Day: October 25, 2023

Global Shift: Cryptocurrency’s Catalytic Role in Transforming Finance, Casinos, Gaming, and More

Once an esoteric concept whispered about in the darkest corners of the internet, cryptocurrency has leapt from the shadows to spark a financial revolution. It’s a brave new world from the days of Bitcoin’s emergence to the thriving digital currency ecosystem you see today. 

However, the tendrils of change extend beyond mere buying and selling; they’re weaving through the very fabric of our society, redefining how industries operate – notably, the online casino realm.

The Meteoric Rise of Virtual Coins

Let’s rewind to 2009: the world economy was tangled in recession and a thread dangled trust in financial institutions. Enter Bitcoin, stage left. An enigmatic figure known only as Satoshi Nakamoto launched this upstart digital currency, free from government chains and transparent as glass. It was the rebel yell in a silent financial amphitheatre.

Flash forward to today and Bitcoin is no longer a solo act. It’s the headline band in a festival of cryptocurrencies, with thousands of altcoins jamming in the global finance concert. From Ethereum’s smart contracts to Dogecoin’s internet meme fame, the market’s rich diversity is nothing short of astonishing, boasting a fanbase that has driven market values to dizzying heights.

Beyond the Wallet: Crypto’s Industry Makeover

You might think this digital cash trend is all about quick trades and filling virtual wallets. Still, its impact is ricocheting through various sectors, each feeling the cryptocurrency quake.

Finance on Turbo: Cryptocurrencies are doing to traditional banking what email did to the postal service. International transactions? They’re lightning-fast and cost-effective now, all thanks to this financial freedom fighter. Plus, with the advent of DeFi (Decentralized Finance), you’re seeing a democratization of finances. Imagine cutting out the middleman in lending, borrowing and investing – that’s DeFi in action.
Supply Chain Gets a Tech Tattoo: Transparency is the name of the game in modern supply chains and blockchain technology is the dealer. Every move, every transaction, every tiny detail is traced and recorded, stamping out fraud and reassuring consumers like never before.
Healthcare Wears a Digital Armor: Thanks to blockchain technology, patient data breaches are a nightmare of the past. This digital ledger isn’t just for crypto; it’s a fortress protecting sensitive patient data. Beyond that, it’s a catalyst for collaborative, cutting-edge medical research.
Retail Riding the Crypto Wave: E-commerce platforms are welcoming cryptocurrency with open arms, wooing customers with more payment options and waving goodbye to the days of transaction fees and chargeback fraud.

Rolling the Dice: Online Casinos Meet Cryptocurrency

Now, onto the glitz and glam of online casinos. These virtual gambling halls were always about the high-stakes rush, the bling, the excitement. But now? Thanks to their newest player, cryptocurrency, they’re also about security, privacy and fair play.

Players can now fuel their accounts with Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies, sidestepping the pesky fees and wait times of yesteryear. Moreover, for those who crave the thrill of the spinning wheel but prefer the comfort of their own homes, the introduction of live games, such as roulette live and poker live in online casinos, offers a real-time experience, blending the excitement of live play with the convenience of digital transactions made possible through cryptocurrencies.

But the perks don’t end at the casino’s digital doors. Blockchain technology, the engine purring under crypto’s hood, ensures every dice roll, card deal and slot spin is recorded transparently. This tech is the bouncer at the casino door, keeping out fraudulent activities and ensuring everything’s up and up.

Yet, it’s not just about keeping things straight. It’s about freedom. Gamblers relish the anonymity cryptocurrency provides, a feature that traditional payment methods just can’t match. 

A Marriage of Pixels and Cryptocurrency: The Gaming Sphere

Picture this: you’re diving sword-first into a fantasy world, battling monsters and snagging treasure. Now, imagine earning real cryptocurrency in this virtual realm. Welcome to the frontier of gaming, where online worlds and digital currencies unite in a harmony that would make any tech junkie swoon.

