Day: December 23, 2023

IoTeX, Bitcoin and Solana surge as Pullix emerges as a unique hybrid DeFi exchange

IoTeX’s IOTX token is up 163%, driven by an on-chain metrics surge.
Pullix’s ongoing presale raises $1.4M; platform introduces innovative “Trade-to-Earn” model.
Solana hits a 19-month peak above $102, surpassing XRP in market cap ranking.

While IoTeX, Bitcoin, and Solana witnessed considerable gains in the past few weeks, a new hybrid DeFi exchange Pullix is making waves with its PLX token presale.

Read along as we explore the recent market movements as we head into 2024 and the promising features of Pullix, currently in its presale stage.

IoTeX: bridging physical and digital realms

IoTeX (IOTX), the native token of the IoTeX network, a decentralized platform facilitating machine-to-machine interactions, has experienced a remarkable surge. The token has gained 109.27% in the last month to trade at $0.05255 at the time of writing. It is trading 162.93% higher over the past year, making it among the very few cryptocurrencies to sustain a bullish trend.

IOTX price chart


Recent on-chain metrics reveal a surge of over 90% in IoTeX’s native token, IOTX, within the past week. A notable catalyst for this breakout is the platform’s increased activity and adoption, exemplified by processing over 1 million transactions in a single day on December 19th.

IoTeX’s innovative hardware integration in security and oracle sectors, including products like Ucam home security cameras and Pebble data oracles, is capturing the attention of investors.

Bitcoin hits $44K

Bitcoin (BTC), the pioneering cryptocurrency, hit a daily high of $44,075.15 for the first time in over a year. 

Bitcoin price chart

While the asset experienced some retracement, the overall trajectory remains positive buoyed by the high anticipations of a spot Bitcoin ETF approval by January 10 and the upcoming Bitcoin halving event. 

“The Fed’s pivot is really important. That press conference was as dovish as anybody expected and the markets are behaving that way,” says @Novogratz. “#Crypto likes it. We are going to get this ETF before January 10.”

— Squawk Box (@SquawkCNBC) December 19, 2023

In a review of 2023, Kaiko Research stated that “Bitcoin is set to close the year as one of the best-performing assets, up more than 160% and outperforming all major traditional assets even in risk-adjusted terms,” second only to semiconductor giant Nvidia.

Solana’s soaring success

Solana, a high-performance blockchain platform, has outshone other larger-cap altcoins, reaching a 19-month peak above $102. The SOL token price has surged by 765.76% in the past year joining the likes of IoTeX for a consistent bullish surge throughout the year.

Solana price chart


This surge has propelled SOL to surpass XRP as the fifth-largest cryptocurrency. Other notable gainers in the market include Avalanche (AVAX) and Polkadot (DOT), both experiencing significant price increases.

Pullix: redefining crypto trading with a hybrid approach

While the larger crypto market surges towards 2024, Pullix, is set to redefine crypto trading with its innovative hybrid exchange. Combining the strengths of centralized and decentralized exchanges, Pullix introduces a unique “Trade-to-Earn” concept through its native token $PLX.

The PLX token presale has seen substantial interest, raising $1,387,783 with 85.4% of tokens already sold.

Investors holding PLX tokens enjoy various benefits, including passive income through staking, trading fee discounts of up to 60%, and exclusive rewards derived from the platform’s daily revenue.

Should you invest in Pullix? Evaluating the prospects

As Pullix gains momentum in its presale, investors may wonder whether it’s a worthwhile addition to their portfolios. Maybe the platform’s commitment to transparency, a crypto deposit-only system, and no KYC requirements could be a consideration when thinking about whether or not to invest in it.

In addition, staking PLX offers a chance for users to earn passive income, and the innovative buy-back and burn mechanism creates scarcity, potentially driving up token value.

However, as with any investment, investors must conduct thorough research, considering the risks and rewards involved especially with the highly volatile cryptocurrency market.

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Next wave in P2E cryptos: discover a noob-friendly coin that raised $1M in a month

Spotting the next best upcoming ICO before it skyrockets can be the key to transforming modest investments into substantial gains.

As we gear up for the crypto rollercoaster of 2024, Galaxy Fox emerges as a frontrunner, blending the captivating allure of memecoins with the groundbreaking potential of play-to-earn tokens.

