Day: December 7, 2023

Uphold launches self-custody wallet with initial support for XRP

Vault will make self-custody of crypto easier for the average user, Uphold said in a press release.
The wallet combines on-chain security of complete self-custody with the convenience of CeFi applications.
The wallet has a key replacement feature that allows users to recover access if they lose private keys.

Uphold has announced the beta launch of a self-custody wallet dubbed Vault, with the first cryptocurrency supported being Ripple’s XRP.

Uphold launches self-custody wallet

In an announcement on Thursday, the crypto platform said Vault will be an “assisted self-custody wallet.” Other than simplifying the secure storage of digital assets, will offer users the convenience of centralised financial (CeFi) and on-chain security of complete self-custody.

We want to radically redefine self-custody for the average user,” Uphold CEO Simon McLoughlin said in a statement.

“Until now, no one has offered self-custody that is practical for the ordinary user. With Vault, we’ve stripped away the complexity to give users full control over their assets, without sacrificing the benefit of easy trading on a centralized platform,” he added.

Vault is a multi-signature wallet, with the user holding two of the keys to maintain full control of their funds, while Uphold holds the other key to co-sign “user-initiated transactions.” The wallet also supports key replacement, a service that allows users to recover access to their wallets if they lose their private keys.

According to Uphold, Vault will be available at a fee of $50 per year and feature instant trading and Vault Assist Tool – which would mean a user can move their assets on-chain if they lose access to their Uphold app.

“Vault enables individuals to have ownership and control over their digital assets, and navigate the emerging web3 world with autonomy, security and certainty,” Stephen McNamara, CEO of Uphold Labs, noted.

While Vault is set to support XRP as the initial asset, the company plans to expand to other chains in 2024. Uphold says it will add Bitcoin (BTC) in the first quarter.

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Sui Joins DeFi Leaders, Topping $100M in Bridged USDC

GRAND CAYMAN, Cayman Islands, December 7th, 2023, Chainwire

Only 7 months from the network’s launch, Sui is bridging more USDC liquidity than multiple native chains

Sui, the groundbreaking Layer 1 blockchain created by the technology experts who led Meta’s Diem blockchain initiative and created the Move smart contract language, continues its explosive ascent in decentralized finance (DeFi). This week, it surpassed $100 million in bridged USDC.

This latest data confirms Sui’s position among the ranks of the top DeFi protocols worldwide and builds upon its most recent milestone of surpassing $175 million in Total Value Locked (TVL). The Sui Network now consistently ranks within the top 25 blockchains for daily transaction volume and within the top 15 blockchains by weekly volume.

“Surpassing $100 million in bridged stablecoins represents yet another significant moment for Sui in DeFi, and is a clear illustration of the remarkable success of the Sui community’s efforts to build a versatile and accessible ecosystem,” said Greg Siourounis, Managing Director of the Sui Foundation. “Coupled with the Network’s recent surge in TVL, as well as performance measurements that show Sui operating at the forefront of Web3 technology, this milestone positions Sui as a force driving the next generation of DeFi.”

The network’s decentralized ecosystem and independent builders are fueling that growth, with seven projects standing at over $10 million in TVL and 11 projects exceeding the $2 million mark.

In another strategic move to fortify the security and reliability of its ecosystem, Sui last week announced an ecosystem investment with leading Web3 security firms OtterSec and Zellic — providing essential access for independent ecosystem projects to high-end auditing services and setting builders on Sui on a path to success.

Likewise, November alone saw $500,000 in a fresh round of Sui Grants issued to projects building on the Network. These grants are dedicated to project teams poised to advance the adoption of Sui and its growing DeFi ecosystem.

For more information about the Sui Network, visit



Sui Foundation

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Binance announces Jito (JTO) listing with Seed Tag and Isolated Margin pairs

Jito (JTO) listing on Binance.
Binance adds Jito (JTO) as a borrowable asset in the Isolated Margin category.
JTO spot trading is tentatively scheduled to start on December 7, 2023, at 16:00 (UTC).

Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has unveiled plans to list Jito (JTO), the governance token of the Jito network. The announcement brings exciting developments, including new spot trading pairs, an applied Seed Tag, and the addition of JTO as a borrowable asset in Isolated Margin.

This move follows Coinbase’s earlier support for Jito on the Solana network, signifying growing recognition for the token across major platforms just days after the Jito Foundation announced its launch.

