Day: January 2, 2024 Pioneers Equitable Crypto Investments with Playbux Fair Community Offering (FCO)

Dubai, UAE, January 2nd, 2024, Chainwire

Crypto accelerator and launchpad Raiser has announced the introduction of a novel fundraising model it calls a Fair Community Offering (FCO) as it seeks to democratize the way users invest in crypto projects. The innovative approach marks a major departure from traditional web3 financing models such as ICOs, IEOs, and IDOs by meritocratically rewarding dedicated, engaged community members and early supporters at a project’s pre-exchange listing stage.

Fair Community Offering: A Paradigm of Equitable Investment

In contrast to existing launchpads that often cater to speculators rather than a project’s true supporters, Raiser’s Fair Community Offering advances a merit-based approach, ensuring early-stage capital is sourced from passionate backers who share a venture’s vision and values. This equitable system rewards user engagement and knowledge, with a unique gamified ranking system prioritizing genuine supporters for potentially highly lucrative pre-listing investments.

The first project Raiser will support is Playbux, a cutting-edge web3 entertainment platform backed by industry giants Binance Labs and VISA. The Playbux FCO, orchestrated by Raiser and market maker partner Kairon Labs, is scheduled for January 2024 with an exact date still to be confirmed.

“Our goal is to effectively support both the community and centralized exchanges, who show belief in the potential success of new projects through initial listings. Our unique platform rewards active community members and so assists exchanges in their strategic decisions,” said Raiser’s Co-founder and CEO Kori Leon, who previously served on the listing team at leading digital asset exchange Binance.

Currently ranked the #1 most active dApp on BNB Chain with 16 million users, including 1.3 million monthly active users, Playbux boasts many impressive features including a shop-to-earn mechanism that connects community members with over 26,000 global merchants for cashback and rewards. Among its many milestones, Playbux was responsible for the most traded NFT on the BNB Chain.

Unique Ranking System: Elevating Engagement Over Speculation

FCO sales are designed to recognize and reward those who demonstrate genuine engagement and knowledge about a project. To participate in early-stage investments, users must perform specific actions on Raiser to prove their dedication to a project’s success. The unique ranking system, which gauges support levels and recognizes users according to various metrics, creates a healthier token launch environment and helps to mitigate selling pressure on CEXs where earlier backers simply look to sell instead of caring about the project’s long-term success.

Raiser’s selection of Playbux as its first FCO was driven by the latter’s impressive community engagement metrics and tokenomics, which are thoughtfully designed to benefit community members. With the FCO, Raiser intends to further incentivize and engage these active users within the Playbux ecosystem, deepening their involvement in the project’s success.

Token-Free Launchpad: A Commitment to Fair Play

Advocating for informed investment through education, Raiser operates without a token. By eliminating this element, the platform underscores its belief that one’s passion for and commitment to a project should be the key drivers for investment opportunities, not the possession of a launchpad token.

The Raiser team is composed of industry veterans such as top-tier market makers and project founders, as well as several former Binance team members. CEO Kori Leon indicates that the accelerator and launchpad will support projects that demonstrate robust fundamentals, sustainable growth plans, and a commitment to creating products that drive widespread crypto adoption.

About Raiser

Raiser is a crypto accelerator and launchpad committed to giving equal opportunity to users who wish to invest in the future. By focusing on community-driven projects through its unique Fair Community Offering (FCO) funding model, Raiser aims to transform the web3 fundraising landscape and promote a more meritocratic approach.


About Playbux

Playbux is a web3 entertainment platform on the BNB Chain. With commerce, DeFi, NFT and metaverse activities integrated into its dApp, Playbux acts as a gateway to the blockchain world, enabling users to purchase real-world merchandise and receive codes that can be used to redeem metaverse items or digital PBUX tokens.





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Zoomex World Trading Competition with a $2M prize pool enters individual competition stage

The Zoomex World Trading Competition (ZWTC) 2023 which started on December 27, 2023 and runs through to February 23, 2024, is offering participants a chance to engage in thrilling trading challenges, competing against each other and advanced AI. Notably, the profit-sharing ratio in the prize pool of each competition depends on the final ranking of AI squads in the team competition. 

