Day: December 18, 2023

Zilliqa faces network disruption, on-chain transactions plunge

Technical glitch causes a 50% drop in Zilliqa Network daily transactions.
Urgent investigation and resolution underway; deposits/withdrawals halted.
Funds deemed SAFU; users advised to wait for network restoration updates.

The Zilliqa blockchain, valued at $383 million, is grappling with a critical situation impacting its network. On December 18, developers reported a technical issue causing an interruption in block production, resulting in a significant drop in on-chain transactions.

This unexpected challenge has prompted the Zilliqa Core Team to address the matter urgently. Here’s an overview of the ongoing situation.

Zilliqa Network on-chain transactions plunge

The technical glitch facing the Zilliqa blockchain has led to a staggering 50% reduction in daily transactions, plummeting from an average of 61,000 to 30,906.

The Zilliqa Core Team is actively investigating the root cause of the technical issue, emphasizing its status as the top priority. A statement from Matt Dyer, Zilliqa’s CEO, reassures the community that the technical team is working diligently to identify and resolve the problem. However, as a precautionary measure, all partners are urged to temporarily halt any deposits or withdrawals on the network until the issue is fully addressed.

Dear community, We are writing to inform you of a critical situation currently impacting the Zilliqa blockchain network.

The network is presently experiencing a technical issue that has resulted in an interruption to block production. This unexpected challenge is our top…

— Zilliqa (@zilliqa) December 18, 2023

The interruption has led to a pause in activity, with the last transaction recorded at approximately 11 am UTC. Despite the inconvenience, developers have highlighted the safety of funds (SAFU) and provided a means for users to check their on-chain wallet balances through the Zilliqa block explorer. 

Users are advised to wait for the network to be restored, assuring that normalcy will return.

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Coinbase adds USD transfers for users in Singapore

Coinbase says it now supports USD transfers in Singapore.
The exchange’s customers can move US dollars to or from their accounts via SWIFT.
Support for USD transfers is part of Coinbase’s plans to expand its services in the key Singapore market.

Crypto exchange Coinbase has announced that retail customers in Singapore now have access to US dollar transfers.

The exchange’s users in the country can now deposit or withdraw USD using their Coinbase accounts, the company wrote in a blog announcement, with these available via the SWIFT network.

We are excited to announce that US dollar transfers are now available for Coinbase users in Singapore. As part of our mission to increase economic freedom in the world, we build products for our users to better access USDC and the broader crypto ecosystem,” Hassan Ahmed, the country director of Singapore at Coinbase, noted.

Support for USD will see Singapore customers access commission-free trading for USD. The move gives customers another option, with Coinbase already offering commission-free trading for the trading of USDC with the Singapore dollar (SGD).

Now, with the introduction of commission-free trading for US dollars, customers can more easily access USDC – designed to be pegged, and redeemable 1:1, to the US dollar. Customers can also be rewarded up to 5.05% APY on their USDC simply by holding, with no lockups or maximum limit,” Ahmed added.

Coinbase eyes further expansion in Singapore

According to Coinbase, Singapore is a key focus market for its global expansion strategy. Its integration with Singapore’s digital identity platform Singpass helped streamline the crypto exchange’s onboarding process in the Southeast Asia nation.

There are also partnerships with payments provider PayNow, adding it to FAST bank transfers. Meanwhile, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) granted Coinbase the Major Payment Institution (MPI) licence in October.

Today’s announcement comes just days after Coinbase launched its spot trading markets for non-US institutional customers. The platform also recently unveiled money transfer via WhatsApp, Telegram and other social media platforms.

In the US, the exchange continues to fight for clear crypto regulations, and filed an appeal against the US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) after the regulator denied its crypto rulemaking petition.

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Stacks (STX) price soars as inscriptions spike transactions

Stacks (STX) price has surged 16% in the last 24 hours, hitting levels last seen in March.
The Bitcoin layer for smart contracts saw a huge spike in inscriptions, with a single block recording over 10k transactions.

Stacks (STX), a smart contracts enabled layer 2 network looking to unlock the Bitcoin economy, has surged by more than 16% in the past 24 hours.

According to market data from CoinGecko, the price of Stacks rose as high as $1.19 across major exchanges. The STX market cap rose to above $1.7 billion, and the last time STX traded at these levels was in March this year.

As observed across the crypto market today, Stacks’ price spike defied the broader losses experienced across altcoins, with Bitcoin (BTC) also hovering near $41k.

