Day: April 6, 2023

Jim Cramer on Coinbase stock: ‘I wouldn’t touch this thing at all’

Famed investor Jim Cramer shares his view on Coinbase stock.
BofA analyst reiterates his underperform rating on COIN.
Coinbase stock is down nearly 30% versus its year-to-date high.

Coinbase Global Inc (NASDAQ: COIN) has lost nearly 30% in recent weeks but famed investor Jim Cramer still doesn’t dub it an opportunity to invest in it.

Cramer shares his view on the Coinbase stock

The Mad Money host is disappointed that the crypto exchange did not benefit in terms of inflows amidst the recent bank failures. On CNBC’s “Squawk Box”, he said:

I figured that, not to me, but to some people they were the JPMorgan of the business. So, the money goes to JPMorgan. Doesn’t look like it. I wouldn’t touch this thing at all.

Last month, the crypto company received a Wells notice from the Securities and Exchange Commission for violating U.S. securities laws.

Remember that year-to-date, Coinbase stock is still up 90% at writing.

Bank of America is bearish on Coinbase stock

Also on Thursday, a Bank of America analyst cited data from CoinGecko and said transaction volumes remained roughly flat for Coinbase in the first quarter (sequentially), missing consensus by a whopping $24 billion.

That’s when crypto prices have been trending up since the start of the year. That’s noteworthy as transaction volume makes up a huge chunk of its total revenue.

Jason Kupferberg also cited a 6.0% decline in app downloads (data from Sensor Tower) as he reiterated his “underperform” rating on Coinbase stock.  At 2.7 million, app downloads in Q1 were the lowest since the third quarter of 2020. The analyst added:

While we don’t see much risk to Coin’s 1Q interest income, USDC’s market cap has fallen 24% since the bank crisis started, which could add risk to interest income estimates over the next few quarters.

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1 in every 138 Bitcoins are now owned by MicroStrategy, but it doesn’t make much sense

Key Takeaways

MicroStrategy has purchased another thousand Bitcoin, taking their holdings to 140,000 at an average price of $28K
The total investment is now $4.2 billion, with the company’s fate tied to the Bitcoin price
CEO Saylor remains ultra-bullish, but has no regard for risk management
For investors, someone may as well just purchase Bitcoin directly

MicroStrategy is at it again. 

The software company, which is now essentially a Bitcoin-holding company, has purchased another 1,045 Bitcoin. The company now holds 140,000 coins, with Michael Saylor’s now-trademark Twitter post announcing the latest investment to the world Wednesday. 

MicroStrategy has acquired an additional 1,045 #bitcoin for ~ $29.3M at an average price of $28,016 per bitcoin. As of 4/4/2023 @MicroStrategy holds 140,000 bitcoin acquired for ~$4.17 billion at an average price of $29,803 per bitcoin. $MSTR

— Michael Saylor⚡️ (@saylor) April 5, 2023

MicroStrategy’s 140,000 stash of Bitcoins is the largest holding of any public company. It constitutes 0.72% of the entire supply, meaning they own 1 in every 138 Bitcoins currently in circulation. 

A long way to go to Satoshi Nakamoto and his/her approximate stash of 1 million coins (5.2% of the supply), but Saylor is on his way. 

The latest purchase was locked in at average price of $28,016 per Bitcoin, bringing the average price to $29,803, meaning the company is slightly underwater on the $4.17 billion investment.

Michael Saylor doesn’t do risk management

CEO Saylor’s conviction remains unwavering, while his disdain for portfolio diversification is also unchanged. For me, regardless of your thoughts on Bitcoin as an investment, it is difficult to get on board with an investment of this scale. 

The risk is extreme, with the fate of the company now well and truly in the hands of the capricious crypto gods. A look at the share price action shows how tightly correlated it now is with Bitcoin. MicroStrategy shed three-quarters of its value last year as Bitcoin plummeted amid the bear market, but has doubled this year as Bitcoin has bounced back. 