Zoomex, with an unwavering commitment to innovation, spearheads the exploration of the dynamic relationship between AI and trade. Guided by the principle of “Creation,” Zoomex consistently leads the development trend in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market. This commitment is further reflected in our dedication to preserving the spirit of anonymity through our unique no-KYC approach. 

About ZWTC – trading competition powered by AI

The ZWTC features a monumental $2 million total prize pool this time! 

With $1 million in the squad race, $0.4 million for individual contests, and the captivating copy-trading competition, ZWTC promises a straightforward yet exhilarating experience. Participants choose their calculation rule – profit amount, profit rate, or trading volume – there’s an option for everyone! So, regardless of one’s expertise, everyone has a great chance to secure a top spot and win fantastic prizes. 

There is also the Lucky Draw with a 100% winning rate, offering enticing rewards like Apple products, $10,000 in cash, bonuses, and exclusive Zoomex merchandise.

The squad competition opened on December 27 and went on up to December 29 (UTC). It will be followed by the individual competition that will run from January 10 to January 12 (UTC). Early birds secure a fantastic total bonus of 40 USDT.

Zoomex Games – elevating trading to new heights

As you embark on the thrilling journey of ZWTC 2023, Zoomex offers more than just trading. Zoomex leads the way in innovative gaming activities, carving out a unique niche in the gaming world. The diverse suite of games goes beyond trading, offering a refreshing departure from the conventional trading landscape. 

From the thrilling ‘To the Moon,’ 1 USDT Treasure Hunt, Lucky Draw, to the adrenaline-pumping Race Prediction, Zoomex redefines the trading experience. Immerse yourself in the invigorating multiplayer crash game, ‘To The Moon,’ where cryptocurrency meets unpredictable 5000x trajectories, offering the chance to win up to $25 million in a single round.

Join the adventure in 1 USDT Treasure Hunt, featuring three treasure zones with enticing prize pools. With prizes ranging from 10 Tether (USDT) within 3 hours, 0.1 Ethereum (ETH) over four days, to the grand 0.1 Bitcoin (BTC) prize awarded every eight days. For more details, feel free to explore Zoomex’s website.

Explore Zoomex: a destination for cutting-edge trading

Zoomex, established in 2021 in Singapore, has swiftly become a dynamic force in cryptocurrency trading. Holding both the US MSB License and Canada MSB License, it stands as a symbol of regulatory compliance and industry recognition.

In collaboration with Oliver Bearman, a distinguished driver with multiple titles, including the 2021 German and Italian FIA Formula 4 Championships, aligning with a commitment to success and precision, Zoomex continues to make strides in the industry. Moreover, its strategic partnership with Villarreal FC, a La Liga football club based in Castellón, Spain, as the Season Official Crypto Currency Exchange Partner for 2022/2023, reflects a dedication to innovation and strategic collaborations.

Zoomex’s mission is to create an outstanding online crypto trading environment, dedicated to serving a growing clientele and fostering intelligent investment practices. It is committed to being a leading name in crypto, synonymous with security, trust, and innovative solutions. Ranked 34th on CoinMarketCap and boasting a 24-hour trading volume of $4,503,389,532, Zoomex is equipped to manage significant transactional demands.

Connect with the Zoomex community on the official Telegram and Discord channels. Explore the website and register to discover the $30 bonus offer and various coupon rewards in the Task Center.

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Play games, earn Money: how GFOX is revolutionizing P2E for mainstream users

Over the last 50 years, video games have mostly been a way to relax and forget about a busy day. But now, with news of new blockchain technologies like NFTs, a new type of video game that rewards players with cryptocurrency is emerging.

These “play-to-earn” games are making it possible for gamers to earn real money by playing video games while also giving them a chance to get involved in the profitable crypto industry.

The last few months have seen a surge in such projects, with the Web3 universe expanding rapidly.

Recently, market attention has been particularly driven toward Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), a new word in the play-to-earn industry that also fits into the meme coin category. Let’s review this new ICO crypto and discuss whether or not you should add it to your altcoins to buy list.

