Day: December 27, 2023

BNB surges to above $310, reclaims top 4 spot from Solana

BNB price has jumped 5% in the past 24 hours and 20% this past week to trade above $310.
The gains see BNB dethrone Solana in terms of market cap as SOL price dips following recent rally.

BNB is trading more than 5% up in the past 24 hours and 20% in the past week as the Binance coin stages a comeback after a recent slump.  This follows Solana’s remarkable surge and eventual flippening of both XRP and BNB that saw the cryptocurrency reach prices last seen in April of last year.

BNB back above Solana

As Solana slumped amid increased profit taking over the Christmas period, BNB’s market value rose. The native Binance coin is currently trading above $310, prices last witnessed in June. Its market cap at the time of writing is $47.9 billion, overtaking Solana that has slumped to $46.3 billion.

BNB price is seeing a potential bullish run for the first time since slumping amid last month’s bombshell resignation of Binance founder and former CEO Changpeng Zhao. BNB also came under downside pressure after the crypto exchange agreed a $4.3 billion settlement with US authorities.

The events saw BNB price drop from highs above $266 to under $225, continuing its macro downtrend. Data from market platform CoinGecko shows the grind back higher has been less notable compared with some of the outperformers in the past few weeks.

But as Solana cools its upside, BNB bulls are looking to retest the year-to-date levels near $350. As crypto analyst Rekt Capital highlighted on December 26, BNB has “broken its macro downtrend”. It suggests a potential bull rally.

$BNB has broken its Macro Downtrend#Binance #Crypto #BNB

— Rekt Capital (@rektcapital) December 26, 2023

If the euphoria around the potential approval for a spot Bitcoin ETF nudges altcoins higher, BNB bulls could eye the all-time high above $686.

The BNB price of $311 as of December 27 is about 55% off that peak.

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IOTA’s ShimmerEVM integrates LayerZero for cross-chain communication

ShimmerEVM’s integration with LayerZero is expected to enhance cross-chain communication and DeFi on IOTA’s ShimmerEVM.
Connectivity includes with Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain and Optimism among other chains.

IOTA’s ShimmerEVM has integrated with LayerZero to bring cross-chain messaging technology to users, according to an announcement published on December 27.

The integration extends ShimmerEVM’s connectivity to major blockchains, enabling further interoperability via a unified cross-chain ecosystem, Shimmer posted on X. Per details in its blog post, this move means users will now be able to interact and transact across several networks while within the Shimmer ecosystem.

ShimmerEVM’s cross-chain connectivity

Shimmer Shimmer is a blockchain platform within the IOTA ecosystem from where developers can build and deploy decentralised applications (dApps), with access to features currently unavailable on IOTA’s mainnet. ShimmerEVM is the Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible layer of the platform.

Meanwhile, LayerZero is an omnichain interoperability protocol whose cross-chain messaging technology allows for communication across multiple blockchains.

ShimmerEVM’s leveraging of LayerZero’s messaging infrastructure extends this cross-chain communication capability to the broader Shimmer ecosystem. 

Big news for cross-chain communication & #DeFi advancements for our ecosystem🔥! @LayerZero_Labs is integrating with #ShimmerEVM. The integration extends our connectivity to major blockchains, steering us closer to a unified cross-chain ecosystem.

— Shimmer (@shimmernet) December 27, 2023

Following this collaboration, Shimmer is set to see an initial connection to other blockchain networks. These will include Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Optimism, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Fantom and Base, the platform noted.

Interoperability with these networks means the exchange of assets and information is set to be easier, heralding a new era for DeFi within the ShimmerEVM ecosystem.

LayerZero’s integration with ShimmerEVM comes a few days after its collaboration with Blockdaemon. It also follows recent revelations of a potential LayerZero token launch in 2024. 

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MicroStrategy boosts Bitcoin holdings with $615M purchase, eyes 1% of supply

MicroStrategy acquires 14,620 BTC for $615.7M, pushing total holdings to 189,150 BTC at $5.9B.
CEO Michael Saylor remains bullish on Bitcoin, considering it the world’s most valuable asset class.
The company’s proactive crypto strategy aligns with growing institutional interest, eyes 1% of Bitcoin supply.

