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What is the Ethereum Shanghai upgrade? When is it?

Key takeaways

Ethereum’s Shanghai upgrade is slated for April 12th
For the first time, users will be able to unstake their ETH
There is currently 17.7 million ETH locked up, equivalent to 15% of the entire supply
Some users have had their ETH locked up since December 2020, when it traded at 

Ethereum has its next major event lined up, referred to as the Shanghai upgrade. But what actually is it? And when is it going to happen?

Well, the when is the easiest part. After much anticipation, the event is slated to occur Wednesday (April 12th). 

As for what it is, the headline development is that staked ETH will finally be able to be unstaked and sold. 

Since the Merge upgrade went live in September 2022, Ethereum has been a proof-of-stake blockchain. However, staked Ethereum has still been locked up…until now. Once the Shanghai upgrade goes live, users are free to do what they wish with their ETH. 

While the Merge only took place seven months ago, stakers had been locking up their ETH in the staking contract long before. Staking actually opened in November 2020, with the Merge repeatedly delayed until finally taking place in September. 

How much Ethereum will be released?

Finally, the Merge went live in September, but the full transition to proof-of-stake was not yet completed. This means the ETH locked up has continued to grow and today there is 17.7 million ETH locked up, translating to 15% of the entire supply. 

It has been a long wait for some investors. The price of Ethereum was below $400 in December 2020, before going bananas in 2021 as the crypto boom send prices vertical. It climbed as high as $4,800, only to crash down below $1,000 again as prices cratered during the bear of market. 

And through all this time, the ETH has just been…there. Locked up and restricted from sale. 

Liquid staking derivatives

Although investors did have options. Many utilised liquid staking derivatives, which means that they received tokens in lieu of their staked ETH. They could then trade these tokens, which because they will be redeemable for ETH once unlocked, theoretically (and largely in practice, too) traded pretty close to 1:1 with ETH. 

So while the previous chart paints a rollercoaster of emotions as ETH skyrocketed during the pandemic boom before freefalling back down, not all investors were forced to ride that rollercoaster. 

Will there be sale pressure on ETH?

The presence of staking derivatives means that the event will be less climatic, at least in terms of sell pressure. However, it remains true that ETH will still be easier to sell, and there is nothing to say that investors won’t withdraw and sell their ETH directly once they can. 

Then again, there is nothing to say this will happen either. Like many things in markets, it comes back to the concept of being “priced in”. This event is not a surprise, and hence the pressure will likely not be heavy in either direction. 

Of course, a bit of irrationality is not exactly rare in crypto markets, so perhaps there will be some movement. But again, this is a move which has been coming for a long time – it just formally has a date now. 

Macro environment will hold the key

While the event is key for the fundamentals and long-term future of Ethereum, when looking at the price action specifically, macro remains the most pivotal factor, and the reason that crypto prices have surged upwards thus far in 2023. 

ETH will continue to trade in line with the wider market. This in turn depends largely on the future path of interest rates and the sentiment in financial markets. 

2023 has thus far seen a complete flip in expectations of interest rates, with the market pricing in an end to the uber-tight monetary policy which has been in place for the last year. This has helped propel crypto prices north, with Ethereum up 58% this year. 

However, price is impossible to forecast, especially in the short-term. But looking beyond the number-go-up or number-go-down, the Shanghai upgrade represents another important milestone for Ethereum as a network and a technology, regardless of whether sell pressure may impact price in the short-term.

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Bitcoin miner stock CleanSpark has upside to $12, analyst says

H.C. Wainwright reiterates CleanSpark Inc its top pick for 2023.
Analyst Mike Colonnese explained why in a research note today.
CleanSpark stock is already up more than 50% for the year.

Shares of CleanSpark Inc (NASDAQ: CLSK) are up nearly 15% this morning after an H.C. Wainwright analyst named the bitcoin miner his top pick for 2023.

CleanSpark stock could quadruple from here

On Tuesday, Mike Colonnese reiterated his “buy” rating on the crypto company and said its shares could climb to $12 – about a 300% upside from here.

