Day: November 3, 2023

Voyager Token (VGX) soars after a 30% token supply burn

VGX surges 20% post-30% token burn.
52 million VGX tokens were sent to a burn address.
The burn event comes as Voyager manoeuvres its Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

In a surprising turn of events, the native token of Voyager Digital, Voyager Token (VGX), witnessed a remarkable surge in its price, gaining 20% in value, following the transfer of 52 million tokens to a burn address.

The VGX token price had however started going down, at press time as seen in the chart below.

VGX token price chart


30% of VGX token supply bunt

On-chain data from Etherscan shows that the wallet in question is linked to Voyager and was named “Voyager 1.” It had remained dormant for 225 days.

This wallet suddenly came to life, initiating a test transaction of 123.45 tokens before proceeding to transfer a larger batch valued at $7.3 million.

This substantial transfer was directed towards a burn address, a cryptocurrency wallet where tokens are rendered inaccessible, essentially eliminating them from circulation.

Voyager’s troubled past

Voyager Digital’s recent history has been marked by turbulence, with the company filing for bankruptcy following the collapse of FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange that was in discussions to acquire Voyager before its abrupt implosion. The repercussions of FTX’s troubles extended across the cryptocurrency market, leading to a widespread downturn.

It remains unclear why Voyager decided to send such a significant portion of VGX tokens to a burn address. However, this move could have multiple implications in the crypto space.

Token burns are often employed to reduce the total supply of a cryptocurrency, creating a sense of scarcity and, in turn, potentially bolstering the value of the remaining tokens in circulation. The market’s response to this event was notably positive, with VGX witnessing a 20% price increase, reflecting investor optimism regarding the potential value appreciation due to the reduced supply.

Voyager Digital had earlier announced that it intended to liquidate assets in relation to its ongoing financial difficulties and its strategy to manage assets and liabilities within the context of its bankruptcy proceedings.

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Derivatives DEX platform Derivio launches mainnet on zkSync Era

Derivio, a Binance Labs incubated decentralised derivatives exchange, announced its mainnet is live on the zkSync Era.
zkSync Era is an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution.
Users have a chance to trade perpetuals and options on more than 20 markets.

Derivio, a decentralised derivatives exchange built on the Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution zkSync Era, has launched its mainnet, according to an announcement.

The Binance Labs-incubated DEX platform seeks to carve a share of the DeFi market by bringing the benefits of on-chain derivatives trading to users. Its infrastructure leverages zkSync Era features such as fast transactions, low gas fees and account abstraction to allow for greater adoption of derivatives.

“We’re excited to announce that Derivio’s mainnet beta is now live at! Users can trade perpetuals & options with more than 20 different markets, provide liquidity and earn high organic risk-adjusted DeFi yield on @zksync Era,” the platform posted on X.

We’re excited to announce that Derivio’s mainnet beta is now live at!

Users can trade perpetuals & options with more than 20 different markets, provide liquidity and earn high organic risk-adjusted DeFi yield on @zksync Era.

— Derivio ∎ (@derivio_xyz) November 3, 2023

In addition to supporting perps and options trading on multiple markets, Derivio offers access to real yield for liquidity providers. 

Institutions and builders can also tap into the key features of decentralisation and modularity for their hybrid order book protocols or derivatives vaults. 

As part of the launch and to incentivise further adoption, Derivio plans to introduce several mainnet events, including trading competitions and retroactive incentives.

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Shiba Memu’s presale nears $4.5m: Should you invest in the project now?

Key takeaways

Shiba Memu’s presale is now closing in on the $4.5 million mark.

Bitcoin is trading close to the $35k level once again as bulls continue to stay in charge. 

The cryptocurrency market has been in a bullish mode over the last two weeks, with Bitcoin and other altcoins rallying higher. Shiba Memu’s presale continues to push forward, with more than $4.3 million raised so far. 

Bitcoin targets $35k

Bitcoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency by market cap, is up by less than 1% in the last 24 hours. At press time, the price of Bitcoin stands at $34,796 per coin. The broader market has been performing excellently over the last two weeks. 

The total cryptocurrency market cap is now above the $1.2 trillion mark. Altcoins have also been rallying over the last couple of days. 

What is Shiba Memu?

The broader cryptocurrency market has been rallying over the last few days, and Shiba Memu’s presale has also attained new milestones. The project is now approaching an important milestone and could be achieved over the next few hours or days. 