MicroStrategy (NASDAQ: MSTR), the business intelligence giant led by CEO Michael Saylor, has reaffirmed its belief in the long-term potential of Bitcoin.

In a recent disclosure to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), MicroStrategy revealed the acquisition of 14,620 BTC between November 30, 2023, and December 26, 2023. This substantial purchase amounts to $615.7 million, at an average price per Bitcoin of $42,110. 

The recent purchase comes after the company purchased another 5,445 bitcoins in September 2023.

MicroStrategy’s total Bitcoin holdings have now reached an impressive 189,150 BTC, acquired at an approximate cost of $5.9 billion. This move places the company on the brink of owning 1% of the total Bitcoin supply. The valuation of MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin holdings represents about 0.7% of the entire market capitalization of the leading digital asset.

MicroStrategy’s optimism amidst Bitcoin volatility

Despite recent price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market, MicroStrategy remains unwavering in its positive outlook on Bitcoin. Michael Saylor, a vocal advocate for Bitcoin, stated that he views the cryptocurrency as the currency of the future. This sentiment is reflected in MicroStrategy’s ongoing strategy of accumulating significant amounts of Bitcoin, seeing it as a strategic part of the company’s treasury reserve.

MicroStrategy’s proactive approach to cryptocurrency investments also aligns with the broader trend of growing institutional interest in digital assets. As Bitcoin continues to be seen as a valuable hedge against inflation and a store of value, companies like MicroStrategy are capitalizing on opportunities presented by the evolving landscape of the crypto market.

The business intelligence giant’s recent $615 million Bitcoin purchase reaffirms its position as a major player in the crypto space. The company’s continued confidence in Bitcoin’s future potential is reflected in its strategic accumulation of digital assets, solidifying its standing as a significant holder in the ever-expanding world of cryptocurrencies.

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SocialFi platform RepubliK integrates Fireblocks to enhance its Web3 security

RepubliK is a SocialFi platform for the creator economy in Web3, powered by native token RPK.
The platform has integrated with Fireblocks, an institutional-graded blockchain infrastructure provider.
RepubliK will tap into Fireblocks’ technology to bolster its security.

SocialFi platform RepubliK is now integrated with Fireblocks, a digital asset management platform whose infrastructure has been used by BNY Mellon, ANZ Bank and Six Digital Exchange, and ABN Ambro among other firms.

The two platforms announced the integration via a press release shared with CoinJournal on Wednesday. They highlight the partnership as the first for any social media platform.

Eye on Web3 security

Fireblocks provides institutional-grade infrastructure for clients looking to create and deploy blockchain-based products. The platform also provides for secure management and storage of digital assets. 

This partnership with RepubliK will see the SocialFi platform’s users benefit from Fireblocks’ wallet security and multi-chain management features.

As we venture into this exciting integration with Fireblocks, our focus remains steadfast on revolutionizing the gap between traditional web users and the burgeoning web3 space,” RepubliK CEO Daniel He said.

We’re committed to building a secure social media experience by integrating top-tier security solutions. This partnership is a bold step towards bridging transparent, and user-centric ecosystem, where creativity and community engagement,” He added.

In particular, RepubliK will tap into Fireblocks’ technology to safeguard its creator and user community’s digital interactions and transactions. The platform believes this should have an overall positive impact on the social media landscape as more people transition from Web2 to Web3.

RepubliK leverages blockchain and smart contracts to allow for a creator economy, with a reward system that targets all users. The native token is RPK and users can collect XP points to earn more RPK. The RPK token can be used for staking, paying transaction fees and other network related activities.

RPK is currently listed on crypto exchanges such as Bybit, KuCoin and HTX.