How to earn money by playing Galaxy Fox

In the online gaming world, $GFOX is introducing a new era of P2E models, making it accessible and rewarding for everyday users. 

Unlike traditional games, where the benefits are mostly intangible, $GFOX provides a platform where your gaming skills and strategies can lead to real financial rewards. Let’s explore how $GFOX is transforming the P2E landscape.

The gameplay experience

The core of Galaxy Fox’s offering is a Web3 runner game, a genre popular for its accessibility and engaging gameplay. In this game, players navigate a character through various environments, facing challenges and making strategic decisions to advance. 

What sets $GFOX apart is how it incorporates various elements like NFTs, DeFi, and cryptocurrency, seamlessly blending gaming with digital asset management.

Earning mechanism in $GFOX

Earnings in $GFOX are not just based on playtime or simple task completion, as seen in many P2E games. Instead, rewards are tied to performance and skill, incentivizing players to improve and strategize. 

The use of in-game currency exchangeable for $GFOX adds a layer of value, as these tokens have real-world worth. This approach elevates the stakes of the game, making each session potentially profitable.

NFT integration for enhanced gameplay

This new ICO crypto also integrates NFTs into its gameplay in a way that’s both functional and enhances the gaming experience. Besides serving as collectibles, these NFTs have intrinsic in-game utilities. 

Players can use NFTs to customize characters, access unique features, or even gain advantages in specific game scenarios. This integration adds a layer of depth and strategy, as players must consider how best to utilize their NFTs to maximize their in-game success and, by extension, their earnings.

Community and seasonal competitions

Community involvement is a significant aspect of the $GFOX ecosystem. The game fosters a competitive yet collaborative environment with its seasonal leaderboard competitions. 

Here, players are not only competing against the game itself but also against other players for a spot in the top rankings. In the end, whoever manages to rank in the top 20% gets a generous share of the prize pool. This pool is raised from the in-game asset purchases, and eventually, 50% of it goes back to the community at every gaming season.

What else does Galaxy Fox offer?

Most importantly, the utility of Galaxy Fox does not end there. This new ERC20 coin also introduces Stargate Pool, which is made up of transaction fees and distributes rewards to the long-term stakers. This way, investors get a new source of passive income while also supporting the project’s growth.

Galaxy Fox is also getting ready to release its unique NFT collection, featuring 3,000 vibrant fox-themed pieces that will be minted on their proprietary marketplace and also traded on OpenSea and other large NFT marketplaces.

Wrapping up

P2E is a revolutionary concept, and Galaxy Fox is actively establishing its presence in this niche. Notably, this new gem is in its presale, offering investors an early chance to grab it at its lowest value. However, the $GFOX price increases gradually at each new presale stage, ultimately reaching $0.002904 at launch. Its current value is $0.001749, so if you want to secure an easy 70% growth, join the presale sooner.

During the holiday season, the team also offers a 15% bonus on initial investments with the Promo code “HOLIDAY15.” Overall, this new ICO crypto is packed with reward opportunities, and the earliest and most loyal members will benefit from it the most.

To learn more about $GFOX, visit Galaxy Fox presale or join the community.

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Crypto market gains momentum led by Bitcoin & RebelSatoshi despite Aurory Protocol security breach

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies, Aurory, a gaming platform on the Solana blockchain, recently faced a significant security breach

Meanwhile, the broader crypto market is gaining momentum, with Bitcoin and RebelSatoshi leading the charge. Let’s dive into these contrasting scenarios and see why they’re grabbing headlines.

Aurory Protocol’s Security Breach

Aurory, a notable gaming platform on the Solana blockchain, experienced a serious cyber attack. The platform’s AURY-USDC liquidity pool was hit hard, with approximately 80% of its assets compromised. This breach is a stark reminder of the security challenges that blockchain platforms face. The Aurory team, however, deserves credit for their quick response. They swiftly disabled the SyncSpace feature, a crucial move to halt further unauthorized transactions and protect the remaining funds and NFT assets.