This isn’t just purchasing in-game skins with Bitcoin; it’s about genuinely owning the first sword you snagged from a fire-breathing dragon. Blockchain makes it possible, allowing players to buy, sell and trade in-game assets outside the game. They’re tangible tokens of every victory, every achievement, each one a piece of digital property locked safely in a decentralized ledger.

Crypto Generosity: A New Age of Giving

Stepping away from the hustle and bustle of market charts, there’s a heartwarming plot twist in the crypto saga: digital philanthropy. Imagine the nouveau riche of the virtual world turning into benefactors, pushing their wealth forward into grand, humanitarian gestures.

You’ve got things like the Pineapple Fund, where an anonymous soul, blessed by the Bitcoin boom, funnelled a fortune into charities. We’re talking severe digital dough dedicated to real-world change. Now, you will see a growing trend of philanthropy that accepts cryptocurrencies, breaking down barriers to generosity and ensuring every bit of goodwill gets directly into the hands that need it most.

Here’s where the cryptocurrency landscape redeems itself: transparency. With blockchain, every transaction and every charitable endeavour is transparent, ensuring every promise is kept and every cent reaches its rightful end. So, in this light, cryptocurrency takes on a noble sheen — it becomes a medium for genuine, heartfelt global outreach, encouraging us all to participate in a movement of kindness and global betterment.

The Bumpy Road Ahead: Expect the Unexpected

The journey through the crypto universe is far from a quiet walk in the park. It’s more akin to a high-octane road trip on a path riddled with potholes and unexpected detours. Regulatory speed bumps continually force us to hit the brakes. Simultaneously, the market’s notorious mood swings can make even the most seasoned passengers panic.

But here’s the kicker: as cryptocurrencies burrow deeper into our daily routines and conversations, they start to lose some of their wild, unpredictable streaks. Familiarity could indeed breed stability and the market’s manic peaks and valleys might eventually settle into more predictable rhythms.

Yes, the crypto world remains a gamble, unpredictable and fickle, but isn’t that part of the thrill? It urges us to stay sharp, flexible and ready to adapt at a moment’s notice.

Wrapping Up: The Quiet Revolution of Cryptocurrency

So, what’s the real lowdown on cryptocurrency? It’s not just tech wizardry or financial rebellion; it’s a societal shift, subtle but powerful. This digital evolution touches everything, from how one handles health emergencies to snagging that late-night online deal and, yes, even potentially transforming your gaming nights.

Sure, this journey has snags, complexities and outright frustrations. But let’s face it: the buzz, the promise and the sheer open-ended potential make it a riveting era to be part of. We’re on the brink of something that’s rewriting the rules, one block(chain) at a time

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Bitget announces to be one of the first exchanges to list Tottenham Hotspur Fan Token (SPURS)

Victoria, Seychelles, October 25th, 2023, Chainwire

Bitget, a leading cryptocurrency exchange and copy trading platform, is thrilled to announce the platform is one of the first centralized exchanges to list the Tottenham Hotspur Fan Token (SPURS) in the Innovation Zone and Fan Token Zone. The SPURS token is the official fan token of Tottenham Hotspur football club – England-based Premier League football club. Developed in collaboration with Chiliz, the token has received official authorization and offers fans a unique opportunity to engage with their favorite football club in an innovative way.

The Tottenham Hotspur Fan Token (SPURS) is part of the growing trend of fan tokens in the sports industry. It allows fans to participate in club-related activities, decision-making processes, and exclusive fan experiences. The SPURS token is deployed on the Chiliz blockchain, ensuring transparency, security, and seamless transactions for users.

Tottenham Hotspur boasts a massive global fan base, with approximately 32 million fans worldwide. The club’s popularity extends beyond the United Kingdom, with a significant following in Europe, South Korea, and other regions. With the introduction of the SPURS token, fans from around the world can now actively engage with the club and enjoy unique benefits and experiences.

