular aspects of the product.

The Bitbot whitepaper contains more information about the project’s features, roadmap, and Solid Proof audit. 

Click here to read more about Bitbot’s upcoming presale. 

Could Bitbot be one of the top crypto investments this year? 

2024 could be an exciting period for the crypto market as the US SEC is expected to approve a spot Bitcoin ETF soon. Furthermore, the Bitcoin halving event is slated for April.

These events could see low-cap gems record massive growth and Bitbot could be one of such projects. 

Bitbot is laying the foundation to become an excellent project for cryptocurrency traders. According to the team, $100k raised from the presale has already been earmarked for a trading competition on the Bitbot website in a bid to encourage cryptocurrency trading. 

Bitbot’s presale is slated to commence on January 17th, with a starting price of $0.0100. Bitbot has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens and 30% of tokens will be sold in a presale across 8 stages.

Furthermore, 20% of tokens will be held by the Bitbot development team to fund ongoing development while 14% will be for marketing & CEX listings.

The development team are working hard to see Bitbot become a billion-dollar market cap project. If that happens, early $BITBOT holders have a genuine opportunity to make 100X gains.

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Turkey’s crypto regulation is at the final stage: report

Turkey’s crypto regulation seeks to align the country’s anti-money laundering laws with the scope of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) as it looks to get off the “grey list”.
Minister of Treasury and Finance Mehmet Simsek says the crypto asset regulation framework has reached the technical stage.

Turkey has advanced the legal framework for crypto regulation to the final stage, Mehmet Simsek, the country’s Minister of Treasury and Finance, said on Wednesday.

A report by local media outlet Anadolu Agency states that once finalised, the legislation will see Turkish authorities and regulators apply the clarity the law gives to promote blockchain development and to protect crypto users.

Crypto legislation to align with international practices

According to Simsek, interest in crypto assets has grown significantly across the Turkish population, particularly with regard to buying and selling of crypto assets on cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms. 

This, however, has come with various risks, including fraud on some exchanges. The government official also highlighted the potential for manipulation and risks of wild price movements.

The regulatory framework reaching the technical stage means the country is a step closer to aligning its crypto regulatory landscape with international practices.

The legislation will also see Turkey’s crypto regulation align with the international requirements as captured by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

Among regulatory requirements to be rolled out with the final implementation will be the obligation for cryptocurrency trading platforms to register for and obtain licences. Simsek also noted that Turkey was looking to align its regulatory rules with international law as applied to founders, and managers. The legal obligations will also extend to capital management.

As CoinJournal highlighted in November last year, Turkey’s crypto asset law is part of the country’s effort to persuade FATF to remove it from the “grey list”.

Added to the list in 2021, Turkey’s appearance means it’s one of the countries currently having an insufficient crackdown on anti-money laundering (AML) and terrorism financing.

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BitGo receives in-principle approval in Singapore

Singapore’s financial regulator has granted crypto custody firm BitGo an in-principle approval.
The licence allows BitGo to operate as a Major Payments Instutition (MPI) provider in the country.

Digital asset custody provider BitGo has received a regulatory nod from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). The crypto company said in an announcement on Wednesday that Singapore‘s financial regulator had granted it the in-principle approval to operate as a Major Payment Institution (MPI).

The approval expands BitGo’s “global footprint and provides APAC with regulated, secure and trusted solutions,” the firm noted in a post on X.

BitGo receives in-principle approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

This expands our global footprint and provides APAC with regulated, secure and trusted solutions.

We applaud Singapore’s sound, clear and robust regulatory framework for digital assets. 🇸🇬…

— BitGo (@BitGo) January 10, 2024

With the MPI licence, BitGo has the greenlight to offer its services in the country as it awaits a full licence from the regulator. When this happens, BitGo will expand its services to include digital payment tokens.

BitGo, which also has regulatory approval from Germany’s BaFin, is bidding to join major crypto players including Coinbase, Ripple and in securing a full MPI licence from MAS. Coinbase recently highlighted Singapore as a key market in the APAC region.

Notably, Singapore’s nod to the wallet provider comes a few days after Hashdex named it as the custodian for its spot Bitcoin ETF.

In August 2023, BitGo announced it had secured $100 million in its Series C funding round, with this raised at a $1.75 billion valuation. The company said it would use the funding on strategic acquisitions and as it looks to position itself as a top crypto wallet and security infrastructure provider.

