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Scott Melker: crypto has to meet users where their needs are

Scott Melker says crypto won’t achieve mainstream adoption by trying to explain dank sharding and SHA-256, and trashing other coins.
The Wolf Of All Streets believes mainstream adoption is being impacted by the approach being taken by the crypto community.
Crypto leaders disparaging each other and trashing rival projects doesn’t help, he recently tweeted.

Scott Melker, a crypto investor and trader and author of the crypto publication The Wolf Den Newsletter, says the crypto community isn’t going about the push for mainstream adoption the right way.

Crypto should try to meet user where their needs are

According to Melker, aka “The Wolf Of All Streets” on Twitter, what crypto needs to do is cut out unnecessary terminology when putting out the crypto message to the masses. He believes meeting the common user where “their wants and needs exist” could help a lot with promoting overall adoption.

Mainstream adoption won’t come with attempting to explain dank sharding and sha-256,” he recently tweeted, noting that taking this route is impacting the desired goal. “There’s a reason people ignore us,” he added.

Jeff Garzik, one of the early Bitcoin believers, agreed with Melker’s assessment. 

It’s all “plumbing.”

Crypto wins when average people can use our technology without ever having to know or understand esoteric concepts such as sharding or hashing.

Plumbing is not exciting or cool to most people. It’s something that silently Just Works.

— Ser Jeff Garzik (@jgarzik) April 14, 2023

Crypto leaders need to do better, The Wolf Of All Streets opined.

One of the biggest problems the crypto community has is that its leaders often talk down to the mainstream audience or speak in terminology that is over the average person’s head. We need to simplify the messaging for the masses and meet them where their wants and needs exist.”

On what else the community needs to work on as it looks to help the next wave of adoption across everyday users, Melker believes trashing other projects is not one of the avenues.

Imagine having the opportunity to go on mainstream media and extol the virtues of bitcoin but instead railing about your hate for Ethereum or shitcoins instead,” he observed.

His message has been echoed by many on Crypto Twitter. One such comment was from Jahon Jamali, the CEO of American Crypto Academy, who believes explaining “the value proposition more than the technology,” will definitely ring a bell with many people.

I’ve been saying this from day one.

– Avoid technologically intimating language;
– Explain the value proposition more than the technology;
– Scrap the condescension.

This is a belief system in its totality.

Preach in the vernacular of the flock you’re trying to convert.

— Jahon Jamali 😎🇺🇸 (@JahonJamali) April 13, 2023

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The Evolution of Portfolio Management: ASI Token’s Impact on Crypto Investment Strategies

Many traders spend plenty of time worrying about trading strategies, but portfolio management is equally important. Without proper management, your investments could end up in hot water with substantial losses.

A lot of this comes down to due diligence and human error, as the crypto market can be a tricky place to navigate. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case, as AltSignals aims to support investors’ trading calls with the help of stellar analysis and AI.

Why AltSignals’ ASI token is an excellent investment opportunity

You don’t have to worry about investment opportunities and upside potential regarding the ASI token. Currently, traders can take advantage of AltAlgo™, which considers 34 different signal filters. Their signals are known for delivering a 64% success rate, and they plan to increase this number with the help of new technology.

The ASI token’s roadmap looks bright, especially considering the future implementation of its new artificial intelligence layer, ActualizeAI, which is in development. Not only will this tech do wonders for trading signals, but it’ll make portfolio management much easier for everyday traders.

The multi-step process of AltSignals’ ActualizeAI algorithm will include the following:

Machine learning
Natural language processing (NLP)
Predictive modeling
Sentiment Analysis
Reinforcement learning

This process is paramount for the success of ActualizeAI, and it’ll come with much higher success rates for AltSignals’ trading signals.

How the ASI token may rise by 2,100%

That number might be hard to believe, but it’s entirely possible. AltSignals is still working through its presale, but many investors and analysts consider them one of the best investments of 2023. It’s pretty clear why, as they offer promising benefits and technology for traders, and their price is projected to skyrocket throughout the year, according to some analysts.