Saylor’s conviction may be admirable, but his risk management not. This is especially pertinent when looking at his rhetoric regarding advising people on what to do with their funds – again, nothing to do with Bitcoin, but the failure to understand the risk tolerance and financial circumstances of everyday people is jarring:

“Take all your money and buy Bitcoin. Then take all your time to figure out how to borrow more money to buy more Bitcoin. Then take all your time to figure out what you can sell to buy Bitcoin. 

And if you absolutely love the thing and don’t want to sell it, go mortgage your house and buy Bitcoin with it. And if you’ve got a business that you love because your family works for the business – if it’s been in the family for 37 years and you can’t bear to sell it – mortgage it, finance it and convert the proceeds into the hardest form of money on earth, which is Bitcoin”

The interview occurred in March 2021. Bitcoin was trading north of $56,000 at the time, approximately double what it is currently. I sincerely hope that nobody listened to his advice of this billionaire and mortgaged their house or business. 

And again, this is not a discussion on the merits or price of Bitcoin. The same logic would hold if Bitcoin was now $200,000 per coin. Not that it needs to be said, but for the record, mortgaging your future and your entire financial well-being on one asset – and especially one as volatile as Bitcoin- is, well, not smart. 

Nonetheless, Saylor is intent on doing this with MicroStrategy. At least that is a little less perilous than betting one’s own personal future. But the reality is that with such a large investment – $4.17 billion! – MicroStrategy is now a Bitcoin holding company. 

For investors, I am not sure what the appeal is here, as one can just buy Bitcoin directly. For Saylor, however, he doesn’t seem to care. He’s all in.

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Metacade Investment Soars to $16.35m As Crypto Bull Run Gains Momentum

Crypto market news has been inundated in recent weeks with the easing of markets as the crypto bull run gains momentum. Nowhere has the improvement in conditions been felt more than in the GameFi sector, which continues to see impressive gains being posted among the big names in the crypto gaming sector.

However, the real crypto market good news story is that of play-to-earn (P2E) virtual gaming arcade, Metacade (MCADE), which exceeded expectations during its recent presale event, which raised $16.35m. MCADE is predicted to post impressive results when listed on leading crypto exchanges Uniswap and Bitmart in April 2023.

Metacade’s comprehensive earning mechanics are unrivaled within the GameFi sector, making it one of the most desirable investment opportunities as the crypto bull run revs up.

Everything you need to know about the MCADE crypto exchange listing

Metacade’s hugely successful token presale has generated enormous momentum among its early-stage investors which looks set to spill into the public consciousness as the token readies itself to be listed on leading crypto exchanges. The MCADE IDO is due to launch this week, with the token listing on UniSwap at $0.022.

This hotly-anticipated P2E platform combines some of the most addictive online gaming experiences to be found anywhere on the blockchain with a wide-ranging crypto rewards system that offers users unrivaled avenues to earn passive income online as they play.

In addition to the UniSwap listing on 6th April, the MCADE token will also be listed on Bitmart in April and MEXC in early May. These upcoming listings could produce ferocious buy action on the token, helping it illustrate its reputation as one of the top-performing new investments of 2023.

As the earliest presale investor got hold of MCADE tokens for the princely sum of $0.008, other investors got on board during the ICO at a higher price due to the speed with which demand spread during the presale event. With every round of the presale selling out entirely, the token’s scarcity upon listing, and the wildly attractive project plan, MACDE looks set to appreciate over the coming weeks and months to unprecedented levels.

How high will MCADE go this year?

The GameFi revolution continues to lead crypto market news headlines as the crypto bull run gains momentum. So Metacade has come at the right time to fully reap enormous dividends. The project has captured the attention of experts eager to see if MCADE can make good on its promise and surge toward the $1 barrier by the end of 2023.

The diverse gaming experience offered by the platform gives it a competitive advantage over other GameFi titles, which primarily rely on a single title or gameplay experience to attract fans. With an overall market cap of $2 billion required to drive MCADE to $1, it has plenty of work to do to achieve this milestone, but it would take a brave soul to bet against it happening.