In October, it revealed a partnership with institutional digital asset infrastructure platform Copper. The alliance is geared towards enabling institutional access to spot and derivative exchanges from regulated cold storage.

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BlockGuard and Pixelette Technologies forge a strategic DeFi partnership

BlockGuard and Pixelette form a strategic DeFi partnership.
Asif Ashiq Rana, Pixelette’s CEO, joins BlockGuard as an advisor, bringing expertise in blockchain and AI.
The collaboration focuses on BlockGuard’s vision for transparent, efficient, and accessible Web3 risk management.

Web3 platform BlockGuard has inked an equity partnership with Pixelette Technologies, a leading London-based blockchain and IT firm.

The collaboration not only marks a significant step for BlockGuard but also brings aboard Asif Ashiq Rana, Pixelette’s CEO and a key figure advising the British government on blockchain and AI matters, as an advisor.

Pixelette Technologies’s 5% equity stake in BlockGuard

As part of the strategic partnership, Pixelette Technologies has secured a 5% equity stake in BlockGuard. This move aligns with Pixelette’s commitment to exploring innovative technological avenues, particularly in the realms of AI and blockchain.

As a testament to this commitment, Asif Ashiq Rana, Pixelette’s CEO, expresses excitement about the collaboration, stating that the entire team is thrilled to contribute to BlockGuard’s vision through top-tier development solutions.

BlockGuard’s vision and Pixelette’s expertise converge

BlockGuard, at the forefront of revolutionizing risk management in the Web3 space, emphasizes transparency, accessibility, and efficiency for global investors. With a focus on long-term asset growth and stability, BlockGuard offers decentralized professionally managed funds, a gold-backed token, and advanced financial planning software leveraging blockchain and AI. Pixelette Technologies, known for bleeding-edge solutions in AI, blockchain, and the metaverse, is set to play a pivotal role in building BlockGuard’s tokenized gold system and an enhanced blockchain infrastructure.

As Asif Ashiq Rana steps into an advisory role, BlockGuard not only gains a valuable equity partner but also taps into Rana’s extensive experience, including his position as the Managing Director at the award-winning think tank, Big Innovation Centre (BIC). This collaboration signifies a convergence of expertise and innovation, propelling BlockGuard’s DeFi vision into the promising landscape of 2024 and beyond.

This strategic partnership between BlockGuard and Pixelette Technologies not only solidifies their commitment to advancing DeFi solutions but also sets the stage for future developments in the dynamic intersection of AI, blockchain, and decentralized finance.

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Bitget Reaffirms Industry-Leading Reserve Strength with Latest PoR Ratio of 175%

Victoria, Seychelles, January 10th, 2024, Chainwire

Bitget, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 company, has launched its most recent monthly Proof of Reserves (PoR) report, demonstrating its industry-leading commitment to transparency with a robust total reserve ratio of 175%. This regularly-released PoR disclosure underscores Bitget’s unwavering pledge to maintain 100% backing for user funds at all times through substantial on-hand reserves.

The January 2023 PoR data highlights Bitget’s unrelenting focus on prudent financial management and stability. With these strong reserve numbers, Bitget confirms its steadfast dedication to safeguarding user assets through unparalleled visibility into its balance sheet. According to Coinmarketcap’s data on January 8th, Bitget’s total reserves surpassed $1.8 billion consisting of major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC, among others. This routine audit provides clear visibility into Bitget’s ongoing commitment to openness and accountability.

Gracy Chen, Managing Director at Bitget said: “Bitget remains resolute in providing the highest level of security and transparency to its users. We prioritize financial stability and technical resilience to instill unwavering confidence in our platform. We take immense pride in maintaining the most robust reserve ratio among major exchanges. This unwavering commitment to financial stability reinforces our users’ trust in Bitget as a reliable and trustworthy crypto exchange.”

Bitget’s dedication to transparency aligns with its focus on maximizing user protection. In addition to its robust reserves, Bitget has established a Protection Fund and publishes monthly valuations to further safeguard users from unforeseen threats.

About Bitget

Established in 2018, Bitget is the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and web3 company. Serving over 20 million users in 100+ countries and regions, the Bitget exchange is committed to helping users trade smarter with its pioneering copy trading feature and other trading solutions. Formerly known as BitKeep, Bitget Wallet is a world-class multi-chain crypto wallet that offers an array of comprehensive Web3 solutions and features including wallet functionality, swap, NFT Marketplace, DApp browser, and more. Bitget inspires individuals to embrace crypto through collaborations with credible partners, including legendary Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi and official eSports events organizer PGL.