Shiba Memu is a meme token project that wants to help individuals and entities handle marketing campaigns. Shiba Memu will leverage blockchain and AI to offer marketing services to users.

Currently, the project is still in its presale stage, and investors have already poured in millions of dollars. Shiba Memu has now raised nearly $4.4 million. 

According to the team, Shiba Memu will leverage blockchain and AI to develop an unstoppable, entirely self-sufficient marketing powerhouse. With this platform, users can carry out a wide range of marketing activities. 

As an AI-powered platform, Shiba Memu will be active 24/7. Furthermore, the platform can identify ideal creative scenarios and develop excellent marketing campaigns for users.

Shiba Memu is launching as a meme token to take advantage of the hype around meme projects. Meme coins have become important in the crypto industry, growing from a market cap of $0 in 2019 to $35 billion in 2023. 

Shiba Memu is offering utility to users, making it a better alternative to some of the thousands of meme coins available. The Shiba Memu AI technology will help users develop their marketing strategies, write their PRs, and promote their services and products on relevant forums and various social media platforms. Currently, the project is available on the BNBChain and Ethereum blockchains. 

Shiba Memu’s presale nears $4.5 million

The broader crypto market has been bullish over the last two weeks thanks to spot Bitcoin ETF optimism. Investment in Shiba Memu continues to increase as more investors troop in. 

The project has raised $4.359 million so far. At this rate, Shiba Memu could hit the $4.5 million mark soon. The team will use the funds to develop its AI technology and a suite of other products. 

Click here to find out more about Shiba Memu’s presale event. 

Should you invest in Shiba Memu now?

Shiba Memu could be an excellent project thanks to its unique approach to the market. The token could gain massive adoption over the coming months or years, and that could see its price soar higher. 

The platform helps users to handle marketing campaigns with ease. Its SHMU token could rally higher in the coming months and years following its listing on cryptocurrency exchanges. 

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FXT Token (FTT) plummets after SBF was found guilty

FTX token (FTT) plummets to $1.1579 after founder SBF’s fraud verdict.
SBF was found guilty on all seven counts after a 15-day trial.
Sam Bankman-Fried sentencing is scheduled for March 28, 2024.

The price of FXT Token (FTT) has taken a severe hit, plummeting to its lowest point of the year at $1.1579, a drop of 8%.

FXT token price chart


This significant decline comes in the wake of the guilty verdict for Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), the founder of FTX, which once listed among the leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

Sam Bankman-Fried verdict

The primary catalyst for this latest drop is the outcome of SBF’s trial, where he was found guilty on seven counts related to fraud and conspiracy. These charges include conspiracy to commit wire fraud, political fraud, and more.

The trial against Sam Bankman-Fried lasted for 15 days, during which former associates testified against him, alleging his involvement in fraudulent activities that resulted in substantial financial losses for FTX customers. While SBF’s legal defence argued that he did not have any intent to defraud his customers or investors, the jury’s verdict spoke otherwise. Sam Bankman-Fried also gave his testimony starting on October 26.

FXT Token (FTT) price

FTT has witnessed a remarkable downfall, with its value sliding over 98% from its all-time high of $85.02.

In the past 24 hours, FTT’s price has seen fluctuations, ranging from a low of $1.16 to a high of $1.32. Its 52-week low was recorded at $0.77, and the highest point reached $25.86. However, the coin has struggled to recover since its all-time high.

The negative sentiment surrounding FTT began to emerge in November when the FTX filed for bankruptcy. This event significantly eroded market confidence in FTT, which was once trading at an all-time high of $85.02.

Despite these challenges, there is a glimmer of hope for FTT and FTX under new management. The exchange is striving to recover over $7 billion in lost funds and potentially rebrand itself. This effort could redefine the future of the exchange and FTT, offering a fresh start following a period of significant difficulties.

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Bluzelle unveils visionary expansion into Creator Economy, empowering content creators with its Layer 1 blockchain

Singapore, Singapore, November 3rd, 2023, Chainwire

Bluzelle, a leading Layer 1 blockchain platform, is excited to announce a major expansion into the dynamic realm of the Creator Economy. Over the past two years, Bluzelle has invested significantly in Research and Development, and today, they reveal their vision for empowering content creators and innovators within the Creator Economy.

The Creator Economy is a rapidly evolving ecosystem, comprising a diverse range of content creators, including artists, musicians, gamers, social media influencers, and AI-assisted content generators. Bluzelle recognizes the unique needs of this vibrant community and is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions to safeguard and authenticate their creations.

