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Crypto price prediction: Memeinator (MMTR), Tectum (TET), Solana

Memeinator’s token sale has raised over $3 million in the past few months.

Tectum token surged as investors cheered the growth of its holders.

Solana remained under intense pressure as demand waned.

Cryptocurrency prices are bracing for a big week that could set the tone for the rest of the year. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is widely expected to approve Bitcoin ETFs by the likes of Blackrock, Invesco, Fidelity, and Franklin Templeton. 

The SEC has already asked the applicants to submit their final revisions ahead of a vote set for this week. Most experts believe that the agency has no reason to deny these applications because companies have already added the mitigation measures that the agency requested. This article looks at some of the top cryptocurrencies to watch this week, including Memeinator (MMTR), Tectum (TET), and Solana (SOL).

Memeinator prediction

Memeinator, one of the upcoming meme coins, has continued doing well in the past few months. The company has raised over $3 million in a token sale that has been going on for the past few months. This makes it one of the fastest-growing tokens in the industry. 

Memeinator aims to be the next big thing in the crypto industry. Precisely, it aims to become a major player in the meme coin industry that is now dominated by the likes of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. It also aims to beat the new age meme coins like MEME, Pepe, and Bonk., which surged hard in 2023.

Memeinator aims to achieve this by creating an active community of enthusiast in its ecosystem. It also aims to create an ecosystem made up of games and NFTs in the future. Also, the developers aim to incorporate concepts of artificial intelligence (AI) to its ecosystem. You can buy the MMTR token here.

Tectum price forecast

Tectum is a blockchain project that claims to be the fastest one in the industry. According to its website, it can handle over 1 million transactions per second. This is a major figure considering that Ethereum handles less than 30 TPS. It is faster than most other well-known networks like Fantom, Avalanche, and Tron. 

TET, its token, was one of the top performers during the weekend as demand for the token jumped. According to its website, its holders jumped to over 12k across the ERC20, BEP20, and T12 networks. TET is used to mint Softnotes, paying merchant fees, Tectum gas fee, and bridged token fees.

The 4H chart shows that the TET crypto price has been in a strong uptrend in the past few weeks. It has moved from a low of $9.07 in December to over $45. It remains above the 50-day and 25-day Exponential Moving Averages (EMA). 

The outlook for Tectum is still bullish, with the next point to watch being at the YTD high of $45. A drop below the support at $35 will invalidate the bullish view.

Solana price forecast

Solana price has suffered a harsh reversal in the past few days. After peaking at $126 in December, the token has pulled back to $96. It has remained below the 50-period and 25-period moving averages. The coin’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) has continued falling and is hovering near the oversold level.

Therefore, the outlook for Solana price is bearish, with the next point to watch being at $84.70, the lowest swing on January 3rd. A move above the key resistance at $100 will invalidate the bearish view.

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$TIA Eyes Further Gains as $GFOX Presale Reaches Over $2.3 Million

$GFOX progress piques crypto enthusiasts’ interests, as $TIA eyes continued price pump

If you’re looking for good investments, $TIA could be a good crypto to buy now. The token impressed with its year-end run, and the momentum has extended to the new year. $TIA is looking to keep up its run, and its future outlook suggests it could be one of the best cryptos to invest in. $TIA isn’t the only impressive altcoin currently. 

The new presale meme coin, $GFOX, is also having a good run, surpassing $2.3 million on presale. Both altcoins are profitable investments this year. 

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX): Fox-themed Hybrid Meme Coin With Excellent Utility 

Galaxy Fox is an Ethereum-based meme ecosystem where users can play, earn, and have fun. The crypto project is dedicated to providing users with fun and income-earning opportunities. Galaxy Fox will leverage meme appeal and features to create fun, while its web3 game, runner, will be the basic earning medium in the ecosystem. The Runner game is P2E, and users can enjoy the thrill of playing against each other while earning. 

You can also earn on Galaxy Fox by staking the $GFOX token. Staking rewards come from the crypto project’s Stargate – the central hub for allocating residual earnings to staked tokens. Stargate is funded by automatically adding 2% of every transaction’s total value. It facilitates ecosystem replenishment and fuels committed $GFOX token holders’ passion. Staking $GFOX tokens makes you eligible to receive a proportional share of Stargate’s rewards periodically. This satisfactory incentivizing gives users compelling reasons to HODL the $GFOX tokens. 

Minting and trading Galaxy Fox NFTs is another feasible way of benefiting from the crypto project. Galaxy Fox is releasing about 3000 of its coolest NFTs during its ongoing presale, and you can mint them directly on Galaxy Fox’s official website and trade them on popular NFTs trading platforms. The NFTs will have a high possibility to increase in value rapidly, making them buys or assets to keep for anyone. They’ll play a vital role in improving players’ chances of winning their games while equally being an item of value that can be traded for real money in the Galaxy Fox NFTs marketplace. 

Players can get other game-enhancing digital items in the marketplace, leveraging the $GFOX token to complete transactions. The hybrid meme-GameFi token is billed for a high-value increase in the coming months. This makes potentially a must-own crypto asset either via winning the platform’s web3 game, staking, or joining the presale. The Galaxy Fox presale has been on for a while, and it’s gradually nearing its end, making it a good crypto to buy now before its retail launch. 

Currently, the token 6th presale is rounding up out of the proposed 10. Over 80% of the available 3.5 billion presale tokens have been sold, indicating limited time to join the presale. $GFOX presale price is considered the lowest value it will ever be at, and investors can expect a value rise with stage progression. Hence, the earlier the entry, the lower the purchase price and the higher the potential profit margin. You should join now. 


Celestia ($TIA) Price Outlook 

Celestia is a modular blockchain that supports easy deployment of blockchains with reduced overhead. This makes it a welcome protocol by most developers. It scales by rethinking blockchain architecture from scratch and decouples execution from consensus by leveraging new primitive data availability sampling. 

The network doesn’t impose settlement or execution constraints. This allows blockchain developers and builders to define their settlement and execution environments, enabling them to access new and unrealized possibilities. 

$TIA functions as the platform’s native currency. It is one of the top altcoins to own currently due to its bullish momentum. The crypto yielded about 29% in the last 24 hours, bringing its 7-day return to over 35% increase. $TIA trades around $15.70 – $16.68 currently, indicating a sharp surge from its initial $12 market price. The cryptocurrency looks poised for a $20 run, making it part of the top 10 altcoins to consider currently. Analysts believe $TIA upward momentum could last a while, and the market shows a strong bullish sentiment too. 


$GFOX is one of the top-performing ICOs of 2024 and will likely burst out of the gates running when it hits retail exchanges later this year. $TIA is another good crypto to buy now, though its upside potential is somewhat limited by the profits it’s already seen over the past two months, as early investors will begin adding strong sell pressure. $GFOX’s continuous progress at presale indicates its high potential, and joining it presale could be the best way to potentially highest returns. 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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