Several industry experts feel that AltSignals’ ActualizeAI algorithm could be groundbreaking for the industry and generate substantial investor interest. Some analysts believe the ASI token could jump by roughly 2,100%, which would land the token at around $0.50. Considering how affordable ASI is in the presale, investors may feel that taking a chance on it is a pretty good gamble. AltSignals is currently very useful in helping with portfolio management and will be even more so after the new AI developments are integrated into the system via ActualizeAI. Taking advantage of the ASI presale is your best approach, as waiting will only limit your chance at a steep return.

What is the ASI token, and how does it work?

It’s good to dive into what sets it apart from other cryptocurrencies. The primary purpose of the token is to give token holders access to the AltSignals AI Ecosystem. However, many ASI tokens you hold will directly correlate to how much access you have to this ecosystem.

The token utility is one of the most significant selling points, as ASI has numerous benefits for traders. You can find a brief list of what the token’s utility has to offer below.

ActualizeAI: An AI stack aimed at supercharging the performance of their algorithm
AI-powered products: A suite of AI-powered products for ASI token holders
AI Members Club: Accrue ASI tokens for contributing to product development and more
Presale opportunities: Offers opportunities to token holders through sentiment analysis
Trading tournaments: Allows traders to compete against each other to win prizes
Community governance: The decision-making lies in the hands of the token holders

These benefits allow traders to grow their portfolios in more ways than one while taking advantage of curated trading signals. You can see why many traders, analysts, and crypto enthusiasts consider ASI one of the best potential investments.

How ASI intends to change the industry

Aside from the benefits of helping to develop new AI technology, a few aspects of AltSignals’ ASI token stand out from many others in the market. Overall, AltSignals aims to provide one of the best utility tokens you can find that also comes with sizable upside potential.

The ASI token will revolutionize the industry through the following benefits:

Live market/social sentiment analysis
Improved portfolio management
Curated trading signals
Social trading
Community involvement
Listing alerts

These core benefits are not commonly found among even the most popular cryptocurrencies. AltSignals is building a unique ecosystem with the trader’s portfolio in mind so that everyday investors can succeed in the market. On top of that, holding ASI tokens will come with an anticipated generous return, making it one of the best investments you could make this year.

Is ASI worth buying?

With the information provided in this article and everything it has on its website, investing in ASI should be a no-brainer. This is especially true when you consider ASI is currently sitting at $0.015 and will quickly rise.

There’s plenty of reason to be excited for AltSignals’ roadmap, as their implementation of ActualizeAI will change the game in crypto trading. Whether you’ve heard of them before, or are just coming across AltSignals for the first time, consider participating in the ASI pre-sale before it’s too late.

You can participate in the AltSignals presale here.

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Warren Buffett Enters Crypto News Again. What Would He Say About AltSignals’ Presale?

Veteran crypto-critic Warren Buffett has entered crypto news again as his investment firm Berkshire Hathaway holds onto its $1.5 billion investment in Brazilian fintech giant Nubank.

Despite this holding, Warren Buffett released his annual letter outlining three reasons he believes crypto “will come to a very bad ending.” With trading signals platform AltSignals announcing the presale event for its native ASI coin, Buffett might indeed be skeptical of it, but  crypto investors might disagree – instead marking ASI as one of the best cryptos to invest in now.

Warren Buffett’s three reasons why crypto will die.

While it’s difficult to square Warren Buffett’s dismissal of crypto with Nubank continuing to allocate 1% of its net assets to Bitcoin (BTC), the veteran remains consistent in his mistrust of crypto. His recent annual letter outlined three reasons he’s against it:

Crypto has no unique value – Buffett prefers stocks in corporations that provide tangible cash flow and production.
He doesn’t believe crypto counts as money – Buffett has long contested BTC value, stating, “it does not meet the test of a currency. It is not a durable means of exchange, not a store of value.”
He doesn’t understand crypto – Buffett has admitted to not knowing much about crypto, hence not taking a trading position.

