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Litecoin (LTC/USD) price halved during the summer; what next?

Litecoin’s price halved in less than three months
Buying the dip is risky despite a small head and shoulders pattern forming
The dollar’s rally needs to stop for coins like Litecoin to reverse fortunes

The US dollar registered one of the biggest rallies ever during summer. For example, it gained against the EUR for eleven consecutive weeks – the first time ever! 

It wasn’t only the EUR that the dollar strengthened against. In fact, it was a broad-based dollar strength, as it squeezed everything in its way higher. 

That means cryptocurrencies, too. 

Some of the cryptocurrencies fared better than others. For example, Bitcoin still holds close to its 2023 highs, moving in a horizontal consolidation for months. 

However, some other coins did not perform so well. Litecoin (LTC/USD) is one of them, as its price halved during the summer months. It was trading at $115 in July, only to drop to $60 in less than two months. 

Such volatility is not unusual in the cryptocurrency space. But the speed of the decline (or the speed of the dollar’s strength) is so fast that it takes a lot of nerves and courage to buy such a dip. 

Litecoin chart by TradingView

LTC/USD forms a small inverse head and shoulders pattern

A head and shoulders pattern signals a reversal. When it forms during a bearish trend, it signals a potential bullish reversal. 

The head of the pattern pierced through the $60 level before bouncing. It is enough for the pattern to respect the rules, but is it enough to reverse such a powerful bearish trend seen during the summer months? 

All in all, the main conclusion after nine months into the trading year is that Litecoin couldn’t hold above $100. If it doesn’t build energy to try again, the path of least resistance remains the downside. 

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Solana (SOL) breaks above key level but can bulls take advantage?

Solana (SOL) price traded to above $20.00, hitting $20.50 after bouncing off $18.40 earlier this month.
Can bulls take advantage of positive sentiment for Solana to break higher?

Solana price has reached a key technical level, with the 24-hour upside to $20.50 retesting a 10-day high that’s an area of a previous support and resistance. With nearly 4% increase in the past 24 hours, Solana is outperforming all the top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap except XRP.

Bitcoin is back below $27k after latest SEC delays of decisions on multiple spot ETF applications, including that of BlackRock. Ethereum, buoyed by news of listing of the Valkyrie ETH futures ETF to near $1,700, has bounced lower too even as whales position themselves for a likely upswing.

What’s the outlook for Solana, an altcoin with a market cap of $8.3 billion? 

SOL price: what next for bulls?

SOL price’s uptick today comes as SOL bulls plot to stay above an ascending trendline support that’s anchored at the December 2022 buffer zone around $9.60.

As can be seen on the daily chart below, Solana has bounced higher (not perfect) off the positive trendline. The price action follows this week’s breakout from the downtrend line marked by the decline from July 2023 peak of $32.40.

Solana price outlook on the daily chart. Source: TradingView

Earlier today crypto trader Bluntz highlighted the potential for an inverse Head & Shoulder pattern. The pattern’s neckline is $20.30 and the 50-day exponential moving average provides the immediate supply zone $20.22. 

Holding at or above these levels is crucial to the bulls short term plans, an outlook supported by the daily Relative Strength Index (RSI) in an upsloping view above the neutral  mark.

The flipside of the above scenario is Solana price breaking lower beyond the $18.80 demand zone. Increased sell-side liquidity in this area could push SOL to around $17.60. From here, bulls may rely on the likely support near $14.50.

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Google Cloud is now a validator on Polygon

Polygon Labs has announced that Google Cloud is now a validator on Polygon PoS network.
The new validator will bring “same infrastructure” powering YouTube and Gmail.
Google Cloud joins recent addition Deutsche Telekom.

Polygon Labs has announced that Google Cloud is now officially a validator on the Polygon PoS network. The company revealed the development in a post on X on September 29.

Google Cloud joins Polygon’s validators

According to Polygon Labs, Google’s cloud computing platform has joined over 100 validators on the leading Ethereum layer 2 network.

“High-quality, trusted, security-minded validators like Google Cloud provide an added layer of security for Heimdall, Bor, and Polygon PoS users,” the Polygon developer team noted.