Bitget’s decision to list the Tottenham Hotspur Fan Token (SPURS) aligns with its commitment to providing users with access to innovative and promising projects. By expanding its offerings to include fan tokens and having the legendary footballer Messi as an official partner, Bitget aims to enhance the trading experience for its users and foster deeper connections between sports enthusiasts and their favorite clubs.

“We are excited to welcome the Tottenham Hotspur Fan Token (SPURS) to the Bitget platform,” said Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget. “This listing represents our dedication to offering our users unique opportunities to engage with their favorite sports teams. We believe that fan tokens have the potential to revolutionize fan engagement in the sports industry, and we are proud to support this movement.”

About Bitget

Established in 2018, Bitget is the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and web3 company. Serving over 20 million users in 100+ countries and regions, the Bitget exchange is committed to helping users trade smarter with its pioneering copy trading feature and other trading solutions. Formerly known as BitKeep, Bitget Wallet is a world-class multi-chain crypto wallet that offers an array of comprehensive Web3 solutions and features including wallet functionality, swap, NFT Marketplace, DApp browser, and more. Bitget inspires individuals to embrace crypto through collaborations with credible partners, including legendary Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi and official eSports events organizer PGL.

For more information, visit:

Bitget Wallet


Rachel Cheung

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Ripple announces new partnership with Uphold

Uphold will help Ripple enhance its underlying crypto liquidity infrastructure.
Ripple’s cross-border solution has gained huge traction amid use cases such as liquidity management, tokenization and custody solutions.

Ripple has struck a new partnership with crypto exchange and Web3 financial platform Uphold, the companies announced on Tuesday.

As noted in a press release, the collaboration is aimed at enhancing crypto liquidity for Ripple’s cross-border payments infrastructure.

Uphold to enhance Ripple’s infrastructure

Ripple’s solution, which involves the use of XRP to reduce cost and delivery time in cross-border payments, has gained massive traction amid the San Francisco-based company’s global partnerships. 

BIG NEWS: @Ripple Forges New Partnership with Uphold to Enhance Underlying Crypto Liquidity Infrastructure

— Uphold (@UpholdInc) October 24, 2023

Uphold, a multi-asset crypto platform with a presence in more than 180 countries and providing access to 200 cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, could play a key role in advancing Ripple’s global cross-border remittances market.

Our new partnership with Uphold enables us to enhance our underlying infrastructure and Uphold’s deep liquidity expertise further underpins Ripple’s ability to offer fast and flexible cross-border payments around the world. We see this as the start of our relationship and are excited about what the future holds,” said Pegah Soltani, head of payments product at Ripple.

As its infrastructure grows, with the expansion of its liquidity hub, Ripple has looked to leverage its blockchain infrastructure to allow for real time international transfers. Its product offerings include use cases such as liquidity management, tokenization and custody solutions for businesses.

Commenting on this in light of the new partnership, Uphold CEO Simon McLoughlin said:

Ripple provides a tremendously valuable service to businesses making cross-border payments and we are thrilled to be an essential part of it. Our partnership illustrates how the unique capabilities of our platform can be used by enterprises to make efficient crypto-to-fiat transfers and bank payouts.”

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Bank of Spain, Banco de España, embraces digital euro

Banco de España has backed the digital euro.
The digital euro promises offline payments and privacy, akin to cash.
European central banks, including the Bank of Finland, are supportive of the digital euro project.

In a significant move towards digitalization, Banco de España, Spain’s central bank, is aligning with its European counterparts to introduce a digital euro.

This initiative aims to revolutionize the way financial transactions are conducted, offering a range of potential benefits for consumers and businesses.

A new era in finance with the digital euro

Banco de España has joined the growing chorus of European central banks in endorsing the digital euro, a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

The traditional form of physical cash, according to the central bank, falls short of harnessing the advantages presented by the increasingly digitalized economy and society. As a response, the digital euro is set to emerge as a pivotal component of the financial system, paving the way for electronic payments to become more seamlessly integrated into daily financial transactions.

