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FOMO pushes Shiba Memu to near $4M as presale inches to a close

Investor FOMO drives Shiba Memu to $4 million presale
What makes Shiba Memu unique compared to other meme tokens?
Is Shiba Memu a good investment?

Shiba Memu extended its presale after an initial offering saw massive demand from an excited community. Now with cryoto in bullish mood and the presale extension nearing a close, the fear of missing out on what could be a great investment opportunity is driving new interest. 

Shiba Memu presale near $4 million

While speculation on what Shiba Memu can achieve is likely behind part of the early enthusiasm about this project, most of it could be down to what makes it unique from other meme tokens.

Global investors keen to diversify their portfolios with this token have poured millions into the project via the Shiba Memu (SHMU) presale. Having launched for an initial 60 day period in July, the Shiba Memu team moved to extend the offering to October 31. 

The new timeline has accorded interested investors an opportunity to buy SHMU.

As of today, the countdown to the presale is down to seven days. Evidently, FOMO has kicked in and as the programmed daily price increases move towards the final offer price of $0.0379, the total amount raised could be well above the $4 million mark.

Data on the official presale page shows investors have allocated $3,996,517 to SHMU positions.

Why could Shiba Memu be a good investment?

As a new meme token, Shiba Memu looks to tap into the power of blockchain and artificial intelligence to create a unique crypto project. The whitepaper outlines how it seeks to leverage AI to create a marketing powerhouse and self-sufficient ecosystem.

Unlike other tokens that rely on hype generated by influencers and celebrities to gain traction, Shiba Memu will create its own 24/7 marketing machine, underpinned by its AI dashboard. Analysts say this outlook has the capacity to see the native SHMU token eventually overtake leading meme coins in the market.

This possibility begins when Shiba Memu’s presale ends and SHMU begins to list on some of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. According to the roadmap, this is expected to roll out in the first quarter of 2024, with BitMart already snapped as the first CEX partner.

Key Shiba Memu developments lined up

As the trading support unlocks token utility and helps bulls push higher amid price discovery, the AI marketing tool will launch in the following quarter. Machine learning, launch of the AI dashboard and integration with decentralised applications (dApps) will follow as the market moves deeper into the expected bull market period.

Community engagement via these developments could put SHMU in the mix as likely revelations among the next bull cycle gems. The FOMO currently being witnessed will only intensify as investors recall the staggering gains tokens like Shiba Inu and Pepe notched during their respective market debuts.

It means taking a bid during the presale could offer the best route to better returns should the Shiba Memu token rally.

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The Memeinator outlook amid MicroStrategy’s $60M unrealized BTC gain

The Memeinator presale has raised nearly $820k within weeks of its launch and is seeing huge interest.
This article looks at MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin investment amid BTC price resurgence
What does this mean for crypto and for investors looking to tap into new opportunities?

MicroStrategy is reportedly sitting on $60 million in unrealized gains from its haul of Bitcoin (BTC). Despite the crypto market’s bearish flip over the past two years, the business intelligence company continued to buy rather than fold and sell its holdings. The recent purchase of more than $147 million worth of BTC illustrated the firm’s long term bet on the asset.

Despite the bear market’s brutal impact on businesses, MicroStrategy’s approach suggests long term investors could reap big from their crypto investments.

Could this outlook also apply to diversified bets on promising altcoins, one of which could be the Memeinator (MMTR)?

Why MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin bet could pay off big

In September, when MicroStrategy founder and CEO Michael Saylor announced the firm’s latest Bitcoin purchase, he noted that they hodled 158,245 BTC acquired at $4.68 billion. The average buy price was $29,582, while the benchmark crypto traded around $27k at the time.

BTC/USD is down significantly from its all-time highs of $69k. However, the surge above $30k that comes after a brutal downturn illustrates the likely benefit of resilience for investors. 

JUST IN: Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy #Bitcoin investment is currently at a $60,000,000 unrealized gain.

— Watcher.Guru (@WatcherGuru) October 22, 2023

Investors will know that the crypto ecosystem’s wild price fluctuations do pose a risk to any portfolio. Yet, what the $60 million unrealized gains for MicroStrategy show is that this could easily jump into hundreds of millions of dollars. That is, if BTC price goes parabolic as anticipated in the next bull cycle.

