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Institutional traders favour Bitcoin and Ethereum while whales eye this new AI crypto

In the crypto world, there’s a noticeable shift in how big investors are playing the game. Institutional traders are increasingly leaning towards Bitcoin and Ethereum as safer choices, as shown by a recent Bybit Research report. 

Meanwhile, the big players, or ‘whales’, are getting more interested in a new AI cryptocurrency ICO, signalling a change in investment trends in the crypto space.

InQubeta (QUBE): the new focus for crypto whales

As per the experts, the AI narrative is going to be the big thing in the next Bull Run. Given the level of development in this sector, it only makes sense to invest in emerging ventures. However, there are significant barriers to owning a stake in these companies. This is where InQubeta comes to the rescue.

InQubeta’s introduction marks a significant shift in the crypto investment landscape. The platform, through its QUBE token, offers a unique approach to AI startup investments, allowing fractional ownership through popular NFTs and broadening access to this high-growth sector. This initiative is not just an investment opportunity; it’s a paradigm shift, making AI startup investments more inclusive.

InQubeta’s ecosystem is centred around QUBE, which is a deflationary ERC20 coin designed to promote long-term holding and active involvement in the platform’s decision-making. But QUBE is more than just a crypto for beginners. It’s like a gateway to the world of AI and crypto, offering investors a chance to have a real say in where the platform is headed.

InQubeta’s successful journey is highlighted by its presale, which has already crossed significant financial milestones, indicating strong investor confidence. The platform’s roadmap, featuring plans for an NFT marketplace and cross-chain expansion, places it at the forefront of AI and blockchain integration.

Institutional traders’ bullish stance on Bitcoin and Ethereum

Institutional traders have nearly doubled their holdings in Bitcoin during the first three quarters of 2023. As of September, Bitcoin constituted half of their assets, a sentiment driven by positive market anticipation of an SEC-approved BTC ETF. This institutional preference contrasts starkly with the investment patterns of retail traders, who hold lower BTC proportions, possibly influenced by their higher leverage levels.

While Bitcoin and Ethereum are seen as safer bets, institutional traders and whales exhibit scepticism towards top altcoins. The report indicates a general decline in altcoin holdings among these traders, with a notable decrease starting in August. This cautious stance reflects the perceived volatility and risk associated with these assets.


Right now, the investment scene in the crypto market is showing some interesting differences in how people are choosing to invest. On one side, you’ve got institutional traders who are sticking with the top crypto coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, consolidating their investments in these established names. On the other side, the big individual investors, often called ‘crypto whales’, are looking for something new and exciting like InQubeta (QUBE).

This split in investment strategies really highlights just how varied and lively the crypto market is. As the market keeps changing and growing, the role of AI in cryptocurrencies, like InQubeta, is probably going to become more and more important. It’s opening up new opportunities for both investment and tech development.

For more information about InQubeta, Visit InQubeta Presale or Join The InQubeta Communities.

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The new wave in crypto: key investment opportunities on the Horizon

SEI jumps 29% in a week, with more gains coming before the end of 2023.
Chainlink gained 10% in a week, and more gains are coming in December.
Rebel Satoshi continues seeing an inflow of investors after entering Rebels Round 1. 

The renewed bullish momentum in the crypto market has seen top altcoins like Sei (SEI) and Chainlink (LINK) record massive gains. Despite the notable gains in popular cryptos, investors are increasingly considering Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) an attractive investment because of its promised presale surge. 

Which token offers the best investment opportunity between Sei, Chainlink, and Rebel Satoshi? Let’s find out!

SEI gains 29% in a week: will bulls continue charging?

SEI has made moon shots over the past seven days, starting November 27. On November 27, SEI was trading around $0.2162. However, the November 29 news of Sei Labs planning to incorporate the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) into its V2 upgrade. This bullish news saw SEI climb as high as $0.2973.

By December 4, SEI had stabilized at around $0.2729. Despite the slight pullback, this price means SEI has gained 26.23% in a week. This impressive performance has left investors asking, will SEI continue with its commendable performance, and is it a good crypto to buy now?

According to experts, SEI will continue to gain until the end of the year at $0.3057. Experts peg this prediction on EI gaining more adoption due to the November 30 news of SEI partnering with ImmuneFi to launch a $2 million bug bounty. This initiative shows SEI is keen on keeping its platform secure and stable.

Chainlink climbs 10% in a week

Chainlink has performed well over the past seven days. On November 27, LINK was hovering around $14.21. After trading sideways during the last days of November, LINK began surging on December 2 after Santiment revealed that Chainlink whales had accumulated $50 million worth of LINK in five weeks.

This bullish news saw LINK climb as high as $16.24 on December 3. By December 4, LINK had levelled off at around $15.64. Despite the slight downward correction, this price means LINK has gained 10.06% in a week. Based on this performance, does LINK pass muster as one of the best cryptos to invest in now?

Per analysts, LINK will continue trading bullishly to close the year at $19.98. Analysts peg this prediction on Chainlink gaining more adoption due to the December 2 news of Swell Network integrating Chainlink’s Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) to bolster cross-chain interoperability between Arbitrum and Ethereum

Investors flocking to Rebel Satoshi presale

Rebel Satoshi, an upcoming meme coin that seeks to build a vibrant community by uniting members who seek to challenge centralization in the crypto space, has effortlessly attracted hordes of investors. As a result of increasing investor interest, Rebel Satoshi completed the Early Bird Round of its presale in three weeks.

The rising demand for $RBLZ comes from its utility within the Rebel Satoshi ecosystem. To be precise, $RBLZ doubles as Rebel Satoshi’s governance and membership token. This means $RBLZ offers investors access to features like an NFT marketplace, a staking program, and a P2E game. This explains why $RBLZ is the best crypto to invest in!

By December, Rebel Satoshi had started Rebels Round 1 of its ongoing presale, with $RBLZ priced at $0.013. Investors can use Bitcoin (BTC) and 50 other supported cryptos to purchase $RBLZ during this round. The next $RBLZ price is $0.018. By attaining this price, $RBLZ will have generated a 38.46% ROI for investors in Rebels Round 1. 

Moreover, Rebel Satoshi projects $RBLZ’s listing price will be $0.025. By surging to $0.025, $RBLZ will have generated a 92.30% ROI for Rebels Round 1 investors. On the other hand, investors in the Early Bird Round could enjoy a 150% ROI. 

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram

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