The bullish call on Clean Spark stock arrives only hours after it revealed to have bought 45,000 new Antminer S19 XPs from Bitmain for about $145 million.

CLSK secured machines for a very attractive $23/TH, the lowest we’ve seen for these rigs, and 12% below the going rate for high efficiency ASICs based on Luxor’s Bitcoin ASIC Price Index.

With this purchase, the analyst added, CleanSpark will be able to improve its hash rate to 16 EH/s in line with the company’s year-end target.

CleanSpark stock is significantly undervalued

CleanSpark is expected to report its Q2 financial results next month. Consensus is for it to lose 37 cents a share this quarter versus 5 cents of EPS a year ago.

For the year, CleanSpark stock is up more than 50% at writing. Still, Colonnese is convinced that it’s significantly undervalued. His research note reads:

It’s trading at 46% discount to peers on market cap to deployed hash rate, which we view as unwarranted. Today’s announcement should give investors more visibility and conviction into CLSK.

In terms of fleet efficiency, CleanSpark is ahead of everyone else in the industry following today’s deal with Bitmain, the analyst concluded.

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Bitcoin price, volatility and profits are all the highest since June 2022 – but why? And will it continue?

Key Takeaways

Bitcoin has broken $30,000 for the first time since June 2022
Volatility is also at its highest point since June
Liquidity is the lowest it has been all year, meaning less is needed to move Bitcoin up (and down)
45% of stablecoins have fled exchanges in last four months, with market depth has not recovered from Alameda bankruptcy in November
Interest rate forecasts have flipped, providing positive impetus as market bets tight monetary policy is coming to an end
Low liquidity and positive interest rate expectations have kicked Bitcoin up past $30K
Week ahead brings data on inflation, Fed minutes and earnings, and Bitcoin could move violently again depending on how it shakes out

Throw a mask on and stay beyond a 2-metre radius, because it feels like 2021 again. 

At least, looking at the cryptocurrency market, that is. Bitcoin has turned back the years to rally to its highest price since last summer, despite the economy feeling like it’s falling down all around us. $30,000 has officially been breached. 

Not only is the price at its highest point in ten months, but the volatility and profits have also ramped up to the highest points since before the house of cards all came down, while the supply on the market is dwindling.

But why? And will all this continue or will Bitcoin fall back down to Earth? Let’s dig into the data to see if there is an answer. 


First, what makes the headlines pop: the price.  

Bitcoin breached $30,000 Monday evening for the first time since June 2022. To refresh the memory, that was the week of the Celsius crash, the crypto lender announcing on June 12th 2022 that it was suspending withdrawals, having been caught up in the LUNA contagion. 

Billions of customer assets were locked, and the Bitcoin price spiralled downwards, dropping below $30,000, and then $20,000, in the days afterwards. Monday was the first time it has taken back the $30,000 mark. 

The key to this resurgence? Interest rate forecasts, primarily (but not just interest rates…as we will get into in the next section). 

The forecast of the future path of interest rates has completely flipped in the last month or so, providing impetus for this leg up in Bitcoin as the market bets that we are finally ready to pivot off the aggressive hiking of rates that has been ongoing since last April. 

Last year’s transition to a new paradigm of tight monetary policy signalled an abrupt end to the decade-long bull market across financial markets, pulling risk assets down in price across the board. 

Crypto didn’t help its case with several scandals along the way – LUNA, Celsius and FTX to name a few – but the macro conditions have certainly not been kind either, with the Nasdaq shedding a third of its value last year, its worst return since 2008. 

But following the banking collapse, the market is betting that the Fed simply cannot continue with the interest rate forecasts going forward. The below chart shows interest rate expectations for the July meeting – the right side shows the forecast from six weeks ago, which has completely flipped compared to the forecast today (purple bars on the left). 


But it’s not just the price that is rising. Volatility is also at its highest point since it picked up following the collapse of Celsius last June. The below chart shows this, and then we will see why this is not a coincidence that it is coinciding with a relentless price rise. 

The elevated volatility is a direct consequence of the liquidity being so low. I crafted together a deep dive on this two weeks ago, but liquidity in cryptocurrency markets is as low as it has been all year. 

