Day: December 22, 2023

Paxos expands its stablecoin to the Solana blockchain

Paxos has expanded to Solana, the first expansion for its USDP stablecoin to a new blockchain.
The regulated company will issue its stablecoin on Solana starting January 17, 2024.

Stablecoin issuer Paxos has expanded its stablecoin issuance to the Solana blockchain, marking the company’s second blockchain integration after Ethereum. 

The firm’s Pax Dollar (USDP) stablecoin is planned for mainnet integration with Solana on January 17, 2024, according to details in a blog post published on December 22.

According to Paxos, the strategic expansion to a new blockchain “represents a significant milestone” in its innovation and evolution.

“The expansion of our stablecoin platform to support Solana marks an important step towards making stablecoins ubiquitous for everyday consumers,” Paxos head of strategy Walter Hessert, said. “Paxos has set the standard for oversight, reserve management and issuance in the stablecoin market. By integrating USDP with Solana, we’re making it easier for anyone to get and use the safest, most reliable stablecoins.”

Paxos also issues PYUSD and PAXG

Paxos is regulated in the US by the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) and in Singapore by the country’s central bank the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Paxos Trust Company was granted the BitLicense in May 2015.

In November this year, Paxos announced it had received two preliminary approvals for stablecoin issuance in Abu Dhabi.

Today’s announcement reportedly comes after NYDFS granted it a regulatory greenlight.

Other than USDP, Paxos also issues PayPal USD (PYUSD) and Pax Gold (PAXG). In June this year, the NYDFS order the stablecoin issuer to halt issuance of the Binance USD (BUSD) stablecoin. Paxos later announced it had ended its relationship with crypto exchange Binance.

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BarnBridge DAO agrees to settle $1.7M with the SEC for charges against it

BarnBridge DAO, founders to settle SEC charges for $1.7M over unregistered SMART Yield bonds.
SEC alleges failure to register crypto asset securities, cites violation of securities laws.
Gurbir Grewal emphasizes blockchain compliance, highlighting the universal application of securities laws.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol BarnBridge DAO and its founders, Tyler Ward and Troy Murray, are set to pay over $1.7 million to settle charges brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The charges against BarnBridge were related to the failure to register the offer and sale of their structured crypto asset securities known as SMART Yield bonds. The SEC alleged that the DAO and its founders marketed these bonds without proper registration, a violation of securities laws.

BarnBridge DAO’s $1.7M settlement

BarnBridge DAO, a player in the evolving DeFi space, has agreed to a settlement exceeding $1.7 million with the SEC. The settlement includes BarnBridge yielding almost $1.5 million in proceeds from SMART Yield bond sales, and individual civil penalties of $125,000 for both Ward and Murray.

The US SEC accused the DAO and its founders, Tyler Ward and Troy Murray, of not registering the “offer and sale of structured crypto asset securities known as SMART Yield bonds.” According to the SEC’s statement, SMART Yield pooled cryptocurrencies from investors to generate returns for paying investors.

The SEC’s investigation revealed that Ward and Murray extensively promoted SMART Yield, likening it to asset-backed securities, through social media and appearances on YouTube channels related to decentralized finance. This approach attracted investments exceeding $509 million from various investors. 

In the wake of this settlement, the SEC reinforces its stance on the necessity for compliance within the blockchain and crypto space. The regulatory environment is evolving, and companies operating in this sector must navigate it with a keen awareness of regulatory obligations.

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Tether invests in Georgia education platform Academy of Digital Industries

Tether has announced it invested in the Series A round of the Academy of Digital Industries, an educational platform in Georgia.
The ongoing financial investment will help support the “real world” education about blockchain, bitcoin, stablecoins and P2P technologies, Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino said.

Tether Operations Limited, the company behind the USDT stablecoin, has made an undisclosed investment in the Series A round of Academy of Digital Industries, a Georgia-based education platform.

The investment in the educational platform follows recent initiatives aimed at promoting blockchain innovation in Georgia. This program is expected to be an ongoing one, with Academy receiving long term financial assistance, Tether said in an announcement on Friday.