The attack was executed by exploiting vulnerabilities in the SyncSpace bridge connected to Camelot’s DEX on the Arbitrum network, leading to the unauthorized withdrawal of around 600,000 $AURY tokens. These tokens were then sold on the Arbitrum platform, causing a 20% drop in AURY token’s market value. However, the team’s strategic buyback of tokens helped stabilize the market and avert a more drastic devaluation.

Bitcoin: steady and strong

While Aurory navigates through its challenges, Bitcoin continues to strengthen its position as a top crypto to buy. It’s the bellwether of the crypto market, often setting the tone for the industry’s overall health. 

Bitcoin’s resilience and potential for steady growth make it a favourite among investors, both seasoned and new. Its ability to weather various market storms has further solidified its status as one of the best crypto investments out there.

RebelSatoshi: the rising Memecoin

On the other side of the crypto spectrum is RebelSatoshi, quickly emerging as the best meme coin in the market. 

Currently, in the midst of its Citizens Round 3 phase of the presale, RebelSatoshi has already seen significant success. With over 83K $RBLZ tokens sold, amounting to over $1,000,000, it’s clear that RebelSatoshi is more than just another memecoin; it’s a movement.

Why RebelSatoshi is catching everyone’s eye

RebelSatoshi is turning heads not just for its memecoin status but for its potential as a serious investment. It combines the fun and community spirit of memecoins with real growth prospects. 

For those looking for altcoins to buy, RebelSatoshi offers an exciting blend of entertainment and investment potential, making it one of the top altcoins in the market.

The RebelSatoshi presale

The RebelSatoshi presale is where the action is. The success of the presale is a clear indicator of the crypto community’s growing interest and confidence in RebelSatoshi.

For savvy investors looking for the next big thing in the memecoin space, the RebelSatoshi presale represents a golden opportunity.

Conclusion: a market of contrasts and opportunities

The crypto market is full of contrasts and opportunities. As Aurory works to recover from its security breach, Bitcoin and RebelSatoshi continue to gain momentum, each in its own unique way. 

Bitcoin remains a solid investment choice, while RebelSatoshi offers a fresh and exciting opportunity for those looking to diversify their portfolio with a meme coin that has serious potential. Keep an eye on these developments, as they continue to shape the ever-evolving landscape of the cryptocurrency market.

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram

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Find Dragon’s Treasure in the 1xBit’s Tournament!

Mysterious East reveals a new legend. Dragons keep the ancient riches and only the bravest warriors will share them. Are you brave enough? 

The first tournament to be held in 2024 on 1xBit is the DRAGON’S TREASURE. If you have been a beneficiary of 1xBit’s earlier tournaments, you already know there are loads of prizes to be won.

To key into this tournament, all you are required to do is play any of your favourite slots from any provider. The more you play, the more tournament points you gain, helping you climb stages on the leaderboard with the winning prizes in goal. The higher you go up the leaderboard, the higher your rewards.

The tournament offers a mouthwatering prize pool of 600 mBTC + 300 FS to be distributed among 20 lucky winners. To climb as high as 1st – 3rd place, you are expected to hit or surpass stage 10, which comes with a generous reward of 80 mBTC. The lowest-earning winners will be those who fall between 15th and 20th place (Stage 3 required), with the expected rewards being FS (70-35).

So, if you are looking to hit it big in this tournament, there is no better way than to play as many slot rounds as possible to give you a fighting chance. Get ready as it’s about to get fiery on 1xBit!

1xBit benefits

Aside from the tournament discussed above, there is more you stand to gain by joining 1xBit:

Availability of the most renowned providers

Excellence is one language 1xBit speaks and understands fluently. This explains its efforts towards ensuring there are just not enough slots to play, but instead enough to play from some of the best providers in the gaming industry.

7 BTC welcome bonus

One of 1xBit’s major selling points is its benevolence which particularly reflects in the generosity of its welcome offer. As a new user on the platform, you could earn bitcoins amounting to as much as 7 BTC on your 1- 4th deposits, boosting your bankroll and increasing your winning chances.

No KYC required

If you are someone who takes preference in keeping a low profile while handling your betting activities, then 1xBit presents a haven for you. The brand, in line with its decentralization model, allows you to register a betting account swiftly without having to fill in your details.

Fast payout

Nothing sweeter than getting your cash out in no distant time from when you processed it from your betting account. 