45% of the stablecoin balance on exchanges has fled in the last four months, with the resultant balance the lowest since October 2021. 

This is matched by market depth dropping down too, yet to recover from the evaporation of Alameda into thin air last November. 

And this gets to the crux of the issue: the thin liquidity exacerbates moves both to the downside and upside. This is a fancy way of saying it elevates volatility, which is exactly what we seeing recently for Bitcoin. 

And this exacerbation of any price move, coupled with the positive spin coming out of the interest rate forecasts, means Bitcoin is getting a hell of a push up the charts – with liquidity so shallow that there is minimal resistance. 

In short, liquidity is down, and volatility is up. And with the most important thing in markets right now, i.e. the interest rate forecast, flipping positive, we get a violent upward price move. 

“The low liquidity has left the market vulnerable to massive moves”, says Max Coupland, director of CoinJournal. “Luckily for crypto investors, the flip in interest rate expectations has meant prices have accelerated upwards, but looking at the week ahead, this may change if the economic data comes in below forecasts. Bitcoin is always volatile, but it feels particularly primed for big moves at the moment”.  


Finally, profit. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that with the Bitcoin price at its highest point in nine months, the profit position for investors is also looking a little rosier than it has in the past. 

When assessing the price at which Bitcoins last moved at compared to the current price, it can be deduced that 76.2% of the Bitcoin supply is in profit. That marks the highest point in a year, back before the transition to a tight monetary policy and the LUNA scandal of last May.  

What happens next?

But will this all persist? Or is it just a bear market rally?

Well, the uber-low liquidity is likely not going to shift in the short-term, at least. This means that volatility will remain elevated and moves to both the downside and upside will be elevated. 

But with volatility high, which direction will it go? I won’t pretend I know the answer to that, but the week ahead has some key data coming out that will drive the price one way or another – and perhaps very significantly so. 

First is the CPI data out Wednesday. Inflation has come down every month since June 2022 yet this is the first inflation reading to come out following the optimism that interest rate hikes are soon coming to an end. A hot reading could spook the market into thinking that the Fed may think about hiking further, however, especially after the banking troubles of the last month have subsided. 

Also on Wednesday is the FOMC minutes, which will give a direct insight into the plans of the Fed. This, and the inflation reading, are absolutely vital economic indicators, and have been what has moved markets all year long. That won’t change. 

Throw in Thursday’s producer price index (PPI) and earnings season kicking off on Friday, and the price moves ahead could be extreme. Bitcoin is very volatile right now and the economy is at a watershed moment, with plenty of data coming out in the week ahead. 

Buckle your seat belts and get your popcorn ready.

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Automated Trading Signals Attracting Investors to ASI Token Presale as Q2 2023 Approaches

Investors have long been attracted to the crypto markets for their innate profitability. In fact, cryptocurrency is the most lucrative asset class ever to exist, owing to the speculative nature of blockchain technology and its disruptive capabilities.

The AltSignals crypto platform has long been helping traders maximize investment returns through automated trading signals. As the crypto platform expands, it is expected to revolutionize the process of trading thanks to an AI-powered toolkit that forecasts crypto market volatility.

Crypto platform AltSignals is making great strides in the field of automated trading

Automated trading signals have attracted significant interest over recent years, as algorithmic tools such as AltAlgo™ have helped traders of all skill levels maximize investment returns. JP Morgan reported in 2020 that more than 60% of trades worth over $10 million were executed by automated trading tools and recently stated that AI could disrupt the financial markets.

AltAlgo™ is the proprietary trading tool released by AltSignals, a crypto platform expanding its blockchain offering to include a new automated trading protocol that is powered by artificial intelligence. Automated trading tools can help institutional and retail investors by condensing complex data into a single buy or sell signal with unrivaled accuracy.

 AltSignals’ token ASI is now available during its presale. ASI was initially made available at $0.012 and is scheduled to rise to $0.02274 by the final stage of investment. The token will power the crypto platform’s new blockchain services, including a new-and-improved automated trading tool called ActualizeAI.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals has shared profitable trading signals with 50,000 community members since it launched in 2017. The crypto platform is specially designed to help traders navigate market volatility – AltAlgo™ has consistently had over 70% accuracy since it first launched and helped traders who matched its trades to 10x their portfolio in 19 separate months.