“We are thrilled to unveil a new chapter in the Bluzelle journey, one that combines both our past and our future; while also pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology,” said Bluzelle’s CEO, Pavel Bains. “Bluzelle’s mission is to serve as a catalyst for the Creator Economy, offering technology, trust, and creativity to foster innovation within Web3 space.”

The Creator Economy, estimated to reach $480 billion by 2027, is driven by factors such as increased consumption of digital media and advancements in technology. Bluzelle’s vision includes efforts toward supporting this ecosystem of creators by tokenizing user generated content (UGC) into Social NFTs on its Layer 1 Blockchain. With this move Bluzelle will enable creators to definitively prove their authorship and securely monetize their content. Bluzelle will support Social Finance (SocialFi), a groundbreaking concept that merges social media and DeFi, allowing creators to unlock the inherent value of their content.

With this expansion, Bluzelle’s ecosystem products are set to play a pivotal role.

Bluzelle’s decentralised storage layer, R2, will secure content, while Capella will facilitate the creation, minting, tokenization, and trading of content as NFTs. Through the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol, Bluzelle will reshape the content landscape, transforming it into a dynamic financial marketplace where content becomes both a source of inspiration and a financial asset.

The Utility of Bluzelle’s $BLZ Token in the Creator Economy

Bluzelle’s $BLZ token is poised to play a pivotal role in the Creator Economy’s success story. It will serve as the foundation for securing content, creating and trading NFTs, and integrating SocialFi, enabling new revenue streams for creators.

$BLZ token holders will have the opportunity to stake tokens, participate in exclusive NFT drops, gain early access to in-game NFT drops, and contribute to ecosystem governance. Additionally, fees generated on the platform will be redistributed for staking and community rewards.

Holding $BLZ tokens will also empower users to mint their content as NFTs and trade them within the Bluzelle ecosystem.

Bluzelle’s commitment to the Creator Economy and SocialFi will redefine how creators interact with their audiences and monetize their content, ushering in a new era of innovation and financial empowerment.

About Bluzelle

Bluzelle, the Layer 1 blockchain for the Creator Economy, is revolutionising the internet of creators by offering complete control over their content. Their open and inclusive platform enables users to create, connect, and collaborate seamlessly, breaking free from the constraints of centralised social platforms. Bluzelle defines itself as the robust layer reshaping the way we interact within the world of SocialFi.


Dan Edelstein

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Bitget outperforms industry with strong Proof of Reserves ratio of 199%

Victoria, Seychelles, November 3rd, 2023, Chainwire

Bitget, top crypto derivatives and copy trading platform, has unveiled its latest monthly Proof of Reserves (PoR) report, continuing its commitment to comprehensive transparency with its total reserve ratio of 199%. This POR report upholds Bitget’s pledge to users that their funds are fully backed 1:1 and available on demand. With reserve ratios nearing 200%, Bitget surpasses the industry standard of 100% by doubling it.

Bitget’s PoR figures from October 2023 highlight its commitment to upholding strong financial health and technical safety. These notable reserve ratios reinforce Bitget’s unwavering pledge to protect user assets and guarantee top-tier transparency in the cryptocurrency realm.

Based on the data gathered from Coinmarketcap on November 3, Bitget’s cumulative reserves surpassed $1.54 billion, covering a range of significant digital assets such as BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, and more. This report provides evidence of Bitget’s unwavering dedication to transparency.

Bitget’s latest reserve ratios are as follows:

Gracy Chen, Managing Director at Bitget, highlighted the significance of transparency: “Bitget remains committed to providing the highest level of security and transparency to its users. We prioritize financial stability and technical robustness to ensure unwavering confidence in their platform. As a cornerstone of trust, Bitget has published Proof of Reserves reports for 12 consecutive months. We take immense pride in maintaining the highest reserve ratio among all major exchanges. With a robust reserve ratio of 200%, it means that for every dollar our user deposits on our platform, we allocate an additional dollar to ensure absolute solvency and security of their assets. This unwavering dedication to financial stability reinforces our users’ confidence in Bitget as a trusted and reliable crypto exchange.”

In addition, Bitget’s commitment to transparency aligns with its focus on user asset security. The exchange conducts regular audits of Proof of Reserves, working with leading audit firms to guarantee the precision of user asset balances.

To further protect its users, Bitget has established a $300 Million Protection Fund. This fund is designed to cover any losses incurred by users in case of compromised accounts, lost assets, or unforeseen events beyond their control. Bitget is dedicated to increasing the Protection Fund continuously to maintain its value, underscoring its commitment to customer asset security.

