Day: April 24, 2023

Bitget Token price surges after Bitfinex lists BGB

The price of Bitget Token (BGB) rose nearly 10% on Monday after Bitfinex announced the token’s listing.
BGB is the native utility and governance token on crypto derivatives platform Bitget.
Bitfinex will open deposits for the token on 25 April 2023 at 10 AM UTC, with trading going live on 27 April 2023.

Bitget Token (BGB) price has surged amid news that major cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex will be listing the token on its platform. 

BGB price traded to a high of $0.41 on Monday, with the 9% gains at the time of writing also reflected in the jump in Bitget Token’s daily trading volume. The gains means BGB price is now just 21% off the all-time high above $0.51 reached on 16 February, 2023.

Bitfinex to list Bitget’s BGB

BGB is an ERC-20 token that works as a governance token on Bitget and users require it to access and utilize services on the derivatives platform. BGB holders can also stake their tokens and benefit from rewards and discounts, with zero withdrawal fees for staked BGB.

The token is ranked 83 by market cap (currently at $567 million) on CoinGecko and has a circulating supply of 1.4 billion BGB. 

On 24 April, 2023  Bitfinex announced that it would be listing BGB, the native token of Bitget, a top crypto derivatives exchange. The listing put BGB tokens on one of the best crypto exchanges, and the largest one to list the token. Trading on Bitfinex will increase BGB’s liquidity as well as visibility, probably adding to demand.

Deposits for BGB will open on Bitfinex on 25 April 2023 at 10 AM UTC while trading will commence on 27 Apri 2023 around 10 AM UTC. The token’s initial trading pairs are set to be BGB/USD and BGB/USDT.

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Bitcoin price prediction for 2024: is $100,000 still on the cards?

Standard Chartered analyst expects bitcoin to hit $100,000 in 2024.
Geoff Kendrick explained his bitcoin price prediction in a research note.
Bitcoin is currently down over 10% versus its high earlier this month.

Bitcoin has lost more than 10% in recent days but that, as per a Standard Chartered analyst, may just be an opportunity to buy.

Bitcoin could more than triple from here

Geoff Kendrick remains convinced that the world’s largest cryptocurrency will more than triple to $100,000 in 2024.

His bitcoin price prediction is based primarily on the recent bank failures. In a research note, the analyst said today:

Current stress in traditional banking sector is highly conducive to BTC outperformance – and validates the original premise for Bitcoin as a decentralised, trustless, and scarce digital asset.

The explosive rally in bitcoin following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank on March 10th does seem to support his thesis. On top of that, the total supply of BTC is scheduled to halve next year that’s traditionally delivered a boost to its price.

Other reasons for his bitcoin price prediction

Kendrick expects bitcoin to significantly outperform also because the U.S. Federal Reserve now seems likely to slam the breaks on lifting rates.

Another positive catalyst he cited are the bitcoin miners. The recent surge in BTC, the analyst noted, has served to improve their profitability thereby making them less likely to sell many coins.

Given these advantages, we think bitcoin’s share of total digital assets market cap could move into the 50% to 60% range in the next few months (from around 45% currently).

His $100,000 bitcoin price prediction is in line with what a Gemini executive also forecast last month.

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France’s metaverse market to grow 31.5% to $6.7B in 2023

France’s metaverse industry is projected to grow 31.5% YoY in 2023, hitting $6.7 billion.
Meanwhile, the metaverse spend value will increase from $5.1 billion to $22.1 billion by 2030.
The metaverse space in France is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 28.6% between 2023 and 2030.

A new research report into the metaverse market forecasts that the industry’s market in France will grow by 31.5% year over year and reach $6.7 billion by the end of 2023.

The details of the projection are contained in the France Metaverse Market Intelligence and Future Growth Dynamics 2021-2030 report shared in a press release on Monday. 

Metaverse industry in France to grow 28.6% from 2023-2030

Overall, the metaverse industry in France is expected to grow at a CAGR of 28.6% between 2023 and 2030, while the Metaverse Spend Value will jump from $5.1 billion in 2022 to $22.1 billion by 2030.

