Day: April 13, 2023

Solana’s crypto-first ‘Saga’ android phone is now only weeks away

Saga will be available for customers to purchase from May 8th.
The android smartphone serves as a crypto hardware wallet.
Saga comes with a custom store for crypto-specific apps.

On Thursday, Solana Labs said “Saga” – its crypto-first smartphone will be available for customers to purchase from May 8th.

Saga also serves as a hardware wallet

This device equipped with the latest Android operating system features a “seed vault” that turns it into a crypto hardware wallet.

Saga was originally unveiled in June of 2022 as a bet on how pivotal a cellphone is to the future of crypto. For $1,000, the smartphone offers 512 GB of storage, a 6.67-inch OLED display, a dual-camera setup, and 12 GB of RAM.

Solana differentiates its handset with the “Solana Mobile Stack” that has embedded security features for crypto transactions and trading.

Saga comes with a custom ‘dapp’ store

A dedicated “dapp” store on the Saga currently has more than a dozen crypto-specific applications and that number is expected to increase over time.

Unlike Apple or Google, Solana also doesn’t plan on charging “extractive fees” on the apps listed on its custom store. For regular apps, users will turn to Google Play as they would on any other android smartphone, the company confirmed.

Shipping has already started for customers who pre-ordered Saga, which aims to integrate the Web3 experience into a cellphone. Remember that the likes of Sirin Labs and even HTC have previously failed to launch a crypto-focused smartphone.

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Investor buzz grows as new 30x meme coin presale surpasses $1.1 million raised in first month

DigiToads (TOADS) presale has surpassed the $1 million mark as the project’s unique and innovative play-to-earn game attracts investors.

A transparent team has helped raise investor confidence in DigiToads.

The DigiToads presale is at stage 3 level, with the price of TOADS set to increase at the next stage.

In cryptocurrency, the buzz around the best crypto-meme coins grows louder daily. The latest entrant into this fast-growing market is a new meme coin that already raised over $1.1 million in its presale phase.  The new cryptocurrency hit the milestone within just one month as investors look to the new asset as a project with great potential.

Here we explore the exciting developments surrounding this new meme coin and what it means for the future of cryptocurrency.

DigiToads (TOADS) ERC20 token: $1 million presale triumph fuels crypto revolution

The DigiToads (TOADS) ERC20 token has managed to captivate investors’ interest with its one-of-a-kind traits and pioneering approach to technology. Following the success of the presale, which has amassed an impressive sum of over $1 million so far, there is a substantial demand for this altcoin. 

The promising outcome of DigiToads’ (TOADS) presale and its expected expansion suggest that it could be a valuable option for those seeking long-term investments. Investors looking for the best NFTs and a unique and innovative crypto project should closely monitor DigiToads.

The deflationary aspect of the TOADS ERC20 token is a standout attribute. If you are an investor in search of a dependable and stable long-term investment, this could be that asset. The DigiToads tokenomics features a token burn mechanism where the token’s supply will gradually reduce as tokens are permanently removed from circulation. 

As a deflationary model, this has the effect of consequent appreciation in the value of the TOADS token over time. 

>> Buy DigiToads Now <<

DigiToads’ (TOADS) altcoin P2E game is a game-changer

The DigiToads presale, which is set to proceed to stage four, has attracted investors keen on  the play-to-earn (P2E) game ecosystem the altcoin offers. 

On top of an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience, DigiToads users will also have access to opportunities allowing them to earn rewards. Adding an attractive NFT staking feature to the TOADS token ecosystem has made the project even more popular within the growing NFT market.

The valuable Platinum TOADS tokens, a type of DeFi token, offers investors the opportunity to  lock in high returns in the market. The feature is a game-changer, with investor anticipation of what benefits it will unlock, helping drive interest in the DigiToads token.

DigiToads’ (TOADS): Transparent team boosts investor confidence in crypto

The DigiToads (TOADS) presale has primarily been successful because of the team’s dedication to transparency and honesty. By fully revealing their identities and backgrounds, the team has gained the trust and confidence of investors.

Investors enjoy increased flexibility when trading DeFi tokens since there is no vesting period to restrict them. The DigiToads team plans to conduct a consult audit to boost investor confidence, showcasing their commitment to maintaining a secure and transparent investment environment.

As interest in crypto as an investment continues to grow, more and more people are becoming aware of what it means to invest in a top-quality project. 

Part of the due diligence is on the team, with aspects like transparency key. The DigiToads token’s unique approach to crypto gaming and its team’s commitment to keeping things safe and transparent, is the reason this project could be one of the top crypto to invest in going forward.