The “preparation phase” of the digital euro project, which commenced on October 18, is expected to continue until 2025. It’s important to emphasize that the final decision regarding the issuance of the pan-European CBDC is yet to be determined.

As more and more people are choosing to pay digitally, we want to offer a digital form of central bank money with the same guaranteed value as cash.

That’s what a digital euro would be.

Why would it be so important for Europe? Find out more #digitaleuro

— European Central Bank (@ecb) October 25, 2023

The Bank of Finland has also expressed its support for the digital euro, underscoring its significance in the European payment sector. Furthermore, the European Central Bank (ECB) has launched a dedicated information page to enlighten the public about the digital euro’s potential benefits, promising an “easier life” and a “stronger Europe.”

As the digital euro project advances, it holds the promise of revolutionizing the way financial transactions are conducted, offering enhanced privacy, offline payment capabilities, and a seamless transition into the digital age of finance.

Key advantages of the digital euro

One of the notable features of the digital euro is its ability to facilitate offline payments. Users will be able to engage in transactions even without an internet connection, enhancing its versatility and accessibility.

The other advantage is that the level of privacy offered by the digital euro. The digital euro will hopefully address concerns about data security and user anonymity. Notably, when using the digital euro online, user data will remain visible only to their respective financial institutions and not to the central bank’s infrastructure provider, Eurosystem.

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TON Foundation and Mantle Network form strategic alliance, advancing EVM-compatible layer 2 blockchain Solutions

Zug, Switzerland, October 25th, 2023, Chainwire

Today, The Open Network Foundation (TON Foundation) has announced a strategic alliance with Mantle Network, a leading Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Layer 2 solutions provider. This agreement positions Mantle Network as a principal ally to TON Foundation towards more interoperable EVM-compatible Layer 2 blockchain capabilities on TON.

A wrapped version of $MNT, $jMNT, is now accessible for trading and liquidity provisions on, a cross-chain decentralized exchange (DEX). This wrapped token allows for easier interactions and integrations between Mantle and TON. $jMNT also streamlines access for fluid and expansive trading capabilities between networks.

This comprehensive agreement goes beyond token integration as the two entities will utilize the @community_bot, a Telegram-native toolset for communities, to serve as an education and information distribution platform. This initiative will connect users in Mantle’s Telegram channels and Mantle Ecosystem project channels directly to TON’s thriving community on Telegram. By fostering mutual information exchange and enhanced community interactions, both communities will benefit while building a Web3 ecosystem in Telegram for the messaging platform’s 800+ million monthly active users.

“This initiative with Mantle Network bridges the gap between our communities, establishing a more interconnected and interoperable Web3 ecosystem for Telegram’s large user base, said Justin Hyun, Director of Growth at TON Foundation. “Together, we are equipping users across both ecosystems with the most simple cross-chain experience possible.”

“We are thrilled to find a common purpose with TON Foundation through a strong alliance that will allow the core competency of each to shine and bring the greatest benefits to both communities,” said Jordi Alexander, Chief Alchemist of Mantle. “As TON Foundation’s principal ally towards advancing EVM-compatible Layer 2 blockchain capabilities on TON, we will work hand in hand with TON to help realize the vision of an interoperable multichain future that puts the users at the center.”

About TON Foundation

The Open Network Foundation (TON Foundation) is a non-profit organization founded in Switzerland in 2023. TON Foundation is 100% funded by the community, acting in the community’s interests, and supports initiatives aligned with The Open Network’s mission. Learn more at

About The Open Network (TON)

The Open Network (TON) is putting crypto in every pocket. By building a Web3 ecosystem in Telegram Messenger, TON is giving billions the opportunity to own their digital identity, data, and assets. See more at