Crypto investors have disavowed Buffett’s advice on crypto for many years and continue to do so, with vast markets flourishing despite his statements. With AltSignals’ ASI presale generating momentum on trading forums and Telegram groups, here’s why many believe it’s one of the best cryptos to invest in this year.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals is already one of the world’s leading providers of trading signals, building a community of more than 50,000 since launching in 2017. Its market-leading AltAlgo™ trading indicator tool has helped investors maximize profits on various financial trades, from daily crypto trades to Binance futures, from FOREX to CFD.

The success of AltSignals trading intel is illustrated by users increasing their holdings by 10X in Binance futures trading in 19 out of 32 months. Now, the platform is turning to artificial intelligence to enhance its outputs and create even better signals for its membership, using its ActualizeAI trading stack.

Actualize AI uses several AI technologies to take its already solid outputs and improve accuracy and quality. Its machine learning employs regressive pattern recognition to signals, allowing a rules-based logic to be applied, resulting in much better predictions. 

Meanwhile, predictive modeling applies historical trading data trends to the outputs, enabling more accurate predictions based on how markets have performed in the past. Once reinforcement learning is used on the final results, ActualizeAI’s signals further provide its community with a fully balanced risk/reward ratio on every trade.

How does ASI work?

The ASI token release will support the development of the ActualizeAI trading stack alongside supporting the entire AltSignals ecosystem. ASI will be used as the medium of exchange on AltSignals, enabling transactions and unlocking valuable access to help investors on their trading journeys.

All ASI coin holders immediately unlock access to ActualizeAI-powered signals while also having the opportunity to join the AI Members Club. These members will be able to gain crypto rewards for beta testing new features and products while benefiting from exclusive access to the most exciting and lucrative private presale and public sale opportunities.

As well as delivering excellent utility to coin holders, the ASI coin also looks to become a valuable governance coin, providing all holders with voting rights to determine the future direction of AltSignals.

How high can ASI go in 2023?

Investors are incredibly excited by the potential of the ASI coin, mainly due to its early adoption of AI technology fused with the extensive trading possibilities. A significant level of embedded utility and deflationary tokenomics looks set to attract an even bigger audience, increasing demand for ASI as the results of its AI are realized.

With this in mind, experts across the board believe that the potential of the ASI coin could drive it beyond the $1 barrier before the end of 2023, making it one of the best cryptos to invest in this year. This would represent a 40x increase from the final presale price of $0.02274 and an even greater return for investors that reserve their ASI tokens in the Stage 1 round at the knockdown price of $0.015.

Is ASI a good investment?

The likelihood is that Warren Buffett would view the ASI presale with the same level of contradictory dismissiveness as he has all crypto projects up to this point. Crypto investors can remain undeterred, however, and look to AltSignals’ presale over the coming weeks and months to maximize their investment potential, reserving tokens at the lowest possible price.

With the backing of an established existing project, a vast user base, and one of the first blockchain projects to harness the art of what’s achievable with AI in the real world, the sky’s the limit for ASI. It is probably one of the best crypto tokens this year, with potentially enormous returns for presale investors.

You can participate in the ASI presale here 

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Why is Ethereum’s Price Prediction for 2023 So Uncertain? Could Metacade Be a Preferable Crypto Investment as It Hits Exchanges in April?

As the world of cryptocurrencies continues to evolve rapidly, investors are constantly looking for the next big opportunity. Ethereum has long been regarded as a stalwart in the industry, but analysts working on Ethereum price prediction reports for 2023 have raised questions about its future growth potential.

In contrast, Metacade, a new and ambitious GameFi project, continues to capture the attention of investors with a successful launch on Uniswap in early April. Crypto investment groups are increasingly focused on understanding the factors contributing to the poor Ethereum price predictions for 2023 and exploring why Metacade may emerge as a more lucrative crypto investment in the coming months.

Why do Ethereum’s price predictions look slightly subdued?

Ethereum’s undeniable influence on the blockchain landscape cannot be understated. Still, concerns about scalability, transaction fees, and long-term network upgrades have left some investors uncertain about its future price performance.