The crypto platform’s new automated trading stack, ActualizeAI, is expected to further optimize the accuracy rate of AltSignals’ existing tools. ActualizeAI leverages machine learning capabilities to continually improve the frequency and accuracy of automated trading signals, which could revolutionize how people trade the crypto markets.

ActualizeAI is set to analyze vast amounts of market data, including sentiment levels, and provides automated trading signals directly to its users. AltSignals has a proven track record for success that goes back over 5 years, which has led to great excitement surrounding the project’s new AI-based development.

How does ASI work?

The ASI token is used to provide access to ActualizeAI. Holders can also stake ASI tokens on the AltSignals platform to earn a passive yield on their long-term investment. They can also vote on governance proposals for new community-led initiatives.

Token holders will also gain access to the  AI Members Club, providing a host of new benefits for the crypto platform’s users. Among these benefits are early-stage crypto investment opportunities, where traders can buy into up-and-coming Web3 projects during their earliest fundraising rounds.

The AI Members Club will also host trading tournaments where traders can compete for the chance to win significant crypto prizes. The club will also allow members to test out new automated trading tools before they are officially released, which can help give users an advantage over other market participants.

Can ASI reach $0.40 in 2023?

The ASI token has deflationary tokenomics and vast utility within the AltSignals platform. The expanded offering from the crypto platform is expected to attract major levels of demand, owing to the innate profitability of the services provided.

Not only will ASI token holders access an industry-leading trading toolkit, but they can also participate in lucrative early-stage investment opportunities for new crypto projects. The AltSignals platform is designed to help its users make a profit in the crypto market, which is a key reason why there is significant demand for the ASI token.

Some expert price predictions for ASI after the crypto presale is over $0.50. The presale will raise the value of ASI to $0.02274 before it is launched on digital asset exchanges, meaning that presale investors make a 25x return if AltSignals hits its mid-term price target.

Are AI-based crypto protocols the next sector to take off?

Artificial intelligence and blockchain are rapidly evolving technologies disrupting the digital world. The number of projects that leverage artificial intelligence is continually rising, with many of the top projects producing significant returns in recent months. (FET) has risen over 900% since the beginning of 2023, while The Graph (GRT) has tripled in value. AltSignals could follow suit after the ASI token presale, which has already attracted $112k in just 1 day.

AI-based crypto protocols will likely keep expanding over the coming months and years. The range of use cases for artificial intelligence within the realm of Web3 is growing, and AltSignals looks set to revolutionize automated trading by leveraging the new technology.

Is ASI worth buying?

The ASI token presale could be a prime investment opportunity over the coming years. AltSignals is improving automated trading tools through the use of artificial intelligence, which could serve an increasing number of users as the crypto market enters its next bull phase. Investors who participate in the ASI presale are expected to see significant investment returns as a result.

The token is currently available at the $0.012 price level; however, it will rise before the end of the presale. Regardless of the price at which investors buy ASI, it certainly seems to be a great buy for its utility alone.

You can participate in the $ASI crypto presale here.

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Crypto industry “healthier” than what market prices indicate: a16z report

Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) has released its second edition of the State of Crypto report.
According to the venture capital firm, the crypto industry has steadily grown over the years, even as prices flactuate.
a16z has also unveiled the “State of Crypto Index,” a tool to help track the health of the crypto industry.

Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), a leading venture capital firm that backs some of the best projects in the emerging technologies industry, has released its latest “State of Crypto report”.

The Silicon Valley based VC giant says in the report that the cryptocurrency sector is healthier than what the prevailing market prices suggest.

The report also notes that cryptocurrency prices have been characterised by periods of massive gains and then crypto winters. Commeting on this, a16z researchers Daren Matsuoka, Eddy Lazzarin, Robert Hackett and Stephanie Zinn wrote:

“In the period marked by our now-annual State of Crypto report, it would be easy for a casual observer to overlook the rapid progress the crypto industry is making. Major infrastructure improvements like The Merge – a momentous achievement in decentralized and open source development – simply don’t make headlines as often as high-profile bankruptcies, busts, and flameouts.”