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Polygon, Render Token price prediction as Everlodge reshape real estate with tokenization

RNDR climbs steadily gaining 57% in the past month.
Polygon (MATIC) surges 21%, signalling a run for new yearly highs.
Everlodge reshapes real estate with fractional ownership, NFTs, and a dynamic ELDG token in its presale.

Render Token (RNDR) and Polygon (MATIC) are making waves with significant price movements. While RNDR experiences a surge and hints at potential highs, MATIC sees a seismic shift aiming for new yearly records.

Meanwhile, Everlodge is disrupting the real estate sector with tokenization and a revolutionary presale. Let’s delve into the technicalities of these developments, exploring price movements, predictions, and the innovative approach of Everlodge.

RNDR’s steady ascent

Render Token (RNDR) has been steadily climbing the crypto charts, showcasing resilience amid market volatility. Over the past week, RNDR witnessed a consistent rise, adding over 16% to its portfolio. This trend becomes more significant when looking at the cumulative gain of over 57% in the past month.

RNDR faced a brief consolidation phase, trading between $1.844 and $2.189. Bulls, however, gained power, breaking the price out of this range. Despite a short-lived rally with rejection at $2.542, RNDR has maintained stability, trading between $2.189 as support and $2.542 as resistance for approximately three weeks.

Render Token (RNDR) price prediction

RNDR has traded in a rising channel pattern since mid-September, showcasing a robust bullish sentiment.

RNDR price chart


Technical indicators, such as the 50-day EMA acting as dynamic support, hint at the potential for massive price action in the near future.

With the Relative Strength Index (RSI) staying above the mid-point and bullish convergence in averages, indications point towards continued value appreciation. If the bulls maintain momentum, RNDR might aim to reclaim its all-time high of $8.76 in the first quarter of 2024, potentially testing $6 by December 31st, 2023.

MATIC price: bulls charge for new highs

Polygon (MATIC) is on the verge of a breakthrough, soaring over 21% in early trading hours. The protocol’s bulls are aggressively pushing for new yearly highs, signalling readiness to surpass the crucial $0.9 price level. The recent surge is supported by a 179% jump in trading volume over the past 24 hours, reaching $2,145,624,558.

Polygon price prediction: analyst insights

Top market analyst Ali Martinez suggests that if MATIC surges above the $0.96 price point, a rally to $1.73 is likely before a breather. The analyst’s charts and projections highlight the potential for significant price movements.

#Polygon is on the verge of a breakout from a symmetrical triangle. A sustained weekly candlestick close above $0.96 could propel $MATIC towards $1.73!

— Ali (@ali_charts) December 26, 2023

However, the exact timeline for this rally remains uncertain, and investors are advised to stay vigilant.

Everlodge revolutionizing real estate investment

Everlodge is making headlines with its innovative approach to real estate investment. The platform combines fractional vacation home ownership with timeshare and NFT technology, introducing a groundbreaking property marketplace on the blockchain.

Currently in the beta stage of its presale, Everlodge is set to redefine how users co-own and invest in hotels, vacation homes, and luxury villas.

Everlodge Token (ELDG)

The ELDG token is central to Everlodge’s ecosystem, offering holders various benefits. These include discounts on property purchases, utility within the Everlodge platform, and rewards akin to timeshares, such as free nightly stays.

Staking ELDG tokens provide users with a fixed monthly interest, creating avenues for passive income.

Everlodge’s ELDG token operates on the Ethereum chain, with an initial price of $0.01 and a total fixed supply of 800,000,000. Notably, the project implements a dynamic pricing model, expecting a 280% price increase during the presale stage and a 30x rally on the launch day. The team has taken measures such as locking team tokens for 2 years and an 8-year liquidity pool lock to ensure transparency and prevent rug-pulls.


In a crypto landscape marked by innovation and volatility, RNDR and MATIC’s price movements signify potential shifts in the market. Meanwhile, Everlodge’s disruptive model in real estate adds a new dimension to blockchain applications.

As these cryptocurrencies chart their way, the above market predictions and analysis could help crypto investors and enthusiasts alike identify investment opportunities heading into 2024.