Analysts have predicted that Bitcoin price could rally to a new all-time high above $100k if a spot Bitcoin ETF is approved and coincides with the upcoming rewards halving event. Further adoption amid mainstream investment could propel the coin’s value higher in the long term. It’s what MicroStrategy appears to be betting on and one strategy that realizes the obvious risks also come with great potential.

Although Bitcoin stands out within the crypto space, a number of altcoins have emerged as top long term investment bets, with investors positioning themselves amid the bull market predictions. Among the new projects is the Memeinator (MMTR).

What is Memeinator?

Imagine a crypto world where all puny meme tokens are a thing of the past, and only real value tokens are thriving amid game-changing utility to the community. That’s the outlook of Memeinator (MMTR), a new project looking to rid the meme world of worthless meme coins as it redefines the investment space.

In its whitepaper, the project defines an ecosystem that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to bring value to holders of the native MMTR token.

With the market already a crowded space, the Memeinator seeks to distinguish itself via its tokenomics, staking, NFT, and game features – with its Meme Warfare game an addition that will disrupt the hype-driven and largely speculative meme coin investing space.

The Memeinator – an investment outlook

It’s Memeinator’s innovative approach to crypto memes that has the crypto community buzzing as evidenced by the participation in the ongoing MMTR presale. 

Notably, not all projects that have promised to take on Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and other top meme coins in the past have managed to dislodge them. But Memeinator is built differently and its revolution is getting stronger with each early bid in the presale.

Currently, the MMTR token is priced at $0.0118, having jumped from the initial $0.01. In the next stage of the presale, the Memeinator price will increase to $0.0125, before rising throughout the 29 presale stages to hit $0.049. From the current value, this increase would amount to about 315% gains by the time the tokens hit the first trading platform.

The price could explode with further demand, driven by the launch of various products such as the aforementioned P2E game. 

Like other tokens, profit taking from presale investors could inform a sudden short term dip. But as MicroStrategy continues to illustrate with its hodl strategy, taking a long term bet on the token could pay off, particularly if Memeinator hits the targeted $1 billion market cap.

Do you want to find out more about the Memeinator? Visit the official presale page.

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BIGTIME and LOOM rallies come to an end as prices begin to slide

LOOM witnessed a remarkable 930% surge in the last month. However, an unexpected 65% price decline has taken place, surprising investors.
BIGTIME enjoyed a 250% price increase after gaining support from major trading firms. Yet its value has recently experienced fluctuations.
NuggetRush is emerging as a promising investment alternative.

The crypto world is buzzing with two digital asset trends: Big Time (BIGTIME) and Loom Network (LOOM). 

While each of these tokens signifies something different, investors and enthusiasts are paying close attention to their fluctuating prices. LOOM and BIGTIME appear poised to make technical gains, but their recent price increases suggest a slight pullback as their prices begin to fall.

Big Time & Loom’s appeal lies in their promising features and technology concepts, which initially attracted investors. 

With recent changes to their pricing, another crypto project, NuggetRush (NUGX), has stepped up with its compelling features aimed at community-owned games that give decision-making and data control back to users. Thus, it became the talk of the crypto town as it stood out as the best crypto platform for diversification.

Let’s explore Loom and Big Time rally prices as they decline and investors seek better alternatives. 

Loom Network: pioneering Ethereum scalability solutions

Loom Network is making wave­s in the world of cryptocurrency with its innovative approach to tackling scalability issues on the Ethereum network. 

By offering a Layer 2 scaling solution, LOOM enables faster and more cost-effective transactions. With growing exciteme­nt surrounding Layer 2 solutions and their potential to e­ase congestion on Ethere­um, LOOM has experienced a remarkable surge in value­. In fact, over the past 30 days alone, the LOOM token has seen an impre­ssive rally, skyrocketing by over 930%.

