Day: April 5, 2023

TWT price jumps 9% after Trust Wallet partners MoonPay and Ramp

Trust Wallet has announced a crypto-to-fiat off-ramp.
The Binance non-custodial wallet has partnered MoonPay and Ramp 
TWT price jumped 9% after the news to hit above $1.31 before selling saw it drop to $1.25 as of writing.

Trust Wallet Token (TWT), the native token of Trust Wallet, saw its price jump more than 9% to hit $1.31 after news the non-custodial crypto wallet provider had launched a crypto-to-fiat off-ramp.

The partnership with Web3 payments platform MoonPay and non-custodial fiat-to-crypto infrastructure provider Ramp will allow Trust Wallet users to seamlessly convert crypto to fiat without having to touch a centralized crypto exchange. Users will transact directly from within the Trust Wallet app, the firms noted.

TWT price outlook after Trust Wallet partnerships

As noted above, Trust Wallet’s integration with MoonPay and Ramp means users can now enjoy seamless withdrawals when handling crypto-to-fiat transactions. The news of the development, which will see the non-custodial wallet’s users tap into frictionless crypto market transactions, also means full control of the stored funds.

TWT price on the 4-hour chart. Source: TradingView

The positive update added to TWT’s buying pressure, with bulls breaking above $1.30 for the first time since 18 March this year. However, the 4-hour RSI is firmly in overbought territory and extended, suggesting a possible dip is on the cards in the short term.

While potential profit taking could push TWT/USD to immediate support levels below $1.20, new upside momentum could put bulls on track to retest the resistance around the $1.40 area. A move to $1.76 or higher would open up should the broader market flip bullish.

TWT was trading around $1.25 at the time of writing, with its price up 6% in the past 24 hours.

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After Raising $16.35m In Its Presale Event, Metacade Announces Debut on Bitmart Exchange

As the adoption of Web3 technology accelerates across industries, the gaming sector has emerged as a frontrunner in embracing the paradigm shift, revealing immense potential for innovation and growth. Metacade, a hugely promising GameFi project, has captured the attention of those looking to invest in crypto with its unique play-to-earn (P2E) ecosystem and compelling vision for the future of gaming. Riding on the wave of enthusiasm surrounding the project, Metacade has successfully raised $16.35m in its presale event, showcasing the confidence and support of its burgeoning community.

In a major announcement that has further fueled the excitement around this high-potential project, Metacade has revealed its upcoming debut on the renowned Bitmart Exchange. This development not only highlights the growing interest in Metacade as a solid investment choice but also signifies a crucial milestone in the project’s journey to becoming an influential player in the rapidly evolving world of GameFi and Web3 technology.

Will MCADE see significant increases in price this year?

As optimism surrounding the GameFi sector continues to grow, the Metacade project has captured the attention of experts who are eager to evaluate if MCADE can reach a significant price range of between $0.90 and $1.20 by the end of 2023 and into the following year.

Metacade’s diverse gaming experiences offer it a competitive advantage in determining its potential market cap, with its vast total addressable market indicating that the platform’s user base could see exponential growth as the platform begins to come online later this year.

The platform’s array of incentives for user retention—especially for non-gaming activities—and its consistently improving user experience supported by robust reward systems suggests that the demand for utility token MCADE could increase dramatically in the near future. This positions it at the heart of GameFi, and could drive massive returns for investors as a result.

To reach a value between $0.90 and $1.20 for MCADE, a market cap of between $1.8 billion and $2.4 billion would be necessary. Considering the enticing tokenomics and the emergence of regulations that provide clarity for institutional investors (allowing them to enter the crypto market more aggressively), many experts believe that achieving this price range by the end of 2023 is entirely plausible.

With the announcement of Metacade’s debut on the prominent Bitmart Exchange, the project also looks set to gain even greater visibility and attract more of those looking to invest in crypto. Given the strong potential of the project in the burgeoning GameFi sector, reaching a price in its target range by the end of 2023 seems within reach, making Metacade an exciting investment opportunity for those looking to capitalize on the rapidly evolving world of GameFi.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is set to disrupt the gaming industry by creating the most extensive play-to-earn (P2E) arcade in existence, positioning itself as a key player in the rapidly growing GameFi sector. Metacade’s ambitious plans have captured the attention of gamers and the entire industry, thanks to its innovative rewards system that allows users to earn income not only by playing games but also through contributing to the platform in various ways, such as sharing alpha or writing game reviews.