While the layer-1 giant remains a clear market leader in the public permissionless blockchain sector, the price of ETH may see significant challenges if it cannot capture an increasingly significant chunk of the enterprise use cases expected during the coming years.

Does Metacade (MCADE) have what it takes to outperform the Ethereum (ETH) price?

Investing in Ethereum has undoubtedly been a lucrative endeavour for many early adopters. Still, as the market matures and competition heats up, market challengers are beginning to emerge for ETH investors, which has many looking elsewhere to maximize their returns.

As the GameFi revolution unfolds, the massive and well-established gaming industry is poised to witness a significant influx of users flocking to projects like Metacade, driven by the desire to earn income while indulging in their favourite pastime. Metacade’s comprehensive and diverse game offerings set it apart from competitors that primarily focus on a single gameplay experience, providing it with a significant advantage in terms of market capitalization. 

With Metacade at the centre of the GameFi movement, this alone shows that the consensus is that MCADE is likely to be a much stronger crypto investment choice than ETH over the coming years.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is an ambitious project seeking to disrupt the gaming landscape by constructing the world’s most extensive play-to-earn (P2E) arcade. With a clear focus on providing an unparalleled gaming experience, Metacade aims to attract a diverse audience of gamers, fueling the growing GameFi movement by creating a very attractive ecosystem for gamers to engage with.

By offering a wide array of gaming genres, Metacade intends to cater to a vast audience, and the enormous existing gaming community means that the total addressable market (TAM) that Metcade aims to capture is astronomical in size. The platform also incentivizes community contributions and engagement, creating an ecosystem where users are rewarded for their input and activities and ensuring that the user retention levels seen are unparalleled.

The MCADE token is the project’s native currency, presenting a promising investment opportunity for those looking to capitalize on the emerging GameFi sector. As the platform gains traction and the user base expands, the demand for MCADE is expected to grow due to the high level of utility the token holds within the Metacade ecosystem.

How does Metacade work?

At the core of Metacade’s ecosystem lies its groundbreaking P2E arcade, enabling gamers to earn income while enjoying their favorite games. The MCADE token serves as the primary currency within the platform, facilitating value exchange and powering the rewards system.

Metacade’s comprehensive approach also includes rewards for non-gaming activities which means that there is the constant improvement of the user experience through this incentivization. The platform also offers gamers options for competitive and tournament play, with substantial prizes offered to winners.

Metacade’s unique Metagrants program allows game developers to pitch their ideas directly to the community. MCADE holders can vote on which projects receive funding, ensuring a continuous flow of popular games and fostering user engagement—ultimately contributing to MCADE’s value growth.

Is MCADE a good investment?

Metacade is emerging as a compelling investment option for investors seeking an alternative to Ethereum. With the GameFi industry reshaping how gamers can monetize their online activities, Metacade’s innovative platform stands at the forefront of the next stage of Web3 adoption.

Metacade’s recent announcement to partner with gaming group MetaStudio looks to be an instant winner too, with the gaming studio having worked on huge titles such as Transformers 2 and Shrek. With the studio set to release titles on the platform, the pairing undoubtedly adds value to an incredibly promising prospect.

As the project advances in 2023 and beyond, MCADE’s upcoming debut on Bitmart is predicted to drive considerable price appreciation – especially following the successful listing on Uniswap on 6 April. Coupled with increased public recognition and an anticipated influx of users, MCADE presents a promising investment opportunity with significant growth potential that looks certain to outpace any Ethereum price prediction significantly.

You can buy Metacade here.

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7 Reasons Metacade Could Be The Best GameFi Crypto Investment for 2023

After successfully selling out its presale and attracting thousands of investors, GameFi crypto project Metacade is now beginning to offer its MCADE token on major crypto exchanges. But what is Metacade, and why could it be one of the best GameFi crypto investments in 2023?

What is Metacade (MCADE)?

Metacade is an up-and-coming project designed to be the ultimate hub for play-to-earn (P2E) gaming enthusiasts, developers, and crypto investors. It brings together the GameFi crypto community in an all-in-one ecosystem, providing a place to connect, discuss, and engage with the latest games, trends, and opportunities in the rapidly evolving P2E space. 