This price potential is driven by the array of incentives available to drive user retention, particularly outside the traditional P2E sphere. As a result, its comprehensive rewards scheme is set to continually improve the user experience, likely leading to increased demand for MCADE as a utility token, even before it realizes its value as a governance coin.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is set to revolutionize the online gaming space by building the most extensive P2E virtual arcade, positioning itself as a vital member of the burgeoning GameFi sector. Metacade’s ambitious white paper sets out its objectives to build the largest online community of gaming enthusiasts and crypto fans thanks to its innovative rewards system that provides several opportunities for users to gain income, not only through gameplay but via token staking and socially interacting with the community.

The native MCADE token presents investors with an exciting and once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity thanks to its extensive utility, outstanding tokenomics, and fixed limited supply set to push the price of MCADE higher very quickly.

How does MCADE work?

MCADE is the native token of the Metacade ecosystem and is the fuel behind the platform’s various and wide-ranging functions. As well as providing the medium of exchange throughout the platform, MCADE powers the rewards system. This vast level of utility ensures that the demand for tokens will remain consistent as the user base joins the platform, potentially reaching the point where supply is outstripped.

In addition to the high utility offered by MCADE, it also powers one of the platform’s most attractive and innovative features, Metagrants. This scheme allows developers to apply for crypto funding to support the development of new titles exclusively for Metacade. Each submission goes into a pool before being released to the MCADE community for voting. The titles that gain the most votes go into production with the aid of crypto funding to support the ventures.

This contributes to user retention thanks to the regular evolutionary nature of exciting new titles while ensuring members feel fully engaged with the platform’s ongoing development.

Is MCADE a good investment?

As the crypto bull run gathers pace and sets to make headlines in crypto market news, Metacade is brilliantly placed to continue its incredible and exciting journey. Its imminent release on two of the most well-known crypto exchanges could be the first step in MCADE entering orbit thanks to the backing of its innovative P2E ecosystem and impressive vision of the future of crypto gaming.

Metacade has already established itself as a testament to the power of innovation in the Web3 era. It looks set to continue as the project embarks on the next step of its exciting journey to become one of the most profitable crypto investment opportunities of 2023.

You can buy Metacade here.

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EOS price is bouncing back: here are the possible reasons

EOS price has bounced back in the past few days as investors focus on the upcoming EVM integration and the potential business deal with Hong Kong. The coin jumped to a high of $1.23, which was higher than last week’s low of $0.90.

EVM launch and Hong Kong

The biggest EOS news was the decision by the developers to integrate Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) in the network. EVM is a piece of software that executes smart contracts in Ethereum’s network. It also computes the state of the Ethereum network after each block is added to the chain.

This is important for EOS because it means that dApps developed in its ecosystem will be compatible with those created in Ethereum. Ethereum is the biggest smart contract platform in the world. Therefore, this integration will suit developers and users.

This explains why other leading chains have launched their EVM platforms. In March, popular platforms like IOTA, Zilliqa, Filecoin, and Cardano are working towards integrating the EVM capabilities.

The other main reason why EOS price is rising is a tweet by Yves La Rose, the CEO of the EOS Foundation. In it, he said that he was traveling to Hong Kong for a nine-day business trip. He also hinted that he will speak with officials on how EOS can play a role in the economy. 

Heading to Hong Kong this weekend! 🇭🇰✈️

During my 9-day trip, I’ll be working out of the @EOSNFoundation‘s HK office and attending 20+ events.

One of the focuses of my trip is to collaborate with HK government officials to determine how $EOS can play a key role in their future.

— Yves La Rose (@BigBeardSamurai) April 5, 2023

The biggest risk for EOS is that its ecosystem is still small despite the fact that the developers raised over $4 billion in their Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Also, competition in the industry has grown, with some of the biggest names being Polkadot and Avalanche.

EOS price forecast

The daily chart shows that the EOS crypto price has been in a strong bullish trend in the past few days. In this period, the coin has moved above the 50-day and 25-day moving averages. The coin has formed a cup and handle pattern, which is usually a bullish signal. It has also formed a rising wedge pattern, which is usually a bearish sign.