The project’s native token, MCADE, could present a significant opportunity for investors, as its extensive utility within the platform combined with its limited supply and attractive presale prices have contributed to the impressive $16.35m raised in a very short period of time.

How does MCADE work?

MCADE, the native token of the Metacade ecosystem, serves as the driving force behind the platform’s various functions, including the rewards system and facilitating value exchanges throughout the platform — such as entering tournaments or purchasing in-game items. This high level of utility ensures a consistent demand for the token as more users join the platform, creating a great deal of demand and potentially driving its value upward.

In addition to its utility, MCADE offers staking options for token holders, enabling them to earn passive income through stablecoin rewards. This approach not only provides investors with a way to generate returns on their investment but also poses no risk to the circulating supply of MCADE as rewards are issued in stablecoins, reflecting the project’s commitment to creating a sustainable and investor-friendly ecosystem.

Is MCADE a good investment?

As Metacade’s incredible journey continues to unfold, its recent success in raising $16.35m in its presale event and the announcement of its upcoming debut on the prestigious Bitmart Exchange demonstrates the immense potential of this GameFi project. With an innovative P2E ecosystem and a strong vision for the future of gaming, Metacade is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the rapidly evolving world of Web3 technology and decentralized gaming.

The excitement surrounding Metacade as a promising investment opportunity is palpable, and its listing on Bitmart Exchange is poised to further enhance its visibility and credibility in the eyes of both retail and institutional investors. As the GameFi sector continues to expand and mature, Metacade’s unique approach to blending gaming, blockchain, and Web3 technologies has the potential to reshape the gaming landscape for years to come.

The Metacade project stands as a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration in the age of Web3 technology. As it embarks on this exciting new chapter with its debut on Bitmart Exchange, Metacade is undeniably a project to watch closely, offering investors an incredible opportunity to be a part of a groundbreaking movement in the gaming industry that could deliver huge profits.

You can buy Metacade here.

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Bitfinex Derivatives launches perpetual contracts for Asian equity indices

Bitfinex Derivatives launched perpetuals for HS50, NI225, and XJO.
The derivatives platform’s services are not available to the U.S. users.
The new perpetual contracts went live today at 06:30 a.m. ET.

Bitfinex Derivatives now allows trading products you’ll typically find on a traditional financial exchange and that too with no restrictions in terms of the trading hours (certain limitations apply).

Bitfinex Derivatives adds to its perpetuals portfolio

On Wednesday, the derivatives platform launched perpetual contracts for three of the prominent Asian equity indices. In the press release, CTO Paolo Ardoino said:

We are delighted to add the HONG KONG 50, JAPAN 225, and AUSTRALIA 200 perpetual swaps to our portfolio of derivatives products.

The said contracts went live today at 06:30 AM ET. Bitfinex recently said the total number of bitcoin wallets with non-zero BTC balance climbed to a record 45.388 million.

New perpetual contracts are not open for U.S. users

Remember that Bitfinex Derivatives and the range of its services are not available to U.S. clients. Even in the allowed jurisdictions, its open only to verified users.

The perpetual contracts this platform announced today allow leverage of up to 100 times and work pretty much the same way as the rest of its perpetual trading portfolio – all transactions are settled in USDt or U.S. dollar denominated Tether tokens. Ardoino added:

These equity indices are strong indicators of how the Asian economy is performing. We’re proud to give Bitfinex Derivatives traders freedom to trade these contracts at any time of the day and week.

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BGB price sees uptick after Dragonfly invests $10M in Bitget

BGB price rose to highs above $0.42, with current price roughly 20% off all-time highs of $0.51.
Dragonfly Capital made a $10 million strategic investment in crypto derivatives exchange Bitget
Bitget will use the capital injection to expand its products and promote crypto education.

Bitget Token (BGB) traded higher as the community around the cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Bitget reacted positively to news of a fresh venture capital injection.