The report highlights the growth in metaverse related business and consumer investments in the country, stating that although there’s growing momentum, adoption rates are still low. However, with huge interest from across major brands – including luxury giant LVMH – there’s potential for a steady adoption curve.

As the French metaverse space heats up, leading industry-focused startups across the country are raising funds as they look to accelerate development. These include METAV.RS, a Paris-based metaverse startup that raised €3 million in October 2022

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Visa reveals “ambitious crypto product roadmap”

Visa’s Head of Crypto announced this on Monday.
The company is hiring software engineers to help develop the next generation products in blockchain and stablecoin payments.
Visa had reportedly paused its crypto-related projects amid the regulatory uncertainty in the US.

Visa, a global leader in digital payments technology, is looking to extend its reach across the digital payments space via a new “ambitious crypto product roadmap.”

Sharing the crypto-related news on Monday, Visa’s Head of Crypto Cuy Sheffield, said the US-based company is eyeing further push across mainstream adoption of public blockchains and stablecoin payments.

Visa announces job hires for crypto-related software engineers

The company is on the hunt for senior software engineers that will help advance this goal, particularly around creating next-generation products powered by blockchain and smart contracts and targeted at improving everyday lives. 

For the hires, Visa would prefer talent that has experience with Github Copilot and other artificial intelligence (AI) assisted engineering tools.

We have an ambitious crypto product roadmap @Visa and just opened a few reqs for senior software engineers to help us drive mainstream adoption of public blockchain networks and stablecoin payments. Particularly interested in experience using Github Copilot and other AI assisted engineering tools to write and debug smart contracts,” Sheffield announced via Twitter.

We have an ambitious crypto product roadmap @Visa and just opened a few reqs for senior software engineers to help us drive mainstream adoption of public blockchain networks and stablecoin payments.

— Cuy Sheffield (@cuysheffield) April 24, 2023

The Visa Head of Crypto also linked to a jobs page where the company has highlighted the description for the full-time, London-based job opportunity.

Among other things, interested software engineers should be proficient programmers, with experience in building highly scalable backend systems. Enthusiasm and passion about the Web3 stack is also key.

Visa’s latest announcement on crypto developments at the company comes a few weeks after reports emerged the financial services giant was pausing crypto-related activities amid uncertainty in the US regulatory environment.

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Thetanuts Finance completes $17M institutional funding round led by Polychain

Thetanuts Finance is one of the early pioneers of DeFi structured products protocol.
It has today announced the completion of a $17 million institutional funding round.
The funding round was led by Polychain Capital, Hyperchain Capital and Magnus Capital.

One of the earlier pioneers of decentralized finance structured products, Thetanuts Finance has successfully completed a $17 million institutional funding round. The funding was led by giants like Polychain Capital, Hyperchain Capital and Magnus Capital.

Thetanuts Finance is known for the Decentralized Options Vaults (DOVs) which is the fundamental building block of the overall DeFi options market.

Pushing structured DeFi products boundaries

Thetanuts Finance has an ambitious plan to push the boundaries for structured DeFi products and derivatives and expand access to more diverse asset classes. The investors who participated in the just concluded funding round are committed to supporting the protocol with its plans.

Thetanuts will now strive to forge valuable partnerships with the DeFi’s most prominent layer 1 and layer 2 networks and founders, and its leading liquidity providers, foundations, market makers and exchange platforms.

The company is also planning to become the first DeFi platform to launch buy-side altcoin options markets using the concept of DOVs. However, DOV-based products currently often focus on the sell-side market for only large-cap tokens. This coupled with a lack of decentralized options exchange platforms and liquidity sources results in investors being unable to acquire options, especially for altcoins.

Therefore, there is a huge opportunity for Thetanuts Finance to expand this market.

Commenting on the successful funding round, the Advisor at Thetanuts Finance, Sherwin Lee, said:

“At Thetanuts Finance, we are dedicated to leading the way in building a thriving altcoin options market for both budding and established ecosystems across different chains, including non-EVMs. Our commitment to innovation and decentralization has never been stronger, and we look forward to driving the DOV model to new heights.”