Therefore, the outlook of the coin is a bit mixed at this point. A bullish view will only be confirmed if the coin manages to move above the key resistance at $1.3362, thee highest point on March 3. A drop below the support at $1.10 will invalidate the bullish view,

How to buy EOS


Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It is better suited to more experienced investors and it offers a large number of cryptocurrencies to choose from, at over 600.

Binance is also known for having low trading fees and a multiple of trading options that its users can benefit from, such as; peer-to-peer trading, margin trading and spot trading.

Buy EOS with Binance today


OKX is a top cryptocurrency exchange which offers over 140 cryptocurrencies to invest in.

OKX takes customer security very seriously, they store almost all of their clients’ funds in cold storage, and the exchange is yet to be hacked.

On top of this, the exchange offers very low fees and customers can even use their crypto as collateral for loans on the platform.

Buy EOS with OKX today

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Layer 2 Blockchain gaming platform Myria’s native token is now live on OKX

Key takeaways

MYRIA, the native token of Myria, has launched on the OKX exchange.

The token has a total supply of 50 billion.

The team also announced the launch of its second major NFT airdrop for the Myria community. 

MYRIA launches on OKX exchange

MYRIA, the native token of the Myria platform, has launched on the OKX cryptocurrency exchange. This is according to the press release shared with Coinjournal. 

Myria is an L2 blockchain scaling solution on the Ethereum network. The platform leverages ZK roll-up technology to offer players and developers near-instant transactions with a speed of over 9000 tps, zero gas fees on transactions, and free NFT minting.

According to the team, Myria already has more than 250 third-party gaming projects already operating on its platform. Furthermore, Myria has more than a million registered users, with more than 350,000 community members. 

The launch of MYRIA on the OKX exchange is a major milestone in Myria’s milestone. MYRIA is an ERC-20 token that has numerous use cases within the ecosystem, including governance, staking, protocol fees, node purchases, and in-game utility.

Myria revealed that MYRIA would have more use cases as the platform grows. While commenting on this latest cryptocurrency news, Myria co-founder and Head of Blockchain Brendan Duhamel, said;

“Our token launch is another step towards our goal of building and scaling innovative blockchain games securely and effectively. Within a short time, Myria managed to bring onboard 1 million users and make it easier for gaming studios to build Web3. This is what will truly scale the ecosystem, and our goal is to make it easier for both players and game studios to enter the Web3 space.”

MYRIA has a 50 billion token supply

Revealing its tokenomics, the team said MYRIA has a maximum supply of 50 billion tokens. Of this number, the ecosystem fund takes 40%, node rewards gets an allocation of 36%, project development with 19%, liquidity provision has 3%, and strategic reserve takes the remaining 2%. 

To celebrate the launch of MYRIA on OKX, community members would have the chance to participate in the Alliance Key NFT Airdrop. This will be the second major NFT airdrop, providing gamers with in-game utility.

The team also revealed that its public node sale will go live on April 7, bringing the network into a new realm of true decentralization. 

OKX, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, recently announced that it would cease its operations in Canada, citing regulatory challenges in the country.

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Spheroid to Launch AI Avatars in Augmented Reality

Dubai, UAE, April 6th, 2023, Chainwire

Spheroid Universe, a futuristic Metaverse that augments the real world in every part of the Earth, has announced the upcoming launch of artificial intelligence (AI) Avatars that will inhabit the world around us via augmented reality (AR). This ground-breaking development will deliver breakthrough opportunities across numerous business platforms – from e-commerce and retail to advertising, sales, general customer, and consumer interactions and more.

As a frontrunner in the field of Web 3.0 technology and particularly in the Metaverse, Spheroid develops tools for business that explore the potential of AR tech. The company aims to help businesses become leaders as early adopters of cutting-edge technological advances – such as the new AI Avatars that will be available shortly.

“The accessibility and practically unlimited potential of AI Avatars that exist within an AR world will encourage faster uptake of the latest AI and Web 3.0 technologies amongst businesses,” explained Andrey Almiashev, CEO, Spheroid Universe. “There is an immense opportunity for our new AI Avatars to be deployed in customer-facing scenarios, such as in sales offices or retail environments. They will create a unique and lasting customer experience, helping brands to reposition themselves as early adopters and forward-thinking with an eye on how technology is reshaping our future. We have developed our AI Avatar product to the highest specifications, even integrating the increasingly popular ChatGPT platform to enhance communication and interactions with humans. This is an exciting time for AI and AR, as we see the boundaries between reality and technology blur even further.”