Tether steps into education business

According to Tether, the partnership offers the Georgian platform the opportunity to tap into the stablecoin issuer’s global network and expertise as it brings Bitcoin, stablecoins, AI and P2P technologies to students.

The collaboration and investment into the Academy of Digital Industries is also part of Tether’s commitment to support financial freedom and innovation globally, Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino said.

Tether is a strong believer in financial freedom, freedom of communications, and freedom of education. High quality, accessible, and unbiased education is one of the most important pillars for the future of humanity,” he noted.  

In a comment posted on X, the Tether boss said the company “is stepping into the education business.” He added:

“This is Real World Education, not “yet another couple of blockchain and defi courses” play.”

#tether is stepping into the education business.

This is Real World Education, not “yet another couple of blockchain and defi courses” play.

Academy of Digital Industries has proven their unique aproach to offline+online education, expanding rapidly across a vast variety of…

— Paolo Ardoino 🍐 (@paoloardoino) December 22, 2023

Apart from the partnership, Tether also revealed an educational program dubbed “Mastering the Blockchain,” had been completed. This is the first such initiative in Georgia, which was made possible in collaboration with the Georgian Agency for Innovation and Technology (GITA) and Business and Technology University.

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Hong Kong regulators open doors to spot crypto ETFs

Hong Kong’s SFC and HKMA are ready for spot crypto ETF applications.
SFC revises rules, allowing funds direct exposure to spot virtual assets, emphasizing secure transactions.
Contrary to China’s stance, Hong Kong attracts 11% of global crypto VC funding.

Hong Kong’s financial regulators, the SFC and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), have jointly announced their preparedness to accept applications for spot crypto ETFs.

This move positions Hong Kong as a forward-thinking financial hub embracing the evolving digital asset landscape.

SFC welcomes spot Crypto ETF applications

The move by Hong Kong’s financial regulators follows the SFC’s previous approval for licensed crypto providers to offer cryptocurrency futures ETFs, marking a significant expansion in the region’s crypto investment offerings.

In response to the increasing interest in spot crypto ETFs, the SFC has updated its regulatory framework. Departing from the previous “professional-investors-only” approach, the SFC’s revised rules, implemented in October, now facilitate broader investor participation in spot crypto and ETF investments.

The guidelines issued by the SFC specify criteria for funds seeking authorization to invest directly in spot virtual asset (VA) tokens. These tokens must be available to the Hong Kong public on SFC-licensed Virtual Asset Trading Platforms (VATPs). The SFC emphasizes that transactions conducted by these ETFs must occur through SFC-licensed crypto platforms or authorized financial institutions.

Hong Kong emerges as crypto investment hub

Contrary to China’s crackdown on crypto activities, Hong Kong continues to position itself as a welcoming environment for crypto firms. The region actively encourages collaboration with banks and has become a significant player in the global blockchain and crypto sectors, attracting over 11% of global venture capital funding.

The city’s strategic policies, including the issuance of cryptocurrency-related policy statements in October 2022 and the introduction of a crypto licensing system for virtual asset trading platforms in June, underline its commitment to becoming a global financial hub for digital assets.

This regulatory shift is particularly noteworthy as it coincides with global speculation about the potential approval of a spot bitcoin ETF by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the early weeks of the upcoming year.

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Clock Ticking: 6 Hours Left in MetaWin’s Thrilling $1 Million USDC Prize Race

London, UK, December 22nd, 2023, Chainwire


Revolutionary Web3 Platform Prepares to Award $1 Million USDC Prize

MetaWin, the premier web3 competition platform leveraging blockchain technology, is counting down the last 6 hours in its record-breaking MetaWin Millionaire prize draw, where one lucky player will win a life-changing $1 Million USDC!

$1 Million Grand Prize Draws in Less than 6 Hours

With the competition ending today, December 22nd at 21:00 GMT, there is still time to secure a free entry into the $1 Million USDC sweepstakes before registration closes.

The $1 Million USDC prize is already staked in a smart contract on-chain, and will be instantly transferred to the randomly selected wallet, making one lucky participant an instant millionaire.