STX price soars amid inscriptions craze

The past few weeks have witnessed a new frenzy in inscriptions, the metadata embedded onto satoshis (sats), Bitcoin’s smallest unit. The popularity of these inscribed texts, images and other metadata (NFTs on Bitcoin) has jumped amid BTC’s price surge.

For Stacks, there was a massive spike in transactions in 24 hours on Sunday and early Monday, with a single block recording over 10k transactions. On-chain data showed block 132,377 on the L2 reached 10,371 transactions, the highest ever number of transactions in a single Stacks block.

Muneeb Ali, the co-founder of Stacks noted that Bitcoin degens’ heavy minting, resulting in blocks with eight to ten times more transactions.

GM to the Bitcoin degens who did heavy mints on Stacks L2 yesterday.

It was great to see blocks with 8x-10x more transactions. The bulk of throughput improvements will go live with the Nakamoto release and WASM.

— muneeb.btc (@muneeb) December 18, 2023

Other than smart contracts, NFT capabilities and DeFi opportunities, Stacks’s L2 solution allows for increased transaction speed and reduced fees.

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Masa partners with Avalanche to launch its zk-data network

Masa announced the launch of its zk-Data Network & Marketplace on Monday.
The Avalanche subnet will be powered by AvaCloud.
Masa has secured strategic investment from Avalanche’s Blizzard Fund.

Masa, a platform building a zero knowledge data network, has announced the launch of its zk-data network and marketplace.  

According to a news release published Monday, Masa will launch the gasless Avalanche subnet in the first quarter of 2024, bringing a customizable blockchain network for personal data to the public.

The subnet will be powered by AvaCloud, a managed blockchain service that allows users to deploy scalable decentralized networks. 

Masa Partners with @Avax to launch ZK-Data Network

Empowering people to take back control of their data.
Thanks to @AvaCloud, we’re launching a custom #Avalanche Subnet 🔺

Masa also receives a strategic investment from @BlizzardFund ❄️

— Masa (@getmasafi) December 18, 2023

Masa’s quest to enable further adoption across Avalanche will be backed by the Avalanche Foundation as well as via a strategic investment from Blizzard Fund. Blizzard is a venture capital fund dedicated to growth and innovation on the Avalanche blockchain.

Avalanche is the ideal launchpad for custom blockchains, having launched 14 custom blockchains by games, governments or enterprises. This is the perfect architecture to support our ZK-Data network and marketplace. By deploying on a dedicated Avalanche Subnet, major financial institutions, AI startups, and large-scale consumer tech applications can access secure, scalable, ZK-encrypted user data without paying any gas,” Calanthia Mei, co-founder of Masa, noted in a statement.

On the Masa platform, users get paid for their data, with the Zero-Knowledge Soulbound Token (zkSBT) designed as the personal data locker. This ensures every user’s digital footprint remains encrypted and private. Those looking to tap into this infrastructure pay for it to get access to zkSBT.

The Binance and CoinList incubated project has grown to encompass over 800k users since its unveiling in August 2022. It has secured over $7 million from investors.

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Amidst Stagnant Price Movements for Dogecoin and PEPE, Investors Pivot to Rebel Satoshi for Greater Returns


Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) claims the top position among new ICOs, opening the door to a potential 150% profit.

Market experts predict that PEPE will rise to $0.0000040.

Increased activity in the Dogecoin ecosystem could push DOGE to $0.205 in January 2024.

Pepe coin has experienced a downtrend in recent days despite being in Crypto Dep’s top ten list of projects with the highest social activity. However, Dogecoin may be on the rise following the growing positivity on the network. Meanwhile, investors are leaving Pepe and Dogecoin and turning towards Rebel Satoshi because of its impressive features and offers. 

Let’s explore all the details from these top DeFi projects. 

Experts Expect Community Involvement to Push PEPE Value Upwards

On December 8, Crypto Dep unveiled a list of the top ten cryptocurrencies by their social activity, and Pepe coin was in the top three. This development has caused a buzz in the Pepe coin community. However, the price of PEPE has not been affected positively.

As of December 8, the value of PEPE was $0.0000016, but it dropped to $0.0000014 on December 12, signifying a 12.50% dip. Meanwhile, market experts are positive that Pepe will increase in the coming months due to its innovative features and recent partnerships. Thus, they predict that PEPE will reach $0.0000040 by the first quarter of 2024.