In the proof-of-stake blockchain world, validators are key as they operate the nodes that help secure the network via a process called staking. The native token MATIC is used in this crucial network operation. Google Cloud will help secure Polygon in this manner, which Polygon Labs says will see “the same infrastructure used to power YouTube and Gmail” now help in securing the Ethereum L2 protocol.

Today’s news follows Google Cloud’s recent announcement of its support for eleven more blockchains for its BigQuery public datasets. One of the networks added was Polygon PoS.

In June, Germany’s telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom joined Polygon’s validator group.

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Is a meme rally coming? Whales SHIB buying as Shiba Memu presale crosses $3.4m

Shiba Memu brings AI to the meme sector, giving it the potential to become sustainable.

Investors have bought over $3.4 million of Shiba Memu as investor interest returns on Shiba Inu.

Shiba Memu could benefit from AI and meme mania to follow the price trends of her peers.

Meme cryptocurrencies are an exciting asset class. The interest emanates from the ability to return by triple or more digit percentages in a short period. Shiba Inu, one of the leading meme cryptocurrencies, has been under increased whale buying lately. Conversely, Shiba Memu (SHMU), a meme token on presale, has been riding the meme mania. Investors have bought over $3.4 million, banking on the prospects of a disruptive AI meme project. 

Does Shiba Inu buying suggest a rally is coming?

Shiba Inu’s transaction value crossed the $47 million mark on September 21. The intense buying has coincided with the stabilisation of Shiba Inu’s price above $0.000007. Although no bullish signs have been recorded so far, the buying suggests the selling pressure is low. Consequently, a price recovery could be on the horizon as the risk sentiment improves. 

Overall, Shiba Inu’s interest implies a strong belief in meme crypto investments. The meme sector market has grown to over $20 billion in market cap from $0 in early 2020. Due to the growth potential, the search for quality meme projects has been on. A potential rally in Shiba Inu could boost sentiment and benefit upcoming tokens such as Shiba Memu.

Shiba Memu, a bigger Shiba Inu rival?

In comparison, Shiba Memu and Shiba Inu are both meme cryptocurrencies. They are driven by hype and market sentiment. 

However, unlike its predecessor, Shiba Memu is novel as it taps into the power of AI. Shiba Memu uses AI to self-market itself and become powerful. As such, it can self-promote on social networks and forums, helping it generate online frenzy. 

The self-marketing concept is crucial to the value proposition of Shiba Memu. Rivals like Shiba Inu have relied on social media frenzy and influencers to gain traction. When the frenzy is lacking, these tokens relinquish gains. Due to this reason, investors have decried the lack of sustainability in the meme sector.

Leveraging AI for self-marketing makes Shiba Memu capable of delivering sustainable returns. AI works 24/7, learning all the time and reinventing its marketing interventions. Shiba Memu team believes the capability can enable the project to become a leader in the crypto market. 

Shiba Memu’s unique presale attracts investors.

Unlike other presales, Shiba Memu is unique and beneficial to its investors. The token is made to rise each day on presale at 6 PM GMT. For instance, while SHMU’s initial price was $0.011125, it has now risen to $0.030475. 

Supposing you bought the token at the initial price, you receive nearly three times the current value. The price will continue to increase up to the end of the presale. The tokenomics guarantees returns for investors buying at the presale.

Shiba Memu prediction in 2024

Predicting a meme cryptocurrency is speculative since these tokens have heightened volatility. Nonetheless, the price movements of other meme cryptocurrencies can help predict SHMU.

Reflecting, meme tokens like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and PEPE have been market movers. Dogecoin has moved from being labelled as a joke coin to the top 10 tokens by market cap. Shiba Inu retains the second spot among the most valuable meme cryptocurrencies. PEPE surprised the market this year as it returned by over 10,000%.

The above points to the potential that Shiba Memu carries. The value could rise suddenly when the token is listed on centralised exchanges in 2024. The price could be boosted by the frenzy around meme tokens and the AI application. With signs of a stabilising crypto sector, Shiba Memu could also benefit from improved sentiment to gain value.