LOOM has experienced a significant decline­ in price, dropping by 65% since last Sunday. This unexpe­cted decrease­ has caught investors off guard, especially considering the recent marke­t rebound from a previous low. In response to this drop in value, many Loom investors have chosen to sell their tokens and subsidize their funds, further devaluing the tokens.

Big Time (BIGTIME): a unique blend of action-packed gaming and NFT crafting

Big Time is an action-packe­d multiplayer role-playing game that combine­s fast-paced combat with a dynamic in-game economy. 

What makes Big Time unique is its groundbreaking inte­gration of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which allows players to posse­ss, trade, and create digital asse­ts within the game. Unlike other games, BIGTIME focuses on creating a seamless and immersive­ gaming experience by seamlessly incorporating Web3 elements without disrupting gameplay.

The value of BIGTIME has recently experienced significant price fluctuations, with its value starting to decrease. This de­cline comes after a substantial surge­ in the price of Big Time by an impre­ssive 250%. This surge occurred following the announcement that trading firms Coinbase and OKX would support the new token. As a result, inve­stors are now looking for the best DeFi crypto project that can offer long-term stability.

BIGTIME and LOOM crypto alternatives 

As interest wanes in cryptocurrency projects like Loom and Big Time, investors are active­ly seeking out new alte­rnative options that have the potential for long-term investment. 

One such project gaining attention is NuggetRush, which pre­sents itself as a compelling and sustainable­ choice for investors. As a result, its toke­n has generated significant buzz in the­ crypto market, with prominent figures e­agerly looking for the best crypto to buy and purchasing it in large quantities.

NuggetRush stands out as the best crypto investment for establishing a vibrant community of like-minded individuals in a secure virtual environment. This groundbreaking platform offers a comprehensive Game­Fi experience, appealing to both seasoned e­nthusiasts and newcomers. What se­ts NuggetRush apart as the best crypto to buy for substantial gain is its foundation on Ethe­reum, one of the most wide­ly recognized and adopted blockchain platforms. 

By le­veraging this trusted technology, Nugge­tRush ensures accessibility to a vast use­r base, inviting them to explore the thrilling world of GameFi and indulge in e­xciting gaming adventures.

One of the most important changes introduced by GameFi is the ease with which game rewards can be converted into real-world assets. NuggetRush, as the best crypto investment, exemplifies this by offering prizes for contests, quests, battles, ranked games, and more. 

All players, regardless of skill level or location, stand to benefit from these opportunities. NUGX strives to be an independent, income-generating community. Its partnerships with gold issuers add a unique dimension to its ecosystem, making it one of the best DeFi cryptos to buy in the gaming space.

For more information on NuggetRush, visit the NuggetRush Presale Website

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Reddit’s r/CryptoCurrency community removes moderators accused of insider trading

r/CryptoCurrency removes moderators for MOON token insider trading.
Insider trading led to an 85% token price drop, sparking debates.
MOON token’s future remains uncertain, with discussions and pending decisions.

In a recent development within the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit, a community of 6.9 million crypto enthusiasts, a group of moderators has been ousted for alleged insider trading of MOON tokens.

This incident has stirred a flurry of discussions within the crypto community, raising questions about fairness, transparency, and regulatory actions.

Moderators removed amid insider trading accusations

Last Tuesday, Reddit announced its decision to terminate the “Community Points” program – a blockchain-based system designed to reward content creators and developers. This program allowed users to earn and spend community points using native tokens like MOON.

However, a significant controversy erupted when it was revealed that some moderators had traded MOON tokens shortly before the official announcement.


According to @CCMOD_, the Reddit admins posted an announcement at 13:02 New York Time declaring their plans to sunset support for RCPs.

From @Pledditor.

— Lookonchain (@lookonchain) October 19, 2023

Approximately 30 minutes before Reddit’s decision, these moderators reportedly sold 456,353 MOON tokens, valued at $92,000, causing the token’s value to plummet by over 85% to $0.0198.

The gravity of the situation prompted swift action. Reddit’s r/CryptoCurrency community took a decisive step by removing all moderators involved in the insider trading of MOON tokens. This move aimed to address concerns of fairness and integrity within the community.