About Mantle

Mantle Ecosystem comprises an Ethereum layer 2 (L2) — Mantle Network, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) — Mantle Governance, one of the largest on-chain treasuries — Mantle Treasury, and an upcoming Ether (ETH) liquid staking product — Mantle LSD: all built on Ethereum. Mantle token is the unified product and governance token of the ecosystem. Mantle’s first core product is Mantle Network, an Ethereum L2. Mantle Network strives to be compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Mantle Network’s modular architecture separates transaction execution, data availability, and transaction finality into modules — which can be individually upgraded and adopt the latest innovations. Mantle Network is the first L2 to partner with ETH restaking protocol EigenLayer for the data availability module. By adopting a rollup architecture, Mantle Network is secured by Ethereum. As the world’s first DAO-spawned L2, Mantle Network is pioneering a vision for the mass adoption of token-governed technologies. Mantle token ($MNT) powers Mantle Network as its native gas token and ecosystem growth token, and serves as the governance token of Mantle Governance. All future Mantle products will likewise be initiated by the Mantle token holder community through vote and powered by Mantle token. To support the next generation of innovators, builders, and developers, Mantle is growing its ecosystem via Mantle Grants Program and Mantle EcoFund, a catalyzed capital pool of $200M.

For more information, please visit

Devs X/Twitter



TON Foundation

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Monero fails to build on Bitcoin’s momentum; one-year range holds

XRM/USD keeps trading in a range
Bearish momentum persists
A stronger dollar pressures most cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin rallied at the start of this week, triggering much-needed enthusiasm among crypto investors. However, the so-called “crypto winter” is still visible in other crypto markets, such as XMR/USD. 

Monero failed to capitalize on Bitcoin’s strength. Some other times, whenever Bitcoin rallied, other cryptocurrencies followed. 

Only this time is different. Therefore, one may argue that other cryptocurrencies lag and will jump, too, following Bitcoin’s lead. But another take is that Bitcoin gains will disappear, and a stronger US dollar will emerge. 

One thing is for sure, though – Monero’s technical picture is not encouraging. 

Monero chart by TradingView

The one-year-long range keeps Monero at bay

Monero’s underperformance this year might be viewed in two ways – one bullish and one bearish. 

The bullish view is that Monero is building energy, forming a contracting triangle that will break to the upside. And, on its way up, the market will break horizontal resistance given by the previous support area. 

The bearish view is that the one-year-long triangle is a bearish continuation pattern. If that is the case, the US dollar will keep gaining against its fiat peers and cryptocurrencies. 

$100 and $200 are key levels to watch for XRM/USD. Until any of them is broken, the range might continue still. 

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Bitcoin diverges from fiat currencies and makes a new high for the year; is this bullish?

Bitcoin breaks horizontal resistance at the $32k area
The rally extended above $35k
Bulls should be worried because Bitcoin diverges from the US dollar

Bitcoin investors are thrilled to see the cryptocurrency jumping to a new high for the year. More precisely, Bitcoin traded above $35k for the first time in over a year. 

It did so by tripping stops seen in the $32k area. This area provided resistance for quite some time, and Bitcoin finally broke above. 

That is the good news for bulls. 

The bad news is that in doing so, Bitcoin diverges with the rest of the fiat currencies. More precisely, while Bitcoin gained against the US dollar, the greenback rallied against its peers. 

It may or may not be something to worry about. But if I were an investor in Bitcoin (which I’m not), I would worry. Here is why. 

Bitcoin chart by TradingView

Bitcoin and the US dollar have diverged since Q1 2023

The problem for Bitcoin is that the dollar strengthened since Q1 2023 against its peers. Two examples are the EUR/USD and AUD/USD exchange rates, which peaked in the year’s first quarter. 

EUR/USD, for instance, peaked at 1.12 and now trades around 1.06. AUD/USD erased almost all its gains from the lows in October 2022.

Bitcoin is the last one standing against the dollar. While bulls may say that it is only normal because Bitcoin is not correlated with macro risks and positioning, I beg to differ. 

Since Bitcoin is part of many institutional portfolios, it does react to macro. Therefore, the rally we see here would likely be reversed unless the US dollar strength dissipates. Only if the dollar starts weakening it makes sense to cheer for a Bitcoin rally. 

Until then, caution is needed.

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