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Gemini to halt services in the Netherlands due to regulatory challenges

Regulatory compliance issues have forced Gemini to suspend Dutch operations.
Gemini is a New York-based cryptocurrency exchange.
Gemini’s decision follows a similar move by Binance, which also ceased its activities in the Netherlands.

Gemini, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges based in New York, has revealed plans to temporarily suspend its cryptocurrency services in the Netherlands.

The exchange has attributed this decision to its inability to meet the stringent regulatory requirements set by the Dutch financial authority, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB).

In a letter addressed to its Dutch user base, Gemini urged customers to withdraw their assets or transfer them to alternative wallet addresses. The suspension of services is scheduled to take effect on November 17, 2023, in compliance with regulatory obligations imposed by the DNB.

Gemini to re-enter the Dutch market after compliance

Despite the suspension of its operations in the Netherlands, Gemini expressed its commitment to re-enter the Dutch market once it has successfully aligned its operations with the new regulatory framework governing crypto assets. The reference to compliance with the Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) suggests that Gemini is considering adapting to the EU-wide regulatory framework, aiming to standardize requirements for cryptocurrency companies across the European Union.

To facilitate a smooth transition for its users, Gemini recommended Bitvavo, a licensed Dutch cryptocurrency exchange that is registered with DNB. Founded in 2018, Bitvavo is a member of the Dutch Association of Bitcoin Companies, providing a compliant alternative for Dutch crypto enthusiasts.

Crypto exchanges leaving the Netherlands

Gemini’s decision follows a similar move by global cryptocurrency giant Binance, which ceased its activities in the Netherlands earlier in the summer of 2023 due to regulatory approval challenges. This highlights the increasingly complex landscape that cryptocurrency exchanges face in meeting regulatory requirements in Europe.

As of now, the Netherlands has registered 37 virtual asset providers, including prominent platforms such as eToro, Coinbase,, and BitPay. Coinbase was however fined $3.6 million in January 2023 for non-compliance. These providers operate within the regulatory framework established by the DNB, underscoring the significance of regulatory compliance for cryptocurrency businesses in the Dutch market.

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Flare Blockchain integrates with Arkham’s Intelligence Platform

Flare blockchain, often known as the blockchain for data, has forged a partnership with Arkham, a leading provider of blockchain analytics and intelligence solutions.

This collaboration, effective as of September 29th, brings Flare’s robust network data analysis capabilities into the fold of Arkham’s Intelligence Platform, offering a powerful suite of tools for Flare users.

Flare meets Arkham’s advanced analytics

Flare stands out as a unique blockchain platform, designed to optimize decentralized data acquisition.

With decentralized oracles seamlessly integrated into its structure, Flare empowers developers with trustless access to an extensive range of data at minimal cost and on a scalable basis. This utility layer has been instrumental in expanding the utility of blockchain technology and supporting the creation of new and improved use cases.

Arkham, on the other hand, is renowned for its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) engine, ULTRA. This technology is used to algorithmically match blockchain addresses with real-world entities, thereby enhancing transparency within the crypto industry. By doing so, Arkham provides valuable data and analytics on the individuals and organizations behind blockchain activity, effectively bridging the gap between cryptocurrency transactions and real-world institutions.

Integration of Flare with Arkham’s platform

The integration of Flare with Arkham’s platform is a powerful synergy that benefits both Flare users and the broader blockchain community.

Flare users can now harness Arkham’s extensive analytics capabilities to make informed, data-driven decisions. They can submit queries to the Arkham Oracle to obtain actionable on-chain insights, providing them with a competitive edge in the ever-evolving blockchain landscape.

Moreover, Flare users can actively participate in Flare-related activities, including bounties and auctions facilitated through the Arkham Intel Exchange. This integration opens up exciting opportunities for users to engage with the Flare network and its ecosystem in ways that were previously unavailable.

Miguel Morel, the founder and CEO of Arkham, expressed his excitement about the partnership and their commitment to expanding support for additional blockchains. He stated that the commitment stems from their understanding of the industry’s need for radical transparency and data-driven decision-making.