Metacade will soon offer players everything they need to find their edge in the P2E arena, with spaces for reading the latest GameFi alpha shared by industry veterans, sub-forums for discussing specific titles, and a comprehensive review system to find the games worth playing. It will leverage the benefits of blockchain technology to reward players for their contributions to the platform, create a pay-to-play virtual arcade, and even create a decentralized funding scheme known as Metagrants. 

What is in Metacade’s Future?

In April, Metacade listed its MCADE token on the Uniswap exchange, where the price of MCADE tokens has continued to gain interest and value. The tokens listed on Uniswap at $0.22, a 10% increase over its final presale price. Those who bought tokens right when Metacade’s presale started could already have made an impressive 150% return on their investments.

Metacade token holders could be in for an exciting future as the Web3 gaming industry is set to grow exponentially in the coming years. If the gaming industry grows by 10X as experts predict, the value of MCADE tokens could easily hit $2 by 2027.
Additionally, Metacade’s roadmap includes listings on the Bitmart and MEXC exchanges later in April and May, which will only drive the price higher. Many expect that, once word gets out, Metacade will quickly climb the ranks to become one of 2023’s best GameFi crypto investments. 

7 Reasons Metacade (MCADE) Might Be One of the Best GameFi Crypto Investments in 2023

So what exactly could drive Metacade to the status of “best GameFi crypto investment?”

Community-Driven Ecosystem

Metacade’s focus on building a solid and engaged community offers a unique value proposition for investors. Community-based projects are much more likely to succeed than those without a strong fanbase – just look at Shiba Inu for a good example. They benefit heavily from the network effect, which should drive thousands of new users to Metacade’s platform. 

Metagrant Program

This innovative funding scheme allows MCADE holders to vote on and direct financing from the platform’s treasury to the most promising P2E games. By supporting the best developers and projects, Metacade can become a hotbed for the next generation of blockbuster games. Each game is to be hosted in the platform’s virtual arcade, meaning a smash hit could propel Metacade into the spotlight. 

Expanding Job Opportunities

Metacade’s job board, launching in 2024, will connect users with gaming and Web3 companies for casual and full-time work opportunities. Some of these roles will use the platform’s native testing environment, where users can earn MCADE for offering feedback on new P2E titles. This feature adds an extra layer of value for the community and vastly differentiates Metacade from other GameFi crypto projects.

DAO Governance 

Metacade plans to transition into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) in 2024, giving MCADE holders a direct say in critical decisions and platform governance. This move towards decentralization further strengthens the project’s long-term sustainability and encourages MCADE holders to work together to better the platform. 

Emphasis on Security

Metacade is certified by Certik, one of the crypto investment industry’s leading auditors. Its team, smart contract code, and specification have been confirmed to reach the high standards required in Web3. Moreover, the platform implements multi-sig wallets to prevent the mishandling of community funds and ensure trust in the treasury’s function.

Token Utility and Staking

MCADE is a multi-purpose utility token used for various purposes on the platform, like entering gaming tournaments, participating in the platform’s governance, and voting on Metagrant winners. Additionally, MCADE holders can stake their tokens to earn rewards, creating an incentive for long-term investment and token value appreciation. There’s even potential for a token buyback and burn scheme, reducing the circulating supply. 

Rapid Growth of GameFi and P2E Sectors

The GameFi sector is projected to experience exponential growth in the coming years. A report by predicted that the GameFi crypto market will grow 10x faster than traditional gaming, becoming a $50 billion industry by 2025. By positioning itself as a central hub for this space, Metacade will benefit from the overall market growth, which could translate to impressive returns for MCADE investors.

Don’t Miss Out on Metacade’s (MCADE) Exchange Listings

It’s safe to say that Metacade has the potential to be huge. Not only has it found itself a unique position in one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, but its community-centric approach could easily attract thousands of new and seasoned P2E gamers. Its epic presale performance is a testament to investors’ belief in this exciting GameFi crypto project, and the upcoming MCADE exchange listings are worth watching for.