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South Korea to disclose top officials’ crypto holdings in 2024 as new crypto exchange launches

South Korea transforms transparency: 5,800 officials disclose assets, incl. crypto, via PETI.
Pullix disrupts crypto exchange norms: PLX token presale, hybrid approach, and unique incentives.
Governmental transparency and crypto innovation converge, shaping the future of finance.

In a groundbreaking move, South Korea’s Ministry of Personnel Management announces plans to launch an integrated asset disclosure service for public officials, ensuring unprecedented transparency starting next year.

Simultaneously, the crypto space witnesses Pullix’s assertive foray with an ongoing PLX token presale, challenging conventional trading norms.

South Korea’s push for transparency

South Korea is poised to revolutionize transparency in public service with an upcoming integrated asset disclosure service. In a press release, the Ministry of Personnel Management, under Director Kim Seung-ho, revealed that around 5,800 public officials will disclose details of their assets, including virtual assets, via the ‘Public Official Ethics System (PETI).’ The move follows the revision of the Public Official Ethics Act, making crypto assets part of the annual asset disclosure requirements for elected and high-ranking officials.

This initiative addresses the inconvenience faced by the public in accessing individual asset disclosures scattered across various official gazettes. The revamped system allows for a consolidated view of property disclosure details, enhancing accessibility and enabling searches using names or organization names. Additionally, the system promotes work efficiency by empowering personnel to manage the entire data process seamlessly.

Notably, the inclusion of virtual assets in property registration addresses the challenges posed by the expanding market size of cryptocurrencies. Virtual assets, added through the Act’s revision, now mandate reporting of transaction details for those subject to disclosure. The Ministry of Personnel Management has completed the reorganization of the public service ethics system, introducing functions related to virtual asset property registration.

Come June next year, major domestic virtual asset exchanges like Upbit, Bithumb, Coinone, Korbit, and Gopax plan to provide virtual asset holding status through separate information provision systems. This move is expected to eliminate blind spots in property registration and further meet the public’s expectations for transparency.

To avoid confusion in the field, the Ministry plans to publish a ’24-year regular property change reporting guide’ and conduct ‘on-site property registration circuit training’ in 17 cities and provinces.

Pullix’s hybrid crypto exchange concept

While South Korea takes strides in governmental transparency, the crypto space witnesses Pullix’s emergence with a unique hybrid exchange concept and an ongoing PLX token presale. Pullix aims to bridge the gap between decentralized and centralized exchanges, offering users a comprehensive trading experience.

The PLX token, central to Pullix’s ecosystem, introduces a novel “Trade-to-Earn” concept, enabling users to earn instant rewards for trading on the platform. Notably, PLX token holders benefit from a revenue-sharing mechanism, allowing them to profit from the daily revenue of the exchange.

Pullix’s approach to liquidity provision stands out by incentivizing users to provide liquidity, fostering a more competitive trading environment. The platform, set to launch in January 2024, boasts features like deep liquidity, leverage up to 1000:1, and a governance model that empowers token holders.

The hybrid DeFi platform ensures user security by allowing them to retain custody of their assets, addressing a key concern in the crypto community. Pullix’s commitment to privacy, zero commissions, and a diverse range of tradable assets position it as a strong contender in the evolving crypto exchange landscape.


As South Korea takes significant strides in enhancing governmental transparency, Pullix emerges as a promising player in the cryptocurrency trading and investment realm. The integration of virtual assets in public officials’ disclosures and the introduction of Pullix’s innovative features mark crucial developments in their respective domains.

These initiatives underscore the ongoing evolution of transparency, technology, and financial ecosystems, shaping a dynamic future for both government practices and cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Memeinator’s presale officially hits $2.5M: Should you invest in the project now?

Key takeaways

The cryptocurrency market has been consolidating in recent days, with BTC still below $43k.

Memeinator’s presale has officially crossed the $2.5 million barrier as stage ten moves on smoothly. 

Bitcoin consolidates around $42k

Bitcoin and other leading altcoins have been underperforming in the last 24 hours. The poor performance comes as the market consolidates following a positive start to the week. 