For more information, visit:

Bitget Wallet



Rachel Cheung

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Metacade fuels 2024 blockchain gaming revolution: partnerships and investment insights

Metacade shapes 2024 gaming with strategic partnerships and diverse blockchain game offerings.
Yat Siu, Animoca Brands’ executive chairman, anticipates a blockchain gaming resurgence in 2024.
Evaluation of $MCADE token reveals a clear roadmap, buyback mechanism, and active community.

The gaming industry is set for a dynamic transformation in 2024, with blockchain games taking centre stage. Metacade, a leading player in this revolution, has recently unveiled partnerships, shaping a unified platform for gamers, developers, and investors.

This article delves into the exciting prospects for blockchain games in 2024, Metacade’s latest developments, and explores whether investing in the Metacade token ($MCADE) aligns with gaming and blockchain enthusiasts’ interests.

The 2024 horizon for blockchain games

In an interview in December 2023, Yat Siu, the executive chairman of Animoca Brands, anticipated a resurgence for blockchain games in 2024. Siu saw 2023 as a pivotal “cleanup year” for the industry, addressing concerns and challenges that have fueled scepticism.

🗣 Yat Siu said in a recent interview that 2023 was “clean up year” in which we “purged a lot of bad actors,” which was “healthy.”

⛓ He went on to describe how our nascent web3 gaming industry is “tied together” since we’re all “built on the same infrastructure.”


— Yoda Labs: Gaming News and Research (@yodalabs_) December 29, 2023

While billions have been invested, Siu remains optimistic about 2024, a year poised for mass adoption, particularly in Asia. He notes that the entry of triple-A game companies like Ubisoft, Zynga, and Square Enix into blockchain games signals continued industry confidence.

Metacade’s strategic partnerships and game integrations

Metacade’s recent collaboration with Blockchain Game Alliance on January 5 marks a significant step toward a unified platform for gamers, developers, and investors. This partnership aligns with Metacade’s mission of creating a diverse gaming ecosystem.

Moreover, Metacade’s foray into the real-time multiplayer game Space Mavericks brings a unique blend of classic artillery-style gameplay and MOBA elements, enriching the platform’s game offerings.

A day earlier, on January 4, Metacade announced its partnership with BandZaiGame, introducing a fully decentralized play-and-earn game. This collaboration emphasizes the integration of NFTs (Zaï cards) into gameplay, where users can level up and earn $BZAI.

Metacade’s commitment to bringing innovative and decentralized gaming experiences to its platform is evident in these strategic partnerships.

Evaluating Metacade (MCADE) as an investment

Metacade’s token, $MCADE, operates on the Ethereum network and follows an ERC-20 standard. With a total supply of 2 billion tokens, the platform incorporates a burn mechanism to create a deflationary token economy.

The MCADE token price stands at $0.0120, reflecting its market cap of $23.91 million and a community of over 10,000 holders.

Investors have multiple avenues to acquire $MCADE. The platform offers easy purchase options using debit or credit cards with 0% fees. Alternatively, users can trade on Uniswap or choose centralized exchanges like Bitget, BitMart, and Coinstore.

Looking at Metacade’s roadmap for 2024, the company plans substantial upgrades to its main platform, including the launch of the new Metacade platform, deployment of on-platform chat, messaging, and notifications, and exploration of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) games. The implementation of a buyback and burn mechanism, live staking pools, and continuous engagement through weekly competitions and events further enhance the utility and attractiveness of the $MCADE token.


Metacade’s strategic partnerships, commitment to innovation, and a clear roadmap for 2024 position it as a significant player in the evolving landscape of blockchain gaming.

Investors looking to participate in the intersection of gaming and blockchain may find $MCADE a compelling addition to their Metaverse Coins portfolios.

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Celsius initiates recovery of large pre-bankruptcy withdrawals

Celsius Creditors withdrawing $100k+ pre-bankruptcy face legal action and must comply for future distributions.
Celsius’ post-bankruptcy Bitcoin mining focus approved; Ethereum unstaked for timely creditor repayments.
Legal challenges persist; CEO Alex Mashinsky faces fraud charges; $4.7B FTC settlement hinges on successful bankruptcy completion.

