Day: November 4, 2023

The Fed may be done hiking: Time to buy Shiba Memu?

The biggest stories of this week were the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting on Wednesday followed by the US non-farm payrolls (NFP) data on Friday. These two events set the tone for what could be the next bull run in the crypto and stock market. 

FOMC and US NFP data

The Federal Reserve concluded its two-day monetary policy meeting on Wednesday. And was widely expected, the bank decided to leave interest rates unchanged between 5.25% and 5.50%, the highest point in more than two decades. 

In the accompanying statement, the bank left the door wide open for another rate hike in December or the first quarter of 2024. However, in the press conference, Jerome Powell hinted that the Fed could be done hiking rates.

At the same time, he noted that the bank would continue being data-dependent. In this regard, he said that the bank would focus on jobs and inflation numbers that will come out before the December meeting.

The NFP data published on Friday revealed that the job market was easing. The economy added over 150k jobs during the month while the unemployment rate rose slightly to 3.9%. Also, the labor participation rate dropped slightly. 

Therefore, analysts believe that the Federal Reserve is now done hiking interest rates. This explains why American equities had one of their best weeks in months. The US dollar index and bond yields dropped to the lowest points since September.

Shiba Memu could benefit

All this could benefit Shiba Memu and other cryptocurrencies. Indeed, Bitcoin has jumped to the highest point in more than a year while the total market cap of all coins has soared to over $1.3 trillion.

For starters, Shiba Memu is an upcoming meme coin that aims to take advantage of the popularity of cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence (AI). While the AI hype is falling, there were two important events this week.

Palantir Technologies published strong financial results and forward guidance, which it attributed to the AI demand. At the same time, Microsoft launched Copilot for Enterprise companies.

Shiba Memu aims to become a better meme coin than the other popular ones like Floki, Dogelon Mars, and Shiba Inu by having a full ecosystem. For example, its advanced AI technology will help to automate its marketing process.

All this explains why Shiba Memu is gaining popularity. The developers have already raised over $4.3 million from global investors. And because of the rising demand, they have now extended the presale period to the end of December. You can buy the token here.

🚀Attention #MemuMafia!

First and foremost, a massive thank you to each one of you who voted. Your input and passion drive us forward.

Based on your overwhelming feedback, we’re decisively extending the $SHMU presale for one FINAL stretch, ending on December 30, 2023. 🗓️


— Shiba Memu (@shibamemu) October 31, 2023

Is Shiba Memu a good investment?

Therefore, a common question among investors is whether Shiba Memu is a good investment. We believe that the crypto industry will go through a major rally in 2024, helped by the upcoming Bitcoin halving, interest rate cut by the Fed, and a spot Bitcoin ETF launch.

If this happens, it means that many meme coins, including Shiba Memu will rally as well. However, there are always risks when investing in meme coins and other crypto tokens. For one, these assets are always extremely volatile.

Therefore, if you are planning on investing in SHMU, we recommend that you use quality risk management strategies. For example, only invest in funds that you can afford to lose.

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New Memecoin Crypto Has Minted Millionaires: Is Memeinator Next?

The new crypto bull run is here. Bitcoin price has skyrocketed from last year’s low of $14,900 and is now comfortably above $35,000. Ethereum is nearing $2,000 while the total market cap of all digital currencies has surged to over $1.3 trillion.

There are two primary drivers for the ongoing crypto bull run. First, the Federal Reserve has left interest rates unchanged for two meetings straight and hinted that it may be done hiking. Other central banks like the European Central Bank (ECB) and Bank of England (BoE) have done the same.

Second, there are increasing hopes that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will approve the Bitcoin ETF. Some of the top companies that have applied for these ETFs are Blackrock (biggest asset manager in the world), Invesco, Franklin Templeton, and Ark Invest. 

Memecoins are doing well

The new Bitcoin bull run has attracted many investors to meme coins. Pepe coin, the popular token launched a few months ago, jumped to a high of $0.00000135 this week, the highest point since August 15th. At its peak, the token was up by more than 126% from the lowest point this year. Its market cap has jumped to over $450 million, making many of its holders millionaires.

Another new meme coin is known as Memecoin (MEME). It was launched this week and quickly became one of the fastest-growing tokens. It has surged, giving it a market cap of more than $219 million. It has a fully diluted market cap of over $1.72 billion. 

Memecoin is a honest cryptocurrency. Unlike others that masquerade to do things, its website makes it simple. The meme coin has no utility, no roadmap, no promises, and no expectation of financial gains.

Memeinator could be the next big thing

The success of Memecoin and Pepe means that other tokens could thrive and mint crypto millionaires. One of the top meme coins that has a real chance of becoming popular is Memeinator.

For one, the token has already been successful. In less than a month, the token’s developers has raised over $1.1 million and is about to hit its target 5 target of $1.2 million.

Unlike Memecoin (MEME), Memeinator has two important catalysts. First, it aims to have a real utility in the marketplace. In the future, it aims to be a leading player in the gaming industry, which is expected to do well.