Conversely, other analysts are pessimistic about investing in PEPE because of the recent PEPE market trend. Due to this, they predict that PEPE could dip to $0.0000011 before December 20.

Dogecoin Price Prediction: Latest Update Could Spur DOGE’s Rise

In a report dated December 2, Dogecoin demonstrated favorable price dynamics, driven by increased investor interest. On-chain data indicated buy orders totaling 883 million DOGE, with an average price of $0.840. The positive performance has sparked enthusiasm among bulls, fostering a desire to accumulate DOGE.

On December 2, the value of DOGE was $0.086, but it increased to $0.094 on December 12, signifying a 9.30% rise. Meanwhile, market experts have forecasted a rise for Dogecoin due to its increased community activity. Due to this, they have predicted that DOGE could pump to $0.205 by January 2024.

On the flip side, some market analysts are pessimistic about investing in Dogecoin because of recent discord among the Dogecoin team. Thus, they predict that DOGE could dip to $0.080 by the end of December.

Rebel Satoshi Becomes The Top ICO, Paving the Way for a Potential 38% Profit

Inspired by pioneers like Satoshi Nakamoto, Rebel Satoshi embodies a spirit of defiance against centralized financial systems, advocating for decentralization to promote a more equitable wealth distribution.

While driven by a serious mission, unlike Pepe and Dogecoin, Rebel Satoshi takes a lighthearted approach as a meme coin, engaging users with interactive quests and meme culture. Community members gain recognition in the Rebel Meme Hall of Fame, a platform for sharing rebel-themed memes and fostering humor within the community.

Financially, users can secure substantial staking returns by locking up their $RBLZ tokens, contributing to the platform’s goal of reaching a $100 million market cap. The $RBLZ presale commenced with the Early Bird Round, selling 25 million tokens in three weeks at $0.010. Subsequently, the price of $RBLZ surged by 30%, reaching $0.013 in Rebels Round 1, completed within ten days.

Currently, Rebel Satoshi is 75% into Warriors Round 2 of its presale at $0.018, having raised $500,000. Analysts project that $RBLZ is expected to reach $0.025 by the presale’s conclusion. This suggests that early Rebel Satoshi investors could potentially enjoy a 150% return when $RBLZ officially launches.

Notably, Rebel Satoshi has successfully sold over 55 million $RBLZ tokens, and the escalating demand is expediting the $RBLZ listing date. Additionally, Rebel Satoshi simplifies the investment process by accepting Bitcoin and various altcoins, offering a convenient entry for all participants in the $RBLZ presale.

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram.

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Early $BTC Millionaire Erik Finman Says GameFi Will Drive This Bull Market, As $GFOX Stands to Lead the Pack

Markets are firmly within bull territory, and everybody has an opinion on the top crypto to invest in. Remember some opinions hold more weight than others! An early investor, Erik Finman, has already begun targeting this cycle’s ‘$BTC.’

Following his Bitcoin ($BTC) success, what’s the next cryptocurrency target for Erik Finman? Why does his opinion matter? 

Erik Finman: The Bitcoin Investor Who Didn’t Need $BTC 

Erik Finman is a fascinating case of the newly rich crypto class. Like many others, he heard about Bitcoin early (2011) and invested $1,000 that his grandmother had gifted him. 

$BTC was trading at $12 back then, and his holdings (401 $BTC) are now easily worth seven figures. But the intriguing thing about Erik Finman is that he would likely still be rich even without his early $BTC investment. In 2013, he cashed out some of his profits to bootstrap an online education company called Botangle.

He had struggled with school, leading to him being homeschooled. He’s now planning to create a new university in Dubai, and this tech-friendly start-up wizkid believes crypto is the future. This bright mind would have created money from somewhere; it just so happened that he found crypto first.

Finman is different from most of the newly crypto wealthy. Instead of stumbling across $BTC by accident, he’s a driven and terrifically smart individual. That is why his opinion holds weight, and he believes that GameFi will dominate this cycle. He has reportedly advised tokens with solid deflationary tokenomics, a system for onboarding new users, and an addictive game. 

Could Galaxy Fox benefit from the forecast growth for GameFi? Is $GFOX set to become one of the best GameFi crypto to invest in this cycle?

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Leading the Next Generation 

Galaxy Fox has caught the attention of experts and traders following its enormous run-up during its presale. Funding continues flowing in, and it has shot past $1 million. There is evident market demand to get into this presale as early as possible, and analysts are suggesting that Galaxy Fox could be one of the best cryptocurrency to buy now. But why?