The DigiToads meme coin presale highlights the growing appeal of cryptocurrency as an investment, with investors turning to these innovative assets as a way to diversify their portfolios. 

New projects like DigiToads offer an opportunity to both seasoned and beginner investors to capitalize on potential gems that could explode when projects go live. DigiToads could be such one top crypto to invest in, given its innovative ecosystem and unique value proposition. 

If you want to learn more about DigiToads, you can visit their website, join the presale or join the community.

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Ethereum breaks $2,000 as Shanghai upgrade completes, leads crypto market

Key Takeaways

15% of the ETH supply had been locked until the Shanghai upgrade completed Thursday
There was no extra selling pressure, however, with ETH leading the crypto market, up 4.6% today
ETH has broken through the $2,000 barrier for the first time since May 2022

Ethereum stakers woke up for the first time in a long, long time this morning with the ability to…sell their ETH

The Shanghai upgrade has been completed, meaning all the staked Ether – some of which has been staked since 2020, when ETH was below $400 per token – is now available for sale. 

A common discourse in the run-up to the event was whether increased sell pressure would flood the market. I analysed this myself last month, with the market long discussing what the unprecedented event would do. 

But around 16 hours in – the upgrade completed at 22:42 UTC time Thursday – ETH has provided an emphatic answer, not only resisting downward pressure, but leading the crypto market, up 4.6% since the upgrade. 


Nothing spectacular, but on what amounts to a pretty flat day for the market across the board, a 4.6% jump since the upgrade is interesting. 

Of course, not all Ether was completely locked up. Liquid staking derivatives were widely available, allowing stakers to receive tokens in return for their staked ETH which could then be traded as proxies, providing them liquidity – with the promise that the derivative tokens could be redeemed 1:1 once the upgrade went live. 

This fact, in addition to the fact that the upgrade has long been priced in, ultimately combined to assuage any pressure on the price. 

How much Ether was in the staking contract?

Nonetheless, having full liquidity again does make a difference, and there had been musings in the market as to what this could do for the price. As the upgrade went live, there was a chunky 18.2 million ETH locked up – priced in or not, that is a massive portion. 

Comparing to the overall supply, that means over 15% of the supply was locked up…and then suddenly available for direct sale. 

Particularly interesting is the hold period here. The earliest stakers locked up their ETH in late 2020, when ETH traded below $400. They then watched it rise close to $5,000 per token before collapsing down below $1,000. And all this while, it was locked. 

That is a rollercoaster ride with many highs and lows in between. Although, many argued that those early stakers were in it for the tech, less interested in the price. Then again, we are all humans at the end of the day, aren’t we?

Ether breaks $2,000

Not only has fear of sell pressure proved unfounded for now – although that could still change – but Ethereum breached the $2,000 mark for the first time since May 2022. That was the month that the crypto industry was hurled into the lurch, as LUNA death spiralled to zero, taking a massive chunk of the ecosystem with it. 

It’s probably not a reach to say that the Shanghai upgrade has come at a good time. Had the upgrade gone live last year, as panic and fear was extreme and prices were collapsing across the board, it could have been a different story.

Can you imagine if 15% of the ETH supply suddenly went live one week after FTX collapsed?

Instead, the upgrade came amid a buoyant period for crypto as a whole. Bitcoin is above $30,000 for the first time since last June, now up 83% on the year. Ether itself has banked inventors a 66% return year-to-date. 

Obviously, these gains come from decimated levels, and Ethereum remains quite a nasty 60% off its all-time high of November 2021, when it hit $4,891, just running out of steam before the $5,000 barrier. 

It may be a while before ETH gets back there – if it ever does, who is to say in the crypto market? – but whatever the price effects, the Shanghai upgrade is a vital step for the ecosystem as a whole. 

It had been delayed many times – originally meant to be part of the Merge, formerly known as ETH 2.0, which itself was pushed out multiple times. But now it is in the rearview window, and ETH can continue to develop. Fundamentally, the upgrade has been a success, just like the Merge was last September. 

Crypto prices depend on far more than that, however – and are far from science – and the macro environment remains challenging, even if interest rate hikes may be coming to an end, with the overall picture brighter than it was a few months ago. 

This is still a difficult time. But, for today at least, there is reason to smile for ETH investors. 

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Investors Researching Trading Success Turning to AltSignals’ Platform for Answers

Business success relies on correct decision-making. Whether it is a stock market indicator or the movement of a crypto token, accurate information is paramount for the success of any endeavor. Since 2017, AltSignals has been the trusted source of market signals for cryptocurrency investors.