If you’re considering picking up some MCADE tokens, they’re already available on Uniswap. However, if you’d prefer to deal with a centralized exchange, MCADE will be listed on Bitmart in mid-April and MEXC hopefully in early May. Watch Metacade’s Twitter page to learn when tokens go live!

You can buy Metacade here.

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Uniswap V3 liquidity grew 208% in Q1 as Coinbase and Binance saw declines: CCData report

Uniswap V3 recorded a 208% jump in liquidity in Q1.
Coinbase and Binance saw declines of – 6.35% and -13.4% respectively amid regulatory pressures.
The depeg of USDC and collapse of Silicon Valley Bank also highlighted the pressure events in the quarter.

Uniswap, the largest decentralised exchange (DEX) platform, recorded a significant boost in liquidity during the first three months of 2023, compared to major centralised exchange (CEX) platforms Binance and Coinbase.

Other insights from a new market report include Bitcoin dominance rising to above 45%, Ethereum continuing its dominance in the DeFi space and Tether (USDT) accounting for over 60% of stablecoin transactions in the quarter.

Get the inside scoop on 2023 Q2 with our Outlook Report on macro trends, inflation & digital assets.

✔️ $BTC‘s market dominance rises to 45.2%, highest since April 2021

✔️ $ETH dominates DeFi, TVL rises 52% to $76.8bn, market share increases to 72%

✔️ Centralised exchange…

— CCData (@CCData_io) April 14, 2023

CCData: impact of regulatory pressures on liquidity

The market outlook report by CCData highlights how market liquidity suffered from regulatory pressure in Q1, with the impact being on reduced liquidity for the world’s largest CEX platforms.

The first quarter was littered with various enforcement actions, lawsuits and settlements involving crypto exchanges. Coinbase reached a $100 million settlement with the NYDFS in February before receiving a Wells Notice from the SEC in March, while Binance was sued by the CFTC in March.

Other landmark regulatory pressure events in the quarter involved Gemini, Kraken, KuCoin and CoinEx, and further market uncertainty as the stablecoin USDC briefly depegged sucking liquidity from centralised exchanges.

Unswap V3 saw a 208% jump in liquidity as CEX platforms registered declines

Comparing ETH liquidity on Uniswap to that of Binance and Coinbase during the quarter for instance, shows Uniswap V3’s liquidity increased substantially. CCData, in their 2023 Quarter 2 Outlook Report, found that Uniswap V3 recorded an impressive 208% surge in liquidity.

Meanwhile, Coinbase and Binance registered declines of – 6.35% and -13.4% respectively. According to CCData, the boost in liquidity for the DEX platform can be attributed to prevailing market conditions that saw participants try to capitalise on USDC’s depeg by pushing liquidity into pools like the ETH-USDC.

On-chain data shows a noteworthy drop in the 1% market depth for the top trading pairs BTC-USD and BTC-USDT. Liquidity declined to its lowest level for USD and USDT on 26 March as the impact of the collapse of Silvergate Bank, Signature Bank and Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) hit the crypto industry.

CCData researchers also note that low liquidity and trading volumes had a noticeable impact on centralised exchange reserves. Uncertainty saw exchange reserves fall to the lowest level since 2020, before seeing a slight improvement in March, according to the report.

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Bulls gain Momentum in 2023: Dogecoin Price Prediction and AltSignals’ ASI Token Battle for Crypto Supremacy

As the crypto market recovers from the fallout of Silicon Valley Bank and other failures, traders realize the value proposition of cryptocurrencies like ASI and Dogecoin. With the ongoing ASI presale, there is a lot of excitement around the potential of this token in the impending bull market. Continue reading for a deep dive into the differences between ASI and Dogecoin and a Dogecoin price prediction for the crypto bull market that is just starting.

Why is Everyone Getting Excited About ASI?

AltSignals has an impressive track record of providing traders with accurate and timely signals to guide their investments. The ASI utility token presale is expected to raise funds that will enable the company to improve its already impressive capabilities even further.