This play-to-earn token does the basics well. An addictive runner game lets players compete globally, and those skilled enough to finish the season in the top 20% earn prizes exchangeable for $GFOX tokens. But where Galaxy Fox really shines is passive income.

An ongoing token burn locks in value for all holders twenty four seven by removing tokens from circulation. The lack of tokens on the open market drives scarcity, and staking rewards allow users to earn yield on this deflationary asset! Staking rewards are funded by buy and sell taxes, a unique payout mechanism that means no dilution for early holders!

Presale participants will be the first eligible to stake, and this heavy weighting in favor of early participants makes the Galaxy Fox ICO attractive to all early stage buyers.

Boasting an NFT marketplace, a Treasury that funds marketing efforts to onboard new users, and a killer set of tokenomics, $GFOX is looks poised to dominate.

Closing Thoughts:

Following Bitcoin success, Erik Finman has diversified his investment into other cryptocurrencies. The crypto investor is also bullish on GameFi. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Fox token could stand out among the top GameFi/memecoin ecosystem. The project is currently in presale, and getting in early could potentially turn into a significant bargain by the time it lauches across the market. With crypto set to herald a new bull market, $GFOX could end up as one of the top crypto to invest in today.


Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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Solana-based Aurory exploited, 80% of liquidity lost

Solana-based Aurory loses 80% liquidity in Camelot’s AURY-USDC pool.
SyncSpace bridge hacked; $600k AURY withdrawn and market-sold on Arbitrum.
Swift response disables SyncSpace, safeguarding user funds, with ongoing investigations.

In some disturbing crypto news, Aurory, a Solana-based gaming ecosystem, has fallen victim to a significant security breach resulting in an 80% loss of liquidity in its AURY-USDC pool.

The breach targeted the SyncSpace Aurory Bridge on Camelot’s native DEX Arbitrum, prompting a swift response from the project team. Here’s a breakdown of the incident and the measures being taken.

SyncSpace Aurory Bridge hack

The Aurory team detected suspicious activity on its marketplace, leading to the discovery of the exploit in the platform’s buy endpoint. The malicious actor managed to manipulate the SyncSpace Aurory bridge, boosting their $AURY balance and withdrawing approximately 600k tokens to the Arbitrum network. Subsequently, the attacker executed a market sell, liquidating the entire stolen amount.

To contain the breach, SyncSpace has been temporarily disabled for maintenance, freezing asset deposits and withdrawals. Fortunately, no user funds or NFTs are at risk, as the stolen $AURY originated from a team wallet designated for withdrawals by accounts without prior deposits.

The team acted swiftly to absorb sell pressure through their market maker and pool rebalancing, ensuring the exploiter has no remaining tokens to sell. Despite SyncSpace undergoing an audit months ago by a top-tier security firm, the breach raises questions about how this vulnerability eluded detection.

Just a few hours ago, our team detected unusual activity on our marketplace. After quickly investigating, we discovered that a bad actor was able to exploit our marketplace’s buy endpoint, allowing them to increase their $AURY balance in SyncSpace. This allowed them to withdraw…

— Aurory (Play Now) (@AuroryProject) December 17, 2023

Impact on AURY token

In response to the breach, the AURY token experienced a 17% drop to $1.17, recovering some value later. The team is diligently buying back tokens as investigations proceed.

Some tokens belonging to the team were stolen and instantly sold, we’ve been buying back the tokens as we’re investigating what happened

— Tim | (@droowgs) December 17, 2023

The incident has fueled discussions within the crypto community about the security of decentralized ecosystems.

The Aurory team assures users that a detailed post-mortem analysis will follow once the fix is complete and investigations conclude. SyncSpace is expected to be back online in the coming days, with plans for an Amber patch announcement and an end-of-year event for Seekers of Tokane.

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The Sandbox meets a formidable opponent in this new cryptocurrency attracting investor focus

The Sandbox (SAND) has upgraded its NFT Royalty program.
SAND’s value could jump following the announcement.
NuggetRush (NUGX) is gearing up for a 58.3% increase as it nears round four of its presale.

The Sandbox is looking to boost NFT activity with a new royalty program. Experts now debate the effect of the upgrades on the Sandbox (SAND) price movement.

NuggetRush (NUGX) is quickly becoming a go-to project for investors after it raised 30% interest in its ongoing presale. The project is a mining adventure set to rival The Sandbox. Which project will emerge as one of the top crypto coins? Let’s discuss.