Now AltSignals is raising the bar by introducing both the ASI token and ActualizeAI: ASI is designed to raise liquidity for this new artificial intelligence platform that will take the already formidable AltSignals solution and enhance its accuracy exponentially. 

ActualizeAI – Bringing the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Altsignals

AltSignals is preparing to elevate its already thriving enterprise to unprecedented levels by implementing a groundbreaking upgrade fueled by state-of-the-art technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and advanced sentiment analysis.

With these advanced technologies, traders will enjoy a completely automated and round-the-clock trading capability, resulting in increased accuracy, improved crypto token trade entries, better-defined risk management, and ultimately a bigger chance of business success.

AltSignals’ mission is to revolutionize the trading industry by implementing machine learning technology across their own offering. Their proprietary AI algorithm will be meticulously trained to analyze market data to identify patterns in crypto tokens, giving traders a competitive edge at business success through enhanced signals and informed trades.

The elegant linear regression model developed by AltSignals accurately predicts future crypto token prices based on their historical performance. Investors are invited to embark on this new frontier of trading technology and witness the unparalleled power of AI-driven decision-making.

As AltSignals continue to maximize the potential of regression models, the system will migrate towards predictive modeling and incorporate advancements in natural language processing for even higher accuracy on crypto token predictions. Where most other systems become dated, ActualizeAI will only improve with age, becoming more accurate as it learns.

What Is the ASI Token, and Is It a Good Investment Opportunity?

The ASI token’s primary function is as a membership key to access the AltSignals AI Ecosystem and the AI Members Club. Only users possessing ASI tokens in their personal wallets are granted entry to this platform, with all the benefits it offers.

Benefits such as those holding ASI Tokens will get access to enhanced trading opportunities while also assisting AltSignals in developing various specialized resources and insights for its AI Ecosystem. 

By using the opportunities within its presale, those investing in ASI Tokens will be among the earliest users to experience AltSignals’ proprietary AI Algorithm, “ActualizeAI,” and will get premium information on all available crypto tokens to make the right choices for business success.

However, there is more utility to the ASI token than access to the AltSignals ecosystem. Token holders can also stake their tokens to earn additional tokens as a reward for providing liquidity to the system, benefitting not just from price increases but also generating passive income. 

As AltSignals aims to become fully decentralized, ASI token holders could one day have a say in the governance through voting rights. Any future AltSignals developments would be community-driven and implemented as per voting consensus.

The Tokenomics Behind the ASI Coin

The  limited number of 500 million ASI tokens will be issued, with over half of those made available during its presale. Eighty million tokens will be dedicated to product development and innovation, another 80 million for marketing and listings on centralized exchanges, and 50 million tokens will provide liquidity in the aforementioned exchanges.

Once the ASI token is live and in market circulation, AltSignals will be able to initiate a “buy-back-and-burn” initiative to reduce the circulating supply. Pending community approval, it’s designed to increase token scarcity, as token burns raise the value of the coins still in circulation. The increased scarcity of the token secures business success with the consequent price and value increase of the currency. 

Is the ASI Crypto Token Secure?

German blockchain security specialists Solid Proof is the team guaranteeing AltSignals’ security and transparency  By working in close conjunction with Solid Proof, AltSignals guarantees the highest standards of safety and security.

Risk management is underpinned through multi-sig wallets, with two or more private key signatures required to execute transactions, eradicating risks often associated with crypto trading.

The Bottom Line: AltSignals’ ASI Token could be a Great Investment.

Altsignals is a solid investment prospect because it is an established service with a long history of assisting traders to reach business success by sending the right signals on trading platforms. The implementation of the ASI token and the underlying artificial intelligence layer only elevates an already strong product. ASI is not just for investing; it is there to help traders and investors generate profits.

With the limited number of 35.9m tokens still left in stage 1 of its presale, keen investors can now acquire ASI tokens at a price of $0.015. Tokens are selling fast, and traders can get their ASI  tokens on the website linked below.

You can enter the AltSignals presale here.

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2023 Market Analysis: How does Silicon Valley Bank News Affect the AltSignals’ ASI Token Presale Launch?

The recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank has rekindled fears from traditional finance that a prolonged recession is imminent. On the one hand, rising retail prices require quantitative tightening measures, and on the other hand, rising interest rates are harming financial institutions.