Second, it has incorporated the concept of artificial intelligence in its ecosystem. AI is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. For example, we have seen the strong performance of companies like Palantir, Nvidia, and AMD.

Therefore, there is a likelihood that the MMTR token will do well when it get listed in key exchanges like Uniswap and Binance. You can buy the Memeinator token here.

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Could This Crypto Be The Answer To Curing BNB and Polygon Holder Losses in 2023


NuggetRush offers a lifeline for BNB and Polygon losers with its P2E gaming and zero tax benefits.
Diversify your crypto portfolio with skill-based P2E gaming to cover up your losses.
It’s better to invest in cryptocurrencies that offer real money making opportunities like NuggetRush.

Do you have BNB and Polygon in your portfolio? Well they have not performed as everyone expected in the last couple of months. They are on a bearish trend and investors are not happy with the losses. But what if there’s a golden ticket that could turn things around for you in 2023?

We are talking about the best crypto investment of this year which is called NuggetRush (NUGX).

Now, this isn’t your average crypto coin that works only on social media sentiments. With its slick P2E gaming and zero-tax policy, this is a top crypto coin for your portfolio needs. Don’t worry, we’ll explain what these features are.

And guess what?

It’s still in its growth phase, which means you could hop on the train before it leaves the station. So, if you’re looking to balance those BNB and Polygon losses, NuggetRush is an excellent choice. Let’s dive deeper and see what makes this coin a potential game-changer!

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NuggetRush could offset your BNB and Polygon losses in 2023

If you’ve been looking for a cryptocurrency that offers something truly special, NuggetRush should be on top of your list. Forget the lottery-style crypto investments; all you need with NuggetRush is skill. This is a P2E game where you users have an opportunity to earn.

The game is all about a small land area and you are given equipment to mine the area. From surveys to soil sampling, you can use any technique to find the exact area which has rich minerals in it. Going forward, you need to strategize the mining operation.

Need additional help? You are free to team up with other players for the mining activities. The best part is the rewards. The game owners have partnerships so that the real gold reaches directly to your location. Doesn’t that make it potentially the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

But let’s talk about another major perk that it offers: zero tax. Yup, you heard that right. While many other cryptos skim off the top every time you buy, sell, or trade, NuggetRush lets you keep what you earn. No tax means more earnings in your pocket, plain and simple.

So now you’ve got yourself a pretty foolproof strategy to cover any losses you might have incurred holding BNB or Polygon. So if you’re looking to diversify your crypto portfolio while also having a little fun, this token could be the best cryptocurrency to buy now.

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Why BNB and Polygon Left Some Investors in the Red

Investing in cryptocurrencies is a volatile game and BNB and Polygon have been no exceptions. Both coins have seen ups and downs. They left some investors with losses that are hard to stomach.

For instance, BNB had its heyday when the entire DeFi ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain boomed. However, increased scrutiny from regulators and the subsequent slowdown in DeFi have affected its price.

On the other side, Polygon, despite its scaling solutions for Ethereum, hasn’t been immune to market sentiment. When big players in the crypto market sneeze, smaller coins like Polygon catch a cold, causing sudden dips.

Also, let’s not forget that as more DeFi cryptocurrencies came into the market affecting Polygon’s share. So, even though these best DeFi coins have their merits, the increasing competition has contributed to losses for some holders.

Final Thoughts

If you’re wondering “what crypto should I buy” to recover from the ups and downs experienced with BNB and Polygon, keep an eye on NuggetRush. This is an excellent opportunity to buy this coin as it has a zero tax policy. It could very well be the solution for those looking to diversify their portfolio and cover past losses as we head into 2024.

Visit NuggetRush Presale Website

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Yuga Labs and Magic Eden announce new Ethereum NFT marketplace to protect creator royalties

Yuga Labs and Magic Eden plan to launch the new Magic Eden ETH marketplace before the end of 2023.
The startups claim this will be the first major Ethereum marketplace “contractually obligated” to protect creator royalties.
Yuga Labs CEO Daniel Alegre says the new ETH marketplace is a win for the web3 ecosystem.

Yuga Labs, the Web3 startup behind the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Otherside, Meebits and CryptoPunks, is partnering cross-chain NFT platform Magic Eden to launch a new Ethereum marketplace.

According to an announcement posted today on X, Yuga Labs said the collaboration with Magic Eden is for the launch of Magic Eden ETH marketplace, set to become the first Ethereum NFT marketplace to feature a contractual obligation to protect creator royalties.

The blockchain startup expects the marketplace to be live by the end of this year. 

Planting something new for all creators.

We’re partnering with Magic Eden to launch the new Magic Eden ETH marketplace – the first major ETH marketplace contractually obligated to honor creator royalties.

The marketplace will launch end of 2023, more details soon.