Crypto “healthier” than the story prices tell

a16z’s second report comes after a period of turbulence for crypto in 2022, with the collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX the low point for the industry in terms of its impact as a setback.

Crypto prices tumbled towards the end of the year before making a decent recovery in the first quarter of 2023. Of this aspect, the Andreessen Horowitz report says it is easy to miss the point when it comes to overall development across the industry.

In particular, the researchers highlight Web3 technology at the latest intersection of this trajectory.

Our 2023 report aims to address the imbalance between the noise of fleeting price movements – and the data that tracks the signals that matter, including the durable progress of web3 technology. Overall, the report reflects a healthier industry than market prices may indicate, and a steady cycle of development, product launches, and ongoing innovation,” the report states.

a16z also announced the “State of Crypto Index,” which it says is an interactive tool that will help people “track the health of the crypto industry.” According to the VC firm, the tool focuses on innovation and technological advances, rather than on the financial aspect of the industry.

The index will provide a nuanced measure of what crypto development entails, looking at 14 industry metrics, including total verified smart contracts, active addresses, DEX volume, transacting wallets and active developers among others.

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Bitcoin Price Prediction Shoots For The Moon Bringing New Token ASI Along for the Ride

BTC rising 50% has produced a recovery in the crypto market
AltSignals (ASI) is a highly promising new token launch
ASI should outperform BTC percentage rise over the coming months and years

After some significant movements in the crypto markets, the Bitcoin price prediction forecasts further upside. However, experts suggest that AltSignals’ new token, ASI, should outperform the Bitcoin price prediction in percentage terms before the end of the year.

AltSignals is an industry-grade trading platform that is expanding its blockchain offering. Here’s why it could be the highest-performing project of its kind in 2023 and beyond.

AltSignals is launching during a widespread market recovery

The Bitcoin price prediction has flipped bullish after some promising price action at the beginning of 2023. BTC has risen over 50% from its recent lows and has been driving a recovery in the crypto market.

After many altcoins fell over 90%, the BTC recovery has produced widespread gains across the crypto market. This comes at a time when AltSignals, a highly successful crypto trading community, is launching its crypto presale event.

The ASI token has a high potential for future returns, especially as the crypto market recovers following a positive Bitcoin price prediction. A BTC recovery typically signals the beginning of bullish crypto market movements, and ASI is well-positioned to benefit over the coming months and years.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (BTC) is the first blockchain-based cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin blockchain uses a proof-of-work protocol to achieve consensus in a distributed computer network. This process is highly complex by design, and the economic costs of overriding the consensus mechanism make attacking the BTC network practically impossible.

Since it was first launched in 2009, BTC has become the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization and has been adopted by governments and financial institutions worldwide. The rate of progress for the Bitcoin price prediction is a testament to its innate scarcity – there will only ever be 21 million BTC, which means that constantly rising demand is destined to push the price upwards.

Bitcoin price prediction: Can BTC reach over $30,000 in 2023?

The Bitcoin price prediction for 2023 targets $30,000 as a key level. If BTC can break through resistance at $29,000, then it is likely to reach $30,000 and above before the end of the year.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals is one of the largest crypto market trading communities in Web3. The platform has consistently provided profitable trading signals to its users since 2017 and has an impressive track record for success. For example, the Binance Futures Report for Feb 2023 has shown a win rate of 90%.

The project is now expanding its offering and will introduce several useful features to its community of crypto market traders. The ASI token, which is being released at $0.012 during the presale, is integral to this development.

How will the ecosystem utilize ASI?

The ASI token will give holders exclusive access to premium trading signals in the crypto market using ActualizeAI. ActualizeAI is a groundbreaking AI-powered development tool that combines several leading technologies with crypto market data. After analyzing a wide variety of different indicators, ActualizeAI will generate profitable trading signals on a consistent basis.