What could this uncertainty mean for the crypto market, including Bitcoin (BTC), altcoins, and brand-new projects such as AltSignals (ASI)?

What could the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank mean for the crypto market?

Silicon Valley Bank, previously the 16th largest commercial bank in the US, collapsed rapidly after a classic bank run left the institution unable to repay its creditors. This led to fears of a 2008-style collapse in the US banking system, which would have far-reaching implications for the rest of the global financial market.

The crypto market is unlikely to be safe from a widespread loss of faith in the financial system; however, Bitcoin saw its highest daily price increase in the wake of the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.

BTC’s 45% price rise almost mirrors a rapid increase in the price of gold, which hints that large institutions have treated the top cryptocurrency as a hedge against financial collapse. However, altcoins in the crypto market have not responded with the same relative strength, which may indicate further trouble over the coming weeks.

Whether the crypto market continues to follow Bitcoin’s price patterns awaits to be seen. Despite the recent Silicon Valley Bank news, the crypto market continues to push toward local highs, and new platforms such as AltSignals look ready to capitalize on that movement.

ASI presale continues to attract investment during uncertain crypto market conditions

The AltSignals crypto presale is a long-awaited event, as the project has supported over 50,000 users with profitable trading signals since it first launched in 2017. AltSignals is now expanding its blockchain offering to include an AI-powered trading toolkit called ActualizeAI.

The ASI presale attracted $112k during the same period that Silicon Valley Bank collapsed. This may be an uncharacteristic sign of strength relative to other altcoins in the crypto market, which is likely to indicate considerable upside for the token when it is launched on digital asset exchanges later in the year.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals is an online trading group that uses algorithmic tools to deliver signals with an unparalleled rate of accuracy. The proprietary indicator released by the platform, AltAlgo™, has consistently signaled profitable crypto market trades with over 70% accuracy and has helped traders who matched its calls to 10x their portfolio in 19 separate months.

The new AI-powered trading stack, currently under development by AltSignals, is designed to optimize the frequency and accuracy of trading signals shared within the group. ActualizeAI leverages natural language processing (NLP) and predictive modeling to bring machine learning capabilities to the project’s algorithmic indicators.

AltSignals’ new token, ASI, will supercharge the new blockchain services available on the platform and provide direct access to ActualizeAI. A core aim of the AltSignals project is to help traders of all skill levels navigate volatility in the crypto market while making sizable profits over the long term.

How does ASI work?

The primary utility of the ASI token is to finance the development and provide access to ActualizeAI. Token holders can also stake ASI on the AltSignals platform without any specified lock-up period and gain voting privileges in future governance proposals from the project.

Holding ASI tokens will also provide access to AI Members Club, which contains a range of additional services for the AltSignals community. Members can also join trading tournaments on the new platform, where there are significant prize pools available for the winners.

AI Members Club also brings lucrative investment opportunities in early-stage crypto projects. Presales and private sales are often some of the most rewarding investments in Web3, and AI Members Club users can gain direct access to some of the most sought-after opportunities in the space.

Can ASI reach $0.50 in 2023?

The ASI token has been highlighted as one of the most exciting new releases on the crypto market. The token represents a project with a proven track record for success that is ready to grow, with 50,000 prior users already backing the new developments.

The presale will gradually increase the cost of ASI from $0.015 to $0.02274. When the presale is complete, ASI will launch on digital asset exchanges and be subject to free market movements. With extensive utility for the native token and deflationary tokenomics, experts are predicting significant gains over the coming months and years.

The 2023 price prediction for ASI highlights $0.50 as a critical resistance level. This would be more than 20x from the end of the presale, which is a testament to the project’s unique utility and product-market fit.

In light of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, is ASI still worth buying?

ASI looks to be a worthy addition to any investment portfolio at the current price of $0.015. The presale may be the perfect opportunity to get involved, as the cost will probably only remain very low until reaches its IDO valuation of $0.02274.

AltSignals is a fast-developing blockchain protocol that will soon be powered by artificial intelligence. The new ASI token provides a host of benefits within the ecosystem, and its embedded utility is likely to appeal to a significant number of blockchain users over time. Whether or not Silicon Valley Bank causes a short-term reaction across the global markets, AltSignals remains a strong investment option for the long term.

You can participate in the $ASI crypto presale here.

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Chargebacks911 wants to modernise the crypto chargeback process: Monica Eaton

Transactions on the blockchain are immutable, which means it is tough for them to be reversed. The immutability of transactions on the blockchain makes it hard to navigate the chargeback process in the cryptocurrency space.