By integrating AI chatbot ChatGPT into its Avatars, Spheroid is ensuring the smoothest possible interactions with people at all times. The Avatars also incorporate voice recognition and voice synthesis technologies, which will make communication quick, habitual, and convenient for users.

Spheroid’s AI Avatars are not only intelligent, but able to be designed to take on any visual appearance without the limitations of the physical world. They can be created as unique characters that truly represent their brands, from both a visual and interactive perspective – including how they communicate with customers. This leads to a product that is incredibly flexible, with almost unlimited usage across commercial, entertainment, and educational applications, amongst others.

According to Andrey Almiashev: “The combination of AI and AR technologies will redefine the way that businesses communicate with their customers over the course of the next five years. We’re living in a very interesting time, during which we will be able to see for ourselves the impact that AI and AR will have on human civilisation – and we are more than happy to help businesses explore the expansive potential that will come from this.”

Spheroid is also planning to integrate their AI Avatars into Apple’s Smart Glasses for an even more immersive experience, which is expected to be released by Apple later this year.

About Spheroid

Spheroid Universe (Spheroid), an Extended Reality Metaverse company, has announced that it has secured an investment commitment from ABO Digital for its utility token SPH. Spheroid is a platform for developing Extended Reality projects. The technological basis of the platform is the Spheroid XR Cloud and the Spheroid Script programming language designed for AR/XR creation.

SPH is the native token of the Spheroid ecosystem that fuels the activities of the platform. It can be exchanged for Spaces (virtual lands of the Spheroid Universe), used for advertising in AR/XR, placing content, and for various platform services. Among the products powered by SPH there is Spheroid Earth – an open global project for creating Earth 3D Digital Twin.


Head Of PR, Yousef Batter, White Label Strategy,, +971559356531

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Singapore to issue new guidance for banks on vetting crypto clients: Bloomberg

Singapore authorities are working with banks on new guidance for vetting crypto clients. 

The guidance will cover stablecoins, nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and firms providing services in payments, trading and transfers of these assets.

Banks will decide whether they want to take on crypto clients based on their risk appetite.

Singapore working on new guidance for crypto clients

Singapore authorities are currently working with banks and other lenders to set uniform standards for vetting cryptocurrency clients, sources close to the matter told Bloomberg

According to the report, the central bank and police have been helping banks to work on their vetting process when opening accounts for service providers in the cryptocurrency and digital asset space. 

Sources told Bloomberg that the project has been ongoing for roughly six months, and the authorities would soon release an industry report outlining best practices in areas like due diligence and risk management. The sources preferred to stay anonymous as the discussion has not yet gone public. 

The initiative is set to cover stablecoin and NFTs as well as transferable gaming or streaming credits. The initiative is set to focus on firms that provide services in payments, trading and transfers of these assets. 

Banks would have the final say in deciding whether to accept cryptocurrency clients based on their risk appetite, the sources added. 

Tighter regulation following the recent turmoil

The guideline to be issued by Singaporean authorities could be considered a way of tightening regulation in the crypto space following the recent high-class collapses.

Last year, numerous crypto companies, including FTX and Terraform Labs, collapsed, resulting in the loss of billions of dollars. 

The recent collapse of Silvergate Bank, Signature Bank, and the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has also put resulted in some crypto clients scrambling for new banks.

At the moment, the Singaporean government doesn’t stop banks operating in the country to do business with crypto companies. 

While talking to Bloomberg, the Monetary Authority of Singapore said; 

“As with any other current or prospective customer, banks are required to conduct customer due diligence measures to understand and manage the risk(s) posed by them. Banks make their own determination of whether to start or continue a banking relationship with a customer, balancing between commercial considerations and business risk tolerance.” 