At press time, the price of Bitcoin stands at $42,65, down by less than 1% in the last 24 hours. Other major altcoins are also trading in the red zone. Memecoins including Dogecoin have also been underperforming. 

What is Memeinator?

Although the broader crypto market is underperforming today, Memeinator’s presale continues to surge ahead. Memeinator is a Web3 project that is launching as a meme token. 

The project aims to help content creators generate better content. This will be achieved by changing how people change and use memes. Memeinator intends to leverage the hype around meme coins by providing users with numerous use cases.

According to their roadmap, Memeinator’s primary focus will be to target and destroy worthless memes, ensuring that there is a higher level of quality content available to users. 

It is an exciting meme coin project because it offers real-world utility to users. Memeinator will leverage AI and blockchain technology to identify worthless memes, allowing users to know and steer clear of them.

The whitepaper has detailed information on how the team intend to build Memeinator to become a billion-dollar market cap project. The whitepaper contains various strategies the team will deploy over the coming months and years. 

The Memeinator presale is currently in its tenth stage and has raised more than $2.5 million so far. In the first presale stage, the MMTR was sold for $0.01, but it has been increased to $0.014 in the current stage. The price will rise to $0.0485 by the end of the presale, giving early investors a whopping 132% ROI at listing. 

Memeinator’s presale raises over $2.5 million

The Memeinator presale continues to attract more investors and its tenth stage is close to an end. The development team has raised more than $2.5 million of the $2.8 million target it set for the current stage. 

At the moment, Memeinator’s MMTR token can only be purchased using ETH, USDT and USDC stablecoins. Furthermore, the token is available to users on the Ethereum and BNChain blockchains. 

Click here to read more about the Memeinator presale.

Why is the Memeinator project valuable?

The Memeinator presale is moving fast thanks to the influx of investors into the project. It offers real-world utility and activities on the network would be powered by its native MMTR token. 

Memeinator will offer utility to degens, crypto natives, and speculators. The team believes that Memeinator’s use cases go beyond the crypto space, as its services would be available to content creators. 

With the help of AI, Memeinator users can analyze and evaluate memes across the internet. Thus, allowing them to identify lower-quality memes and replace or destroy them. 

Per the whitepaper, MMTR token holders will enjoy numerous incentives thanks to its excellent features. The token has deflationary mechanisms and rewards for holders. The team has also allocated 20% of the tokens for marketing, centralized exchange listing and liquidity. 

Is the Memeinator a good buy? 

It is the investor’s decision to determine projects that are worthy. However, Memeinator could be one of the leading meme coins in the near future. With the right level of adoption, Memeinator could reach its billion-dollar market cap in the coming years. 

By leveraging AI and blockchain, Memeinator will deploy two of the leading global technologies to provide solutions to content creators. Currently, its MMTR token is still in presale and could record a massive value increase once it gets listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.

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As PancakeSwap bounces, market buzz attracts investors to Meme Moguls

Investors eye Meme Moguls amid bullish forecast for crypto
PancakeSwap (CAKE) price is up 17% in 24 hours after a massive token burn.
Meme Moguls (MGLS) is now in stage 3 of its presale, with increasing investor attention likely to push its price higher post launch.

As the crypto market savours the December gifts with price gains across major altcoins, one of the notable performers has been PancakeSwap (CAKE). Meanwhile, the fear of missing out on a potentially 100x token has savvy traders increasingly interested in Meme Moguls (MGLS).

PancakeSwap’s 60% surge in a week: What’s behind it?

Among tokens to skyrocket in recent days is PancakeSwap (CAKE), the largest decentralised exchange (DEX) platform in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. The native governance token has seen a remarkable bounce in its value over the past week.

As data from CoinGecko shows, CAKE has gained nearly 60% in the past seven days to trade above $3.72, levels last seen in April 2023. One notable factor amidst these gains for PancakeSwap has been the DEX platform’s token burns. One of the biggest burns happened this week.