— Yuga Labs (@yugalabs) November 4, 2023

Creators are critical to Web3

Yuga Labs and Magic Eden’s endeavour comes as the NFT space grapples with the issue of creator royalties, particularly as major marketplaces slash fees or scrap them altogether. The two startups are unequivocal about the need to respect creative entrepreneurs, stating in a press release that the issue of “creator royalties is non-negotiable.”

The BAYC creator says it will, going forward, exclusively partner with marketplaces that seek to protect creators.

“We see this partnership with Magic Eden as a win for the whole ecosystem,” Yuga Labs CEO Daniel Alegre noted.

According to him, creators are key to Web3, and without them, the ecosystem won’t thrive.

Magic Eden CEO and co-founder, Jack Lu said:

“Right now, it’s a priority to provide creatives with the support they deserve with creator royalty programs. In collaboration with Yuga Labs, we’re set to develop an Ethereum marketplace that resets the standard for royalty allocation and are hopeful this action will reverberate throughout the ecosystem.”

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Bitcoin May Be The Biggest Crypto, But Is This The Best?

Bitcoin (BTC) has long been the most recognizable and dominant player in the cryptocurrency world. BTC started it all and has consistently maintained its position as the gold standard. As the crypto universe expands, new competitors emerge, each with a unique proposition. Among these rising stars is InQubeta (QUBE), an AI-powered cryptocurrency that reve­rberates with possibility and innovation. But can InQubeta truly reign supreme as the best in the crypto space?

InQubeta has revolutionized the cryptocurrency industry with innovative­ features, such as its deflationary mode­l. Its NFT marketplace has gained re­cognition among influential figures searching for ne­w DeFi crypto to inve­st in for substantial returns. Many crypto analysts are forecasting that InQube­ta will lead the next bull run due­ to its aim of bridging the gap between AI startups and investors.

This article explores Bitcoin’s dominance and why InQubeta could claim the title of the best crypto.

InQubeta (QUBE): Pioneering DeFi crypto with potential for the best ROI

InQubeta, a new DeFi crypto, is making waves as the first crowdfunding platform in the crypto market that promises high returns. Despite Bitcoin’s dominance, InQube­ta shines as the best potential crypto choice by enabling fractional investment in AI-based startups, all facilitated by QUBE tokens. These tokens operate on the Ethereum blockchain, leveraging its robust technology to create a secure and seamless investment ecosystem for startups and investors.

The brilliance­ of the platform as the best prospe­ct in crypto lies in its ability to mint each investme­nt opportunity as an NFT and then fractionalize it. This means you can invest in a way that suits your budget while enjoying the benefits of being an early supporter. The platform’s tre­nding NFT marketplace takes it further by empowering AI startups to raise funds and offer enticing rewards and equity-based digital assets. Conversely, QUBE token holders can easily invest in the projects they believe in, establishing a unique ecosystem that be­nefits all parties involved.

QUBE exce­ls in the crypto market as the potential ultimate­ choice due to its nature as a de­flationary ERC20 token. This unique deflationary mechanism offers a valuable investme­nt opportunity for crypto enthusiasts seeking the best crypto investment platform to dive­rsify their portfolios. By imposing a 2% buy and sell tax for a burning wallet and a 5% buy and sell tax for a dedicated reward pool, QUBE e­nables holders to earn re­wards through token staking. This feature makes it particularly appealing to investors who recognize the growth potential of AI technology startups.

The QUBE toke­n, serving as a governance toke­n, helps position it as one of the best crypto investme­nt platforms. As a governance token, InQubeta gives its holders a say in the decision-making processes of the platform. 

QUBE holders can propose, discuss, and vote on various aspects of the platform’s development, operation, and future direction. With the increasing participation of investors and startups in the InQube­ta platform, the demand for QUBE is expected to surge, potentially driving up the token’s value over time. 

By holding and staking QUBE tokens, investors not only position themselves for potential price appreciation but also receive rewards from the dedicated reward pool.

Bitcoin (BTC): A potential game-changer for cryptocurrency

As the first cryptocurre­ncy, Bitcoin wields a substantial influence over the crypto market. With BTC breaching the $35K threshold, its trajectory could significantly shift, potentially reaching $64K by the end of 2023, as suggested by historical chart patterns. This optimistic outlook permeates the broader crypto market, propelling altcoins into a bullish ascent.

Historical data highlights November as a pivotal month for Bitcoin, with gains second only to April. The fourth quarter (Q4) is renowned for yielding the most substantial returns, heightening the anticipation for this upcoming month. Boasting a note­worthy track record, November promises an exhilarating journey for BTC enthusiasts.


Bitcoin paved the way in the crypto space, but InQubeta is poised to become the best choice for investors and enthusiasts. With its trending NFT marketplace, de­flationary mechanism, and governance toke­n, InQubeta is revolutionizing the AI se­ctor. Now in its fourth stage, the ongoing presale­ offers an unparalleled opportunity to join the platform. Investors can acquire the QUBE toke­n using major cryptocurrencies such as ETH, BTC, and USDT.

Visit InQubeta Presale 

Join The InQubeta Communities

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