In a strategic move amidst its post-bankruptcy revival, Celsius, the crypto lending platform, has taken a bold step to recover from its financial turmoil. The company is now demanding a 27.5% return on substantial withdrawals made just before its bankruptcy filing.

This marks a crucial development in Celsius’ ongoing efforts to navigate regulatory challenges and fulfil its commitments under the reorganization plan. The lender recently said it would unstake $470M Ethereum in readiness for creditor repayments.

Celsius enforces 27.5% return of funds from creditors

Celsius recently issued notifications to creditors who withdrew over $100,000 within 90 days before the company declared bankruptcy on July 13, 2022. These account holders are now facing the requirement to return 27.5% of the funds they withdrew during that critical period.

Legal actions may be initiated against those who do not comply with this directive. Compliance, however, makes these creditors eligible for future distributions according to Celsius’ reorganization plan.

This stern approach underscores Celsius’ commitment to managing its financial crisis effectively. Alan R. Rosenberg, a partner at Markowitz Ringel Trusty & Hartog law firm, explained that creditors falling under the “withdrawal preference exposure” category must make a choice – settle with the estate by paying 27.5% of the withdrawn amount or accept the reorganization plan without opting out of the releases.

Celsius’ bankruptcy journey and legal challenges

Celsius declared bankruptcy in July 2022, revealing a staggering $1.2 billion deficit in its balance sheet. Despite creditors approving a reorganization plan in September 2023, Celsius and its CEO, Alex Mashinsky, faced legal challenges from the SEC, FTC, and CFTC. Mashinsky, charged with fraud, awaits trial in the fall. Celsius agreed to a $4.7 billion settlement with the FTC, contingent upon completing its bankruptcy proceedings.

This latest notice to creditors is a crucial step in Celsius’ broader strategy to stabilize its financial position. The company is addressing the aftermath of large pre-bankruptcy withdrawals, showcasing the challenges faced by the cryptocurrency industry in achieving regulatory compliance and financial stability.

As Celsius actively pursues its post-bankruptcy Bitcoin mining strategy, these developments highlight the complex and evolving nature of the crypto landscape, where legal scrutiny and financial restructuring intersect.

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Analyst’s top DeFi coins to rally in January – Polygon, Ripple, and NuggetRush

NuggetRush’s mining game has attracted many users who have pushed the token from $0.010 to $0.015.
Crypto Analyst Ali Charts foresees Polygon rising as high as $0.96.
Ripple whales are currently on the move as they sent 126.7 million XRP.

Analysts have picked Polygon, Ripple, and NuggetRush (NUGX) as their top DeFi coins for gains in January. 

Meanwhile, NuggetRush is a new project compared to Polygon and Ripple. Still, the DeFi community is showing interest in its presale. Let’s explore this project.

NuggetRush (NUGX): a mining adventure game

NuggetRush (NUGX) is a fun mining adventure game for players of all ability levels. Participants in this game face a difficult battle as they attempt to develop flourishing mining firms.

NuggetRush introduces professional entrepreneurs and artisanal miners in the form of NFTs. These characters are key to building successful mining operations. Players in NuggetRush can earn rewards in a variety of ways. They can participate in competitions and fights, as well as do quests.

The game presents a variety of challenges. They include constructing mining shafts, building tunnels, finding mineral resources, and deploying proper excavation machinery. NuggetRush also offers a marketplace where users can sell resources and in-game collectables. This places it among the best DeFi projects around.

NuggetRush is a community-driven effort that encourages user engagement for larger rewards. Within NuggetRush, players can form mining groups to increase their payouts and mining efficiency. Holders of the NUGX token can gain access to unique sections within the game as well as governance powers.

This ongoing blockchain ICO has now sold over 140 million NUGX tokens. The NUGX coin is now worth $0.015 after gaining 50% from its starting price of $0.010. Analysts have predicted another 50% price surge in the coming weeks.

Polygon (MATIC): Ali Charts predicts a rise to $0.96 

Popular crypto expert Ali is hopeful that Polygon (MATIC) could reach $0.96 by the end of January 2024. If more people start buying it at its current price, the analyst foresees a rise to $0.88 and even $0.96.

Meanwhile, Polygon prices have dropped on the weekly and monthly charts. People are still interested in it, particularly because of the Polygon 2.0 overhaul. Polygon’s pricing is now fluctuating between $0.800 and $0.900. 