ASI can be used to access the AI Members Club. This premium offering will grant early participation in AltSignals’ new trading tools. With massive profits already being made through AltSignals’ AI tools, this feature can give traders a real edge in the crypto markets.

By holding the ASI token and joining the AI Members Club, users can gain access to exclusive investment opportunities and much more. Members can even help the AltSignals development team improve their tools by participating in early tests and sharing feedback with the team.

Could ASI reach $1 in 2023?

The ASI token represents a strong existing project that is now branching out further. AltSignals has a large existing user base and extensive token utility, making it a prime investment opportunity over the coming years.

The AltSignals crypto presale will raise the price of ASI from $0.012 to $0.02274 before the token goes live on exchanges. At this point, the price of ASI could go parabolic, especially if the AI development coincides with rising prices across the crypto market.

Experts are forecasting a $1 price level for the ASI token before the end of 2023 – a 45x price rise from the end of the presale. As a reputable community-driven project that will in the future utilize advanced AI tools, AltSignals certainly has massive potential.

AltSignals vs. Bitcoin price prediction: Why buy ASI?

While Bitcoin is expected to kickstart a recovery for the crypto markets, it is unlikely to outperform AltSignals in 2023 and beyond if a bull market begins. Early investors in the ASI crypto presale can expect significant returns over the coming years, as the project combines several ground-breaking technologies to deliver a comprehensive user trading experience.

AltSignals has the potential to become an industry-leading AI trading project on the blockchain. However, a limited number of ASI tokens are being released during the presale event, and it is first come, first served. The ASI token could be the best buy of 2023 as investors prepare for the next bull run in the crypto market.

You can participate in the AltSignals presale here.

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OKX to temporarily halt deposits and withdrawals of some tokens on April 12

The temporary halt is planned to take only one hour.
The halt is related to tomorrow’s Ethereum Shapella upgrade.
The affected tokens are mainly ERC-20 tokens.

Seychelles-based crypto exchange OKX has announced it will be temporarily suspending deposits and withdrawals of ETH, ARB, OP, and ERC-20 tokens because of the upcoming Ethereum Shapella upgrade.

The Shapella upgrade is scheduled to take place on April 12at epoch 194,048 at approximately 10:27 PM (UTC)

The temporary deposit and withdrawal halt

OKX said that deposits and withdrawals of the said tokens will be temporarily suspended on the crypto exchange for about one hour on April 12, 2023, at 9:30 p.m. UTC. The suspension will be in force until the Shapella upgrade is completed.

Besides, OKX Interoperability platform Wanchain said that its WanBridge frontend would be temporarily inaccessible starting at 10 PM UTC on April 12. Binance will also temporarily suspend deposits and withdrawals of ETH, OP, ARB and ERC-20 tokens via the Ethereum, Optimism, and Arbitrum networks, starting on April 12 at 10:20 PM (UTC).

Ethereum Shapella upgrade

“Shapella” is a derived upgrade name (Shanghai + Capella) to suggest two layers of the blockchain are being upgraded simultaneously. It is the first Ethereum network upgrade since The Merge upgrade.

The Shanghai upgrade will deploy changes to the Execution Layer while the Capella upgrade will bring some spec changes to the Consensus Layer. The upgrade will deploy EIP-4895 on the Execution clients to allow for the Withdrawal of staked ETH for Ethereum validators along with three other EIPs deployed on the mainnet.

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Ash Environmental DAO Announces Ash Token Sale to Champion Social Good

Potomac Falls, United States, April 11th, 2023, Chainwire

Ash Environmental DAO has announced the dates of its token sale. The event will run from April 17 to May 7, giving participants the chance to purchase the Ash token and become part of a global ecosystem committed to funding high-impact innovations to address real-world challenges.

The Ash Environmental DAO is a solution platform that seeks to address global challenges such as access to financing for environmentally-friendly innovations, environmental degradation, job losses, diminishing economic development, and poverty. The Ash token is a digital asset within the Ash Environmental DAO ecosystem that is registered in the United States and aims to tackle these pressing issues through active engagement and collaboration with the global community.