1xBit’s sole use of crypto-only methods allows users to make speedy withdrawals that are processed in less than a day. Expectedly, this perk has pulled a clout following of users to the brand.


Looking to get more updates about 1xBit? Check out the following social media channels: X (Twitter) | Instagram | Telegram 

About 1xBit

Established in 2016, 1xBit is a pacesetter in the online gambling industry that has revolutionized the space by being one of the first brands that focuses on applying only crypto-based payment methods for transactions.

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2024 may be a year of memecoins as this presale cruises past $2M

Inflows to crypto funds are up big, 
Crypto-adjacent stocks outperform all their TradFi counterparts as the Bitcoin ($BTC) Spot ETF is just days away. 
Strap in because a bull market like no other could be on the way.

The top 5 cryptos to buy now are all memecoins, and the recent strength of Ethereum (ETH) signals the start of stage two of the bull market. 

Crypto cycles always follow a pattern: BTC pumps, ETH pumps, altcoins pump, and then memecoins run riot. 2024 is set to be the year of memecoins, and Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) has caught everybody’s attention. This presale cruises past $2 million and shows no sign of stopping!

What Is Galaxy Fox ($GFOX)?

Galaxy Fox is a hybrid protocol pushing the boundaries of what is possible within DeFi. It blends the best of the play-to-earn and memecoin genres to deliver an easy 100X investment opportunity. At the heart of this galactic ecosystem is an addictive runner game.

This P2E module pays out rewards to the top 20% of the leaderboard at the end of each season. These prizes are directly exchangeable for $GFOX tokens. NFT holders gain in-game stat bonuses or can purchase upgrades with $GFOX tokens. Half of all $GFOX spent on in-game upgrades gets rolled into the next prize pool. This global competition is Galaxy Fox’s primary interest funnel, and through its clever financial mechanism, it encourages more users to join the ecosystem.

Galaxy Fox’s memecoin components are its classic viral aesthetic and branding, token burn, and explosive volatility. The token burn ensures $GFOX is deflationary, and the cosmic-themed characters even feature on real-world merchandise, which funds the protocol Treasury. The Treasury then uses this and taxation revenue to support community initiatives and marketing efforts, further driving ecosystem development.

This focus on ecosystem expansion led analysts to categorize $GFOX among the top crypto to buy in 2023. Benefitting from both the development of the GameFi narrative and the increased memecoin fever sets the stage for a dramatic rally in Q1 of 2024. $GFOX is a hidden gem, and analysts are calling it one of the top 5 cryptos to buy now. They believe it could be one of 2024’s best performers.

GFOX’s passive income

Galaxy Fox introduces Stargate- the ecosystem’s rewards hub. Smart contracts channel 2% of all buy and sell taxes to this module, which in turn pays out rewards to stakers. Straightforward residual income and an excellent crypto for beginners looking to put their assets to work.

Upgrading the typical memecoin tokenomics model to include yield opportunities for investors makes $GFOX an easy pick and explains the enormous presale participation. Instead of benefiting from only a deflationary token, users can additionally earn a yield on their holdings.

Using taxation to fund staking means a direct link between ecosystem growth/ participation and staking payouts. Presale participants who stake immediately after the launch will benefit massively from the incoming trading frenzy. Smart money already knows this, and that is why whales have aggressively targeted Galaxy Fox’s presale. 

Closing Thoughts

The bear market has finally finished, and investors stare straight down the barrel at a two-year up-only paradigm. When everything goes up, investors want to be holding small caps/ memecoins because they will rally hardest.

Galaxy Fox’s presale gives investors one last chance to buy a heavily undervalued crypto before the fireworks begin. Leading the race of the top 5 cryptos to buy now, $GFOX promises a spectacular price discovery round early next year. Grab an allocation today before it is too late.

To learn more about $GFOX, visit Galaxy Fox presale or join the community

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Major Partners to Join the Upcoming Aleph Zero CTRL+Hack+ZK Hackathon

Zug, Switzerland, January 2nd, 2024, Chainwire

In collaboration with Telekom MMS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, stc Bahrain, Heartcore Capital, Arca Finance, Cardinal Cryptography, and others, the hybrid event offers different tracks with up to $575K USD in bounties and funding opportunities.