JTO spot trading pairs on Binance

Binance has set the stage for the listing of Jito (JTO) with the introduction of spot trading pairs: JTO/USDT, JTO/FDUSD, and JTO/TRY.

Trading for these pairs is tentatively scheduled to commence on December 7, 2023, at 16:00 (UTC).

The announcement emphasizes the significance of JTO’s Seed Tag, symbolizing its innovative nature and the potential for increased volatility compared to other listed tokens.

Traders can deposit JTO now, with withdrawals becoming available on December 8, 2023, at 16:00 (UTC).

In a bid to enhance trading opportunities, Binance is adding JTO as a borrowable asset within the Isolated Margin framework. A new margin pair, JTO/USDT, is set to be introduced within 48 hours from December 7, 2023, at 16:00 (UTC). This move aims to diversify trading strategies and provide users with additional options within the Isolated Margin category.

What is Jito (JTO)?

Jito (JTO) is the governance token for the Jito network, offering Solana liquid staking services.

With an open-source Solana validator client, stakers can earn rewards through Solana staking and address Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) using advanced MEV software.

In the listing announcement, Binance has taken the pain of cautioning its users about the relatively new nature of JTO, exposing it to higher risks and potential price fluctuations. The crypto exchange emphasizes the importance of sound risk management practices before engaging in JTO trading activities.

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Coinbase’s Latest Moves with XRP and AVAX Futures; The Rising Tide of $RBLZ in its Advanced Presale Stage


XRP delivers a lackluster weekly performance, but gains are coming soon.

Avalanche gains 3% in a week, but more gains are coming in December.

Rebel Satoshi continues attracting investors after climbing 30% in three weeks.

Top altcoins like XRP (XRP) and Avalanche (AVAX) have performed differently after the crypto market started December with bulls charging. Meanwhile, Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) continues seeing more investor interest after completing its Early Bird Round in a record-breaking three weeks.

Between XRP, Avalanche, and Rebel Satoshi, which token promises massive gains in 2023? Continue reading to discover!

XRP Sheds 1% In a Week: Is an Uptrend Coming?

XRP has had performed deplorably over the past seven days, starting November 24 when the crypto traded around $0.6184. XRP started climbing on November 26 after Mastercard partnered with XRPL Labs to create a debit card that integrates XRP. This bullish news saw XRP surge as high as $0.6347 on November 26.

However, as the buzz around this news diminished, XRP began correcting downward. By December 1, XRP had stabilized around $0.6115. This price means XRP has shed $1.12% in a week. This performance has left investors asking, is XRP a good crypto to buy for massive profits in 2023?

Per analysts, XRP will record marginal gains to close December at $0.6386. Experts peg this forecast on XRP gaining more adoption on the November 30 news of XRP introducing single-sided XRP staking on the Futureverse after MoaiFinance launches its DEX. 

Avalanche Jumps 3% In a Week: More Gains Coming?

Avalanche has performed decently over the past seven days. On November 24, AVAX was trading around $21.06. However, AVAX started climbing on November 30 after data from IntoTheBlock revealed Avalanche has the lowest concentration of whale investors within the Avalanche ecosystem, indicating a stable investor base. 

This bullish news saw Avalanche jump as high as $22.49 on December 1 before stabilizing around $21.87. This price means AVAX has gained $3.85% in a week. This performance has left investors asking, will Avalanche continue trending upward, and is it a good a top crypto to buy now?

According to analysts, AVAX will continue surging to close the year at $24.07. Experts peg this prediction on AVAX getting more adoption after eCash launched Avalanche staking rewards in November. This forecast adds AVAX to the list of altcoins to watch!

Rebel Satoshi Enters Rebels Round 1 With a Bang: More Gains In Store!

Rebel Satoshi, an emerging meme coin that aims to challenge centralized organizations in the crypto space, has drawn hordes of investors into its ongoing public presale. Investors are finding Rebel Satoshi one of the best cryptos to invest in because of its native $RBLZ token, which offers investors access to the entire Rebel Satoshi ecosystem. 

Specifically, $RBLZ grants investors access to Rebel Satoshi’s features like an NFT marketplace, a staking program, and a P2E game. Moreover, $RBLZ investors will access a vibrant community that celebrates the defiant and rebellious spirit of disrupters like Rebel Satoshi and Guy Fawkes.