Crypto Twitter Abuzz with Anticipation

Interest in the competition is reaching fever pitch with multiple influential accounts entering the draw, with Pranksy, dannycrypt, sibel and noteezzy all showing off their entries.

But even with the excitement mounting, there are currently just over 5000 registered entries, which still offers attractive odds for new participants.

Just Released: More than 50+ Eth in Free-to-Play NFT’s

To celebrate the momentous countdown to the World’s biggest crypto prize, Metawin has just announced the release of 50+ ETH worth in NFT’s in free-to-enter competitions. The competitions range in value from smaller, but high-quality projects, to more established blue chips such as Killabears, Miladys, Otherdeeds and more. Entries are capped to ensure equal chances of winning, and just require a small gas fee to register the entry on the Ethereum blockchain.

With new NFT prizes hitting the site every 30 minutes, participants can join in the excitement throughout the next 6 hours until the draw of the $1 Million USDC main prize.

MetaWin’s Exciting Journey: Anticipating the $1 Million USDC Winner

With the countdown clock ticking down the final hours, MetaWin invites all potential participants to seize the moment and claim their chance at the $ 1 Million USDC prize.

Users can claim their free entry via this link: Opportunity for Users to Win $1 Million USDC – Free Entry Available

MetaWin extends its best wishes to all entrants and looks forward to announcing the fortunate victor.

About MetaWin

MetaWin stands at the forefront of on-chain competition platforms, revolutionizing the landscape of digital contests. Through harnessing the power of blockchain technology, MetaWin delivers a competition experience characterized by transparency, fairness, and excitement. With a track record of substantial giveaways and an unwavering commitment to innovation, MetaWin is shaping the future of online competitions.



MetaWin PR

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Injective (INJ) 2024 price prediction after 3000% rise in 2023 as Pullix’s presale hits $1.2M

Injective (INJ) hits ATH at $43 after a 3000% in 2023.
Pullix disrupts DeFi with $1.2M raised, $0.044 per PLX, and a unique hybrid approach.
INJ’s AI integration and Pullix’s innovative DeFi platform signal a transformative 2024.

The recent Injective (INJ) price surge to $43 has captivated the crypto community. With a 3000% increase in 2023, this AI finance blockchain token is demonstrating robust momentum. While Bitcoin traded sideways, INJ defied market trends, securing a weekly gain of nearly 64%.

While all eyes are on the future trajectory of INJ and the factors fueling its impressive rally, another crypto project Pullix, which is currently in the presale stage, is making waves for its revolutionary online trading model.

Injective’s phenomenal price surge

Injective (INJ) has been a standout performer in the cryptocurrency market, and its recent surge to $43 marks a significant milestone. With a staggering 3000% rise over the last 12 months, the AI finance blockchain has not only caught the attention of seasoned investors but also dominated social media discussions.

Injective price chart


The weekly gains of nearly 64% showcase the resilience of INJ, especially when compared to Bitcoin’s sideways movement.

Injective price prediction

The surge in INJ prices is not merely a short-term phenomenon. Market analysts are optimistic about its future trajectory, with the unique AI integration and a robust blockchain foundation contributing to sustained growth.

Considering the negative correlation with Bitcoin and the ongoing buzz around AI technologies, Injective’s potential to maintain its upward trajectory remains strong. Rekt Capital has forecast that a new macro uptrend could begin once the 500-day macro downtrend, which INJ entered after hitting its new ATH, ends.


When a 500-day macro downtrend ends…

A new macro uptrend begins

Almost +2400% since breaking its parabola downtrend#INJ #Crypto #Injective

— Rekt Capital (@rektcapital) December 21, 2023

Pullix: bridging the gap with a unique DeFi approach

As Injective captures the limelight, another player is making waves in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. Pullix, the new hybrid trading and investment exchange, is on the brink of disrupting traditional norms.

With its ongoing presale, Pullix has already raised a substantial $1,201,770. The presale price of $0.044 per PLX token has attracted significant attention, and with 14.2% already sold, the countdown to the next price increase adds an element of urgency.