About Bitget

Established in 2018, Bitget is the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and web3 company. Serving over 20 million users in 100+ countries and regions, the Bitget exchange is committed to helping users trade smarter with its pioneering copy trading feature and other trading solutions. Formerly known as BitKeep, Bitget Wallet is a world-class multi-chain crypto wallet that offers an array of comprehensive Web3 solutions and features including wallet functionality, swap, NFT Marketplace, DApp browser, and more. Bitget inspires individuals to embrace crypto through collaborations with credible partners, including legendary Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi and official eSports events organizer PGL.

For more information, visit:

Bitget Wallet


Simran A

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Memeinator raises over $1.1 million as stage six of the presale draws closer

Key takeaways

Bitcoin continues to trade above $34k as altcoins rallied in the last few days.

Memeinator has now generated more than $1.1 million, with its stage five presale coming to an end soon.

The cryptocurrency market has been bullish over the last two weeks. Bitcoin rallied above the $35k level earlier this week before slightly retracing. With altcoins also rallying, Memeinator’s presale continues to attain new milestones.

Bitcoin and altcoins rally

Bitcoin and altcoins performed well over the last few days. Bitcoin rose by more than 20% in October, its best performance since January 2023. The rally saw Bitcoin reach the $35k level for the first time in nearly 17 months.

Altcoins such as Solana and Near also rallied higher. PEPE and FLOKI were the best-performing meme tokens over the last few days. With meme coins performing well, Memeinator also reached new milestones. 

What is Memeinator?

Memeinator is a Web3 project that seeks to change how people view memes. The project wants to leverage the hype around meme coins by providing users with numerous use cases.

The project wants to destroy worthless memes, ensuring that there is a higher level of quality content available to users. Memeinator wants to stand out in a crypto space that is filled with thousands of meme tokens with no utility. 

Memeinator will use AI  to identify worthless memes, allowing users to know them and steer clear of them. The team are working to ensure that Memeinator attains a market cap of at least $1 billion, turning it into one of the biggest meme coin projects in the crypto space. They have also published a detailed roadmap that shows how Memeinator will reach the $1 billion market cap. 

The Memeinator presale is now in its fifth stage, and the project has raised more than $1 million. In the first presale stage, the MMTR was sold for $0.01, but it has been increased to $0.0125 in the current stage. The price will rise to $0.0485 by the end of the presale, giving early investors a whopping 132% ROI at listing. 

Memeinator’s stage five presale nears completion

The Memeinator presale will round up its fifth stage over the next few hours or days. So far, the team has raised more than $1.1 million of its $1.21 million target.

Investors who wish to get in on this project can buy the Memeinator token (MMTR) using ETH, USDT and USDC stablecoins. At the moment, the token is available to users on the Ethereum and BNChain blockchains. 

It is easy to buy the MMTR token as users only need to connect any of the supported wallets to the Memeinator website and buy the tokens using ETH, USDT and USDC coins. 

Click here to read more about the Memeinator presale.

Why is the Memeinator presale attracting investors?

Memeinator is getting attention from investors thanks to its real-world use case. MMTR is the native token of the ecosystem and will power several activities on the platform. 

Thanks to its utilities, Memeinator could gain massive adoption from degens, crypto natives, and speculators. The project has use cases beyond the crypto space, as content creators could use its services to gain access to quality memes. 

The platform will take advantage of AI to analyse and evaluate memes across the internet, identifying lower-quality memes to replace or destroy them. 

Its native token, MMTR, comes with some excellent features. The token has deflationary mechanisms and rewards for holders. Furthermore, the team has allocated 20% of the tokens for marketing, CEX listing and liquidity. 

Is the Memeinator a good buy? 

Memeinator could be an excellent meme project, thanks to its exciting utilities. If it gains the right level of adoption, the early investors would be the biggest winners. 

This project will be leveraging AI and blockchain technology to provide excellent value to investors over the coming months and years. If Memeinator reaches a billion-dollar market cap, early investors would be the biggest winners. 

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Aragon Association dissolves, tells holders to redeem ANT for ETH

The Aragon Association is the steward of the Aragon (ANT) treasury and assets.
Token holders have until November 2, 2024 to redeem their ANT tokens for Ether (ETH).
86,343 ETH from the treasury has been deployed for the redemptions, with the rate at 0.0025376 ETH per ANT.

