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From a Grandmother’s Present to Cryptocurrency Wealth: A Millionaire’s Journey to His Next Big Investment


A teenage sensation turned a $1,245 gift from his grandmother to $1.5 million through his investment in BTC. 

Bitcoin is expected to reach $50,000 by the end of the year as ETF approval edges closer. 

Rebel Satoshis presale is set to earn investors like Finman a 150% return.

The crypto space has had a good number of incredible rags-to-riches stories. Like many others, Erik Finman, then 19 years old, took a wild bet on Bitcoin (BTC), turning $1,245 into $1.5 million. 

As he did then, Finman is looking to multiply his millions using a high-flying blockchain ICO such as Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ). Interested in Finman’s story and future plans? Let’s tell his story!

Erik Finman’s remarkable investment story 

At only 19, Erik Finman saw a future in cryptocurrencies, starting with a modest investment from his grandmother. Investing a small gift of $1,245 in Bitcoin, his capital rose to a staggering $1.5 million. An interview echoed his daring approach to investment: “If you don’t become a millionaire in the next decade, it’s your fault,” Finman said. 

In a world of evolving technology and shifting financial landscapes, Finman has always believed in the potential of cryptocurrencies. This belief stems from the relatively small-scale status of the crypto market, standing at half a trillion dollars in market cap. Yet, Finman sees a world of untapped potential within this confined space. 

“New business models and innovations are continually sprouting in this landscape,” he says. 

To Finman, this isn’t just a financial market; it’s a burgeoning frontier, akin to a modern-day gold rush or a Silicon Valley in its infancy. With Finman’s belief in the infancy of crypto, let’s look at two top crypto coins he’s looking to invest in. 

Bitcoin ETF approval imminent: Will BTC maintain its recent surge?

On November 8, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) set the review process for 12 Bitcoin-spot ETF applications in motion. ETF analyst James Seyffart emphasized that this assessment period will persist until November 17, opening a window for potential approval.

Even without SEC endorsements, James Seyffart and Eric Balchunas express unwavering confidence in a probable BTC-spot ETF approval by January 10. This optimistic perspective spurred investor activity, pushing BTC to a 2023 peak of $36,720.53 on November 9.

Bitcoin analysts say the persistent anticipation of SEC approval, whether partial or comprehensive, sustains the demand for BTC and the broader market. As such, they foresee BTC surging by $50,000 by the end of 2023. 

On the other hand, Bitcoin skeptics have put forward a pessimistic BTC price prediction. According to these experts, the recent bullish momentum exhibited by Bitcoin will be short-lived, and BTC could fall to $32,000 by mid-December. 

Investors like Finman are eyeing Rebel Satoshi’s 150% ROI potential 

Rebel Satoshi, a pioneering force in the crypto realm, stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of decentralized finance. Inspired by the trailblazing spirits of Satoshi Nakamoto and Guy Fawkes, this project sparks a revolution aimed at challenging traditional financial paradigms. 

With its native $RBLZ token, RebelSatoshi is democratizing financial access for its community members. With a supply cap of 250 million tokens, the $RBLZ token will have a maximum supply significantly lower than its meme coin counterparts. Additionally, $RBLZ operates on a deflationary mechanism. 

The platform’s allure extends beyond mere investment opportunities. Rebel Satoshi fosters community engagement and empowerment, seeking to unite the silent majority and usher in an era of decentralized financial inclusion. Through interactive quests and a commitment to meme culture, RebelSatoshi cultivates an environment that resonates with enthusiasts and challenges conventional norms in the crypto space.

Furthermore, the Stake2Earn initiative within the Rebel Satoshi ecosystem is a testament to the project’s commitment to user participation and engagement. Stake2Earn offers a unique opportunity for users to actively engage with the platform and earn rewards for staking their $RBLZ tokens. 

Rebel Satoshi’s ongoing presale marks a pivotal moment in the project’s trajectory, offering early participants an exclusive opportunity to join this top ICO at a crucial phase. 

The presale, currently in the Early Bird Round, presents an enticing prospect for investors to buy $RBLZ at $0.01. Participants in this phase stand to benefit from a potential 150% surge by the end of the presale. 

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram.

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As Bonk, Pepe, Memecoin token prices rise, Memeinator gains traction

Meme coins like Bonk, Pepe, and MEME have surged in the past few weeks.

Their rally mirrors that of other coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Memeinator could grow to become the next big thing in he industry.

Meme coins have made a strong comeback lately. Bonk, the Solana meme coin that became prominent in January, surged to a high of $0.0000034, which was over 1,850% from the lowest level this year. Its market cap has jumped to over $121 million. 

Memecoin (MEME) has also surged by more than 2,770%, giving it a market cap of over $198 million. It has done well even though its website states clearly that it has no use. It has no utility, no roadmap, and no expectation for financial returns. 