Born out of the need to find alternative solutions for funding high-impact initiatives, Ash is a governance token and unit of an exchange that operates as a BEP20 on BNB Smart Chain. Its creators conceived the idea as they struggled to commercialize innovations for coal ash recycling and greenhouse gas emissions capture. They faced numerous hurdles in raising capital and encountered stakeholders who dismissed their passion for environmental improvement and local, regional, national and global economic development initiatives.

The Ash team is driven by the belief that the environmental challenges faced by today’s generation must inspire a collective desire to make a lasting difference. They invite the global community to join them in their journey by offering encouragement, support, and active participation.

Visit to join the Ash team as they strive to restore the health of the global environment while creating jobs or email the team directly at:

About Ash Token

Ash Token avails to the global community, a platform that has the demonstrated ability to foster environmental accountability, business and project financing and job creation. It is a project that has true utility and purpose and which stands to readily translate the benefits of blockchain to the ordinary person. The Ash Token additionally serves as a common platform around which, the global community can rally to deal with the pressing environmental and economic challenges of our time.


CEO, Ato Andoh, Ash Environmental DAO/Ash Token,

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Telegram Investor Groups Buzzing as AltSignals Announces Its Crypto Presale

AltSignals has announced a presale for the utility token ASI that unlocks next-gen AI trading insights
The popular platform has more than 52,000 users and boasts incredible reviews
The ASI presale looks set to be one of the best investment opportunities of 2023

The crypto world seems to have found a favored method to exchange ideas, having chosen instant messenger service Telegram for its communication needs. It often means that the earliest chance to spot top-notch crypto presale opportunities is across the application.

Investors paying attention are currently witnessing the wave of excitement rippling across Telegram due to the upcoming AltSignals crypto presale announcement. Many within the space see the presale as a rare opportunity to glean huge profits thanks to the project’s strong proposition and important ability to leverage its huge community of users. 

AltSignals boasts more than 50,000 crypto traders among its user base and has built its extensive community on the strength of its product offerings. This established base, alongside a heavily discounted presale on a token backed by a hugely successful product, are solid reasons contributing to the excitement, with ASI in future enabling access to ActualizeAI — the next evolution in premium signals.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals has built its reputation on providing extremely high-quality trading signals across daily crypto trades, Binance futures, Forex, CFD and shares. Perhaps the clearest indicator of just how strongly its customer base values the user experience is AltSignals’ Trustpilot rating, with over 500 ‘Excellent’ ratings and an overall rating of 4.9/5.

Having built up a devoted community of more than 50,000 users since its launch in 2017, AltSignals has established itself as a leader in helping all levels of traders make profits every day with incredible results thanks to guidance from the platform.

AltSignals is building an indicator tool known as ActualizeAI, which will be using advanced AI leveraging natural language processing and sentiment analysis to constantly scan the markets to find machine-learning-driven trading opportunities. These can then be communicated as rapidly as possible to traders, giving them a vital edge on the competition and allowing them to maximize their profits as a result.

The signal success rates speak for themselves, with AltSignals technology delivering a 70-83% success rate on ETH and BTC trades. This success rate is critical proof explaining the huge popularity of the platform and means that the ASI presale is likely destined for similar success.

How does AltSignals work? 

AltSignals leverages both fundamental analysis and technical analysis in order to provide a complete data set to the advanced algorithms used to identify trades. With the addition of machine learning, its pattern recognition will be virtually unrivaled, helping drive the massive successes seen to date.

The current technology, AltAlgo™, has provided incredible results for traders and has solidified the position of AltSignals as a market leader in profit-maximizing trading signals across a range of different markets. This has enabled countless traders to beat the competition and get the most out of their trades.

This proven technology has served more than 3,700 crucial signals to traders, and with learning materials and coaching to support traders of all levels, AltSignals may be one of the largest collaborations of accomplished crypto traders out there — hence the excitement for the next stage of product development.

The ASI presale also marks the launch of the ActualizeAI Club, where token holders can use their ASI tokens to sign up to receive exclusive beta access to all new releases. Offering a valuable outlet, the group serves to keep savvy traders ahead of the markets. Joining and participating in the group also provides users with the ability to earn even more ASI tokens, set to launch in Q1 2023.