Aragon (ANT) holders will have to redeem their tokens for Ethereum (ETH) for the next twelve months, the Aragon Association, a Swiss-based nonprofit supporting the project’s development, has announced. The association is also the legal steward of the ANT treasury and assets.

What is happening with Aragon (ANT)?

The Aragon Association revealed it was dissolving amid plans to continue the project’s development in a new “product-focused structure.”

According to an update from the company, the pivot in focus means there’s no point for users to continue holding ANT. The association  has deployed 86,343 ETH for the process, which accounts for 87% of the treasury and will be sent to a smart contract that will allow autonomous redemptions at the rate of 0.0025376 ETH per ANT.

At the end of the redemption period, the redeemed ANT will be burnt and any remaining ETH will be sent to the Ethereum address of the new product-focused structure,” the Aragon Association said in their announcement published on November 2.

Token holders have until November 2, 2024 at 23:59 UTC to complete the transition, after which the option will no longer be available.

New chapter for Aragon

Aragon, which seeks to offer a user-friendly tech stack for decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs), raised 275,000 ETH (approximately $25m at the time) in 2017. ANT also envisioned a token that would power Aragon Network’s dispute resolution system.

But while there were successes such as the Aragon Nest grants program and launch of the DAO framework aragonOS, the project faced key challenges in many other goals. For instance, they failed to create a much hyped court system for DAOs and an appchain on the Cosmos blockchain.

The nonprofit also failed to galvanise its efforts, despite the bull market seeing the treasury grow significantly. According to their announcement, “bureaucratic complexity, misaligned stakeholders, and failed attempts at modifying the governance increased tensions within the project.”

An effort to vest the treasury’s control to ANT holders failed as users, partners and developers held only a fraction of the ANT supply. This meant a “volatile gap existed between the value of the treasury and the token market cap,” an outlook that jeopardised Aragon’s mission.

A post on X noted the project needs a total reset.

The fresh start consists of:

• ANT <> ETH redemption targeting 100% of ANT supply, lasting 1 year. There is no longer purpose to hold ANT
@AragonAssoc dissolved
• A new product-focused structure overseen by industry leaders

All to continue building the best DAO tooling

— Aragon 🦅 (@AragonProject) November 2, 2023

The Aragon token price was $4.58 on Friday, down more than 68% from its all-time high of $14.64 reached in April, 2021.

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$4.3 million raised in presale. Is Shiba Memu set to explode in 2024?

Shiba Memu has raised $4.35 million amid a high-flying presale.

The price of Shiba Memu increases every day, delivering high ROI to early investors.

The value of Shiba Memu will be unlocked when the token debuts on exchanges.

As investors grow anxious about the much-anticipated Shiba Memu listing, the presale attracts more demand. The project has raised $4.359 million, a statement of the token’s potential. But how much can this token rise once listed? To get more details on the presale, you can visit the project’s webpage.

Why has Shiba Memu been spectacular in the presale?

The high demand for Shiba Memu is not by accident. Shiba Memu is the first meme project to use AI to build self-sufficiency and attain a high ROI. The project uses AI to run its marketing campaigns, enabling it to dominate online chats and attract demand. The approach differs from other meme coins, which depend on human marketing to gain traction. 

Shiba Memu will reinvent itself using AI features such as machine learning and sentiment analysis. The AI can identify market opinions on social platforms and use them to create tailored messages. This way, Shiba Memu generates interest and counters adverse messages. 

Shiba Memu is also a social meme project. Users can access an AI dashboard to learn about Shiba Memu and its marketing activities. On the AI dashboard, users ask questions and propose improvements to the project. Users earn SHMU for their contributions, incentivising them to continue building Shiba Memu. 

About Shiba Memu presale and incentives

Apart from the novel use case through AI, Shiba Memu has been attractive to investors on presale. Presales are crowdfunding activities that enable upcoming projects to raise money before going public. The project benefits from an initial capital injection, while the investors acquire tokens at a fixed low price.

Since launching the presale, Shiba Memu’s price has risen by a whopping 245%. By the time the presale ends, the price will have risen further. The price increases have been made possible by the project’s tokenomics. The tokenomics allow the SHMU price to rise daily at 6 PM GMT. The incentivised presale is an opportunity for investors to receive higher-priced tokens.

Currently, the Shiba Memu token is valued at $0.038350. The attractive price makes a strong case for investors seeking to buy the tokens before the value skyrockets. 

Can Shiba Memu hit $1 in 2024?