BGB price broke to highs of $0.42 after having traded at lows of $0.39 on Monday, with the positive sentiment seeing over $9 million worth of the token traded in the past 24 hours. In terms of price gains, BGB was up 2% and 9% in the past 24 hours and 7 days respectively.

The price of Bitget’s native token, currently above $0.41, is about 2% off the all-time highs above $0.51 reached on 18 February. If sellers take the $0.40 support, BGB could revisit the $0.31 region

Dragonfly invests $10 million in Bitget

Dragonfly, a crypto-focused venture capital firm that invests in projects in the digital assets ecosystem – from seed to series D – announced a $10 million strategic investment in crypto platform Bitget. 

Blockchain data and research platform Nansen highlighted on 4 April that a Dragonfly wallet had received 60,219,900 $BGB (approximately $24 million) a few days ago, suggesting this could be part of the deal.

💫 NEWS: Dragonfly invests $10 million in derivatives exchange Bitget

That partly explains the 60,219,900 $BGB (~$24 million) sent to a Dragonfly wallet 6 days ago

— Nansen 🧭 (@nansen_ai) April 4, 2023

The investment will support the crypto derivatives exchange’s market and service expansion across the globe, Dragonfly said in a press release. The funds will also go into Bitget’s CSR initiatives as the platform looks to promote crypto education and adoption.

As the fastest-growing exchange in the past 12 months, this investment is a recognition of our focus on BUIDL in the bear run. Except for the cash inflow, what will benefit us more from the Dragonfly partnership is their crypto savvy and insights. Together, we will be able to discover more growth opportunities and contribute more to the sustainable growth of our industry,” Gracy Chen, the Managing Director of Bitget said.

The investment also comes as Bitget looks to double down on its efforts across spot trading, launchpad, and earning products. 

Bitget recently partnered Space and Time to provide full transparency to its proof of reserves and also has partnerships with soccer star Lionel Messi and Italian football giants Juventus.

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AI platform adds Polygon (MATIC) to predictive forecasting software

Vantagepoint AI is a predictive forecasting platform for stocks, Forex and crypto.
The US-based platform has added support for Polygon (MATIC).
The AI platform says its predictive forecasting boasts accuracy levels of 87%.

Vantagepoint AI, a US-based artificial intelligence platform offering predictive forecasting for stocks, cryptocurrencies and Forex among others, has added support for Polygon

MATIC is the native cryptocurrency token of the Ethereum scaling protocol.

AI-powered software increasingly popular

A press release the company published on Wednesday noted that the integration of MATIC to the platform will ensure traders benefit from highly accurate forecasts. AI-powered software is increasingly becoming popular as digital currencies gain mainstream adoption, the firm noted.

And as market trends for crypto assets getting increasingly complex to predict, a degree of higher accuracy could benefit traders keen on the growing market. In this case, Vantagepoint AI says its software’s predictive forecasts boast of up to 87.4% accuracy.

Vantagepoint AI president Lane Mendelsohn commented: 

Although trading always involves some level of risk, our aim is to empower traders to make well-informed decisions with more confidence through our data-driven forecasts generated by artificial intelligence.”

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Jasmy price is crawling back: How high can Japan’s Bitcoin go?

Jasmy price drifted upwards on Wednesday as cryptocurrencies attempted to bounce back. The token jumped to a high of $0.0054, the highest point since March 14. It has bounced back by 20% from the lowest point in March.

Latest JasmyCoin news?

The most recent Jasmy news came in earlier this month when the developers announced a list of developers who will receive its grants. The developers received applications of over 100 creators and shortlisted the 6 most promising ones. 

In a statement, the developers noted that JVP Protocol, Clic, Pedao, Metas, Connected2Me, and Mars Search will compete for the funds. These dApps are all diverse. 

For example, Mars Search is a Web3 search engine that provides users with vertical content. It is similar to other popular search engines, with the main difference being that it focuses on crypto content. A search on Trump shows results on associated NFTs.

🎉 Thrilled to announce that the first shortlisted of the #JasmyGrant Program is here now!!

