Starknet launches 50M STRK reward program for early contributors

Starknet launches 50M STRK reward program for early contributors

The Starknet Foundation is the organisation behind the Ethereum layer-2 blockchain platform Starknet.
Starknet’s native token is $STRK and is expected to go live in April, 2024.
Early ecosystem contributors will benefit from a 50 million $STRK allocation.

The Starknet Foundation, which is helping to develop the Ethereum layer-2 rollup Starknet, has revealed an Early Community Member Program (ECMP). The program aims at rewarding and incentivizing further support from early ecosystem contributors.

Application is open to all builders, technical and non-technical, the organisation said in an announcement on Monday.

Announcing the Starknet Early Community Member Program (ECMP)

1/ Today, we’re excited to announce the introduction of the ECMP, a program dedicated to recognizing the various pillars of our community that have contributed to Starknet to date.

— Starknet Foundation (@StarknetFndn) October 30, 2023

50 million $STRK allocated to initiative

According to the Starknet Foundation, the ECMP is for Starknet believers. It’s meant to recognise the vital role played by early contributors via a reward program using the native Starknet token $STRK. 

The foundation has thus earmarked 50 million ion of $STRK for this program.

Per the announcement, the initiative will have phase one focus on individual contributors to technical discourse, key projects, event organisers and regular publishers of Starknet branded content. A committee will consider feedback after the first phase and decide on whether to embark on a second phase that would come with additional criteria.

Eligible individuals have between October 30 and November 23, 2023 to submit their applications. The committee is expected to deliver its decision on December 29, 2023. $STRK tokens are expected to be live traded as from April next year.

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