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Memeinator Announced: Taking on the Meme Coin Market With a $1 Billion Vision

London, United Kingdom, September 29th, 2023, Chainwire

Having already raised $500K in less than 48 hours, Memeinator has already stormed through to stage 3 of its presale, on its relentless mission to redefine the meme coin sector.

The project’s grand vision was born from the frustration of seeing relentless false promises and overhyped coins, that were endless parodies of each other replete with nonsensical messaging. These have made investors forget much of the fun and magic that once existed in the meme coin space.

With its groundbreaking AI-driven game, blossoming community, and out-of-this-world prize offerings like a trip to space with Virgin Galactic, there’s never been a meme coin like it.

Drawing on a certain timeless ’90s action movie, Memeinator is here to right these wrongs. This revolutionary project is building a solid and dynamic community of meme coin fans from the ground up. A community who shares in its vision and are ready to bring trust back into meme coins.

The Memeinator ‘resistance’ is already off to a flying start with over 20,000 people having already joined on Twitter to follow the launch and vibrant discussions ongoing in both the Telegram and Discord communities.

To ensure the project’s credibility and security, Memeinator has been audited by Solid Proof. Solid Proof has been auditing new blockchain projects since 2020. Based in Germany – the auditor focuses on assessing project protocols, reliability, smart contracts and KYC assessments for crypto projects. This puts Memeinator alongside high-profile audits for projects including UNCX, and ZyberSwap.

Memeinator is available to buy now on the official website.

Tokenomics and roadmap

The MMTR Tokenomics have a total supply of 1 billion tokens, with a generous percentage allocated to community engagement for competition and marketing pools to support the presale, and a further 5% for exchange liquidity provision. The token will be deflationary, with the team enacting a burn mechanism as needed to maintain the price. Take a look at Memeinator’s whitepaper to see the full vision.

The whitepaper shows the project split into four meticulously planned phases. This will see the project move from inception in Phase 1 (team formation, blockchain and smart contract development & marketing launch) all the way to the presale completion that outlines CEX listings and the Memeinator game launch.

Within also lies an outline for a staking program and NFT launch, details of which will be announced during the course of the presale.

The final objective, stated as “Gain no.1 market cap amongst meme coins” forms an integral part of the team’s ambition: tongue-in-cheek but daring and determined. This will form a core part of the project’s branding and ethos.

Meme Warfare: A game-changer

Memeinator will launch ‘Meme Warfare’ next year. Powered by AI, this shoot-em-up game blends the chaos of battle with the absurdity of the memesphere. It allows players to step into the Memeinator’s virtual chassis to take part in humor-infused clashes as it blasts rival meme coin characters into oblivion.

The coins represented in the game will be in line with their real-world relevance. Meme Warfare’s backend “Memescanner” AI will be simultaneously scanning the Web and feeding data into the game. This adds an extra layer of engagement and realism. If a meme coin is performing poorly on the market, it’s the gamer’s job to obliterate it.

Redefining the meme coin space by going to space

Memeinator is offering the trip of a lifetime to one lucky prize winner, with a trip to space aboard Virgin Galactic. Hosted on Gleam, Memeinator is showing its competitors that it doesn’t mess around when rewarding its community.

Beyond first prize, the project will release exclusive NFTs during its presale. While details remain top secret at this stage, the NFTs serve to further strengthen and grow the community whilst providing a tangible virtual identity to this groundbreaking meme coin.

Having already raised $500K in less than 48 hours, the Memeinator presale is already on its third stage. However with the presale ongoing and less than $100K before it hits stage 4, users can still get involved and win this gargantuan prize.

About Memeinator

Memeinator is the antidote to the hundreds of throwaway meme coins that lack any legitimate utility. With its deflationary token, engaged community, expertly crafted NFT collection, and AI-powered video game, it offers real innovation instead of just hype. Its purpose is to eclipse its rival meme coins. And, on the way, deliver strong returns to its community via both trading its MMTR coin and staking.

For more information and to buy Memeinator (MMTR) visit the website.




Memeinator team

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Chancer presale keeps momentum, but how attractive is the P2P betting platform token?

Chancer nears presale sellout in stage 3 as amounts raised surpass $2.39 million.