After careful discussions, a total of 6 outstanding projects have been selected for the Grant pool

You can vote for the project you like:

— Jasmy Grant (@JasmyGrant) April 1, 2023

On the other hand, Pedaoisan NFT mortgage and loan agreement platform uses a mode known as peer-to-pool. The idea is that users can use it to obtain loans by mortgaging their non-fungible tokens. JVP Protocol is a governance aggregator that aims to maximize users’ rewards and aggregate governance behind the JVP token.

The Jasmy grant program hopes to grow the network’s ecosystem as it seeks to compete with other popular chains like Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, and Polkadot. In the past few months, more developers like Algorand and Avalanche has unveiled their grant programs in a bid to grow their networks and attract more developers. Jasmy’s grant program has a cap of $2 million.

According to the grant’s website, most users have voted for JVP Protocol, which has received 10010 upvotes. Clik has just 20 upvotes while the rest have none.

Jasmy Coin price prediction

Jasmy chart by TradingView

The daily chart shows that the Jasmy price has been in a tight range in the past few days. In this period, it has managed to move from a low of $0.0043 to a high of $0.0054. It has managed to move above the 50-period moving average while the Relative Strength Index has drifted upwards. 

Therefore, it seems like Jasmy has botttomed, which will likely see it rise to the next key resistance point at $0.0065. A move below the support at $0.0043 will signal that bears have prevailed. This will in turn push it to the next support at $0.0040.

How to buy JASMY


Coinbase is a global cryptocurrency exchange. Its platform is well designed for beginner investors and it offers a wide range of coins, as it has over 100 to choose from.

Coinbase has high level security built into the platform, a range of diverse features to use and it offers its users options for storing their crypto, such as being able to store coins on the Coinbase exchange.

Buy JASMY with Coinbase today


Kucoin is a cryptocurrency exchange which offers over 200 cryptocurrencies.

Kucoin has a wide range of services, such as; a built-in peer-to-peer exchange, spot and margin trading, bank level security and a wide range of accepted payment methods.

Users can benefit from a beginner-friendly interface and relatively low fees.

Buy JASMY with KuCoin today

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MicroStrategy adds 1,045 BTC to bring Bitcoin stash to 140,000

MicroStrategy is the world’s largest public holder of Bitcoin.
Documents show the company recently bought another 1,045 BTC for $29.3million, days after purchasing 6,455 BTC for $150 million.
MicroStrategy now holds 140,000 bitcoin acquired for $4.17 billion at an average of $29,803.

In MicroStrategy news today, the company has announced the purchase of an additional 1,045 bitcoin acquired for $29.3 million.

The Bitcoin was acquired between March 24, 2023 and April 4, 2023, according to details in the Form 8-K filing on 5 April, with the firm now holding a total of 140,000 BTC.

MicroStrategy buys bitcoin after US government sells 9,861 BTC

MicroStrategy’s latest purchase comes less than two weeks after MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor announced the business intelligence software firm had acquired 6,455 BTC for $150 million. That purchase was made at an average of $23,238 a coin and saw the world’s largest public holder of Bitcoin bring its total holdings to 138,955 BTC.

On Wednesday, Saylor announced the company had bought the 1,045 BTC at the average price of $28,016 per coin. The US-based company now holds 140,000 BTC acquired for approximately $4.17 billion and at an average price of $29,803 per BTC.

MicroStrategy has acquired an additional 1,045 #bitcoin for ~ $29.3M at an average price of $28,016 per bitcoin. As of 4/4/2023 @MicroStrategy holds 140,000 bitcoin acquired for ~$4.17 billion at an average price of $29,803 per bitcoin. $MSTR

— Michael Saylor⚡️ (@saylor) April 5, 2023

MicroStrategy has added to its bitcoin stash regularly since 2020, with many purchases completed during price dips. This most recent purchase notably happened a few days after the US government sold over $215 million worth of BTC.

As CoinJournal reported last week, the US government said it sold 9,861.17 BTC connected to the closed darknet market Silk Road on 14 March. The US also announced plans to sell an additional 41,490 BTC in four batches throughout 2023, with the total sales amounting to 51,351 bitcoin that was seized James Zhong.