Galaxy Fox presale hits $1.5M milestone

Galaxy Fox has proven to be a beacon of success in a crypto market that often feels like navigating uncharted territories. Galaxy Fox has reached a milestone of $1.5 million in its presale! At the time of writing, the presale is in Stage 5, with $GFOX priced at $0.001518.

With $1 million raised in a month and more than 1.6 billion tokens circulating among early investors, the momentum for this best cheap crypto to buy right now is undeniable, setting the stage for even greater heights with the next stage approaching.

Galaxy Fox’s unique proposition

Galaxy Fox stands out as a meme coin with a purpose, strategically positioning itself as a top crypto investment for the anticipated GameFi-driven bull market in 2024. What makes $GFOX a standout player in this space is its dual narrative – seamlessly blending the allure of meme coins with the practicality of play-to-earn tokens.

One of the ingenious moves by the Galaxy Fox team is the incorporation of a protocol-level marketing budget. By allocating 2% of buy and sell taxes to the protocol Treasury, which fuels community initiatives and marketing efforts, Galaxy Fox ensures a constant revenue stream for ecosystem expansion.

This savvy approach enhances the token’s viral nature and positions $GFOX as an appealing investment. It’s also among the best upcoming ICOs for those who understand marketing dynamics and the importance of attracting new users.

Play-to-earn redefined: Galaxy Fox’s inclusive approach

Galaxy Fox doesn’t just stop at being a memecoin sensation. It revolutionizes the play-to-earn (P2E) model. While many P2E tokens reward only the top echelon of skilled players, Galaxy Fox introduces a more inclusive approach. In the Galaxy Fox ecosystem, all holders of this good crypto to buy can participate in the Web3 runner game, with the top 20% earning prizes exchangeable for $GFOX tokens.

Moreover, Galaxy Fox breaks away from the traditional P2E mould by providing earning opportunities for all token holders through its Stargate staking module. Stargate accumulates 2% of all ecosystem transactions and distributes these rewards among stakers, ensuring a residual income for all participants.

Galaxy Fox: a memecoin maverick for 2024

With the presale gaining unprecedented traction and Galaxy Fox already surpassing $1.5 million, the enthusiasm surrounding this unique token is palpable. Investors who hopped on board during the early stages have already witnessed four price increases, signalling the potential for substantial gains in the upcoming stages. The urgency to act is real – the countdown to secure $GFOX at discounted prices is ticking.

Galaxy Fox brings a breath of fresh air to a market inundated with knock-off dog coins and questionable Pepe joke tokens. The team’s dedication to real utility, serious development, and a touch of humour sets $GFOX apart in a landscape that has witnessed the rise and fall of countless memecoins.

Final Thoughts

As you venture into the unpredictable terrain of the crypto market, Galaxy Fox emerges as the best upcoming ICO for investors seeking both fun and profitability. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of the Galaxy Fox community and explore the vast potential that lies ahead.

Galaxy Fox has sparked a financial revolution, and you’re invited to join the journey. Visit the official website today to secure your spot and be part of a thriving community that’s rewriting the rules of the crypto game. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a curious newcomer, Galaxy Fox welcomes you to explore the next wave in P2E coins. Get involved today!

To learn more about $GFOX, visit Galaxy Fox Presale or join the Community.

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Ethereum (ETH) Could Lead to A Fresh All-Time High in 2024; Upcoming Rally for Kaspa (KAS) and InQubeta (QUBE)

Ethereum (ETH) reached almost $2,400 (according to CoinGecko’s data) a few days ago, mainly having recovered from the losses sustained during the catastrophic 2022. Still, the valuation is lower than the all-time high of more than $4,800 set in November 2021. Some analysts predict that ETH may hit another all-time high in the upcoming months as the present boom continues into 2024.

Not only is Ethereum experiencing a surge in interest, but promising projects like Kaspa (KAS) and InQubeta (QUBE), both preparing for significant rallies, are also receiving attention. InQubeta and Kaspa rank among the best DeFi projects, given their potential for exponential growth in 2024. Early investors in InQubeta have earned more than 175% returns, and Kaspa prices have increased by 28% over the past 30 days.