The improvements include the development of AltSignals’ new ActualizeAI feature, which will enable traders to have even more sophisticated, AI-driven algorithms and tools. Traders have been impressed with AltSignals’ capabilities in the past, and they’re excited about the improvements that will be enabled by the funds raised in the ASI presale.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals is a platform that provides traders with signals, indicators, and other tools that they can use to guide their investments in the crypto market. The platform offers a range of features, including AltAlgo™, which uses advanced algorithms to identify trading opportunities in real time. AltSignals also provides educational resources, including webinars and tutorials, to help traders learn more about the market and improve their skills.

How will AltSignals Use Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

AltSignals will use AI to develop algorithms that can analyze market data and identify trading opportunities in real time. The company plans to use the funds raised in the ASI presale to develop ever more advanced AI-based features, such as ActualizeAI. ActualizeAI will enable traders to customize their trading strategies based on a range of criteria, including risk tolerance, investment goals, and market conditions.

Another upcoming feature of AltSignals is the AI Members Club, which will only be open to holders of ASI tokens. This is effectively a VIP version of AltSignals, and it allows users to gain early access to new features based on various developments in the AI space.

According to AltSignals, traders who use the platform have seen impressive returns, with their crypto trading tips achieving an average 64% success rate.

What Does the Return of the Bull Market Mean for the ASI Price?

The return of the bull market is likely to bring many new traders into the crypto market. These traders will seek guidance in their investments, which is bullish for platforms like AltSignals. ASI is used on the AltSignals platform as a utility token, meaning that traders need to hold ASI to access the platform’s features fully. As more traders come to AltSignals, the demand for ASI will increase, which will also drive up the token’s price.

In the aftermath of the ASI presale, this native token will become an integral part of the AltSignals platform. The token is required to access certain features of the service, such as the AI Members Club, and those who hold more ASI tokens will have access to much more functionality on AltSignals.

What is the Dogecoin Price Prediction for 2023?

It’s challenging to make an optimistic Dogecoin price prediction because there isn’t much reason for it to exist outside of people having fun with the Doge meme. There isn’t much adoption at all, and it has no unique features that can differentiate it from the rest of the altcoin market. Elon Musk’s massive influence is also a serious issue to consider when calculating a Dogecoin price prediction, as the price would likely plummet in a situation where he decided to abandon the project.

In conclusion, while Dogecoin has captured the hearts of many crypto enthusiasts, it’s hard to see how it can sustain its current value over the long term. However, ASI has a strong value proposition as a utility token for a platform that provides traders with accurate signals and advanced trading tools. As more traders enter the market, the demand for AltSignals’ services (and ASI) will likely increase. For these reasons, ASI may be a safer bet than Dogecoin.

You can participate in the AltSignals presale here.

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XRP price jumps after Ripple’s business liquidity hub launch

At press time, XRP was trading at $0.5281, up 3.53% in the last 24 hours.
The XRP price has been soaring in correlation with Bitcoin’s (BTC) price.
Ripple has today launched a business liquidity hub.

Today’s launch of the business liquidity hub by Ripple Labs has added impetus to the already bullish XRP price. Over the last 30 days, the XRP price has risen by more than 40%.

The splendid performance comes even as Ripple continues to defend itself in the ongoing case with the US SEC, which most believes is almost coming to a conclusion although no deadlines have been given by the court.

Ripple’s business liquidity hub

The newly launched business liquidity hub will allow businesses to access liquidity for digital assets from various cryptocurrency exchanges, over-the-counter (OTC) marketplaces, and market makers across the world. The hub will integrate different solutions to help businesses access and manage liquidity across the various platforms.

Business corporations will be able to leverage cryptocurrency liquidity and an expansive payout network to power treasury operations, payments, and other needs.

The liquidity hub, which had been in pilot test since last year, will seamlessly bridge the gap between crypto and fiat systems. It uses advanced technology to get the best crypto assets rates thus eliminating the need for pre-funded capital positions with multiple liquidity platforms. This helps businesses cut their tied-up capital thus allowing them to efficiently manage their resources.

The liquidity hub will be a round-the-clock service thus making digital assets transaction management flexible and fast while allowing businesses to effectively track their funds.