As of December, Rebel Satoshi had entered Rebels Round 1 of its ongoing presale. During this round, investors can purchase $RBLZ at $0.013 using Bitcoin (BTC) and 50 other cryptos. The next $RBLZ is $0.018. If it surges $0.018, $RBLZ could offer investors up to 38.46% ROI, explaining why the market is buzzing about Rebel Satoshi.

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram

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Dogecoin hits $0.1: Is the memecoin season finally here?

Key takeaways

Dogecoin broke the $0.10 resistance level on Wednesday following a 20% rally over the last seven days.

Memeinator has raised more than $1.7 million ahead of its stage-8 presale.

Dogecoin has been one of the best performers so far this week and recently hit the $0.1 resistance level. Meanwhile, the Memeinator presale has now surpassed the $1.7 million mark ahead of its eighth stage. 

Dogecoin and Bitcoin rally higher

Bitcoin and altcoins have been performing well since the start of the week. BTC has added more than 15% to its value over the last seven days. At press time, the price of Bitcoin stands at $43,457  per coin. 

Memecoins including Dogecoin have also been rallying. DOGE touched the $0.105 level on Wednesday after rallying by nearly 20% in the last seven days. It has slightly retraced and now trades around the $0.967 mark. 

What is Memeinator?

Memeinator is a Web3 project that aims to help content creators generate better content. It will achieve this by changing how people change and use memes. The project intends to leverage the hype around meme coins by providing users with numerous use cases.

The project will target and destroy worthless memes, ensuring that there is a higher level of quality content available to users. 

What makes Memeinator interesting is that it is a meme token that offers real-world utility to users. According to the whitepaper, Memeinator will use AI  to identify worthless memes, allowing users to know them and steer clear of them.

The development team have rolled out various strategies that would help Memeinator become a billion-dollar market cap project. They have published a detailed roadmap that shows how Memeinator will reach the $1 billion market cap. 

The Memeinator presale is currently in its seventh stage and has raised more than $1.7 million so far. In the first presale stage, the MMTR was sold for $0.01, but it has been increased to $0.014 in the current stage. The price will rise to $0.0485 by the end of the presale, giving early investors a whopping 132% ROI at listing. 

Memeinator’s presale raises over $1.7 million

The Memeinator presale continues to attract more investors and its seventh stage is close to an end. The team has raised more than $1.7 million of its $1.8 million target in the current presale stage. 

Memeinator’s MMTR token can be purchased using ETH, USDT and USDC stablecoins. According to the official website, the token is available to users on the Ethereum and BNChain blockchains. 

Purchasing the MMTR token is easy as it involves connecting any of the supported wallets to the Memeinator website and buying the tokens using ETH, USDT and USDC coins. 

Click here to read more about the Memeinator presale.

Why is the Memeinator presale attracting more investors?

The Memeinator presale continues to attract more investors thanks to its value proposition. the project offers real-world utility to users and its MMTR token will power several activities on the platform. 

Memeinator is a project that could find massive utility amongst degens, crypto natives, and speculators. The team believes that Memeinator’s use cases go beyond the crypto space, as content creators could use its services to gain access to quality memes. 

The project’s AI technology will allow users to analyze and evaluate memes across the internet. This makes it possible to identify lower-quality memes and replace or destroy them. 

MMTR token holders will enjoy numerous incentives thanks to its excellent features. The token has deflationary mechanisms and rewards for holders. The team has also allocated 20% of the tokens for marketing, CEX listing and liquidity. 

Is the Memeinator a good buy? 

The project has potential and could become one of the leading meme coins in the cryptocurrency market. With the right level of adoption, Memeinator could reach its billion-dollar market cap in the coming years. 

This project will be leveraging AI and blockchain technology to provide excellent value to investors over the coming months and years. At the moment, its MMTR token is still in presale and could record a massive value increase once it gets listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Ocean Mining denies censorship allegations amidst Bitcoin transaction controversy

Bitcoin wallet provider Samourai Wallet accuses Ocean mining pool of censoring transactions.
Ocen Mining was specifically accused of censoring Whirlpool CoinJoin and BIP47 notification transactions.
Ocean’s founder, Luke Dashjr, denies intentional censorship, attributing the issue to a bug in Samourai Wallet’s software.

In a recent twist within the cryptocurrency space, one of the Bitcoin wallet providers Samourai Wallet has accused Ocean, a prominent BTC mining pool, of censoring specific Bitcoin transactions.