One company is tackling this issue. Chargebacks911 is working hard to modernise the chargebacks and dispute process in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Coinjournal sat down with the founder, Monica Eaton, to discuss in-depth how the company uses its platform to tackle this problem. 

Question 1: What is the mission statement of Chargebacks911, and how is it working to achieve chargeback management in the crypto and web3 ecosystem?

Chargebacks911’s mission is to modernise the dispute and chargeback process – to simplify complexities by bridging the gap between legacy infrastructures and post-transaction data exchange.  We provide an agnostic, data-driven solution that simplifies cumbersome workflows with intelligent, adaptive technology.

Chargebacks911’s platform supports merchants from any industry sector, all over the globe, including customers in 87 countries, powering many of the largest financial institutions. Our platform pioneered some of the first crypto enterprises, after launching our digital dispute resolution module in 2020.  Similar to other alternative payment methods that don’t have an innate dispute workflow, Chargebacks911’s configurable interface offers a turnkey alternative to crypto platforms and their merchants worldwide.

Question 2: Are there various classifications of cryptocurrency scams i.e. those that target individuals, businesses, or other entities? Which one is the most prevalent, and which one is the most difficult to detect?

Scammers love it when their fraud schemes involve crypto because crypto payments are notoriously difficult to track and recover.  Because this type of payment method is not regulated the same way as state currency, like the US dollar or the Euro, which also incorporates card payments that exchange in these currencies, such as Visa and Mastercard, there are vastly different protection rights and reporting policies.  As a result, crypto scammers can more easily exploit loopholes, such as sending messages to social media sites, trying to build false relations with LinkedIn users, Facebook users and more, hoping to push victims into bogus crypto investments.  While many crypto schemes target businesses, many more target individuals.  For example, in June of 2022, the FBI warned that cryptocurrency fraudsters pose a ‘significant threat’ to LinkedIn users.

Because crypto is confidential and secure, there’s a growing concern that cryptocurrency could be used for illegal activities.  After all, criminals covet anonymity.  And unfortunately, there’s a growing number of ransomware attacks that rely on crypto payments from victims.

Crypto is new, so there’s a lot of misinformation and false assumptions about how it works.  There’s a bit of a mystique about it.  Scammers take advantage of the confusion by suggesting crypto investments that really don’t make a lot of sense — but only if you perform your due diligence and learn the subject matter.  The onus is on you.  If you simply take the scammer’s word for it, you’re going to be in a lot of trouble.

Question 3: How much did crypto investors lose to scam projects last year, and what are the ways they can protect themselves in the future?

In 2022, investors lost an estimated $680 million to crypto fraud schemes.  And even though you’ll occasionally hear about a cutting-edge hacking attack, most scammers rely on ‘human engineering’ to exploit victims, which means they rely more on trickery than computer wizardry.  Think catfishing more than hacking.

To stay safe, don’t invest in something that you don’t understand and haven’t thoroughly researched — including crypto.  It’s a recipe for disaster.  There’s enough risk and uncertainty in traditional investments; putting your money in something when you don’t know the rules, risks and danger signs will make it awfully difficult for you to protect yourself.

The digital currency landscape is still taking shape. Regulators need to ensure there is a foundation to safeguard consumers, much like the chargeback process works today – only more configurable.  Without this protection mechanism, crypto will continue to face challenges in maintaining sustainable adoption and data integrity – arguably one of the largest barriers to mainstream growth. 

Question 4: Transactions on the blockchain are immutable, which means they cannot be reversed. Does this mean that chargebacks will not be needed in the crypto space?

A blockchain is a permanent record of transactions in a shared, transparent ledger. The digital information is recorded and distributed within a network, but it can’t be edited or altered after the fact.  The ledger is secure and protected.  Because it’s decentralized, there’s not a gatekeeper who’s in control or a third party who can put their thumbs on the scales and corrupt the system.

Without blockchain technology, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency couldn’t exist.  It’s the functionality that gives the crypto-concept life.

There’s a widespread belief that the current chargeback system is unfair to retailers, but without this protection mechanism, the idea of e-commerce would have been short-lived – not to mention the migration from cash to card, and beyond.  Crypto doesn’t have chargebacks, which many retailers find very appealing.  But keep in mind that the chargeback mechanism was put in place as a protective tool for consumers in 1974 because consumers were afraid of credit card fraud.  Will our politicians try to create a chargeback rule for crypto in the future?  If history repeats itself, time will tell.  As it stands, today the buyer has very little recourse to recover their money if they were defrauded or swindled, and this is true for the seller of their crypto for exchange as well.  The last word on crypto regs has yet to be written – policy surrounding this subject requires substantially more collaboration and domain expertise. As the saying goes, every problem presents an opportunity. Stay tuned for more…

Question 5: FTX and LUNA collapsed last year, leading to the loss of billions of dollars by both retail and institutional investors. What is your position on governments around the world tightening their rules against cryptocurrency companies following the FTX collapse?