What sets Pullix apart is its unique approach to bridging the gap between centralized and decentralized exchanges. Users are offered the best of both worlds, addressing the liquidity problem in DeFi that has long hindered decentralized exchanges. Pullix’s commitment to user security, a non-custodial approach, and a focus on liquidity provision distinguish it in a crowded market.

Pullix’s ecosystem is designed with the user in mind. From institutional trading tools powered by OpenAI to perpetual futures, CFDs, and a secure vault for cryptocurrency storage, Pullix offers a comprehensive suite of features. The platform’s decentralized, off-chain order book ensures speed advantages comparable to conventional centralized exchanges. Moreover, the innovative PLX token, offering “Trade-to-Earn” benefits, has garnered attention for its revenue-sharing mechanism.

The PLX token serves as the currency for traders on the platform, providing exclusive access, staking opportunities, and serving as a vehicle for rewards and exchangeability. The tokenomics are meticulously crafted to promote utility, sustainability, and mutual benefits for all stakeholders. The transparent allocation of tokens, including presale distribution and incentives for staking, adds to the appeal.


Injective’s remarkable surge and Pullix’s innovative approach position both projects for a promising future in 2024. As INJ continues to capture market attention with its unique AI integration, Pullix’s ongoing presale and feature-rich platform make it a contender for reshaping the landscape of decentralized finance.

The crypto space is witnessing dynamic shifts, and the synergy between cutting-edge technologies and user-friendly platforms is propelling the industry toward a more democratized and efficient financial future.

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Memeinator puts meme tokens on their toes as investment potential drives presale

Memeinator aims to destroy weak and non-original meme tokens.

Memeinator has utilities in gaming, NFTs, and staking.

The project’s presale delivers 132% ROI with a bonus on token purchases during Christmas.

Think of this: The meme sector rose to a peak of $36 billion this year from a market cap of nearly $0 in 2020. The growth meant a lot for investors who trusted the asset class after it entered the crypto scene. But all is not rosy for all meme investors as some fell prey to meme rug pulls, scams, and subpar projects. Owing to this growing scenario of meme tokens, Memeinator wants to make the sector worthwhile again. Memeinator’s ultimate goal is to destroy non-original and low-quality memes. But what do investors stand to gain? 

Memeinator: Meme warfare to drive popularity

Unlike other crypto projects, Memeinator primary source of utility and popularity is destruction. Memeinator applies artificial intelligence to search and destroy its weak peers. The AI crawls the web and scans for targets, destroying them for good. 

Through the meme destruction role, Memeinator will build the engagement necessary to make it gain traction. As Memeinator gains popularity, adoption will grow, driving its price. The aim is to make Memeinator the most traded meme and attain a $1 billion market cap. 

The meme promise seems to have resonated well with investors as they eye potential gains in 2024. Immediately after the Memeinator site went live, over 1,000 people joined its mailing list. Now, at stage 9 of the presale, investors have bought over $2.3 million of tokens. 

Power marketing and branding to drive global adoption

The Memeinator team also outlines an ingenious method to grow and become popular. The team will invest in heavy marketing and branding to ensure everyone is talking about it. In fact, the team has set aside 15% of the amounts raised through token sales for marketing. 

To reinforce its marketing interventions, Memeinator will partner with leading influencers and platforms. The token will also be launched on the best exchanges globally to increase its access to many investors.

Considering its role as a meme token, marketing prowess could be a masterstroke for unlocking MMTR value. It is a step higher than other meme peers, which rely on single events to become popular. As such, Memeinator could strongly increase in value and deliver high returns.

Unleashing quality product portfolio and utilities

If you think of Memeinator as simply as any other meme crypto, then you are mistaken. An exciting product portfolio awaits early backers of the ambitious crypto project. At the end of the presale, the team will launch a game. Users play enemy combats, similar to the obliterating encounters Memeinator seeks to deploy. The game makes the project worthwhile and fun to invest in and cements the Memeinator’s destruction role.