Thetanuts Finance’s buy-side altcoin options market

The funds obtained from the funding will be used to scale the protocol’s efforts to deliver the next breakthrough in DOVs. Thetanuts Finance’s new buy-side altcoin options market powered by DOVs is launching in beta soon.

The buy-side altcoin options market will accelerate the adoption of altcoin options markets across blockchain ecosystems, creating new markets for DeFi users and fee-generation opportunities for foundations, DAOs, institutions and other investors.

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Crypto price prediction: MATIC, FLOKI and DIONE

Polygon (MATIC) price has a robust support base at around $0.918.
FLOKI price could rise further as the memecoin begins trading on Binance.US.
Dione (DIONE) price hit a new all-time high on 24 April 2023 and could make new upward moves amid price discovery.

Bitcoin (BTC) price began Monday with bulls battling to hold onto recent gains above the $27k level, with analysts predicting the benchmark cryptocurrency risks a retest of support at $26,500.  With the gains made following the rally to $31k over the past few days quickly evaporating, traders could look for potential trades in the altcoin market.

But what is likely to happen if markets continue to dump? Here is a crypto price prediction outlook for Polygon (MATIC) Floki (FLOKI) and Dione (DIONE).

MATIC price prediction: Polygon major support at $0.91

The price of Polygon (MATIC) dipped below $1 on Monday as selling pressure for the 10th ranked crypto by market cap saw 140 million MATIC transferred to crypto exchange Binance. Whale Alert highligted one such transaction.

🚨 🚨 🚨 60,000,000 #MATIC (59,472,041 USD) transferred from Polygon Staking to #Binance

— Whale Alert (@whale_alert) April 24, 2023

MATIC price also fell as total liquidations for crypto rose 107% to over $89 million in 24 hours, with about $744,000 of this for Polygon.

While MATIC/USD has moved back to near $1 at the time of writing, on-chain data suggests robust support lies around $0.918. A dip to these levels is possible, although a sentiment flip at this major demand reload zone will aid MATIC’s new bullish momentum.

Market data and intelligence platform IntoTheBlock shared the details below about Polygon’s on-chain activity.

“MATIC is back under $1. Let’s take a look at the on-chain activity: 32.56k addresses purchased MATIC at an average price of $0.918. This suggests that if prices return to those levels, investor interest may pick up once again.”

$MATIC is back under $1. Let’s take a look at the on-chain activity: 32.56k addresses purchased MATIC at an average price of $0.918. This suggests that if prices return to those levels, investor interest may pick up once again. #MATIC #Polygon

— IntoTheBlock (@intotheblock) April 24, 2023

FLOKI price prediction: Floki rips as Binance.US lists FLOKI

FLOKI (FLOKI) price was up more than 33% at the time of writing, trading around $0.000038 as intraday trading volume jumped over 500% to $56 million.

Amid the sharp rise in FLOKI price and market activity has been a major Floki news development. On Monday, crypto exchange Binance.US opened deposits for FLOKI ahead of trading on Tuesday. The reaction to the news was FLOKI price jumping towards highs seen on 17 April 2023.

FLOKI deposits are now open on the Binance.US exchange, with trading in the FLOKI/USD and FLOKI/USDT pairs set to begin on 25 April 2023 at 12:00 pm UTC.

#Floki is now live on #BinanceUS 🔥

This is MASSIVE news that further legitimizes Floki and makes it clear that we firmly complete the #memecoin trilogy with $DOGE and $SHIB!#Binance is the world’s biggest, most trusted, and most recognized #crypto brand.

— FLOKI (@RealFlokiInu) April 24, 2023

As for FLOKI price prediction, the $0.000040 area remains a major resistance zone. Breaking past this could see buyers target February highs. The road to the long term target of $0.1 remains tough given price is 88% off the all-time high of $0.00033 reached on 4 November, 2021.

Dione price prediction: DIONE hits new all-time high

Dione is a L1 blockchain in development and designed to enable renewable energy trade. The coin is developed by top crypto minds and is tapping into Starlink technology to help increase decentralistion of blockchain nodes.