What is ASI? 

The ASI token is built on the Ethereum blockchain, providing a high level of security for ASI holders. The token itself is a utility token with critical roles across the AltSignals platform, with ASI ownership being fundamental to accessing different, exclusive areas of the platform and extra types of signals, such as those for the ActualizeAI product.

ASI will be key to early access to trading signals ahead of other traders, and the competitive edge that this provides is set to deliver huge gains for the token. As users flock to the platform, this edge is certain to be a fundamental driver adding to the incredible interest already shown so far in the project’s presale.

The token also plays a role in enabling value exchanges across the AltSignals platform, such as accessing educational resources and more. This high level of utility means that many are expecting to see a great deal of buying pressure for ASI that should drive up the price of the token further. As if that wasn’t enough, the ASI token will have a 3-5 year buyback and burn plan to ensure a deflationary effect on the supply of ASI — likely driving up the price of the token. 

Is ASI considered a good investment? 

Experienced crypto investors will know that crypto presales can herald enormous returns, with access to highly discounted prices available and limited awareness of the project creating significant value propositions. The ASI crypto presale is an incredible example of this, providing investors with a unique opportunity to get on board a project destined for greatness.

With the project’s already huge user base and solid reviews behind it, analysts are forecasting a bright future ahead for AltSignals and its ASI accordingly, with the presale having already raised $112k in just 1 day. With many already speculating on whether the token will smash through the $1 barrier in 2023 there’s no doubt that ASI holders will have an exciting 2023 ahead of them.

You can participate in the ASI presale here.

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Here’s why Solana price just made a bullish breakout

Solana price has made a strong bullish comeback in the past few days as investors focus on the great crypto comeback. SOL jumped to a high of $22.60, the highest level since March 23 of this year. It has soared by over 30% from the lowest level in March.

Crypto comeback continues

It is worth noting that Solana’s comeback has coincided with the return of the raging bull in the crypto industry. Overnight, Bitcoin surged above $30,000, as we wrote in this article.

The main driving force for this crypto rally is the feeling that the Federal Reserve is about to end its hiking cycle. Analysts believe that the bank will hike interest rates by 25 basis points in May and then maintain them at an elevated level for a while.

Some analysts expect that the bank will then start cutting interest rates later this year or in 2024. As a result, the change in monetary policy will send more people back to risky assets like cryptocurrencies and stocks.

The other reason why Solana and other cryptocurrencies are rising is the upcoming bank earnings season that will start on Friday. Expectations are that many large banks like Bank of America and JP Morgan had a good quarter as deposits rose.

However, for many regional banks, there is a likelihood that their businesses slowed after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. During the banking crisis, we saw cryptocurrencies and gold do well as traders took them as safe havens.

Meanwhile, Solana seems to be gaining traction in the past few weeks. The most recent big news was that Render Network decided to migrate to the network. This is a notable event since Render is one of the top projects in the industry. Helium, a blockchain broadband project has also moved to Solana.

Solana’s DeFi ecosystem is also recovering. Its total value locked (TVL) in DeFi has risen to S14.1 million from its year-to-date low of S11.8 million.

Solana price prediction

The 4H chart shows that the SOL price has been in a bullish trend in the past few days. It managed to move above the important resistance at $21.66, the highest point since March 30th. The coin has jumped above the 25-period an 50-period moving averages while the MACD has jumped above the neutral point.

Therefore, there is a likelihood that the coin will continue rising as buyers target the next resistance level at $25.

How to buy Solana


Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It is better suited to more experienced investors and it offers a large number of cryptocurrencies to choose from, at over 600.

Binance is also known for having low trading fees and a multiple of trading options that its users can benefit from, such as; peer-to-peer trading, margin trading and spot trading.

Buy SOL with Binance today


OKX is a top cryptocurrency exchange which offers over 140 cryptocurrencies to invest in.

OKX takes customer security very seriously, they store almost all of their clients’ funds in cold storage, and the exchange is yet to be hacked.

On top of this, the exchange offers very low fees and customers can even use their crypto as collateral for loans on the platform.

Buy SOL with OKX today

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