China, Egypt and a few other countries have banned cryptocurrency, which will obviously limit where and what you can do with it.  China is a huge marketplace, and its disavowal of crypto will limit its growth.  But other countries have embraced crypto, including Ukraine, which is using crypto donations to help fund its struggle against the Russian invasion.  Otherwise, you can use it as you’d use any other money — and exchange it for whatever product or service where it’s accepted.

The collapse of FTX has clearly damaged crypto’s reputation.  Fair or not, it gave crypto a black eye and sullied its standing with the general public.  Politicians are often hair-trigger sensitive to negative PR, so crypto-backers should anticipate an increase in government scrutiny.

Question 6: What will you tell companies looking to integrate fraud prevention techniques into their operations?

Measurables matter.  Look, there are many horrible things about online fraud.  But at least it’s something you can measure, which means you can test and see what actually helps you make — and retain — the most money and limit liabilities.  Don’t take a fraud-prevention company’s word for it.  Instead, have a ‘dashboard of metrics’ that are meaningful for your specific business model, and test the efficacy of your anti-fraud strategy.  At Chargebacks911, we guarantee a successful, scalable ROI.  Not all companies do.

Question 7: How does Chargebacks911 help companies prevent fraud and protect their consumers and investors?

Our software service suite offers a dynamic blend of modular capabilities — including advanced analytics, AI and machine learning — that seamlessly works behind-the-scenes to streamline processes and provide rich data feedback.  By using Chargebacks911, clients can leverage greater business intelligence that dramatically helps improve decision-making with more effective efforts to achieve desired results. Chargebacks911 provides technology, data connections and services designed to help keep clients informed of the most relevant information. Our platform alleviates arduous workflows to help ensure dispute actions are timely taken, and related ongoing liabilities cease. It’s our passion to help clients position themselves for long-term, sustainable growth, extending technologies and connections that allow them to focus on their core competency with the confidence of our robust, back-office automation tools.

Question 8: Finally, what are the major trends you see playing out in the cryptocurrency market over the course of 2023?

Is crypto the currency of the future?  Will it evolve into a universally-accepted currency that out-competes the Euro and the Dollar?  Or will it remain a niche curiosity of dubious legality?

The strength of crypto — in particular, its decentralization, its independence, its privacy and its freedom — is also what makes it vulnerable to market volatility and government scrutiny.  There are philosophical true-believers who believe in it as a matter of principle.  They’ll continue to invest in crypto no matter what because they ideologically support the concept.  But for everyone else who views crypto purely as an investment, it’s unclear what the future holds.  It could go up.  It could go down.  More likely than not, it’ll go up and down repeatedly, over and over again, until the dust begins to settle and its utility is established.  We still don’t know if crypto will become a ubiquitous presence in modern retail, or if it’ll be a shadow-currency that exists only on the periphery.

Historically, why has gold been so valuable?  Why have diamonds been so coveted?  Ultimately, it’s because we want them.  Collectively, as a society, we value them.  But it’s worth noting that gold and diamonds have a utility beyond just the financial: Gold is among our most-malleable metals, and the hardness of diamonds has numerous applications in industry.  They’re not just valuable because they’re scarce; they’re valuable for what they intrinsically are.  Crypto doesn’t have that.  It doesn’t have external utilities.  

Even during devastating economic depressions, gold and diamonds have always been worth something.  They’ve never been worth nothing.  Crypto could — potentially — bottom-out and be worthless.  This volatility is what makes it such a compelling investment: You could make a fortune.  Or, you could lose your shirt.

Keep an eye on inflation.  If prices continue to climb, investors might be tempted to migrate to crypto as a way to offset unstable state currencies — and that poses serious cybersecurity concerns as well: When the COVID lockdowns forced millions of new consumers to rely on eCommerce and home deliveries, there was a stunning rise in cybercrimes.  Inexperienced consumers make more mistakes and are more vulnerable to fraud schemes.  If and when millions of inexperienced investors adopt crypto, the cybercriminals will certainly be waiting.  It’s our responsibility to be ready for the challenge.