Shiba Memu has made an impression since launching a presale. Like some of its predecessors, the price of Shiba Memu could rise by up to 1,000% or more in 2024. This is based on trends that show that prices of newly launched tokens skyrocket after debuting on exchanges.

Shiba Memu carries a unique AI angle, which makes it a candidate for a 10x gain. Meme cryptocurrencies also experience intense speculation after listing. Shiba Memu could replicate the gains given the early demand for the project.

A potential $1 price means Shiba Memu should rise by more than 1,000%. Although such a prediction is overambitious, it is attainable. For example, PEPE rose by 10,000% when listed earlier in the year. If Shiba Memu attracts a similar interest, a price of $1 is realistic for 2024 after listing.

Is Shiba Memu worth buying now?

Although Shiba Memu has made a significant leap since launching the presale, a lot remains to be made. The project has 56 days before the presale ends. Investors can profit from the daily price increases by buying the token now. 

Another advantage is the potential post-listing surge. Since Shiba Memu’s price is controlled through its tokenomics in presale, gains post-listing could be huge. Early backers will have made a fortune by the time investors start discovering Shiba Memu on exchanges. The benefits are an addition to investing in a long-term focused project based on the AI application. 

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What is the bullish potential for Memeinator as the price rises to $0.0125 in presale?

Memeinator aims to dominate by destroying weak meme cryptocurrencies.

Memeinator has entered stage 5 of the presale as the price rose to $0.0125.

MMTR could rise 10x in 2024 and 50x in 2025 on increased speculation and demand.

With 5 of 29 stages completed, Memeinator has shown no signs of stopping its fire presale. Over $1.128 million has been raised through stage 5, helping the token rise to $0.0125. The price is now set to rise to $0.0133 in the next stage, delivering substantial returns to presale buyers. After its 29-stage presale, Memeinator will have returned 132% ROI to early investors. The post-listing gains are projected to be huge, owing to Memeinator’s value proposition.

“Meme killer” Memeinator role in meme space

Think of big names in the meme investment landscape. Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and PEPE are notable examples that have made a killing for investors. This hasn’t always been the case for other meme projects, which have suffered a natural death. Investors of the low-quality memes have sustained losses, raising scrutiny over their value.

Memeinator dubs as a “meme killer,” promising to take on non-original peers. Boasting cutting-edge AI technology, Memeinator will crawl the web and social forums. The aim is to eliminate low-quality memes. The AI use underlines Memeinator’s commitment to quality, helping investors invest in memes with high ROI. 

Memeinator also has an ambition of its own. The project aims to tap into meme mania and speculations to generate interest and demand. The project team will invest heavily in branding and marketing to become a sensation. The marketing will ensure everyone is talking about Memeinator, helping it claim a $1 billion market cap.

Is Memeinator a good investment?

Regarding meme investment, very few projects would be up for grabs. As such, sustainability separates the top meme tokens from the rest. Take the example of Dogecoin. The project has existed for a decade and has been tapped for payments on numerous outlets. This makes Dogecoin a potential sustainable meme project.

Memeinator is launching now, and it may be inconsiderate to evaluate it on the same parameters as Dogecoin. However, we know that AI is nearly a buzzword in 2023. It represents the future in many industries, including blockchain. By tapping into AI, Memeinator will attain sustainability through enhanced use cases in the meme space. The use could increase speculation on the token and allow its price to skyrocket.

The investment value of Memeinator is also enhanced by its use case in other Web 3.0 areas. Along with its promise of destruction, Memeinator will let its users participate in taking rival weak memes. The project will launch a game where players take on enemy memes in chaotic crushing and shootings. The game feature adds to the utility of Memeinator and helps in the token’s price discovery.

Passive income opportunities are also an attractive point for Memeinator investors. MMTR buyers will have an opportunity to commit some tokens to the project for regular rewards. Presale buyers will also earn exclusive NFTs that entitle them to potential gains and future perks.

Memeinator prediction in 2024, 2025

Memeinator will be listed on the best exchanges once the presale ends. Since the presale is in its initial stages, the token listing could occur in 2024. This is when increased speculations could unlock the token price.

Once listed, MMTR prices could rise by four-digit percentages in 2024. The projection reflects the frenzy that Memeinator has generated since launching the presale. 

In 2025, the price of Memeinator could increase based on its organic use. Memeinator will have officially begun taking shitcoins and is on its way to gaining the top meme position. New meme replicants that Memeinator seeks to launch could also unlock its future potential. In 2025 and beyond, the potential for Memeinator is a gain of up to 50x.

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