Bitcoin was trading around $28,497 at 9:26 am ET on Wednesday, up 84% year-to-date. The MicroStrategy stock closed near $299 on Tuesday, with MSTR up more than 105% YTD.

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Dogecoin surge rolls back the years, but it won’t last long

Key Takeaways

Dogecoin’s price surged 30% off the back of Elon Musk changing the Twitter logo to the Dogecoin dog
Meme season may be over, however, our Analyst writes
Open interest surged to its highest level since November
Musk is unfazed by a $258 million lawsuit accusing him of racketeering by pumping and dumping the Dogecoin price

It’s beginning to feel like 2021 again. 

A year that was filled with facemasks and restrictions on how close you could stand to somebody may be banished to the depths of our memories for many, but for Dogecoin investors, that was a happy time. 

The meme coin exploded onto the scene, returning over 3500% for investors as it surged from $0.004 as high as $0.73. 

The only problem is that meme coins don’t exactly offer a lot of value. Predictably, Dogecoin therefore collapsed as the bear market ravaged the crypto world in 2022. 

The days of Robinhood investors blindly punting obscure tokens with doggy logos were over, and Dogecoin careened down, the party over as soon as it began. 

Elon revives Dogecoin

But it’s 2023 now. And after just over a quarter of price action, Dogecoin has printed a 39% gain. 

This was aided, by Elon Musk rolling back the clock with a good old-fashioned Dogecoin joke. He changed the logo of Twitter to the Dogecoin dog Monday, of course announcing it on the platform itself. 

As promised

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 3, 2023

Immediately, the price jumped 30%. Prior to the endorsement, Dogecoin had been lagging the rest of the market badly. While its price was up 13% on the year, Bitcoin and other coins have printed enormous gains off the back of expectations around interest rates shifting to a more dovish forecast. 

Looking at derivatives markets, the Elon effect was tangible here too. Open interest soared to its highest level since the FTX collapse last November, according to data from Coinglass. Open interest measures the amount of open contracts that traders have opened on the underlying asset. 

What happens next?

Trying to predict the short-term value of any meme coin is a fool’s endeavour, but I do wonder whether the meme craze is over. 

Despite events of the last couple of days, this is a very different market climate than the hysteria of the stimmy-cheque-Robinhood era of 2020 and 2021. Interest rates have been hiked faster than any point in history, tech and crypto have been pillaged, and inflation is spiralling while recession fears abound. 

It’s a different world. Not only that, but the novelty of memes, and crypto in general, has worn off. The Dogecoin story is not a new one, the pumps and dumps now familiar to all, perhaps inciting less FOMO while certainly attracting less mainstream attention than years past. 

Numerous scandals have rocked Crypto over the last year and its reputation has undoubtedly taken a hit. With the scale of the bear market so fresh in investors’ minds, it is hard to envision a scenario whereby Dogecoin ramps up as it previously did. 

Then again, this is a meme, and memes don’t obey rhyme or reason. I have never “invested” in memes, something which my wallet did not appreciate in 2020 and 2021, but perhaps I just don’t get it. 

Who knows with Elon anyway? Perhaps he really does have plans to incorporate Dogecoin into Twitter properly. Or maybe he’s just trolling, and Dogecoin is getting a quick day in the sun before yet another inevitable crash. 

Either way, the latest Dogecoin pump by Musk shows the billionaire is not fazed by a $258 million lawsuit currently levelled at him. 

A Dogecoin investor accused him of running a pyramid scheme to support the Dogecoin price. Musk has been accused of racketeering to pump up the Dogecoin price before letting it crash. 

Musk’s lawyers seem confident the case will be thrown out, however. 

Am considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 7, 2018

The term market manipulation is thrown around a lot in crypto. It seems hard to conclude that what is happening here is not in that bracket, regardless of that lawsuit, as frivolous as it may be. 

I wonder how close we are to seeing a tweet saying “taking considering taking Dogecoin private at $1 a token. Funding secured” from the big man myself?

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CAKE price surging after PancakeSwap V3 launched on popular blockchains

PancakeSwap V3 was launched on Ethereum and BNB Chain.
CAKE price surged $3.83 to a high of $3.83 following the news.
The upgraded platform will offer the cheapest fees for on-chain trades.