Investors are attracted to Chancer’s decentralised betting feature

Chancer could rise by up to 10x in the future as P2P betting grows

Betting has, for a long time, been centralised. Bookmakers control the platforms and decide betting rules and odds. However, this is changing with blockchain, with the idea of giving betting control to wagers. Chancer endeavours to become the world’s first decentralised platform for bettors. Users can set betting events and create rules and odds for successful bets. The decentralisation has attracted investors, who have accumulated over $2.39 million tokens in presale.

How does Chancer work?

Chancer covers two betting mechanisms: conventional betting and social betting. Conventional betting is for known events like football, basketball, marathons, etc. It is akin to traditional betting but with a touch of blockchain.

Social betting has been the most innovative feature of Chancer. This is where users bet against their peers in uncommon or private events. Let’s look at it in a hypothetical scenario:

Assume you have a local marathon that is barely known outside your area. You don’t expect such an event to feature on your usual betting platform. But you want to bet on the event with a friend, say Marathoner A or B wins it. Both of you hold contrary opinions. 

So, you can create a secure P2P market via Chancer and bet on the outcome. The winnings are secured through the blockchain platform. You can do so for several other social events with anyone, regardless of where they are. 

With social betting, Chancer opens up endless opportunities for day-to-day occurrences. This allows Chancer to open new ways to bet and grow. Users also have fun betting on their preferred social events. 

Is Chancer attractive?

Chancer could be attractive to speculators and investors. Chancer token powers a real-world use case, betting, which has increased rapidly in the past decade. As the platform attracts users, the value of Chancer could skyrocket, benefiting the speculators. The hot-selling presale gives a glimpse of the post-listing potential for the token. 

An exciting prospect of passive income generation also makes Chancer attractive to investors. Chancer rewards users for creating custom P2P markets and sharing the platform. The features make the platform attractive beyond betting, which could fuel the demand and price for the token.

Chancer is also built by its community. Users can participate in the platform growth by allocating some of their tokens through a staking feature. Investors who stake their tokens earn yields to supplement their passive incomes. 

Stage 3 presale nears sellout, with token rising to $0.013 

Chancer opened the presale at a bargain price of $0.01, which quickly sold out. The price entered the second stage at $0.011, selling out on solid demand. In the third stage, the price of Chancer is $0.012, with investors still showing interest. The stage is almost done, which will pave the way for the next price increase to $0.013.

At the end of the presale, early investors will get more valued tokens than they bought. This means investing in the token at its earlier stage offers a better opportunity. Investors could also look at the listing roadmap, which sets the token debut on exchanges in Q3 2023. As the token is listed, the price could embark on an upward trajectory as it unlocks more demand.

What is the price potential of Chancer in 2023?

Early indications of demand suggest that Chancer could rise by strong margins after getting listed. A clear project roadmap and betting momentum give Chancer a strong price potential.

Analysts have earmarked up to a 10x increase in value after the token is listed. The prediction is realistic, although the gains could occur in the medium to long term on platform use. In 2023, investors could settle for up to three-digit percentages as speculations intensify.

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Bitcoin could rally towards $28k as Shiba Memu’s presale approaches $3.5m

Key takeaways

Bitcoin is trading above the $27k level once again and could reach the $28k region soon.

Shiba Memu’s presale is now closing in on the $3.5 million mark.

The cryptocurrency market is having a positive end to the week, with prices of most coins and tokens in the green zone. Bitcoin could be heading towards the $28k level soon as market sentiment improves.

Furthermore, Shiba Memu’s presale is now closing in on the $3.5 million milestone as more investors troop into the project.

Bitcoin could surge towards the $28k level soon

The cryptocurrency market is ending the week in a positive manner, with the prices of most coins and tokens currently up by more than 2%. Bitcoin has added more than 2% to its value in the last 24 hours. At press time, the price of Bitcoin stands at $27,094.

The positive performance comes as oil prices and US Treasury yields recorded a dip in prices, resulting in a weaker US Dollar. If the trend should continue, Bitcoin could see its price rally higher and reach the next major resistance level above $28k in the coming days. 

What is Shiba Memu?