Pepe token has jumped by over 480% from the lowest level this year. Like the other two, Pepe’s market cap has jumped to over $474 million. Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have a combined market cap of over $16 billion. 

This performance means that meme coins are now finally back even though most of them have no intrinsic value. Shiba Inu’s plan to create its utility through its Shibarium launch seems like it has not done well. Similarly, Floki Inu’s ecosystem is not doing as well as expected.

Memeinator could be the next thing

Memeinator (MMTR), a new meme coin, could be the next big thing in the crypto industry. This explains why the meme coin has raised over $1.4 million in the past few months. And the trend is improving at a fast pace.

Memeinator’s success is mostly because of the increasing use of social media and digital advertising in the ecosystem. Also, the developers have created a unique competition where the lucky winner will get a Virgin Galactic ticket to go to space. That ticket is valued at over $250k and over 355k entities have been made. 

Memeinator has also partnered with other big players in the crypto industry, including the biggest websites in a bid to boost its awareness. The goal is for it to become popular and raise cash during this token sale ahead of the next token listing.

We have seen many new meme coins go vertical and become the largest part of the crypto industry. Some of the most popular recent ones are Bonk, Memecoin, and Pepe, which have created hundreds of millionaires in the past few months. You can buy the MMTR token here.

There are a few reasons why the MMTR could become the next big thing in the crypto industry. First, unlike other tokens like Pepe and MEME, Memeinator has a name recognition. Its Twitter, Discord, and TikTok users are growing very fast.

Second, the meme coin is also infusing with artificial intelligence (AI), which is one of the biggest industries in the world. Today, ChatGPT is valued at over $80 billion, making it one of the top companies in the world. 

Finally, market conditions are supportive of cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices jump and as Federal Reserve prepare to cut rates in 2024.

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The next crypto bull run is here: Time to bet on Shiba Memu?

Cryptocurrencies have outperformed stocks and commodities this year.

Most coins, including Bitcoin and Ethereum have jumped by over 100$%. 

The Shiba Memu token sale is accelerating as demand rises.

Cryptocurrencies have been the best-performing assets this year. Bitcoin price has jumped by more than 120% this year while the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 index and gold have soared by 48% and 10%, respectively. Other smaller coins like THORChain (RUNE), Injective (INJ), and Solana have risen at a faster pace.

Why the crypto bull run is happening

There are three main reasons why the crypto bull run is happening. First, Bitcoin has jumped because of the ongoing trend known as TradFi, which happens when companies in traditional finance move to the crypto industry. 

The most notable of these companies are big players like Blackrock (the biggest asset manager in the world), Invesco, Ark Finance, and Fidelity have all filed for a spot Bitcoin ETF with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Additionally, other companies like the London Stock Exchange (LSE), ANZ Bank, and JP Morgan have all embraced the concept of tokenization. Tokenization is a process where companies transform Real World Assets (RWA) into digital tokens. 

Second, there is a possibility that the Federal Reserve has done hiking interest rates. It has left rates unchanged in the past two meetings and officials have pointed to maintaining status quo. 

The most recent economic data showed that the country’s inflation dropped from 3.7% in September to 3.2%. Core inflation retreated to 4.0%. And with the labor market softening and crude oil prices falling, there is a likelihood that the bank will not hike rates again. In a recent note, analysts at UBS hinted that the bank will start cutting rates in 2024.

Further, bitcoin supply is falling, with supplies in exchanges falling to the lowest point in over five years. This is happening a few months before halving happens. Therefore, a combination of higher Bitcoin demand and low supplies will likely push prices higher. 

If this happens, Bitcoin price will likely soar, which will lead to more demand for other altcoins like Ethereum and Solana.

Shiba Memu is doing well

Meanwhile, Shiba Memu, a crypto meme coin that has some artificial intelligence (AI) features, is doing well. According to its website, the developers have raised over $4.5 million from global investors. You can buy the token here.

Shiba Memu aims to change the meme coin industry by creating a platform that has AI features. Some of the top features that the platform will have include natural language processing (NLP), sentimental analysis, video and audio recognition, and predictive analysis.

Shiba Memu will use these AI features to boost its marketing, which the developers have claimed will be automated. Therefore, they hope that Shiba Memu will be much better than Shiba Inu and Bonk.

SHMU token will likely do well if the crypto bull run continues. Recently, we have seen many meme tokens bounce back. Floki Inu’s price has jumped by more than 100% this year while Bonk and Memecoin have become multimillion-dollar tokens. Other popular meme coins are Pepe and Taboo Token.

Historically, meme coins tend to do well when there is a strong crypto rally. For example, Shiba Inu became a major player in the industry as Bitcoin surged to its all-time high. 

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