Singapore is not new to cryptocurrency scandals. Some of the recent high-profile companies that collapsed, including Terraform Labs and crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital, were headquartered in Singapore. 

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Binance Australia’s derivatives license cancelled

The ASIC has been conducting a targeted review of Binance’s businesses in Australia.
Binance Australia is an arm of Binance.
Australian users will no longer be able to trade derivatives on Binance.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) on Thursday issued a press release announcing the cancellation of Binance Australia’s derivatives license.

Binance Australia is an arm of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume Binance.

Targeted review of Binance

The ASIC issued a notice of hearing on March 29 to consider whether the AFS license should be cancelled or suspended.

The press release by ASIC states that it:

“has been conducting a targeted review of Binance financial services business in Australia, including its classification of retail and wholesale clients.”

ASIC Chair Joe Longo said:

“It is critically important that AFS licensees classify retail and wholesale clients in accordance with the law. Retail clients trading in crypto derivatives are afforded important rights and consumer protections under financial services laws in Australia, including access to external dispute resolution through the Australian Financial Complaints Authority… Our targeted review of these matters is ongoing, including focus on the extent of consumer harms.”

Customers are to close positions by April 21

According to the ASIC press release, Australian users will no longer be able to increase derivatives positions or open new positions on Binance from April 14, 2023.

The crypto exchange requested action asking their clients to close any existing derivatives positions before April 21. Any remaining open positions will be closed by the exchange.

Binance Australia’s derivatives trading license was held by Oztures Trading Pty Ltd.

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HeartX Unveils Token Airdrop Game “Vote-to-Earn” to Warm Up the Launch of the Platform

Central, Singapore, April 6th, 2023, Chainwire

HeartX, a Web3.0 art trading marketplace and community platform, is set to change the game for the art market. The team just announced their pre-launch Vote-to-Earn Game is live now. This new experience allows users to earn tokens ($HNX) through voting on artwork pieces by swiping right or left as Like and Next, giving them a chance to engage with the core feature of the platform in advance and get rewarded for showing their preferences on the arts.

The immersive Vote-to-Earn game is a clear demonstration of the platform’s user-centric design, letting people experience the X-to-Earn model in an easier way. By leveraging blockchain technology, HeartX is creating a platform that is more user-friendly, transparent, and entertaining than anything that has come before. Through the Vote-to-Earn system, HeartX is committed to redefining the value of arts by the community consensus with the heart.

“We’re all excited about it! All users can earn tokens by ‘swiping’ to vote,” said HeartX founder Anson. “We believe that it’s important to make it more engaging for people and reward them for being part of our community. And through the forming of the community consensus, we would establish a new valuation standard for the artwork pieces.”

It is simple to play the game: users can earn tokens by voting on the daily artwork pieces on the event website, no log-in or registration is needed, users can just swipe/click right for like, or left to show the next one. The rewarding tokens $HNX can be used in various scenarios once the marketplace is launched, including investing in your preferred artwork pieces to boost them, and accessing premium features.

The HeartX team also announced that during the “Vote-to-Earn” campaign, users who have accumulated more voting works that reached a consensus on community aesthetic views would have the opportunity to participate in the beta testing experience when the HeartX App is launched.

Gathering influencers in not only Web3 but also the digital art space, the Vote-to-Earn game is just one example of the many innovative features that the HeartX team has planned for its users. HeartX’s vision for the future of digital art goes beyond being an online marketplace. The team is working to create a marketplace that leverages the power of blockchain technology and provides a binding community for its users. Another current update is that the HeartX token “$HNX” is now available on Uniswap, and it can also be acquired from other decentralized exchanges in a short time. According to the HeartX team, the project is moving forward, and the team believes that more people will join and form a large community, eager to be part of the next big thing in Web3.0.

The Vote-to-Earn game is now live, and the team invites users to participate in the voting activities and join the community. The team is confident that this new experience will bring brand new joy and will help to drive engagement and participation in the Web3.0 art community they are building. Users can now join the game, show their taste and support, and earn tokens at

Follow HeartX on Discord | Twitter | Website


Team HeartX,

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