The Starlink technology is no stranger to the concept of off-grid.$DIONE, with the help of Starlink, would like to introduce ORION (Off-grid, Reliable, Independent, Open Network)

The adaptation of these two networks will be utilizing emerging technology to center Dione…

— Dione Protocol (@DioneProtocol) April 23, 2023

Dione (DIONE) is trading around $0.0045 as of 12.50 pm ET on Monday 24 April 2023, the price being about 4% up in the last 24 hours. DIONE/USD is up nearly 300% in the past month and 78% in the past seven days.

However, DIONE has retreated roughly 14% from its all-time high above $0.0052 hit earlier today.

Dione has recorded a daily trading volume of over $1 million in the past 24 hours, with a rise in market activity represented by the 289% increase in daily volume. DIONE price is likely to continue in price discovery mode, with possible moves to $0.01 in coming weeks. 

On the flipside, profit taking deals can see sellers push DIONE/USD back to February lows.

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Firstblock Introduces Firstblock Labs To Support The Next Generation Of Web3 Innovators

FirstBlock, a leading blockchain solutions provider, announces the launch of FirstBlock Labs, a virtual laboratory designed to support and help Web3 startups thrive in the rapidly growing blockchain industry.

The FirstBlock Labs platform offers various resources and support services, including technical, legal, strategy, marketing, community, and PR support, to help companies overcome the challenges of launching a Web3 project. The platform has a team of experienced Web3 industry professionals, including FirstBlock co-founders Richard Larsson, Fati Hakim, and Elvin Sababi,  who are committed to driving innovation and spreading blockchain technology.

“We believe that innovative ideas are key to unleashing the industry’s full potential, and we want to help them overcome the challenges of launching a Web3 project,” said Richard Larsson in a recent interview. “Our goal with FirstBlock Labs, our virtual laboratory, is to accelerate the growth of the Web3 industry by working with the most promising talent and startups in the field. Launching a new project can be challenging, especially in a complex and ever-changing industry like Web3, which is why FirstBlock Labs offers a mentoring program.  With the right support and resources, we believe that startups can overcome the challenges of launching a Web3 project and start seeing the fruits of their hard work.”

This platform is where the brightest minds in the Web3 ecosystem come together to create and innovate. To achieve its goals, FirstBlock Labs offers a mentorship program and access to industry experts from all areas of the blockchain industry. The program also provides strategic consulting services to help startups make the right decisions early on, as these can significantly affect their chances of success.

FirstBlock Labs has already added two promising projects to its program, LiquidOS and Cora, and is looking forward to seeing them grow and succeed.

For more information about FirstBlock Labs and its mission to accelerate the growth of Web3 startups, visit its website or follow it on LinkedIn

About FirstBlock

FirstBlock is a full-service blockchain consulting firm that provides tailored blockchain solutions to businesses across industries. It offers clients a full range of consultancy services in the Web3 space, including blockchain strategy, software development, Web3 legal advice, marketing, community, and PR. FirstBlock’s team of experts provides comprehensive solutions to help clients develop successful Web3 projects and navigate the complex legal and regulatory landscape.

Media Contact

Name: Fati Hakim


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Zimbabwe to issue gold-backed digital currency to save local currency

The Zimbabwe dollar has been depreciating against the US dollar.
The country has been struggling with inflation for more than a decade now.
The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has announced plans to launch a gold-backed digital currency.

While countries work on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and others like El Salvador embrace Bitcoin as their legal tender, Zimbabwe has announced a plan to launch a gold-backed digital currency.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) towards the end of last week announced that it was working on a gold-backed digital currency that will become legal tender in the country. The move is part of the Zimbabwean government’s strategy to keep the local currency from depreciating further against the US dollar.

Hedging against currency instability

According to reports from local media, the gold-backed digital currency will allow the Zimbamweans to trade tiny sums of Zimbabwean dollars for the digital gold token. This will allow Zimbabweans to hedge against their local currency instability.

According to the governor of the Reserve Bank, John Mangudya, the objective of the digital currency is to “leave no one and no place behind.” The governor however added that they expect the “parallel market currency rate to stabilize once tobacco growers receive their payments in USD in the coming weeks.”