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1 quadrillion yUSDT minted in Yearn Finance exploit

The hack was detected by blockchain security firm PeckShield.
The hacker swapped the yUSDT to other stablecoins.
The hacker has also transferred 1,000 Ether to Tornado Cash.

Blockchain Security firm PeckShield recently detected an exploit on the lending platform Yearn Finance that resulted in an irregular minting of over 1 quadrillion Yearn Tether (yUSDT) using $10,000. The hack is the latest in the list of decentralized hacks that seem to be gaining momentum as the year ages.

According to a tweet from PechShield, the hacker proceeded to swap the yUSDT to other cryptocurrencies including $11.6 million worth of stablecoins. The stablecoins include 1.79 million Binance USD (BUSD), 1.5 million TrueUSD (TUSD), 1.2 million Tether (USDT), 2.58 million USD Coin (USDC), 3 million in DAI, and 61,000 Pax Dollar (USDP).

1,000 ETH transferred to Tornado Cash

PeckShield has also stated that the hacker has also managed to transfer 1,000 ETH worth about $2 million to the sanctioned crypto mixer Tornado Cash.

Besides Yearn Finance, PeckShield also flagged Aave to inform them of the hack.

The hacker exploited an outdated smart contract

Yearn Finance made a statement after initial checks and stated that the hack was limited to an outdated smart contract before the V1 and V2 called iearn. According to Yearn Finance, the current Yearn Finance contracts and protocols were not affected by the exploit.

Aave, which was also flagged by PeckShield, confirmed they were aware of the exploit and that none of their versions (V1, V2, and V3) were affected by the hack.

The price of (YFI) token dipped to about $8,945 immediately after the news about the hack broke but has since recovered to $9,094 at press time. The token was still about 2% below yesterday’s trading level although it is still over 7% higher over the last seven days.

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eToro announces an educational partnership with Twitter

Key takeaways

Twitter has partnered with eToro to promote financial education on its platform. 

Twitter users can leverage the $Cashtag feature to instantly see real-time prices for a far wider range of stocks, crypto and other assets.

The $Cashtag feature has already recorded more than 420 million searches since the start of the year. 

eToro partners with Twitter on financial education

eToro, the social trading and investing network, announced on Thursday, April 13th, that it has partnered with Twitter to boost financial education.

According to the press release shared with Coinjournal, the partnership would allow Twitter users to instantly see real-time prices for a far wider range of stocks, crypto and other assets when using the new $Cashtags feature.

eToro added that Twitter users searching using a $Cashtag symbol currently see live price charts for a select few financial assets. The team added that following the announcement of this partnership, the st of $Cashtags that produce live price charts will be hugely expanded.

Twitter users would also be able to click through to the eToro platform to see more information on the asset and have the option to invest. eToro added that the partnership would cover $Cashtags representing a wide range of instruments on the eToro platform, from stocks and ETFs to crypto and commodities. 

While commenting on this latest cryptocurrency news, Yoni Assia, CEO and Co-Founder of eToro said;

“Financial content on social media has provided education to many who have felt excluded by more traditional channels. Twitter has become a crucial part of the retail investing community – it’s where millions of ordinary investors go every day to access financial news, share knowledge and converse. As the social investing network, eToro was built on these very principles – community, knowledge-sharing and better access to financial markets. There is power in shared knowledge, and by transforming investing into a group endeavour, we can yield better results and become more successful, together.”

Twitter’s $Cashtag feature has more than 400 million searches

The social media giant added pricing data for $Cashtags in December last year, and the feature has already gained massive adoption. There have been more than 420 million searches for $Cashtags since the start of the year, with an average of  4.7 million $Cashtag searches a day

Chris Riedy, Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing at Twitter, commented that; 

“Twitter is what’s happening and what people are talking about right now. We believe real change starts with conversion, and finance and investing are a growing part of that conversation. We are pleased to partner with eToro to provide Twitter users with additional market insights and greater access to investment capabilities. Twitter will continue to invest in growing the #FinTwitter community.”

eToro is a social investment network that empowers people to grow their knowledge and wealth as part of a global community of investors. eToro was founded in 2007 with the vision of opening up the global markets so that everyone can trade and invest in a simple and transparent way.

eToro has been expanding in recent months. In August 2022, eToro completed the acquisition of fintech startup Gatsby following approval by The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). eToro acquired the fintech startup in a deal worth $50 million.