Future of MOON tokens

The insider trading incident has elicited a range of responses from the crypto community. Some individuals called for regulatory actions against the moderators accused of wrongdoing, emphasizing the need for accountability. Simultaneously, others expressed dissatisfaction with the advance notification given to moderators, arguing that all participants should have been treated equally.

The r/CryptoCurrency subreddit is now actively deliberating the future of MOON tokens.

A proposal put forth by u/mellon98, a core contributor and founder of MoonsDust, is under consideration. Additionally, the community awaits Reddit’s decision on whether to transfer the MOON token contract to the community or a burn address.

In the midst of this turmoil, r/CryptoCurrency asserts its commitment to the MOON community token, emphasizing that “Moons are here to stay.”

The Reddit r/CryptoCurrency community’s actions reflect its dedication to upholding these principles and ensuring the sustained presence of MOON tokens in the crypto space.

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Aptos bullish after the anniversary outage, here’s why APT price is rising

There has been some substantial in-game activity on the Aptos Arena.
There has also been an overall positive sentiment in the cryptocurrency market.
The price of Aptos (APT) token has climbed by 21% over the last 7 days.

The Aptos (APT) cryptocurrency has been making headlines with its impressive performance, recently breaking through the $6 mark, and gaining a staggering 21.01% in the past week alone. The token is rising four days after Aptos suffered a five-hour outage. The outage coincided with the same week that Aptos was launched in 2022.

This remarkable price surge has piqued the interest of investors and crypto enthusiasts. But what is driving this extraordinary growth in the Aptos network, and why is it attracting significant attention?

Aptos’s rapid expansion and global presence

Aptos Network has been experiencing rapid expansion, with a notable milestone of 112 nodes operating around the world. These nodes are strategically distributed across 25 different countries and 50 cities, ensuring a resilient and globally accessible network infrastructure.

Aptos grows its decentralized #network🔥

112 nodes around the globe:
• 25 Countries
• 50 Cities

Join the movement and stake with @everstake_pool to contribute to the security and growth of @Aptos_Network

— Aptos Nerd | Everstake (@apt_everstake) October 21, 2023

The increase in the number of nodes plays a crucial role in enhancing the stability and security of the network, attracting more users and developers to participate in the Aptos ecosystem.

In-game activity on Aptos Arena

One factor contributing to Aptos’ remarkable growth is the burgeoning adoption of its online multi-player game platform, the Aptos Arena. The Arena is seeing a surge in activity with over 12,000+ unique players, 67,000+ spawns, and a staggering 150,000+ transactions as of October 23.

12,000+ Users
67,000+ Spawns
150,000+ Transactions

We are overwhelmed by your support this past weekend 💪

We thought our $10,000 giveaway for Aptos Arena players would last 5-10 days, but you claimed it in less than 48 hours!

We’re processing transactions for known unpaid…

— Aptos Arena (@PlayAptosArena) October 22, 2023

The game is sprawling with activity as gamers compete to spawn and earn APT for every kill. There are also over $10,000 in giveaways plus NFTs.

Now I will introduce you to a ✨Play to Earn game on #Aptos, which is #PlayAptosArena

PlayAptosArena is an online multi-player game platform in the Web3 world. It provides players with a unique and engaging entertainment experience, combining blockchain technology and…

— Airdrop MiNi (@Airdrop_MN) October 23, 2023

These statistics highlight the robust engagement within the Aptos Arena, indicating its popularity and the thriving in-game ecosystem it offers.

APT price analysis

Aptos (APT) is currently trading at $6.0596 with a market capitalization of $1,491,384,688, securing its position at 33 in the cryptocurrency market.

The trading volume in the last 24 hours reached $455,290,068, ranking Aptos at #12 by volume. With a circulating supply of 246,120,278 APT and a total supply of 1,061,598,542 APT, Aptos demonstrates a healthy token distribution. The fully diluted market cap for APT is estimated at $6,430,581,495.

Notably, Aptos has experienced significant price fluctuations, with its all-time high recorded at $19.90 on January 30, 2023, and an all-time low of $3.09 on December 30, 2022. Despite these fluctuations, the recent bullish trend indicates that Aptos is making strides to reclaim its previous highs.

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