NFTs may not be new to many, but it’s a feature Memeinator seeks to capitalise on and grow deep into Web 3.0. The team will launch exclusive NFTs for its community. Besides showing the creative works of the Memeinator team, the NFTs will empower its owners with future perks.

Investors can also commit their tokens to the Memeinator platform through a staking feature. The staking is an ideal way to earn rewards while facilitating the growth of Memeinator. 

Should you invest in Memeinator presale this week?

Memeinator has a huge potential post-listing, with analysts expecting up to 1,000% gains or more. However, the presale offers an attractive route to owning a high-value project. For each presale stage that passes, the price of the token rises, offering early returns to investors. The presale occurs in 29 stages and is currently in the 9th stage. By the time it ends, Memeinator will have returned 132%.

The Memeinator has also added a deal sweetener for token buyers during the festive season. For each $5,000 or more purchase of MMTR, investors are rewarded with a 10% bonus. For further information and how to buy Memeinator tokens, visit the project’s website.

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Bitget lists Bitcoin Cats(1CAT) GameFi project in the Innovation Zone

Victoria, Seychelles, December 22nd, 2023, Chainwire

Bitget, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 company, has announced the listing of Bitcoin Cats (1CAT) the GameFi platform for the BTC Ecosystem. The BRC20 Ordinals-based ecosystem is listed in the Bitcoin ecosystem Innovation zone through which users can trade the token on Bitget. Spot Grid Trading will go live within 24 hours after the listing.

As a Bitcoin-based GameFi platform, BitcoinCats maps through the Bitcoin Assets (BRC20, Ordinals NFT, and others) to Ethereum (and other Layer2) networks. BitcoinCats brings a newer element to the Bitcoin Assets and expands it to Play2Earn, Staking, Farmland, SocialFi, and many others. As the next-gen gaming ecosystem across Bitcoin and EVM networks, BitcoinCats combines both crypto communities. The native token of BitcoinCats ecosystem 1CAT was originally inscribed on Bitcoin and part of it is bridged/wrapped to Ethereum to benefit from the well-developed DeFi and GameFi infrastructure.

1CAT can be used to buy & upgrade in-game assets including avatars, pets, equipment, farmland, and more. It also serves as a ticket, enabling players to access special features.

“The addition of 1CAT enhances Bitget’s strategic expansion and commitment to broadening investment options for its users. We’re committed to supporting the BRC-20 ecosystem and its innovative high-potential projects. To bring better accessibility to the Bitcoin ecosystem to the masses, Bitget’s innovation zone lists trending tokens, granting exceptional access to highly valuable digital assets within the industry,” said Gracy Chen, Managing Director at Bitget.

1CAT listing on Bitget’s innovation zone makes it easier for users to dive into the initial launch phases of the token including more upcoming high-potential crypto projects. Designed for the trading of new token offerings, the innovation zone is mainly for trending tokens (initial) listing, a 60-day valuation period is given for all the newly listed pairs in the zone. The newly listed tokens will be regularly reviewed to ensure that the token adheres to Bitget’s platform standards, including trading volume, liquidity, the team, project development, and other criteria to keep the listing status active.

Previously Bitget listed SATS, and ORDI in the BRC20 ecosystem zone.

Bitget users can buy trending and newly listed tokens such as CAT1 with debit/credit cards, bank transfers, and other multi-currency payment methods. In the year 2023, Bitget listed over 300 new high-potential projects. Previously Bitget listed SATS, and ORDI in the BRC20 and Bitcoin Innovation Zone.

About Bitget

Established in 2018, Bitget is the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 company. Serving over 20 million users in 100+ countries and regions, the Bitget exchange is committed to helping users trade smarter with its pioneering copy trading feature and other trading solutions. Formerly known as BitKeep, Bitget Wallet is a world-class multi-chain crypto wallet that offers an array of comprehensive Web3 solutions and features including wallet functionality, swap, NFT Marketplace, DApp browser, and more. Bitget inspires individuals to embrace crypto through collaborations with credible partners, including legendary Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi and official eSports events organizer PGL.

For more information, visit:

Bitget Wallet



PR Team

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