Cryptocurrencies available in the business liquidity hub

Interestingly, the business liquidity hub does not currently support XRP token. It supports five cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

The absence of Ripple (XRP) has sparked a fierce reaction from the Ripple community though many believe it is because of the ongoing case against the US SEC that argues that XRP is a security, not a cryptocurrency.

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Binance launches first NFT of the Brasileirão Assaí

Binance says the NFT will offer fans an opportunity to connect with their clubs during the tournament.
Fans need to register and complete KYC before unlocking the NFT.
The NFT will among other benefits give holders access to the soon-to-be launched gamified platform Fanverse.

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platform and leading blockchain infrastructure provider, has teamed up with the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) to launch the first-ever NFT of Brasileirão Assaí.

We believe crypto and blockchain are the future of money and the internet, bringing indisputable benefits to people, especially in developing countries,” Guilherme Nazar, the country manager for Binance in Brazil, said in a press release.

The partnership with CBF will not just offer Brazilian football fans a chance to connect with their favourite clubs, but also an opportunity to learn about crypto. The NFT project will help these fans take advantage of the benefits of crypto and blockchain technology, Nazar added.

NFT holders to win collectibles and other perks

The Brasileirão Assaí, or the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, is a top football tournament in Brazil and the NFT initiative is targeted at enhancing match experience for fans. The NFT Season Pass is claimable for free by fans who follow three simple steps, Binance noted in a their announcement.

Starting Friday, 14 April 2023, fans can redeem a serial code for the NFT by registering at the Brasileirão Assaí website. After accessing the Binance NFT landing page and registering on Binance, interested fans will proceed to complete a KYC process before unlocking the NFT.

The NFT will offer other unique perks to football lovers in the country, including access to the gamified platform Fanverse, lower trading fees on Binance and discounts on courses offered by CBF. 

NFT holders will also participate in tournament related voting polls and match predictions where top performers stand a chance to win unique prizes, collectibles, and tickets.

Brasileirão Assaí will begin on Saturday, 15 April 2023.

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US-based drink retailer Boba Guys taps Solana for loyalty rewards program

Boba Guys is a popular US tea retailer that operates in California and New York.
Solana Foundation recently invested $100,000 into Boba Guys.
Boba Guys has now tapped Solana for its loyalty rewards program.

Solana has been chosen by popular US tea retailer Boba Guys for its loyalty rewards program just a day after Solana unveiled the flagship, security-conscious, crypto-first Android device Saga.

Saga makes it easy and secure to self-custody digital assets and removes the friction associated with digital assets. It also features a Seed Vault, which makes it a hardware wallet. It is now available to customers who pre-ordered and will be available starting on May 8 for new orders.

Boba Guys loyalty rewards program powered by Solana

The popular tea retail chain selling bubble tea opened in 2011 and is seeking to further deepen its community and give back to its customers through its Web3 rewards initiative. The initiative will utilise Solana’s high-speed, low-cost network to integrate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and token-gated experiences to help boost consumer engagement.

The choice of Solana comes after the Solana Foundation invested $100,000 into Boba Guys.

The co-founder of Boba Guys, Bin Chen, in an interview with popular a popular media outlet, said:

“People that come into our stores may not know a single thing about Web3, Solana, blockchain, or any of those things, just the same way that people that come into Boba Guys may not know anything about boba. We have that same approach with how we’re doing Web3.”

On the side of Solana, the head of commerce business development at the Solana Foundation while commenting about the selection by Boba Guys said:

“Their vision for the future of cafes and retail is a model that could become the standard in the years to come. This collaboration will show how loyalty programs can be improved for both customers and retailers and create a path for other organizations to follow.”

Boba Guys is not the first retailer to embrace Web3 loyalty programs to deepen customer relations. In December 2022, Starbucks launched the beta of its Odyssey program to offer gamified Web3 experience to its customers.

Solana price reaction

The news has not had much impact on the price of Solana’s native token SOL.

At press time, the price of SOL had dropped by about 1.50% to trade at $24.43.

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