Let’s explore the elements that could propel Ethereum’s possible comeback, as well as the distinctive offerings that Kaspa and InQubeta provide in the cryptocurrency space.

InQubeta (QUBE): Facilitating Startups’ Access  to DeFi Solutions

InQubeta is an emerging crypto ICO that offers a crowdfunding platform for AI startups. The platform uses blockchain technology to create an AI-powered ecosystem that can transform several industries. In InQubeta, investors can access profitable ventures while sticking to a budget.

QUBE tokens can be staked to support the network’s growth, making it one of the best crypto investment to add to portfolios. Token holders receive cryptocurrency in exchange for consenting to lock their tokens for staking purposes. Distributions of the staking rewards come from a different pool, financed regularly by tax revenues.

InQubeta supports a deflationary model for its QUBE token. A deflationary system controls the token supply to guard against inflation and market fluctuations. The supply of the token is constantly restricted to reduce the effect that excessive inflation has on its value. Additional tokens in circulation are burnt each time the supply rises above permitted limits, bringing it back down. These unique features set InQubeta in line for an upcoming rally.

InQubeta has also proven to be one of the best DeFi projects, with more than $7.2 million raised during its presale. This noteworthy presale milestone suggests that the crypto ICO could see a rally. Currently, the token is being offered at a discounted rate of $0.01925, which will rise in each of the upcoming stages of the ten-phase presale. Astute investors can gain significant insight into the token’s potential due to this exceptional presale performance.

Kaspa (KAS): Revolutionizing Scalability in the Blockchain Space

Kaspa has solidified its position as one of the fastest-rising cryptos this year, surging more than 2000% to $0.11. The digital ledger’s design facilitates parallel blocks and faster transaction confirmation. On Kaspa, transactions are settled in single-second periods using the platform’s native token, KAS. The functionality improves the speed and scalability of the platform. It employs a consensus engine built on proof-of-work to validate each transaction.

Kaspa verifies transactions via a secure block network while maintaining the network’s decentralization. The platform now has a global user base, thanks to new initiatives and integrations. Kasapa is poised for a rally as it recently revealed that the popular DEX will allow users to buy, sell, and swap KAS tokens.

Ethereum (ETH): Poised for an All-Time High in 2024.

Prominent analysts have offered their insights on Ethereum’s current position in the market, emphasizing pivotal points that could dictate the cryptocurrency’s trajectory by 2024. Renowned cryptocurrency analyst Crypto Tony shared his opinions in a post on X, highlighting how important it is for ETH to remain steady above $2,130 to keep his optimistic long position.

According to FieryTrading, the asset has been bullish for six months, suggesting a possible gain shortly. By the end of 2024 or the start of 2025, the expert predicted, ETH might hit $5,000.


Investors are interested in Ethereum because of its potential for a new all-time high in 2024. Also, Kaspa and InQubeta have demonstrated the potential to rally soon, given how innovative and successful the projects have been. AI crypto ICOs like QUBE are significantly impacting the industry with their unique approach to tech investing.

As the industry continues to produce astounding inventions, it demonstrates the potential of blockchain technology and how cryptocurrencies may improve the world. InQubeta is fulfilling all the criteria to be considered one of the best crypto investment for significant profits. It keeps moving forward in its quest to hit the $10 million milestone as its presale stays bullish. Participate in the presale by clicking the link below.

Visit InQubeta Presale 

Join The InQubeta Communities

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Bulgaria closes investigation into Nexo citing no criminal activity

Bulgarian prosecutors have ended the criminal investigations into crypto lender Nexo.
A report published on Friday said authorities had found no evidence of money laundering and tax offences against Nexo and four of its executives.

The Bulgarian Prosecutor’s Office closed its criminal investigations against crypto lender Nexo and four of its executives, a local news agency reported on Friday.

According to the report, prosecutors found no evidence of criminal activity on the part of Nexo and the four executives Kosta Kanchev, Antoni Trenchev, Kalin Metodiev and Trayan Nikolov. Tax and computer fraud charges against the defendants have also been dropped.

Bulgaria police raided Nexo offices in January this year, with authorities alleging potential criminal activity in relation to money laundering, tax offences and unauthorised banking activities. But the prosecution has concluded that Nexo’s products “do not constitute financial instruments.”

The platform’s services and products offered to customers are therefore not investment services.

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