On December 26, PanckeSwap incinerated more than 10 million CAKE tokens worth about $34 million. Not only has this reduced its circulating supply significantly, it has also added to the likely buy pressure as investors eye potential bull market gains.

The massive burn illustrates PancakeSwap’s deflation approac. This could also include a reduction of its maximum supply from 750 million to 450 million CAKE tokens as recently proposed. The community is thus excited about the future of CAKE, currently ranked 81st among largest cryptocurrencies with a market cap of $920 million.

If the project continues to implement the weekly CAKE burns, the impact of a diminishing supply could combine with other market catalysts to propel CAKE price higher. The room for growth is there with the token’s value having reached highs of $43.96 during the last bull market.

Meme Moguls (MGLS) creates buzz ahead of its launch

Amid the broader crypto market delight in key developments including regulation, one of the new projects attracting huge interest from investors is Meme Moguls.

This is an innovative meme-based assets’ marketplace that could see ordinary traders unleash their inner mogul capabilities as they earn a place among the new crop of crypto millionaires.

Powered by MGLS, Meme Moguls is a platform that will offer its token holders the opportunity to be part of a community-driven project. Holding MGLS and participating in the project’s ecosystem will offer earning avenues such as staking, trading and gamified world with exclusive NFTs.

On Meme Moguls, anyone can polish on their meme-picking strategies as they compete against the best in the market. The ecosystem offers lucrative rewards across its features, which include a crypto casino, exchange trading platform, metaverse (Mogul Land) and fantasy trader.

Should you buy Meme Moguls (MGLS) during its presale?

The Meme Moguls presale has stormed to stage 3, with increased investor interest observable in the rising amount allocated to buying MGLS. The traction comes amid a resurgence in meme coins, with recent spikes for Bonk, Shiba Inu and Dogecoin notable.

The project’s tokenomics, which highlights a 60% allocation for the community and zero buy and sell tax, has the trading community thrilled. MGLS is currently priced at $0.0025, offering a potentially bargain base for investors. Could this token bring the meme sector to the next level? 

A moment’s pause to consider the next move in the crypto market can see one turn a seemingly unfancied token into a 10x, 50x or even 100x or higher asset.

Investors know this and often hunt for new gems in the murky waters that crypto presales can be, particularly ahead of a potentially explosive bull market. But it’s also why due diligence is paramount before any investment decision, and that includes Meme Moguls.

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BONK price sees 12% drop as Solana pares gains

Bonk (BONK) was trading 12% down as Solana (SOL) moved lower after its recent surge.
An analyst says BONK could see a “slow bleed before nuke”, suggesting the downward move could gather pace.

Meme coin Bonk (BONK) is trading about 12% down in the past 24 hours, the dip coming amid increased profit taking deals for Solana (SOL).

According to data from CoinGecko, SOL price was down 2% to around $112 as the recent rally appeared to hit brakes above $123. These are the levels that Solana traded at as it nosedived in April 2022.

As liquidations for the cryptocurrency mounted to over $20 million – more than $12 million in longs – the pullback in SOL reflected in the Solana ecosystem tokens such as Bonk, Orca and Jito.

Bonk swelled more than 10x amid major exchange listings by Binance and Coinbase. The gains also saw a massive demand for Solana Saga phones.

What next for BONK?

While BONK remains the third largest by market cap behind Shiba Inu and Dogecoin with over $958 million, another swing lower could see CorgiAI threaten that status quo. The CORGIAI token currently has a market cap of $769 million, with the meme coin’s price up 80% this past week.

BONK is still more than 59% up in the past two weeks and over 350% in the green over the past month. However, at current prices, the meme coin has lost more than half of its value since hitting the all-time high of $0.00003416 on December 15.

Crypto analyst Nebraskagooner says BONK could see a “slow bleed” before it nukes.

“Doesn’t look done yet. Needs to hold the base of that breakout candle on the left otherwise it would get super ugly,” the analyst noted, sharing the prediction in a post on X (formerly Twitter).

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