The Sandbox upgrades its NFT royalty program

The Sandbox (SAND) is making waves within the cryptocurrency space after redesigning its NFT Royalty Programme. The new development would see a larger part of secondary royalties distributed to original creators. News of The Sandbox’s new royalty program coincides with the sharp decline in NFT activity across the crypto market. 

It also coincides with the ongoing rally that has increased bullishness for SAND. As of October 30, SAND traded at $0.359. One month later, SAND had risen by 15.5% to $0.415 on December 1. SAND jumped by 27.9%, reaching $0.531 after The Sandbox unveiled its new royalty program.

Some analysts expect The Sandbox to remain in the green zone following its new upgrades. Furthermore, they expect the updated royalty program to spur increased trading activity for The Sandbox. This could help The Sandbox rival top DeFi projects like Decentraland, thus pushing SAND’s value up by 18.8% to $0.631.

NuggetRush challenges play-to-earn giants 

NuggetRush (NUGX) was created with one goal – to offer an innovative play-to-earn experience with vast rewards and exciting gameplay. The project features a hyperrealistic land terrain where players are tasked with turning a small mining gig into a booming business operation. NuggetRush (NUGX) allows players to become artisanal miners and experience the ups and downs of mining mineral resources.

The game features simple aspects of daily mining life, thus offering players a unique gameplay experience. At the start, players can create custom avatars alongside other NFT characters received in the game. These NFT characters are usually skilled miners or prolific business managers. Gamers will then leverage the skills of their NFT characters in building a mining business.

After finding mineral resources, players will mine them using appropriate machinery. Users sell off mined resources on NuggetRush’s (NUGX) marketplace. They can then invest money raised into building a successful enterprise by buying machinery and more skilled NFT characters. Upgrading machinery would directly boost a player’s mining efficiency, thus making them eligible for more NuggetRush rewards.

A good way to earn money from NuggetRush (NUGX) would be trading game assets. Players can stake their NFT holdings for higher profit. Staking with a longer duration will lead to a higher APY.  By having a wide range of services, NuggetRush (NUGX) could soon become one of the most popular NFT projects.

NuggetRush’s (NUGX) presale has sold over 86 million tokens, generating a revenue of over $950,000. Furthermore, NUGX is in the third round of its presale, trading at $0.013. Its value has already jumped by 30% since the start of its presale!

To participate in the NUGX presale, visit the NuggetRush Presale Website.

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The Evolution Begins: StrikeX Launches Ultimate Crypto-Crypto Swaps Experience with Swaps V2 Wallet Update

London, United Kingdom, December 18th, 2023, Chainwire

StrikeX proudly announces the successful launch of Swaps V2, a ground-breaking update that streamlines the crypto-crypto swaps process. This release introduces a new level of functionality, security, and user-friendly design, signifying a significant step forward in StrikeX Wallet’s journey to establish itself as a market leader.

Swaps V2 offers users an unparalleled experience, enabling effortless swapping of ANY token through a sophisticated, secure, and intuitive interface. Whether dealing with blue-chip cryptocurrencies or exploring newly launched tokens, StrikeX Wallet’s Swaps V2 caters to all preferences. Can’t find the token you are looking for? No problem, users can import them seamlessly using the token’s contract address, making them instantly available for swapping.


Additionally, StrikeX Wallet has successfully integrated the popular Layer 2 blockchain, BASE. This integration empowers users to buy, sell, swap, and self-custody BASE native assets directly within their StrikeX Wallet, providing a comprehensive and streamlined experience for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Swaps V2 marks the first phase of the StrikeX Wallet Version 2 rollout. In the coming months, users can anticipate witnessing the evolution of the entire Application, with each section being elevated to the V2 standard. Expect enhanced functionality, an enriched user interface, and innovative new features as StrikeX propels itself to the forefront of the decentralized finance (DeFi) space.

StrikeX Wallet invites users to join them on this transformative journey. Users can download the StrikeX Wallet today and be part of the new wave.

About StrikeX

StrikeX Technologies Ltd is a leading provider of blockchain solutions, specialising in blockchain technology, DeFi, and tokenized assets. The company is dedicated to bridging the gap between traditional finance and Web3, empowering organisations to embrace the transformative power of blockchain.



CEO & Co-Founder
Joe Jowett
StrikeX Technologies Ltd.

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