The controversy involves not only technical accusations but also points fingers at industry figures, including Luke Dashjr, a Bitcoin Core developer and founder of Ocean.

We can confirm that @ocean_mining has enacted a policy of censoring Whirlpool coinjoin transactions and BIP47 notification transactions as of Dec 6, 2023

This is a regrettable action by the operators @jack and @LukeDashjr and far surpasses any hostile action we have seen before

— Samourai Wallet (@SamouraiWallet) December 7, 2023

Ocean’s denial and counterclaim

Ocean mining pool swiftly refuted Samourai Wallet’s allegations, asserting that the perceived censorship is not a deliberate policy but, rather, a bug within the wallet provider’s software. Luke Dashjr dismissed the claims and suggested that the responsibility lies with Samourai Wallet to rectify the issue on their end.

This is a bug in your software, not an intentional policy on our end. Why are you exceeding the standard 42 byte datacarrier size?

What is this data even for? I’ve looked at trying to workaround it, but can’t find any technical details.

In any case, you should fix it on your…

— Luke Dashjr (@LukeDashjr) December 7, 2023

The technical disagreement revolves around a purported 46-byte limit imposed on the OP_RETURN function, restricting certain transactions.

Community divided over the accusations

The crypto community finds itself divided on this matter. While some advocate for the “80 Bytes is 80 Bytes” standpoint, emphasizing adherence to technical specifications, others believe that the alleged censorship may be unintentional and advise Samourai Wallet to address the bug in their software.

Brad Mills from Nostr Wallet weighed in, asserting, “There’s no policy to censor Whirlpool or privacy-preserving transactions.”

This is sensational. There’s no policy to censor whirlpool or privacy preserving transactions.

The whole point of oceans game changing block template scheme and coinbase payouts is actually to preserve privacy.

Let’s operate in good faith.

Luke may have previously not wanted…

— Brad Mills 🔑⚡️ (@bradmillscan) December 7, 2023

As accusations persist, Samourai Wallet remains steadfast in its claims, accusing Dashjr of deception and rallying the community to scrutinize the situation further.

This controversy underscores the ongoing challenges in the cryptocurrency realm, highlighting the need for collaboration and technical resolution to ensure the smooth functioning of the Bitcoin network. As the community awaits further developments, the intricate dynamics between wallet providers, mining pools, and developers are brought to the forefront.

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Helium Mobile unveils $20 unlimited plan in the US, integrating blockchain and 5G

Helium Mobile, introduces unlimited data, text, and calls at just $20 per month.
Leveraging the Helium Network on the Solana blockchain and a nationwide 5G network, Helium Mobile empowers users to set up decentralized ‘mini cell towers.’
Helium Mobile has a strategic partnership with T-Mobile.

Helium Mobile, the pioneer in crypto carriers, has launched a groundbreaking nationwide plan in the United States.

Offering unlimited data, text, and calls for just $20 a month, this innovative mobile service merges the Helium Network, based on the Solana blockchain, with a nationwide 5G network.

Helium Mobile’s nationwide plan

Priced at an affordable $20 per month, the Helium Mobile plan provides users with unlimited data, text, and calls.

This move comes after a successful limited trial conducted in Miami earlier this year, showcasing the viability of Helium Mobile’s innovative approach to mobile services.

At the heart of Helium Mobile’s offering is the integration of the Helium Network, an Internet-of-Things project anchored on the Solana blockchain, with a robust nationwide 5G network. Users can become builders of their own network by setting up Helium Mobile Hotspots, acting as ‘mini cell towers’ to expand coverage.

This decentralized approach aims to eliminate dead zones, transforming the way users experience mobile connectivity.

Despite the ambitious plan, Helium Mobile faces questions regarding its revenue model. Investors have scrutinized the profitability of the Helium Network, which generated only $6651 in revenue from its wireless network in June 2022.

To address coverage gaps, Helium collaborates with T-Mobile, with Helium paying T-Mobile for backup coverage.

All in all, this groundbreaking initiative by Helium Mobile marks a significant step in the convergence of blockchain and telecommunications, potentially reshaping the future of mobile communication.

Helium Network native token, HNT, surge

Riding on the news, Helium (HNT), the native cryptocurrency of Helium Network which is at the heart of Helium Mobile, has surged by 27% to trade at 5.24 at press time.

Helium (HNT) price chart


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