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ETH is a leading indicator for smaller altcoins, top analyst says

ETH price rose to highs of $2,009 on Binance.
Ethereum’s Shanghai/Shapella upgrade went live successfully on Wednesday,12 April, 2023.
Crypto analyst Rekt Capital says Ether’s price movement is a “leading indicator” for altcoins and that coming weeks could be interesting.

Ethereum price rallied past the $2,000 level on Thursday, rising to highs of $2,009 on crypto exchange Binance.

The uptick for the ETH price above the key hurdle came after the world’s largest proof-of-stake blockchain network underwent a successful software upgrade.

As CoinJournal highlighted earlier Thursday, ETH had looked to break above the psychological level following the Shanghai upgrade. After the upgrade went live and withdrawals of staked ETH enabled, bulls defied negative projections to break above a supply zone that has held since August 2022.

ETH breaks $2,000 as analyst says altcoins could be interesting in coming weeks

According to crypto analyst Rekt Capital, the top altcoin is a “leading indicator for smaller altcoins.” He suggests the breakout for Ethereum could trigger new momentum for some of the leading altcoins, probably highlighting the possibility of an alt season kicking off.

ETH is a Leading Indicator for smaller Altcoins. This is why the #ETH breakout may very well set the stage for an interesting period for other Altcoins in the coming weeks,” the highly respected crypto trader and analyst said.

Rekt believes the Bitcoin bull market is just starting, but Ethereum’s price movement suggests current prices might be a great entry point for many alts.  

ETH at $2000. That’s one reason why it might be worth entering Altcoins early on in this #BTC Bull Market,” the analyst tweeted.

$ETH at $2000

That’s one reason why it might be worth entering Altcoins early on in this #BTC Bull Market$BTC #Crypto #Bitcoin

— Rekt Capital (@rektcapital) April 13, 2023

Ether is currently trading around $1,998, roughly 4.8% up in the past 24 hours.

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UniSwap (UNI) price steady as DigiToads (TOADS) price rises in 1, 2 & 3 presale stages

The third stage of DigiToads presale is over 97% sold out.
The current price of the TOADS token is $0.016.
TOADS token is expected to list on Uniswap once the presale ends.

The price of the TOADS token is rising with every DigiToads presale stage, which is quite a proposition for those looking forward to investing in the project before it lists on Uniswap.

The presale stages are quickly selling out seeing that the third presale stage is now more than 97% complete. You can participate in the presale here.

At the current rate, it is just a matter of time before it gets listed on Uniswap decentralized exchange whose native token UNI has been performing quite well this year. On that note, it is worth noting that there hasn’t been any major Uniswap exploit so far this year contrary to 2022 when we witnessed an $8 million Uniswap Phishing Attack.

Is DigiToads (TOADS) a good investment?

So many new ICOs are constantly making the rounds in the crypto market. This could make it challenging for investors to decide on a viable project to invest in, especially because of all the hype and FOMO surrounding the launch of new crypto projects. However, DigiToads (TOADS) is likely to bring a change to that.

While disappointments have become a constant in crypto investment, DigiToads (TOADS) promises real goals and anticipation for its investors and users in its whitepaper. There is something for everyone. Within a few weeks of launching the first presale stage, DigiToads (TOADS) has successfully concluded three presale stages showing its rising popularity among crypto investors.

The increased DigiToads (TOADS) hype since the beginning of the presale shows that people are generally excited about the project. Generally, investors are usually psyched up for ICO projects that offer actual utility to their users.

What is TOADS?

TOADS is the native cryptocurrency of the DigiToads platform. It is a meme coin created with the Ethereum blockchain. It is designed to function as a utility token within the DigiToads ecosystem besides giving holders an opportunity to trade it on secondary markets.

The DigiToads platform, on the other hand, is a Web3 game that aims to create rewards for community members through trading contests hosted monthly. These trading contests will serve the double purpose of increasing the number of users and the daily trading volume within the DigiToads community.

DigiToads (TOADS) prospects as Uniswap listing approaches

UniSwap (UNI) is one of the most popular decentralized exchanges on the Ethereum blockchain. It eliminates the need for third-party interference in crypto transactions meaning transfers can be made from anywhere worldwide while maintaining anonymity and security for the sender and recipient.

While Uniswap was a victim of a targeted $8 million Phishing Attack last year, the exchange remained strong even after the hack and the price of its native token has also remained steady. The DEX has proved its stability through the years, which is why most new crypto projects including DigiToads target Uniswap as their first native token listing.

Listing on Uniswap offers exposure to quite a vast DeFi market offering tokens like DigiToads’ TOADS token great exposure within the DeFi industry.

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