Shiba Memu has been gaining interest from investors over the past few months thanks to its unique proposition. This Web3 project seeks to combine the powers of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to make it easier for individuals and entities to carry out market campaigns.

In their whitepaper, the team explained that Shiba Memu can handle a wide range of marketing activities, including content creation, marketing, social media advertisement, and creative advertisement. 

Since Ahiba Memu will be AI-powered, the software can work 24/7, finding the best creative adverts, consuming them and generating superior content marketing. 

By launching as a meme token, Shiba Memu is riding the popularity wave of meme coin projects in recent years. This is strengthened by the fact that within two years, meme coins saw their market caps grow from practically $0 to $20 billion in 2022. 

Shiba Memu is differentiating itself from other meme coins by serving as more than just a speculation tool. Shiba Memu is launching with real-world use cases and would allow users to create marketing strategies, roll out PR schedules, and promote campaigns on relevant forums and social media platforms. 

The Shiba Memu project will be available to users on the Ethereum and BNBChain blockchains. 

Shiba Memu’s presale closes in on the $3.5m milestone

The broader crypto market is currently bullish, and Shiba Memu is not left out as its presale looks set to hit a new milestone. The presale has been going on for three months now, and the team has raised more than $3.4 million. 

The funds generated via the presale would be used to develop some of Shiba Memu’s products and services. The Shiba Memu AI technology will be the primary product of this project. 

In their whitepaper, the team said the platform would come with a robotastic dashboard, allowing users to interact with the AI, provide feedback, make suggestions, ask questions, and more.

Click here to find out more about Shiba Memu’s presale event.

Shiba Memu price prediction

It is hard to predict Shiba Memu’s price in the medium to long term since the project is still in its presale stage. At the moment, 1 SHMU = 0.030475 USDT. The token’s price increases every day at 6 pm GMT and is set to trade at 0.030700 USDT per token in a few hours. 

At the beginning of the presale, SHMU was trading at $0.011125, and it has seen a remarkable increase in price since then. The SHMU token can be purchased using Ethereum, USDT, BNB and BUSD

Should you buy Shiba Memu today?

Shiba Memu could become one of the leading meme token projects thanks to the utility it intends to offer users. By combining AI and blockchain technologies, Shiba Memu could gain massive adoption in the marketing world. 

The project is still in its early stages, making its token a discount for investors. With the right level of adoption, SHMU’s price could rally over the next few months and years.

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Kresus teams up with as preferred crypto wallet partner is gearing up for its much-anticipated launch. is a Web3 collectibles marketplace that allows collectors to buy, sell, and trade assets.
Kresus partnership makes Kresus the preferred wallet solution for collectibles.

In a strategic move set to reshape the world of collectibles and blockchain technology, leading app developer Kresus has announced its partnership with, a Web3 collectibles marketplace that is set to launch in October.

Kresus, renowned for its secure and user-friendly crypto wallet, has been designated as the preferred crypto wallet solution by This partnership will be pivotal in’s mission to revolutionize the global collectibles industry through blockchain innovation. to launch in October is slated for an October launch and is poised to become the world’s first Web3 community and marketplace tailored to collectors and their diverse interests. Collectors signing up for this platform can create a Kresus wallet during registration, providing a secure avenue for managing their digital assets. aims to establish new industry standards by offering a dynamic platform for buying, selling, and trading collectibles while fostering a sense of community among enthusiasts. It aims to provide an engaging and transparent user experience for those with a passion for sports cards, comics, or signed memorabilia.

Kresus aligns seamlessly with this vision, ensuring that user assets and transactions are handled with the utmost security and convenience.

Bridging the gap between traditional and Web3

Kresus, often dubbed a SuperApp, bridges the gap between traditional and Web3 worlds. Serving consumers and institutions, it functions as a versatile crypto wallet and a portal to the wonders of Web3. What sets it apart is its commitment to security, employing an advanced account recovery mechanism within a non-custodial framework.

Kresus grants users secure access to decentralized applications, providing a familiar interface to explore the benefits of Web3 technology. As’s preferred wallet provider, Kresus is ideally positioned to introduce collectors to the exciting realm of Web3.

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