The Aleph Zero Foundation, committed to the advancement and adoption of the Aleph Zero blockchain, today announced the launch of CTRL+Hack+ZK, a comprehensive hackathon event. Spanning from January 10th to January 31st, 2024, this event will be held virtually. CTRL+Hack+ZK represents Aleph Zero’s most immersive hacking event to date, designed to spur innovation and collaboration in the blockchain space.

CTRL+Hack+ZK invites developers, whether seasoned or new to Web3, to immerse themselves in a three-week virtual hacking experience. Participants will engage in Rust and ink! workshops, educational programming, as well as hands-on mentorship with Aleph Zero’s core development team and ecosystem partners.

Previous Aleph Zero hackathons have been the birthplace of success stories like AZERO.ID and Syncra, which have become integral to the Aleph Zero ecosystem. CTRL+Hack+ZK offers a launchpad for developers to turn their innovative ideas into reality, with the opportunity for projects to be integrated into the growing Aleph Zero ecosystem.

“We’re honored to partner with some of the world’s most esteemed organizations in different sectors for the CTRL+Hack+ZK hackathon. Their endorsement energizes our mission to expand the Aleph Zero ecosystem,” said Antoni Zolciak, Co-Founder of Aleph Zero. “Our focus remains steadfast on delivering exceptional user experience that prioritizes privacy, compliance, and speed. This hackathon is put together to help spread the overall adoption of Web3 with a primary focus on building the application layer using the Rust and ink! programming environments.”

Top-Line Partnerships and Opportunities

The hackathon partners include MMS Telekom, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, Saudi Telecom Bahrain, idOS, Cardinal Cryptography, Generative Ventures, Heartcore Capital, WW Ventures, Blockchain Founders Capital, and Buidlers Tribe. Additionally, collaborators from Franklin Templeton Investments, Block54, RR2 Capital, and more, will serve as hackathon judges, providing significant exposure opportunities for participants.

Teams from existing Aleph Zero ecosystem partners will share their experiences, offering practical insights and learnings that can guide new hackathon entrants in the development of their own projects within the ecosystem.

Fostering Innovation Across Diverse Tracks

With prizes ranging from $2K to $20K USD from the $75K USD pool, as well as an opportunity to get fast-tracked for up to $500K in follow-on funding, the hackathon tracks include:

Telco: This track invites developers to transform the telecom sector leveraging Aleph Zero’s advanced tools, focusing on optimizing existing infrastructure and conceptualizing new services, setting the stage for future telecommunication advancements.
DeFi: Developers are encouraged to harness Aleph Zero’s privacy-centric framework to craft unique DeFi solutions and services.
DiD: This track will explore identity-related solutions leveraging Aleph Zero’s native privacy stack and network of interoperable tooling libraries to enable secure and decentralized identity management.
Gaming: Participants are encouraged to creatively employ Aleph Zero for developing NFT-based in-game items, enhancing game development through Aleph Zero’s specialized libraries, crafting smart contracts for in-game transactions and collectibles, and building indexers for gaming data.
Tooling and Infrastructure: This track will focus on developing applications, node providers, libraries, and tools that enhance the developer experience and ecosystem around Aleph Zero.

Schedule and Participation Details

The hackathon will kick off with the Aleph Zero ecosystem Town Hall on January 10th, followed by a series of workshops, intensive hacking sessions, and a demo day. Winners will be announced on February 5th, with prizes, mentorship opportunities, and potential inclusion in the Aleph Zero Ecosystem Funding Program, which, to date, has distributed nearly $4M in grants across various teams and products.

For more information and to register for CTRL+Hack+ZK, visit

About Aleph Zero

Aleph Zero is layer 1 blockchain engineered for speed and opt-in privacy, achieving efficiencies akin to conventional web2 systems. It upholds rigorous standards for data privacy and transaction security, while aiming for genuine decentralization over time. Aleph Zero’s versatility is highlighted by over 40 use cases being actively developed, showcasing its adaptability across various sectors and applications.






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