If the price of Polygon remains above $0.0800, it may rise to $0.9600. If it remains at this level, it may shortly reach $0.1000. However, if prices continue to fall, Polygon may fall below its current low and reach below $0.0700.

Ripple (XRP) whales move 126.7M XRP

Ripple (XRP) experienced two significant whale transactions today. Whale Alert reported that on January 8th, two large transfers involving a total of 126.7 million XRP occurred.

The funds were moved between unknown wallets and a centralized exchange (CEX). The first transaction was a transfer of 26.7 million XRP to Bitstamp, a crypto exchange based in Luxembourg.

100 million XRP were transferred from Ripple’s holdings to an unidentified wallet in the second transaction. Although the Ripple community is in panic as a result of these transactions, investors remain optimistic.

Right now, the price of Ripple’s XRP fluctuates between $0.5521 and $0.638. In the last seven and thirty days, the token has lost 10.4% and 19.2%, respectively. Nevertheless, experts see a 35.21% increase to $ 0.772643 in the upcoming weeks.


Analysts are bullish on Polygon, Ripple, and NuggetRush to give massive gains in January. Nevertheless, NuggetRush is the best crypto to buy due to its low market cap and price. Also, it offers users a gaming platform with several benefits.

For more information about NuggetRush, you can visit the NuggetRush Presale Website.

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Binance, Kraken apps removed from App Store in India; implications for Pullix?

Apple has removed Binance, Kraken, MEXC and Kucoin apps from its App Store in India.
Meanwhile, new exchange platform Pullix (PLX) continues to see great traction during its presale.
Trading on a hybrid exchange means users have access not just to liquidity, but also to all the robust security features that make top CEX platforms the industry’s choice.

As crypto looks to embark on a new bull run, news from India is that Apple has removed the crypto apps of several exchanges from its App Store. This comes just over a week after the Indian government issued warnings to the cryptocurrency exchanges for non-compliance.

What does this mean for local crypto traders? Could the emergence of new exchange platform Pullix (PLX) help unlock more for the market?

Apple removes apps after India government notice to exchanges

A Techcrunch report on Wednesday, January 10 highlighted that apps for Binance, Kraken, MEXC and Kucoin were among the eight no longer available in Apple’s App Store in the country.

The move follows compliance notices that the Financial Intelligence Unit India (FIU IND) issued to nine exchanges last December. 

Targeted exchanges were Binance, Kucoin, Huobi, Kraken, Gate, Bittrex, Bitstamp, MEXC and Bitfinex. The compliance notices outlined the regulator’s decision to block websites of these exchanges as they are not registered in the country.

FIU also said the exchanges’ operations do not comply with the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Financing of Terrorism (CFT) regulatory framework.

Hybrid exchanges becoming popular

Amid this stance by the Indian government, global regulators and such, and with crypto still reeling from the collapse of FTX, decentralised exchanges (DEX) have emerged as crucial players. Non-custodial, on-chain and privacy are key features that continue to attract traders from centralised exchanges (CEXs) to DEXs.

However, things like high trading fees, price slippage, and more importantly liquidity issues mean a new type of exchange offering the best of both the CEX and DEX platforms is increasingly becoming popular. This new type of exchange is hybrid – its not centralised, but offers all that users have come to like about these platforms.

Users out to get the best of the two worlds – CEX and DEX – will find Pullix (PLX) a great platform to use. This is because, apart from offering a solution to the problem of liquidity that often plagues decentralised exchanges, this platform has all the perks that traders would want from a hybrid exchange.

Why join the Pullix (PLX) presale?

With Pullix, it won’t just be the convenience and benefit of an orderbook, it also brings institutional, liquid, and slippage-free trading to its users. Of course security is a main concern and Pullix’s non-custodial approach means users have full control of their assets.

Experts point to DeFi being one of the top trends in 2024 amid the bull market, and Pullix’s launch could coincide with an explosive demand across the industry. To make a mark, the platform will offer users a unique, user-friendly exchange to buy, sell or trade different tokens, CFDs and ETFs among other assets. 

All the while, the PLX token will grant holder exclusive perks, including from a revenue-sharing mechanism not available elsewhere in the market. When it launches, it will provide access to liquidity provision, yield farming and staking opportunities to holders of the native PLX token. The whitepaper also highlights a DeFi and NFT Launchpad.

Currently, the Ethereum-based platform is in presale, with PLX available at $0.08 during stage six.

To learn more about Pullix or to participate in the PLX token sale, join the presale.

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