Mangudya claims that the current Zimbabwean dollar exchange rate volatility is a result of expectations of increased foreign currency supply in the market because of the tobacco season. Currently, the Zimbabwean dollar is trading at 1,001 ZWL per $1 and is routinely traded at 1,750 ZWL per $1 on the streets of the national capital, Harare.

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Web3 event Korea Blockchain Week returns for 2023 edition

Korea Blockchain Week (KBW) will take place from 4th-9th September, 2023 in Seoul, South Korea.
Major topics will include artificial intelligence and zero-knowledge technology.
Organisers expect thousands of attendees, with speakers lined up from across DeFi, NFT and GameFi ecosystems among other sectors.

The Korea Blockchain Week (KBW), a key blockchain and Web3 event in Asia, is set to return for the 2023 edition this September in Seoul, South Korea.

After the event’s successful 2022 edition, organisers have announced this year’s conference will run from 4th September to 9th September 2023. 

Web3 accelerator Factblock founded the Korea Blockchain Week in 2018 and has seen the event grow to become one of the biggest on the blockchain calendar. Korea-based VC fund Hashed rmains as the co-host while PR firm MarketAcross returns as a media partner.

KBW 2023 to feature AI and zero-knowledge technology topics

Set to see crypto and blockchain believers meet, connect and learn, KBW2023 will feature some of the biggest personalities and industry leaders across the crypto space. Despite the 2022 crypto winter, the KBW conference attracted more than 8,700 attendees, with 256 journalists and 130 speakers gracing the occasion.

Among the speakers were Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, Binance founder & CEO Changpeng Zhao, and Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal. While the organisers are yet to finalise on this year’s list, it is expected to pack some of the biggest names in the industry – with speakers from across DeFi, NFT, and GameFi joined by those across layer 1 and layer 2 projects.

Renowned journalists, top venture funds and other market participants will also attend, KBW said in a press release shared with CoinJournal.

Part of the 2023 content schedule will include topics on new trends such as artificial intelligence, and zero-knowledge technology. AI is a big narrative today, with some of the biggest crypto projects in 2023 being AI-powered ones.

Also key to the industry is the topic of blockchain regulation, and Factblock and partners say this will feature.

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Ethereum ICO account that bought ETH at $0.31 wakes up after 7 years

Ethereum (ETH) ICO price was $0.31 when the address received coins on 30 July 2015.
The addresses’ wealth has jumped from $733 to over $4.4 million at the time of the single transaction on 23 April 2023.
Last week a Satoshi era wallet woke up after over 10 years.

An Ethereum wallet that participated in the coin’s initial coin offering (ICO) has transacted for the first time, on-chain data shows.

The address received 2,365 ETH on 30 July 2015 and remained dormant until Sunday, 23 April 2023 when it transferred 1 ETH. The address received the ETH at block 0 and transferred the single ETH at prices of $1,868 at block 17110898.

With the ICO price having been $0.31 in 2015, the wallet‘s wealth has grown from around $733 to over $4.4 million.

An Ethereum ICO participant woke up after 7.7 years of dormancy and transferred 1 $ETH to a new address. He received 2,365 $ETH ($4.42M currently) at Ethereum Genesis, the ETH ICO price [was] ~$0.31,” on-chain data tracker Lookonchain tweeted.

An Ethereum ICO participant woke up after 7.7 years of dormancy and transferred 1 $ETH to a new address.

He received 2,365 $ETH($4.42M currently) at Ethereum Genesis, the ETH ICO price is ~$0.31.

— Lookonchain (@lookonchain) April 24, 2023

Ethereum price traded at an all-time above $4,800 in 2021 and hit year-to-date highs above $2,100 this month after the Shapella upgrade.

Bitcoin wallet woke up after 10 years

Last week another mega-dormant wallet address woke up, this time a Satoshi era Bitcoin wallet address that remained inactive for over 10 years. 

As highlighted by CoinJournal, the wallet was created in 2012 and held 1,128 BTC for over 10 years. On 21 April 2023, the wallet transferred 279 BTC worth about $7.8 million to three new addresses. 

Bitcoin price at the time of the wallet’s creation 10+years ago was between $12 and $95.

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