At press time CAKE price was up 2.13% to trade at $3.77 a day after PancakeSwap announced the launch of its version 3 on Ethereum and BNB Chain.

The upgraded platform will offer users the cheapest fees for on-chain trades among its competitors like Uniswap and SushiSwap. It will also offer increased returns for liquidity providers.

Features introduced by the PancakeSwap V3

The upgraded platform allows liquidity providers to concentrate their capital on smaller ranges leading to higher returns.

PancakeSwap V3 also introduces four different trading fee tiers for users. The fee tiers are 0.01%, 0.05%, 0.25%, and 1% compared to the general 0.25% tier that PancakeSwap V2 was offering. Additionally, each token pair can have a liquidity pool for each fee tier.

The PancakeSwap team also plans to introduce two new features in future. These features include a VIP trading reward program and a position manager feature. The exchange’s VIP program is a tired system that rewards traders with things like up to 5% trading fee rebates depending on their trading volume.

The position manager feature will enable traders to easily deposit liquidity and optimize their positions based on rewards and fees over time. This feature will eliminate the need for manual calculations from third-party integrations thus allowing users to automatically adjust their positions to optimize on returns.

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Metacade announces partnership with Metastudio ahead of highly anticipated Uniswap Listing

London, UK, April 5th, 2023, Chainwire

Metacade, one of the most highly anticipated GameFi projects in 2023, has spectacularly sold out in its final stage presale, raising an impressive $16.4M.

The MCADE token is now set to list on Uniswap on the 6th of April at 7PM GMT. The token will list at a price of $0.022, a 10% rise from the final stage presale price and an attractive proposition to those investors who could not purchase during the sold-out presale. Metacade staking also opens on the same day, citing a 40% AAR.

Metacade’s CEO, Russell Bennett, stated, “I was delighted to see the final stage token presale sell out; it only reinforces my faith in the Metacade project. We’re driving ahead now with development and new partnerships, and I look forward to watching the token price as we list on exchanges in April and May.”

One of those partnerships will be with Metastudio, a revolutionary new gaming company focused on delivering exciting, avant-garde, and fresh mobile games to the Metacade arcade.

Metastudio was founded by Carlos Domingues, Manny Fragelus and Ted David. The team boasts impressive CVs, having worked on a number of significant media projects including Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers 2, and Kung Fu Panda.

Carlos Rodrigues expressed, “as we eagerly prepare to launch our latest game, Rune Realms, in just a few short months and continue to back other Web3 projects in developing their own games, this partnership arrives just in time to amplify our collective impact.”

Further details will be disclosed at the AMA at 5pm BST, on the 5th of April, between Metacade and Metastudio, hosted by the respective CEOs – Russell Bennett and Carlos Domingues.

There are various ways for MCADE digital currency holders to engage with its ecosystem. The recently launched online platform serves as a virtual gathering spot for gamers and investors, who can receive MCADE rewards for indulging in their favorite activity, i.e., gaming.

Furthermore, Metacade intends to motivate its holders to participate in a variety of promotions to help drive the product’s growth and adoption. This strategy will benefit the MCADE token value and provide opportunities for holders as long-term investment as well as a store of value within the ecosystem.

About Metacade

Metacade aims to transform the gaming industry by creating the largest play-to-earn (P2E) arcade available. The project seeks to establish a dynamic ecosystem that brings together gamers, developers, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts in one place. Here, they can engage with each other, enjoy a diverse range of gaming activities, and earn rewards for their participation. The release of the platform’s whitepaper has impressed investors and analysts, demonstrating the project’s innovation and potential.

Likened to other projects such as The Sandbox, Polygon, and Axie Infinity, the much-awaited P2E platform, Metacade, has obtained validation from CertiK, a leading blockchain auditor. This CertiK validation assures investors that Metacade’s code and specifications are verified and that the Metacade team has undergone the KYC process, thus instilling further trust in the project’s authenticity.

Learn more about how to buy MCADE and the upcoming exchange listings here.

Further information: Website | Whitepaper | Socials


CEO, Russell Bennett, Metacade,

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